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10,000 Protest against Israel in New York: CNN Claimed only 2000
Eyewitness Account: You bombed Muslims in Ramadan, got a lesson in kind

A massive brainwashing campaign is underway to delegitimize the sacrifices of the martyrs in Palestine who struck the Zionists when they were relaxing in their cafes and hotels after "just another day of occupation", buying their groceries just as the slave owners used to do after the lynchings.

The anti-martyr propaganda is coming down all the way from President Bush himself to all the major media channels. Bush, who used B-52s against the defenseless people of Afghanistan DURING RAMADAN, has the cheek to call the martyrs "murderers."
Here is a tribute to Sis. Ayat al-Akrash, 18 year old Palestinian martyr who left behind a message beginning with the words: "Allahu Akbar." One of our Palestinian readers, name withheld on request, has written this poem for the young woman:


To 18-year Old Martyr from Bethlehem Refugee Camp

Ayat al-Akrash, daughter of Islam, Eternal now!
18-year old, child of Palestine, in Paradise now!
You would not accept slavery of the besotted Jew
You could not see the honor of Palestine under the boot of the Jew.
Our martyrs are "murderers" says Bush the bloody liar!
His hands dripping with the blood of Afghan children
Tanks, gunships, F-16s for Sharon, for us, lies, from Bush the bloody liar!

Ayat ('sign of God') signalled: Israel must go.
She gave her young life to affirm Qu'ran: Israel must end.
Pledge my people today: by the blood of Ayat:
Inspite of Bush and Sharon, massacre and terror
The monstrosity called Israel, humanity's dregs, must go.

Gives the LIE to CNN report Which turned 10,000 into 2,000

(From our Christian friend Carolyn. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Roy and I are in New York City for a few days while Roy attends a Conference. We were walking back to our hotel a few minutes ago, when we came across many policeman on Broadway and 48th. We asked what was going on and they said there is going to be a demonstration in favor of the Palestinians, marching to the Israeli Embassy. Roy and I walked up to the demonstrators and told them we were with them. Then this Jew started yelling at them to move to Detroit. Roy yelled at the Jew to move to Israel. He didn't hear, so I went over to him and told him to move to Israel. He told me to F____ off. Roy went up to him (close to his face) and said: move to Israel. I told him I was sick of supporting Israel and their bloody holocaust against the Palestinians. Others around me agreed. Then the Jew started yelling about the Passover Massacre, and I yelled back, what about the Ramadan massacre in Afghanistan.

Roy thought that I should stay, but I was afraid to without him. (his feet were hurting so he couldn't march.) I am so afraid of the Jews and what they will do to me. This Jew that was yelling was really scary.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are hundreds of people showing up to demonstrate the atrocities going on in Israel. The signs were anti Bush and Sharon. There were also many Palestinian flags.

I feel sick that I am not amongst them-they wanted me to join them. I am feeling very upset now-fear rules me. I wouldn't do it without Roy-I felt threatened..........

Demonstration #2 Times Square NYC

Roy and I returned to our room, after the first demonstration, and turned on the t.v. The demonstration was on the television station. Then they announced that there was another protest march starting to take place in Times Square. So Roy and I left our room, a couple of blocks from Times Square, and walked over to where the demonstration was starting.
There were Palestinian, Pakistani, Lebanese, French, Greek and an Islamic flag waving. There was also an Israeli flag waving with a swastika in the center. There were pictures of Sharon with titles underneath saying what a terrorist he is, along with many posters of Palestinians injured and dead. There were loud speakers going on and people were chanting "Occupation Must Go". Then they started speaking Arabic and the Muslim people said their prayers.
The march started shortly after this. Their destination was the Israeli Consulate. There were thousands of demonstrators; Roy estimated at least 10,000, as it went on for blocks and blocks. The majority of the protestors were Palestinians and Muslims. I walked with them for many blocks and spoke with them.

There were Jews - usually by themselves, provoking them. One Jew yelled out that he was going to see to it that a bomb would drop on Mecca. He was wearing a U.S. Marine tee shirt. Another couple of Jews provoked some Palestinians (young -in their 20's). The Palestinians then lunged at them, and I am not sure what happened. The other Palestinians begged them not to get involved. I was in the middle of all this and found it very frightening. Another Jew near me said how can you believe this country allows terrorist bombers to march. I replied, are there Israelis in the crowd. I should have said, is Sharon in town. Anyway, I feel better now be cause I marched with these people and had a chance to talk with many, many of them. It is so pathetic.
Oh yea, one more thing. A Jew came up to a couple of Palestinians and they started arguing. A man was taping it. I went up to the man and asked him if he was from the news. He said yes. I said , that is typical of the news in this country-make the demonstration look like one big argument.
The news tonight said there were about 2,000 demonstrating. That was a lie. The Jewish politicians from New York-from local up to Schumer are speaking out against the Palestinians. It is so obvious that they are lying.
Well that is my update of the latest demonstrations here. There is going to be another one April 20 in Washington, D.C.
DO YOU KNOW THAT AMERICA'S POWER STRUCTURE, the key people behind Bush, are either Jews or radical Zionists? We have a whole list of these by name and designation. The PEOPLE OF AMERICA are being duped by the Jews, with Bush as their front man.
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