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1. Is the war against Afghanistan being lost by the U.S.?
2. America's "suicide bombers": The tragic murders/suicides in Ft. Bragg by elite troops. (scroll down for both items)

FOR those with Muslim names who are attacking HADITH, a reader has sent this quote from Ibn Hazm's classic Al-Muhalla:' Any person who denies a sahih Hadith from the messenger of Allah, peace be on him, or refuses to accept teachings narrated from the messenger, pbuh, on which the believers have arrived at general consensus, is a rejector of Islam (kafir). The sublime Qur'an says: "And whoever opposes the messenger when the way has been made clear and follows a path opposed to that of the believers, We shall leave him to the path he has chosen, and place him in hell: an evil refuge indeed." [4:115]
Viewpoint: By Imam Warithuddin 'Umar, Albany, New York
Suggestions for the war Against Israeli Terrorism: Put a Rocket in Sharon
Israeli Jews should go whence they came: Their leaders must not escape
Key Point: Israelis are attacking the Muslim world, not just Palestine

What is wrong with the Muslim World when we see American F-16 jet fighters fly over Muslim lands and come into a Muslim center and shoot rockets into the apartment buildings and kill men, women and children? Practically and logically wouldn't it be obvious that there is a need to provide some type of air cover or antiaircraft guns or missiles to shoot down incoming jets and other aircraft out of the air? Is there no one in the Muslim world who has weapons of this magnitude? I don't believe that is the case. Egypt, Syria, Jordan and many Muslim countries do have armaments of this nature and are cowards or fools not to step forward to join Palestine and form an alliance or treaty similar to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Association) where those of like mind and like concerns come together for their common defense. We should not have to depend on some 16 year old martyrdom seeker to climb a fence and sneak past Israeli security to get to the heart of Israel to kill off a few insignificant Jews.

The Muslim world is angry and calling for revenge for the plane attack on Gaza City. Shame on Muslims for doing nothing! Shame on you! Shame on the Muslims in America who still support America's criminal assault on the Muslims who are not combatants in the so-called war on terrorism.

Our response should be to aid the Palestinians to acquire the necessary gunships and planes and other weapons to fight the good fight with Israel and the US support system. We, the Muslim world, should send planes into Israeli cities and retaliate! I pray I will live to see the time when Muslims will be so together and so bold as to send our planes into their cities and eliminate someone like Sharon. He is the target most Muslims would be in glee to see hit if a plane attack could put a rocket in his pocket. We would dance in the streets. So what are we waiting for? This is simple and common sense. Isn't it? Or am I being naive to think Muslims could do something like this? I don't think so. If Muslims can do things like give up their life and their death for Allah, then we are indeed in the time when these things can and are happening. We just need to get the right people in the right places.

We need to replace these leaders who remain silent in the face of attacks. We need to replace these Muslim leaders who refuse to come together with other Muslim leaders in a common defense and against a common enemy. We are past the time prophesied by our beloved Prophet when he told the early believers, "There will come a time when the kuffaar will not be afraid of the Muslims... because of their love of the material things in this life and their fear of death." Today the disbelievers are afraid and becoming more afraid of the Muslims. The 9-11 attacks made them afraid. Some of the Muslim leaders who are disbelievers should be afraid. They should feel our presence breathing down their necks to get them out of the way or get them to do what Muslims were taught, by Allah, to do, and that is to never let the disbelievers think they can outstrip us. Never let them think they can win and never let them win.

We, the Muslim World should not think that the Palestinians alone were hit, and we not just help them hit back or sympathize with them and root for them getting a state. We should think, "we" have been hit and "we" will hit back. There should be no Palestinian in Israel. There should be Palestine. There should be no Israel in Palestine. Let the Jews have safe passage out accept for their leaders. The leaders should not be allowed to leave. There should be severe punishment for them and they should be executed for their years of abuse and war crimes, and America will pay for supporting them. America is already paying. Just witness how Allah is punishing America with His Wrath. The floods and the forest fires are not accidental. Their children are being stolen from their homes and raped and murdered. Their great corporate giants are being brought to their knees and being exposed for their years of crookedness and thievery. The Israeli and US - British support system that is carrying out this war against Muslims is weakening as we speak. The future should dictate that they will have to think of the consequences of their being supportive of assaults on the Muslim World.

We can no longer afford to be Pakistani Muslims fighting India or Chechnyan Muslims fighting Russia or Arab Muslims fighting Jews or American Muslims fighting the kuffaar. We have to be "The Muslim World" fighting disbelief fisabeelillahi (for the cause of Allah). May Allah help us destroy our enemies from within and without.
The U.S. announced, July 27, that 5 of its troops were wounded and 2 of its Afghan allies killed in a gun fight with the Taliban in southeastern Afghanistan. Three of the Taliban, says the U.S., were also killed and one captured.
[This kind of report evokes the question: What is the U.S. hiding from Americans. Reports coming out of Afghanistan indicate that AMERICAN TROOPS ARE GETTING KILLED THERE NOW ON A WEEKLY BASIS. Yesterday, July 26, Abu Dhabi TV (friendly to the U.S.) reported that SEVEN American troops were killed by the Taliban in a gun battle. The U.S. vehemently denied it.

In mid-July Pakistani newspapers reported that FIVE American special forces were killed in an audacious Taliban drive by shooting in the middle of KANDAHAR in broad daylight which was witnessed by hundreds of people.]
1. Like the Russians, the Americans are training a puppet Afghan force. It didn't work for the Russians because when the fighting got hard, most of the soldiers deserted to the mujahideen or simply deserted.
2. Karzai the King of Kabul now feels in great danger and has been provided AMERICAN TROOPS for his personal security.
3. Mullah Omar, Mujahid Osama, Ayman al-Zawahiri etc have not been captured inspite of $10 million, $25 million and $15 million bounty placed on their heads by the U.S. Looks like the Afghans around these Islamic leaders are not willing to be bought for any price. The capture of Osama was #1 on Bush's list. It has not happened and today he is a legend for Muslim children to live by around the world.
4. The Afghan puppet vice-president has been killed in broad daylight in Kabul.

BACK TO THE SOVIET EXPERIENCE: It took the Afghans EIGHT YEARS to drive them out and the Soviets left unilaterally and unconditionally. It was too late. The Soviet empire crumbled, brought down by tiny Afghanistan. America has not completed a year there yet and is already stuck with no future. Afghanistan is gradually re-emerging as a force for Islam.
The FORT BRAGG MURDERS are raising many questions.
Four of America's special forces have murdered their wives. Three of the murderers had just returned from Afghanistan. Two of the murderers then KILLED THEMSELVES. One of the murders was particularly gruesome. The murderer stabbed the woman 56 times and then set the place on fire. Two children inside were rescued.
IMAGINE IF AN ELITE ISLAMIC UNIT FROM AL-QAIDA or ABU SAYYAF or HAMAS had killed four of their wives. It would have been splashed around the world by the Zionist media.
Observers say that Bush should try to restore sanity at home instead of carrying on a crusade to civilize the whole world.
[July 27: Fighters from Al-Aqsa Martyrs brigade killed four Jewish settlers in occupied Palestine. This was first response to the F-16 attack on Gaza City. Retaliation is permitted under Islamic law. The Jews have killed more than 1700 Palestinians, 400 of them children. The Palestinians have a long way to go in retaliation because they have killed only 500 or so Jews. Observers say that if a Jew were killed for every Palestinian killed, Sharon would have to pack his bags and take permanent refuge in the White House.

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