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Best Shoora Yet: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Prepares Muslims for Bush's Second Four Years.
"How to Learn" is More Important than Accumulation of Information.

January 29, 2005: Meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jamaat al-Muslimeen delegates from across the United States discussed policy issues regarding Islam and Muslims in America. Symbolically the meeting was dedicated to the suffering and heroism of the martyred city of Fallujah.

The meeting was organized with efficiency and at low budget level by Imam Badi Ali. It was presided over by Dr. Kaukab Siddique who pointed out that we do not advocate violence, we work within the law of the land, we do nothing but good for America. However, Dr. Siddique said, Jamaat al-Muslimeen rejects the American power structure, rejects the wars being carried out by the power structure, and we oppose all oppression, be it the oppression of women in America or the oppression of entire nations as in Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnia. We reject the racial and imperial underpinnings of America, basing our separatism on the Qur'an:
chapter 109.

Here are the issues on which the Shoora agreed to act by way of day-long deliberations: --------------------------------------------------------------
January 30 "elections" in Iraq

"Elections" Were a Farce Orchestrated by the U.S. Military.
Major Media Attempt to Mislead the American People: Could be Exit Strategy?

A New Trend Special Report

Hardly anyone can disagree about a basic reality: The "elections" in Iraq without the power and presence of the U.S. military. More than 100,000 U.S. troops were deployed to ensure that supporters of the U.S. would be able to go to polling booths and vote.

Observers and analysts agree that the "elections" in Iraq were a big farce orchestrated by the U.S. military and its allies.

The polling had not even ended when CNN announced that "72%" of the Iraqis had voted. [January 30.] Christiane Amanpour destroyed her credibility by reporting on CNN that Iraqis were pouring in to vote in Baghdad itself. She was not able to SHOW any Iraqis pouring in to vote though she has a good camera crew.

By January 31, the euphoria was already beginning to evaporate when MSNBC reported that the Iraqi Electoral Commission
[set up by the occupation authorities]
was reporting a 57% turnout. How did the 72% go down to 57%? Did 15% of the "voters" withdraw their votes?

CNN was not ready to give up. It started reporting "95%" voting in Baghdad!

Obviously CNN and the other Zionist media had been given a task: To mislead the American people, and they did it with great enthusiasm.

Al-Jazeera was BANNED from reporting the "elections." Al-Arabia was also put under strict controls. Thus we have an election entirely reported by the Zionist-controlled media.

However, New Trend's tools of analysis and deconstruction of the media information have helped to develop an authentic understanding of what happened in Iraq on January 30.

Here are the verifiable facts:

VERY FEW people, and in some cases ZERO people, voted in Iraq's major cities. Here is a list:
  1. Mosul.
  2. Baghdad.
  3. Tikrit.
  4. Fallujah.
  5. Baqubah.
  6. Ramadi.
  7. Kirkuk.
The few who did vote here [for instance in Kirkuk] were Kurdish militias paid by Israel, paid agents of Allawi in Baghdad, groups of Communists in Baghdad; armed militias paid by the U.S. voted in Fallujah where most of the people are homeless.

Readers should remember that the U.S. has admitted that NINE BILLION dollars given to Allawi's ministers in 2004 are missing. It appears that a lot of this money was used to bring "voters" to the booths in Baghdad on January 30.
[Bremer was on U.S. TV, Jan.31 to claim that "accounting" of such large amounts is problematic in war time.]


CNN put it very coyly that "Moqtada al-Sadr sat out the election" [CNN Jan.30], which in plain language means that the poverty stricken Shia masses led by al-Sadr did not take part in the elections.

The second Shia segment was that of paid agents of the CIA supporting Allawi. These are reportedly bought at $1 to $10 a vote and come from the alienated segments of Iraqi society who are neither Iraqi nor Muslim in their approach to life.

The third Shia segment, blind followers of Ali Sistani, voted in large numbers. However, even his support was not large enough to legitimize the elections. As the counting goes on, there is a chance that Allawi's paid people might outnumber Sistani's blind followers.

Sistani seriously damaged his Islamic credibility by agreeing to the American demand that Islam not be given the dominant or even the leading position in his followers' political platform. It appears that Sistani's knowledge of the Qur'an and Hadith is very limited and he has mislead his followers.

Observers say that if Moqteda Al-Sadr were not there, Sistani would have damaged the worldwide Shia cause by supporting elections under American tanks
[the very same tanks which desecrated Najaf and the very same forces which tolerated the burning of Imam Ali's, r.a., original manuscript of the Qur'an in Basra.]

Some reports indicate that a fourth Shia element was also present. There are indications that large numbers of IRANIANS were permitted by the U.S. to enter Iraq and vote in the "elections." Iran openly supported the American-orchestrated elections.

Even from the "security" point of view, the Americans did not do well in the elections. They put in a major military effort, imposed curfews, dug up roads, set up hundreds of road blocks, raided thousands of homes, ARRESTED HUNDREDS OF OPPONENTS of the elections.

The U.S. media first claimed that the military were successful and there were only NINE attacks. However, now the same media are admitting that there were ONE HUNDRED mujahideen attacks in which 44 supporters of the U.S. were killed.

Only hours before the elections, the mujahideen hit the U.S. embassy in the Green Zone. Killing 2 U.S. and wounding 5. On January 30, the mujahideen shot down a British C-130 killing 10 British troops, an Australian soldier and 4 unidentified troops.

On January 31, the U.S. media say, fighting again broke out and 4 U.S. marines were killed in the Fallujah area.

So, even the occupation forces are facing difficulties and the American public is told that a "historic" election has been held. Endless lies do not change the reality that Iraq is occupied and will only accept freedom FROM American occupation and Islamic rule based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah, as it was in Fallujah before the marines moved in to "liberate" that city.

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