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Mullah Omar Evades Capture: Attack on Tora Bora Repulsed
Mullah Naqibullah Reported to be Openly Supporting Taliban
Ramadan Bombing: Westernized Muslims Pray/Fast as if nothing Happened
Cultural "bombing" Heats up: Movie called Kandahar to be shown

{War News: After the entire Taliban formation left Kandahar on December 7, reports indicate that the legendary mullah left the city on December 8. A group of Arab mujahideen are providing cover to the retreating cadres by holding on to Kandahar airport, thus foiling an American attack in the style of the one on Iraqi troops at the end of the Gulf war.
After three days of heavy fighting and severe bombing of Tora Bora cave area by B-52s, the Arab mujahideen have repulsed the American-funded mercenaries. MSNBC conceded the defeat. Heraldo Rivera of MCNBCis filming the bombing.
{Mullah Naqibullah, mujahideen hero from the Soviet era, is defying the American-funded forces of Karzai, Bonn appointed "prime minister" of Afghanistan, and shielded the Taliban from attack during their withdrawal.}
USA bombed Afghanistan DURING RAMADAN. Rich, westernized Muslims remained untouched. {From our Baltimore, Maryland reporter.}
We don't want to name that masjid which put up American flags after 9/11. Every now and then, I go there to see how the rich Muslims are behaving. Looks like Bush's efforts to Americanize Islam and make it a form of christianity are succeeding with these rich folks.
I was wondering what makes them so shamefully patriotic. One reason seems to be that the top people here are very rich Muslims from India. Because they see the terrible condition of Muslims in India, they think America is paradise. But then there are these brainwashed Pakistanis too..... (read on)
This time when I visited, it was Saturday. I could hardly believe what I saw. The masjid looked like a Church, with several hundred chairs placed in the prayer hall. And right there on the podium was a JEW exchanging views on belief systems with the Muslims. The Imam of the masjid, in all his robes, was sitting right in front of the Jew and seemed to have accepted the games of the rich Indian Muslims in charge.
This mosque went through an acrimonious debate once when women wanted the right to be in the main prayer hall behind the men. The Imam was the main opponent of their presence.
Now in this gathering (spirit of 9/11), there was completing mixing of the sexes on the chairs. Some non-Muslim visitors (male) were sitting next to Muslim women, and non-Muslim women were sitting next to Muslim men.
And of course, they were eating away! (These rich Muslims eat more in Ramadan than in any other month.)
I started questioning the functionaries of the mosque: Why have you turned this mosque into a church-like situation? I asked. They snickered.
Why can't the visitors sit on the carpet with Muslims, instead of on chairs? I asked. They snickered.
Why do you have to humiliate yourself to please the non-Muslims, I asked? Now they were silent and getting angry.
Outside in the lobby, I got a little sentimental and started talking aloud about Muslim blood flowing in Afghanistan and here we are partying while our people are bombed.
This is where a Pakistani came in and showed me how much he and others in this upscale mosque have been brainwashed. When he heard me talking of the blood of Muslims flowing in Ramadan, he said,(believe me): Don't you remember what you people did in New York? Muslims were killed in the towers!
(Did you notice that propaganda ploy: That's exactly what the CIA agent said to the American Taliban "Walker" before the prison massacre in Mazare Sharif.)
I said: My friend, history did not begin on 9/11.
(He was a clean shaven man, not a hair on his face. Is that a part of being westernized? I too was like that for a long time. I never realized that brainwashing begins with personal life. Remember Malcolm X's self-criticism about how he tried to make his hair look like a White man's?
A deluge of propaganda is going on against the Taliban. A movie called "Kandahar" is being released. It has a twisted kind of racism in it. A Black man pretends to be a Taliban and wears a big fake beard. (Thus the propaganda against the beard is part of cultural imperialism. I am beginning to understand. I was very westernized without knowing it. That is slavery: You don't even know that you are a slave.)
MUSLIMS IN AMERICA ARE BEING ENCOURAGED TO BE SNITCHES. Imam Badi Ali has sent this report from Greensboro, North Carolina:


Abdul Farid faces federal charges Monday 12-8-01
By MOLLY MCGINN, Staff Writer News & Record
HIGH POINT -- Ten days after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Abdul Farid and Benaras Khan clashed over who should be the new imam at the Community Mosque just outside city limits. Tempers flared and someone called 911. When Davidson County Sheriff's deputies arrived, someone told them Farid, who is Pakastani, had been sending money to the Taliban. The FBI was contacted, he was interviewed and then arrested while the FBI investigated further. Farid, a resident of High Point who has lived in the United States for more than a decade, became one of the hundreds of people nationwide caught up in the FBI's dragnet following the terrorist attacks. No evidence linking him to terrorists has been found, but he was charged with making false statements on a loan application at a High Point bank. His trial begins Monday in U.S. District Court in Greensboro. The government has identified about a hundred people it charged as part of the Sept. 11 investigation. Most are immigration-related charges and other federal counts unrelated to terrorism.The government won't release the identities of more than 500 others, mostly Muslim men, who are simply being detained. In the wake of the attacks, the Bush administration has increased the FBI's power to question hundreds of foreign nationals without legal representation and detain them without charges. The FBI says it needs such broad powers to investigate possible cells of terrorism here but has said little about the guidelines it is using. The tactics, including the monitoring of discussions between suspects and their lawyers and plans to try terrorist cases in secret tribunals, have come under intense criticism in recent days. But only those who violate federal law are getting arrested, said Lynne Klauer, a lawyer in the U.S. Attorney's Office in Greensboro. "They're going to investigate and make an arrest where they feel it's supported by evidence," she said. But that's not a good enough answer for human rights groups, who ask: Who is the FBI arresting and why? On Wednesday, 18 groups filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Attorney General seeking more information on the hundreds of Middle Easterners being detained.

"It's the same thing as driving while black or arguing while Middle Eastern," said Raleigh Bailey, director of the Center for New North Carolinians at UNCG. Farid, 51, entered the country illegally from Canada in 1989, according to an FBI affidavit. He lived alone in High Point and speaks Urdu, the national language in Pakistan. He has lived in the Dunrovin Manor apartments on Long Street for at least a year and a half. Others who live there said they know Farid but declined to say much about him. One of his neighbors, Sarah Edwards, said Farid brought her a housewarming present -- a biscuit -- when she moved into her apartment. Kahn, who argued with Farid, said he is a "gentle man, a man you can trust." During the disagreement at the West Lexington Avenue mosque Sept. 21, Kahn took a rock and hit Farid on the head. In the scuffle, Kahn complained of chest pains, and at 1:55 p.m., someone called 911. When deputies arrived to investigate, one man told them Farid had been sending money to the Taliban. Friends said the man made the accusation simply because he didn't like Farid. But the information was enough for deputies to contact the FBI. Farid told the FBI he had never sent money to Pakistan, according to the agency. But agents found receipts for money totaling $8,997 sent to several people in that country. Farid was arrested for lying in a federal investigation. No evidence apparently was found linking Farid to the Taliban. Farid and friends at the mosque say the money was intended for his son, Afghan refugees and other charity. Giving money to the poor is one of the five pillars of Islam faith. But as a result of the FBI's investigation into Farid, he was charged with making false statements on a loan application. On the application, he claimed to work at a blind company, as friends also have said, but authorities say he is unemployed. Farid was indicted Oct. 29 and pleaded not guilty Nov. 5. He is being held in jail, and his lawyer, public defender Bill Ingram, was out of town and could not be reached for comment. Farid's trial Monday will focus narrowly on the charge against him, said Klauer. The FBI declined to comment on Farid's case. "Come to the trial on Monday," said Thomas J. Brereton, the Greensboro-based FBI agent who interviewed Farid, "and some of those questions will be answered.

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