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by our Iraq monitor
Why were the Muslims so badly fooled by Zionist propaganda against Saddam Hussain? Just about every Zionist Jew, from university professor to politician to "human rights activist" to media person to radio talk show host has spewed hatred against Saddam never expressed against any person other than Hitler.
Why were the Muslims fooled? Only very late did the Muslims realize that Saddam not only did not surrender to the U.S. but is continuing to fight even after the occupation of Iraq. Is there any other Arab leader who can be compared to him? NONE.
Why were the Muslims fooled? These are the major reasons:
  1. The Iran-Iraq war in which Saddam (at that time backed by the U.S.) was the aggressor. The war ended in 1988 but many Muslims, mentally, have continued the war in the 15 years since then.
  2. Muslims forgot that people change. Khalid ibn al-Waleed who inflicted severe losses on the Prophet's (pbuh) army at Uhud became Khalid the Sword of Allah (r.a.). 'Ikrama, the son of Abu Jahl, embraced Islam and took part in Jihad during the khilafate rashida.
  3. Since 1991, Saddam has been Islamizing himself and his people. He held international Islamic conferences in Baghdad and set up an international Islamic University which was free for all students. The Islamic shrines in Najaf and Kerbala were renovated. Saddam personally saw to it that the mosques of Imam Abu Hanifa and of the venerable Abdul Qadir Jilani were beautified. Imams in Iraqi mosques were permitted to speak freely as long as they did not seek to overthrow Saddam. Muslims outside Iraq often ignored these changes.
    [Saddam was building the biggest mosque in the world when the invasion of 2003 took place.]
  4. Saddam had started the process of national unity and reconciliation. Kurds and Shias were being brought into the process of reconciliation. Muslims outside Iraq did not notice this.
  5. CONSTANT REPETITION OF BIG LIES AGAINST SADDAM by the Zionist media gradually affected the muslims. During the invasion of Kuwait, the U.S. claimed that Iraqi soldiers had thrown babies out of incubators in a Kuwaiti hospital!
    [This lie was exposed after the first Gulf War but many Muslims did not know this.]
    The story of "chemical warfare" at Halabcha was repeated a thousand times. Muslims did not notice that there NEVER WAS ANY IMPARTIAL OR OUTSIDE INQUIRY into the matter. Propagandists like Christopher Hitchens have made a habit of repeating statements about "one million" or "hundreds of thousands of Kurds" killed by Saddam. There is no evidence of any such atrocities though both sides suffered terribly during Kurdish rebellions instigated by the Shah of Iran and later by the U.S.
    [Most Kurds support Saddam. The Ansar al-Islam, for instance, are Kurds but are NEVER described as Kurds by the Zionist media.]
  6. Atrocity stories about Saddam and the Kurds are churned out by the 100,000 Iraqi JEWISH KURDS who live in Israel and are in close cooperation with the PUK secularist rebel group.
  7. By now (too late) the MUSLIMS KNOW THE MAIN REASON WHY THE ZIONISTS FOOLED THEM. Saddam was the biggest supporter of the Palestinian people. The Palestinians loved him and still love him. The Jews know that if Saddam survives, the PALESTINIANS WILL HAVE SOLID SUPPORT. The families of the martyrs were helped by Saddam. This in itself is enough to cleanse him of his sins. His sons were bad boys but they have cleansed themselves with their blood.
NOW THE MUSLIM WORLD IS REALIZING: WE WERE FOOLED. We left him to fight and die alone. From this sorrow of realization, a bitter new awakening is emerging. As Yeats, the Irish poet wrote: A TERRIBLE BEAUTY IS BORN. We thought he was the worst of the worse. We were such fools ....

2003-11-15 Sat 13:43ct