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Ramadan 28, 1426/November 1, 2005 #82
New Trend extends its greeting to its Muslim readers for the completion of the month of fasting, inshallah, and a blessed Eid, inshallah.


Cold weather has set in, making life for the survivors difficult. Owing to lack of military support, more than 100,000 people have still not been reached. General Musharraf, under countrywide criticism owing to his slow, and in places non-existent, relief effort has moved some more troops from the Afghan frontier [where he helps America] but most military forces with sophisticated equipment are still not in the quake area.

Al-Khidmat, on behalf of Jamaate Islami, and Jamaat ad-Da'wa, on behalf of the Jihad movement, are pumping volunteers and goods into the area. From Karachi alone ad-Da'wa has sent goods worth Rs. 10,000,000 into the worst hit areas of Kashmir and Frontier.

Musharraf has brought U.S. and NATO troops into the country and is giving high profile publicity to their relief activity. A secularist intellectual, Dr. Hoodbhoy, and a westernized woman, Asma Jehangir, were brought on CNN. Hoodbhoy claimed that the U.S. helicopters are "angels of hope." Unfortunately for Musharraf, when Geo TV [private Pakistani TV] gave eyewitness coverage of the disaster area, ad-Da'wa's long bearded volunteers were clearly visible helping the people.
WAR NEWS: IRAQ [from New Trend's media monitor] [3 items]

Heavy fighting is raging in Iraq. A record number of U.S. troops, 93, were killed in October bringing the total to 2024 killed, 15,224 wounded. In one attack, the mujahideen penetrated the green line in Baghdad and tried to take over the hotel where U.S. officials and media people reside.

In the latest U.S. massacre in Iraq, AFP reported on October 31 that U.S. jets killed 40 civilians and wounded 20 in the northwestern town of Karabilah. The U.S. said that the area was targeted because an Al-Qaida cadre was sighted there and care was taken to avoid civilian casualties. However, Dr. Ammar al-Marsawi, from Qaim, said that the casualties were CIVILIANS. Tribesmen in the area told AFP that there were NO al-QAIDA in the area. Most of the 40 killed were WOMEN and CHILDREN.

Meanwhile, Iraq's Association of Muslim Scholars has carried out a survey according to which U.S. troops, along with Shi'ite mercenaries, have been targeting the Imams of mosques. Dozens of Sunni Imams have been assassinated by the U.S. in Baghdad. The survey says, al-Daurah's district [western Baghdad] now has Imams in only 7 of its 40 mosques. The survey says American forces have killed 107 sunni Imams and have arrested 163 since the invasion. The U.S. assaulted 663 Sunni mosques since the invasion. One example: Shaikh al-Mughni says, the U.S. arrested his brother and killed his son, so he decided to give up the position of imam.

Scores of Sunnis have been found executed and left in the desert after being picked up by Shi'ite police trained in Iran and working for the U.S. [according to various sources].

There have been a number of Taliban attacks. The U.S. media mentioned two: A U.S. paratrooper killed on the Kunar province border with Pakistan.

More surprising, British troops were attacked in the northern city of Mazare Sharif. One British was killed and 5 wounded.
[This time, no Taliban losses are reported.]

Earlier Mullah Dadullah, a top Taliban leader close to Mullah Umar, issued a statement to the Pakistani media, stating that Jihad will continue till the expulsion of U.S. troops and the victory of Islam.

October 30: A series of bombs exploded in Delhi, India, killing 61 people and wounding 150 just before the festival of Diwali. No authentic claims are available. Attacks on civilians are widespread in India and the assailants could be from a number of backgrounds.

Hundreds of thousands of Sikhs have been killed by India, often after torture, during the last ten years, following Sikh demands for autonomy/independence [Khalistan].

Thousands of Muslim civilians, defenseless, were killed by Hindu mobs after they protested the demolition of the historic Babari mosque by Hindu extremists. In Gujarat, eastern India, hundreds of Muslim women were raped in public and hundreds of Muslims were burned alive.

Some Indians fear that the bombings might be a spillover from Kashmir where a vast Indian army has been carrying out a reign of terror for 15 years, killing, raping and torturing civilians. Following the earthquake, new fighting has broken out in Kashmir.

Some observers fear that the rebels from northeastern India might have struck. Recently Indian police shot down 40 school students there who were demonstrating against educational policies.

According to news reports from the Arab world, an Islamic doll named Fola is replacing the once popular white barbie doll. The Islamic doll is sold dressed in hijab and has become the rage among little girls. It's become so popular that sidelines are emerging such as Fola chocolate and Fola chewing gum. So, Islam is winning even without state support. What is this? "terrorism" by non-violent means?
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

U.S. Muslims Urged to pray for and Write to Islamic Political Prisoners During Eid celebration

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges the Muslims of America to make du'a for the health, safety and release of Islamic political prisoners held by the U.S. government during the Eid celebrations. ask your Imam to say a few words about the political prisoners during the Eid Khutba.

Remember that the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, saw the Muslims as one Ummah. What happens to one Muslim should be felt by ALL Muslims.

Here are the addresses of some of the most prominent Islamic prisoners. Please take a few minutes and write them a letter or send them a greeting card. May Allah reward you:
  1. Imam Jamil Al-Amin, #1104651, Georgia State Prison, 2164 Hwy 147, Reidsville, GA 30499

  2. Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, #34892-054, U.S. Med. Center for Fed. Prisoners,1900 W. Sunshine street, Springfield, MO 65807

  3. Siddique Abdullah Hasan, R 130-559, 878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd., Youngstown, OH 44505.

  4. Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, #535-06-054, MCC, 150 Park Road, New York, NY 10007

  5. Masaud Khan, # 46810-083, U.S.P., Lee County, Jonesville, VA 24263-0305

  6. Prof. Sami Al-Arian, c/o www.TampaBayCoalitionforJustice.com


Jamaat al-Muslimeen recognizes Ms. Lynne Stewart as one of the greatest fighters for freedom and the rights of the oppressed in America. The government of the U.S. sees it differently and has had her convicted for "terrorist" connections. This courageous daughter of America fought tooth and nail for the rights of the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman. Today she herself faces a long prison sentence because the government decided to criminalize her attorney-client privilege.

The human rights community is supporting Ms. Stewart. She intends to go down fighting for the rule of law in America. Readers are urged to send donations to:

Lynne Stewart Defense Committe
350 Broadway, suite 700
New York, NY 10013
Her web site is: www.lynnestewart.org

An Appeal from the Turkish Cultural House
Help Pakistani Earthquake Victims

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

On October 8, 2005, there was a 7.6 Richter scale earthquake in Pakistan. There were an estimated 80,000 Muslim deaths and 100,000 Muslims injured and homeless. This cold winter will cause a desperate situation for these people. They are in dire need of blankets, tents, clothing and cooking material. According to news sources, Pakistan can not remedy the housing situation for many years.

With one bowl of soup, 5 people will share Iftar.

Especially since this earthquake struck during Ramadan, tens of thousands of Muslims are having Iftar on the cold streets. Because of rations, one bowl of soup is given to 5 people to share. Villagers who lost their homes are pouring into larger cities, such as Islamabad and Muzaffarabad. These people are waiting for distribution of soup. Some people are eating only soup for 4 days (from newspaper- Yeni Safak dated 10/17/05)

Dear brothers and sisters, as you should know, during the Liberation War of Turkey, Muslims of India and Pakistan helped greatly. They donated their wife’s jewelry to Turkish Freedom fighters. Now is our turn to help the descendents of these brave people. A saying in our religion says, "While your neighbor is hungry and you sleep with a full stomach, you do not belong to our Ummah." The believers are each other’s brothers.

Especially in this holy month of Ramadan, before we give lavish Iftars to outsiders, it is imperative to help you fellow brothers in need. It is important to reduce lavish and wasteful Iftars to save and channel these resources to those in need.

Thus, we encourage you to give your Fitra, Zakat, and Sadaqah to this worthy cause of helping your Pakistani brothers. What Allah gives us should be spent for his cause. It is obligatory to help fellow Muslims in need of help. On the day of Resurrection, human souls will cry out and say, "Me…Me….Me." Our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) will say, "My ummah…my ummah…my ummah." This signifies the unity of Muslims. Thus, we should take example from our prophet and help our fellow brothers in need.

As the Turkish Cultural House, we have collected funds for this relief effort. We will forward these funds directly to those in need. We have a trusted and safe organization that will provide relief directly and for no other purpose. We will continue to collect funds for this purpose.

If you are outside the U.S., we encourage you to donate to trusted relief organizations. If you are inside the U.S., you may donate through us.

Contact Person: Suleyman Kurter

Turkish Cultural House

952 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53221
Tel: (414) 482-2766 (12 pm- 6:30 pm)
(414) 744-1451 (6:30 pm- 12pm)
email: TurkKultur_Evi@yahoo.com

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