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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 27,1427/February 26, 2006 #15

Scroll down to very disturbing report about southern Iraq. Also see letter from a Shia reader.

Women's Rights: How Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, changed men's attitudes towards women[#2]
by Kaukab Siddique

Men often don't realize the vulnerabilities of women. Real men, according to Islam, are gentle towards women. There is no place for wife battering or male-dominant attitudes in Islam. In his efforts to stop male physical violence towards women, the Prophet, pbuh, began with changing the random outward attitudes men have towards women. He went on to ORDER an end to all physical vioence against women, as well as an end to psychological oppression. Finally, he ordered the death penalty for proven rape after proper investigation.

Here is a hadith in which the Prophet, pbuh, uses a metaphor about women which a man would never forget. A young black man, probably an Ethiopian, named Unjasha, r.a., was driving with great gusto a camel on which Umm Sulaim, r.a., and other blessed women were riding:

From Unas, r.a.: He said: The messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, was on a journey and a black youth who was called Unjasha, r.a., was driving a camel and singing [thus causing the camel to gallop]. And the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, [called out] to him: Slow down, O Unjasha! Travel as if you are carrying vessels of glass! [they can break]. {Hadith, Sahih of Muslim, kitab al-fadail, section 200.}

Vessels of glass! If men are not careful, they can hurt women without even knowing it, just as careless handling can put a crack in a glass vessel. The vessel might not break or even be visibly damaged but it will have been hurt.

BRIEF but Important News:
PAKISTAN: The city of Lahore was under siege by Musharraf's security forces on February 26 as the regime made sure the people would not reach Nasir Bagh for a rally against caricatures of the Prophet, pbuh, in European countries. The government stopped public transportation to nullify attempts to travel. Thousands of people were arrested as they attempted to reach the gathering point. Among the leaders arrested were Hafiz Saeed [placed under house arrest], Qazi Hussain Ahmad [of JI] whisked away to an unknown place, and Imran Khan [later released]. Dozens of local leaders of Muslim League [Nawaz Sharif] were arrested along with Jamiatul Ulema-e-Pakistan leaders. Groups of youths clashed with police all day. The movement to honor the Prophet, pbuh, which is supported by all groups, urged people not to be violent.

"Saudi" Arabia: Arabian mujahideen tried to blow up the oil facilities at Abiqaiq, 60 miles south east of Dammam, on February 24. Reports indicate that two mujahideen broke through the outer line of security but could not breach the second line. The two assailants were martyred by the Saudis. The Saudis report three of their security men were killed. Pakistani reports indicate that Saudi losses were probably higher as ambulances were seen transferring casualties from the area. Al-Qaida has taken responsibility for this serious attack which disturbed international markets. A part of the facility caught fire, Pak. reports say, but the fire was contained.

Mujahideen who indentify with Osama bin Laden have been carrying out urban guerrilla warfare in Arabia to put an end to the Saudi monarchy which is a major ally of the U.S. in the Middle East.

IRAQ: Fighting between Islamic resistance and U.S. troops continued even as parts of Iraq were in the grip of sectarian violence. Five U.S. troops were killed in one attack, two in another and two in a third, bringing the U.S. fatality total to 2288 by February 25. Twelve Iraqi mercenary troops and 4 'insurgents" were killed in another battle.

Afghanistan: There is an ongoing prison uprising in Kabul where 300 Islamic prisoners, after being subjected to subhuman treatment, have taken over parts of the prison. Meanwhile, also in Kabul a car bomb killed 5 people while in Helmand province, Taliban killed several dozen Karzai troops in an ambush. Earlier U.S. media reported that 4 U.S. troops were killed in a Taliban ambush in the deep south but gave no details. Also, German troops were attacked in the north and one killed. Australia has withdrawn its troops.

KASHMIR: Weekly reports of Indian atrocities against Kashmiris have come in. In one incident, Indian troops opened mortar fire on a village killing a Muslim woman cooking dinner. India announced that it killed 3 Lashkare Taiba fighters.

Chechnia: Islamic Resistance continues and is growing. Russia announced that it has lost 3500 troops killed in action in Chechnia in the last three years. Russian troops have decimated Chechnia and killed thousands of civilians.

"State of the Black Union"
Black Intellectuals Speak in Houston, Texas
Poweful Speeches by Belafonte, Cornell West and Minister Farrakhan.
New Trend report

It was a feast for the mind and the soul at St. Agnew's Church in Houston on February 25, 2006 when top leaders spoke on the "Covenant" they want to espouse to liberate the African-American people. The program was organized by TV talk show host Tavis Smiley and included speeches of great power and eloquence.

The entire crowd stood up to applaud when Harry Belafonte, 80 years old now, declared that "George W. Bush is a terrorist." He has said this before [in Venezuela] but this time he explained that he wanted to re-define terrorism very differently from the way the U.S. administration does. He said the murder of Dr. King was an act of terrorism. The murder of Malcolm X was an act of terrorism. Referring to Iraq, he said sending our people out to kill in other countries is terrorism, and forcing the Black and the poor to beg for handouts and to deny top quality education to an entire people is terrorism.

Prof. Cornell West referred to the hijacking of the funeral of Coretta Scott King by the Bush people. So soon after the institutional racism displayed by the Bush people after hurricane Katrina, they turned up at the funeral of Coretta King as if they love the Black community.

The most powerful speech came from Min. Louis Farrakhan. Observers say that none in America can speak with such eloquence. He knows the Bible better than many Christian ministers and thus can hold the attention of devout Christian audiences [such as this was], but he also quoted with great effect from the glorious Qur'an. He called the Bush administration a "government of lies and deceit." He noted that the American power structure has a track record of betrayal and destruction of the people, starting from the betrayal of Native Americans, the non-delivery of "40 Acres and a Mule" to African Americans [promised in 1865] and now the institutional racism seen after hurricane Katrina. Min. Farrakhan urged the African American people never to believe that the rulers will fulfill their promises. This country, he said, is run by bankers and industrialists, not by the people. The leaders of this country have set this house on fire. They are going straight to hell and I would like to give them a push to get there faster, he said. He urged the people: Don't depend on them [the people in power] but on God. He concluded that Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change that which is within them. [The Qur'an.]

Min. Farrakhan got a standing ovation from the crowd. The entire audience went wild at his words. Some of them were crying, others stood during his speech to bear testimony to the truth of his words.

Iraq's Shame/Iran's Game
New Trend analysis based on Shia/Sunni reports and both pro-and-anti Bush Media [2items]

1. Shias Attacked One Hundred Sunni Mosques After News of Samara Blast: 200 Sunnis Killed.
Plan to turn Southern Iraq into Shia Republic Tied to Iran? No curfew for Two Days to allow killing.

During his press conference on February 23, British PM Tony Blair was asked by an Arab journalist about the Samara shrine blast. The journalist said that at the time of the blast, Samara, including the area of the gold domed shrine, was under curfew. Hence only Ministry of the Interior troops could operate in the location of the attack. Hence how can Sunni "terrorists" be blamed? Tony Blair sidestepped the question.

New reports indicate that it would have taken at least 4 hours to strap demolition charges to the shrine structure.

The point seems to have weight as first reports indicate lack of any crowd at the shrine which would not be possible at such a prominent site without a curfew.

As the news of the explosion came out, Shia leader Sistani called for (peaceful) demonstrations. However, on the ground, the Shias were not peaceful. It appears that organized Shia forces, including troops of the U.S.- installed Shia regime, went on a spree of attacks on Sunni mosques. More than 100 Sunni mosques were attacked. Most were damaged to a greater or a lesser degree. At least 6 were set on fire. One was blown up in Basra.

The Shia forces also carried out systematic executions. At least count 132 Sunnis were killed, including 60 whose bodies were found in southern Baghdad. Those slaughtered include five Sunni IMAMS. A process of anti-Sunni genocide seemed to be underway seemingly aimed at removal of the entire Sunni population from southern Iraq. [By February 25, the number of dead rose to 200, in spite of the curfew.]

In Basra, Shia security forces entered a prison, took out 12 Sunni prisoners, including a "foreigner," and executed them. Observers say, this widespread terrorism is meant to convey a message to Sunnis: leave southern Iraq.

Within that context, the role of Muqtada al-Sadr is interesting. It appears that he joined the U.S.-Iraqi-Shia forces. One indication of this change is his ability to move in and out of Iraq by AIR. At the time of the Samara blast, he had flown out to Beirut. When the news came, he flew right back to Baghdad. As is well known, Baghdad airport is in U.S. hands. Flights out of Tehran require a long journey on poor quality roads and a quick flight out of Iraq and back has to be from Baghdad airport under U.S. supervision.

Both Muqtada al-Sadr and U.S.-installed leader Jaafari issued good statements for amity and unity, but it was not relevant to the situation on the ground. Al-Sadr's people were also involved in the killings.

Also interesting is the role of the Shia fighting force known as the BADR BRIGADES. These are troops trained in Iran. For the last six month, they have been involved in killing Sunnis in Iraq. Every week, ten to 15 Sunnis are killed and their bodies dumped in the desert. Thus the "cleansing" of Sunnis from southern Baghdad in particular and southern Iraq in general has been going on for some time.

In 2005, there were discoveries of centers of torture under Shiia supervision where opponents of the occupation were being stripped of their humanity. The U.S. claimed to be surprised but evidently, the torture was part of the war against "terrorism."

Conclusions: After the Samara blast, curfew was not imposed for almost two days. In the interim, sectarians across the south attacked Sunni mosques and slaughtered Sunnis. An element of deliberation seems to be part of this delay.

Instead of calling for investigation, the Shias took it for granted that Sunnis [or even al-Qaida] had done it and went on an organized rampage. The purpose seems to be to create a Shia state possibly linked to Iran.

The bottom line: Shias and Sunnis in Iraq have started treating each other as enemies and as kuffar [rejectors of Islam]. When the U.S. armada attacked, desecrated and demolished dozens of mosques in Fallujah, Tal Afar and 5 other western towns, the Shias did not protest or show any concern. In fact Shia troops joined the Americans in hunting "terrorists" in these Sunni areas. In turn the Sunnis think that the Shia imams are mythic figures, particularly the two related to the Samara shrine. They seriously doubt the Shia claim that the 12th imam [a child of 12] who went into "occultation" in Samara 1000 years back will re-emerge as the "mahdi."

To top it all, President Bush is siding with the Shias. That is enough for most Muslims to see Shias in a negative light.

With such great divergence, communication and dialogue is extremely urgent and important before the divide become so deep that reconciliation is no longer possible.

2. IRAN'S ROLE: The Correct Rhetoric: Rehabilitation of Shi'ism After Collaboration with the U.S.

After the Samara blast on Feb.22, Iran's spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamen'ei and President Ahmedinejad took the position that the U.S. and Israel are behind the blast. Of course the message thus given is extrememy popular in the Muslim world, and it might actually turn out to be correct.

However, there is something very unreal, even surreal, about this message. Iran did not condemn the Shias who are cooperating with the U.S. at the ground level in Iraq. Do we hear any message from Iran calling on the Shias of the world not to cooperate with the U.S.? No, absolutely not.

Do Iran's Shia allies in Iraq see the U.S. and Israel as the forces behind the attack? If so, why would the Shias in Iraq be attacking Sunnis while they [the Shias] are certainly not fighting U.S. forces. Either Sistani and Khamen'ei have totally opposing positions on what happened [a view which is not credible], or Iran is as usual playing its rhetorical game of self-styled champion of Islam.

Iran's leadership realizes that Shias have gained a name as collaborators of the U.S. in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Shia leaders have been calling the occupation of Iraq as "liberation" and demanding the execution of President Saddam Hussain, the leading opponent of Israel in the Middle East.

Syria, Iran's close ally, withdrew from Lebanon as soon as the U.S. ordered it to do so. The Syrian rulers have been as strict in protecting Israel from Islamic attack as the King of Jordan has been.

In Afghanistan, Iran helped the U.S. destroy the power of the Taliban. Iran's position on Kashmir is the same as that of the U.S.: 'neutrality' with friendship for India. On Chechnia, Iran is 'neutral' because it has an important relationship with Russia.

Within that context, Iran suddenly started debunking the 'holocaust' of the Jews and gained rapid popularity in the Muslim world. When members of the UN Security Council objected, Iran told them that Ahmedinejad had been misquoted. Similarly, there was an attempt to latch on to the Muslim world's protests about the caricatures of the Prophet, pbuh.

Iran is facing difficulties from the U.S. owing to its nuclear program. Most of this has to do with the Israeli attempt to whittle down its new competition in the Middle East, which is Iran.

It should be seen as rivalry between two regional powers, with nothing really happening at ground level. There has not been EVEN ONE Iranian attack on Israel in the last 25 years.

Similarly with the U.S. Are there any Iranians among the Islamic "terrorists" the U.S. is holding in its prisons? Again, the answer is ZERO.

Once the nuclear issue is settled, Iran-U.S. relations will improve. In the meantime, Iran is rapidly rehabilitating its image in the Muslim world, even posing as the champion of Islam.

Uganda, East Africa: A country worth Visiting
by Mahmoud Sserunjogi, New Trend's rep in Kampala

Despite her position right on the equator, Uganda's weather is as friendly as that of the European summer. It is incredibly comfortable, with no scorching heat. The land is generally a plateau with favourable height above the sea level. Mt. Rwenzori, also known as the Mountain of the Moon, is about 17,000 ft. above the sea level, with snow covered peaks all year round.

Estimated to be the size of Britainn or Ghana, about one third of Uganda is covered with fresh water. This comprises a range of rivers, like the Nile and lakes, like Victoria. The soil is fertile that almost everything grows with ease. Uganda is endowed with mineral resources.

Unfortunately, our country has gone thru thick and thin; it has experienced political and economic upheavals. Our flag has three colours; BLACK stands for black Africa, YELLOW for the tropical sunshine and RED for the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of mankind. Therefore, the Ugandans are open, friendly and welcoming.

Uganda is endowed and blessed with a unique and abandant wealth of fertile land, fresh water bodies, mineral, vegetation, flora and fauna, a rich cultural heritage and unmatched beauty that the world recognises her as the "Pearl of Africa."

David Irving: His Research Ability was Deadly for Jewish Power
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
Associate Professor of English

The British media are gloating over the imprisonment of historian par excellence David Irving. Be it the Independent or the Telegraph, they are showing a meanness of spirit which they reserve only for their personal enemies. The claims Irving's detractors make are ridiculous for one who has read the scholar's works. His enemies don't want their audiences to know what Irving wrote. They write of him as if he is a writer of little or no importance, that he is a racist, or that he proclaimed himself a historian when he is not.
Something is hurting these British who usually claim that they believe in freedom of expression. The real issue is their loyalty to Israel and the Jews of the world.

This fact is let slip by the Scotsman paper in its latest [February 26] issue. It states as part of its excuse in denigrating Irving as follows: "It is impossible to understand the case for the state of Israel without an awareness of the persecution that the Jewish people have suffered."

In other words, if the concept of the suffering of Jews is diminished in any way, the legitimacy of Israel will be in doubt. Hence the furor.

One man, David Irving, was about to destroy the empire of self-pity and victimization the Jews have built for themselves. The supporters of Israel cannot face the massive blockbuster of Irving's research on the war. Hence they imprison him.

Shia Viewpoint on the Samara Shrine Bombing

Today, the tomb of the 10th and the 11th Imams (as) were bombed. The target was the tomb of the 11th Imam, Imam Hasan Al Askari, but also damaged the tomb of the 10th Imam, Imam Ali al-Hadi also.

The tomb itself can be rebuilt, but the lives cannot be brought back.

HOWEVER, Imam Hasan al-Askari (as), though not considered the "Imam" by Sunnis, was/is still a figure of respect, both for being of the Prophet's progeny and also for his knowledge. What does the attack on the building symbolise in the broader scope of things?

Whoever did this, SURELY, knew what the result would be (Shia reaction, mainly being taken out on other Iraqi Sunnis). Whoever did this INTENDED to cause divisions between Sunnis and Shias of Iraq, and of the world. The US government and its think-tanks have actively advocated causing divides between Sunnis and Shias to the advantage of US foreign policy. Within the context of the war in Iraq, the only ones to benefit would be the occupying forces. If the Sunnis and Shias are fighting each other, no one will be confronting the occupiers. If would also allow the US and its allies to pass the blame and failure of this miserable project onto the Iraqis themselves.

May Allah have Mercy for those affected by the blasts.

May Allah guide us Muslims and allow us to see through darkness and the plots of our times.

May Allah hasten the rise of our Imam to give us Justice and Righteousness.

rab rakha,

Indian Forces Crush Peaceful [non-Muslim] Demonstrators in Assam: 13 killed, including 3 Girls

Assam Watch(UK) wishes to file a distressing Human Rights violation report that has taken place at Kakopathar, Assam; today the 10 February 2006.

It has been reliably learnt that Indian security forces opened fire on at least fifteen thousand unarmed demonstrators demonstrating on the National Highway 52 demanding punishment of the guilty officers and the withdrawal of the Army from the region after the murder of an innocent person Ajit Mahanta on the night of 5 February after he was picked up by Indian soldiers from his home.

Indian security men used live bullets killing 10 persons, 3 of them are girls.

Assam Watch(UK) condemns this wanton killings on unarmed civilians expressing their democratic rights. We at Assam Watch(UK) perceive this as a wilful massacre by the Indian State, as safer method of crowd control which could be used, but, has not been applied in this instance, normally done in civilised democracies.

Assam Watch(UK) request all human rights organisations to voice appropriately against this savagery of the Indian authorities so that such violations are not repeated again.

We would also urge you to consider forwarding this alert call to all you contacts.

Dr. M. Hazarika
Assam Watch(UK)
A voluntary non-profit making human rights organisation.
10 February 2006
Ref. AW/IA/06/001
Addendum: filed at 09:31 Hrs(GMT) 11/02/2006

Since the above report was filed it has been learnt that the death toll has risen to thirteen as a result of the Indian security operations in Kakopathar and Makum in Assam.

Assam Watch(UK)

2006-02-26 Sun 20:02:27 cst