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Raw killing: November 23. It appears that two U.S. elite troops were dragged out of their vehicle and their throats slit in broad daylight by Iraqi resistance in MOSUL (Kurdish area).

Another soldier was killed in Baqubah (where earlier a police station was blown up).

Also, now it appears that a martyrdom operation carried out in Kirkuk was the work of a TURKISH mujahid. The attack was amateurish but panicked the PUK central command. PUK is a Israel-linked Kurdish group which supports the occupation of Iraq.

SUICIDES BY U.S. TROOPS IN IRAQ: A few months back, New Trend was the first to note that the media were hiding news reports about the suicides of U.S. troops in Iraq. On NOVEMBER 23, CNN Headline News noted that the number of U.S. troops who have KILLED themselves has reached 17 in Iraq. Others tried but did not succeed. THIS IMPORTANT REPORT WAS PUT IN THE NEWS LINE UNDER THE SCREEN by CNN for about FIVE seconds and repeated three times during the day. STARS and STRIPES magazine, the army's own magazine was right: morale of U.S. occupation armadas in Iraq is VERY LOW.

2003-11-30 Sun 11:44ct