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You will find a report on a 3/22/03 incident at New York's La Guardia Airport. Had this woman been anything other than Israeli she would've still been in government custody. This is going to far, now!

The airport had been evacuated because a mysterious white powder found on this woman at the airport. It made some people sick and this Israeli also had a gas mask. Was this gas mask used to protect her from this white substance?

We'll never know because they let her get away!

Sis. 'Aisha


You have pulled that from the BBC website site. What is interesting and also strange is that this story is different from what was actually broadcast on BBC TV (which a local PBS channel is broadcasting in our area to cover the aggression against Iraq).

The BBC TV broadcast today had a segment about the release of these brothers. The narrator said specifically that the former prisoners complained of being abused at Guantanamo. One specifically said that the Americans took away his copy of the Qur'an. He also said that while they were at prayer the Americans used to harrass them by spraying water hoses on them and releasing gas.

I don't know why the BBC broadcast those words, but omitted them from the written report, but I assume it was some lame attempt at censorship. In any case perhaps this will serve to complete the picture unless there are other angles that BOTH the website AND the TV broadcast cut out and hid from us!!


Eric Mueller
(Introduction by a reporter)
The following is a brief description of Naheed Morrill's case, in her words.

Due to the events that occurred on September 11th, there has been a backlash against Muslims living in America and many have been falsely accused of supporting terrorist organizations. Contrary to what the American Justice System stands for. Naheed Morrill was considered guilty until proven innocent. Naheed Morrill is a practicing Muslim who has the right to be with her three daughters and not have them live with an abusive father. She is an American citizen who is proud of her country and condemns the acts of terrorist organizations. She has brought her daughters up in America and taught them American values as well as the values of Pakistan and the religion of Islam; she took them to Pakistan each summer and always returned to the United States. Solely because she looks different, she has been denied the right to a fair trial and the father of the children has used the present backlash against Pakistani Muslims to his advantage, even alleging that her religion and ethnicity were crimes in themselves. If a Pakistani or Arab man had done this to an American woman, the outcome would be to her advantage. Naheed needs your financial support to win her case. We need to support our Muslims during this crucial time. Donate generously in order for justice to prevail. Please support Naheed in her efforts to gain back her right to the custody of her children.

"On September 2nd, 2000, I arrived at Dulles International Airport from Pakistan with my three children after a three month vacation and twenty-three hour flight. My husband, C. Grant Morrill informed me that he had sold our marital home and moved us into a one bedroom apartment in Falls Church. He left me in one apartment on the 5th floor and moved himself and our children to a separate apartment on the 7th floor without my knowledge. I did not know the whereabouts of my children for a week and was left abandoned, financially and emotionally, without any explanation

I hired an attorney and filed for divorce in Fairfax Circuit Court on the grounds of desertion and cruelty on the 2nd of November with Judge McKay. I was granted sole physical and legal temporary custody of our three children. A custody trial was set for April 4th, 2001. In the best interest of the children, I rented a home in their school district in Mclean, Virginia, in order for them to stay in the same environment they were accustomed to.

On April 2nd, 2001, both parties agreed to leave sole physical and legal custody to me with alternate weekend visitation for C. Grant Morrill and six weeks of summer visitation for each parent. According to the custody decree, I had the kids for the first six weeks of the summer. I left for Pakistan, with a stop over in London, on my annual summer visitation on June 19th, 2001, with the permission of my husband and of the Fairfax Court.

C. Grant Morrill went to the Federal Authorities shortly after my flight took off, alleging that I had kidnapped the kids and taken them to Pakistan without his knowledge. As I had the custody of the kids, the Federal Authorities refused to take any action; he then went to the Fairfax Court and claimed he did not know his whereabouts and the children could end up in a "law-less country such as Pakistan". He said the chances of him getting the girls back from Pakistan were zip, as Pakistan had a new dictator unless he had temporary custody of the kids, that way he could retrieve them from London under the Hague Convention with the help of the Interpol in Europe.

On June 22nd, 2001, Judge McWeeny of Fairfax Circuit Court granted C. Grant Morrill custody of our three minor children without any evidence or testimony under oath from anyone, including himself. Armed with this new court order, C. Grant Morrill filed three charges of international kidnapping in the Federal Eastern District Court of Alexandria and the F.B.I. was put on red alert to arrest me on site in Europe.

On July 16th, 2001 Scotland Yard police arrested me in London. After spending a night in jail, the Magistrate in the London high court released me on my own reconnaissance. My British passports and tickets were taken for me. C. Grant Morrill went with the British police and forcibly took the kids and hid out in the American Embassy in the middle of the night. Two weeks later, C. Grant Morrill went back to the U.S. with our children and I was unaware of their location.

On August 16th, 2001, a month after my arrest, U.S. Marshals came to London to escort me back to the U.S. Upon my return, I was thrown into the Federal jail in Alexandria, pending my trial, set for December 4th, 2001. After two weeks, I was released to my criminal attorney as a third party custodian with an electronic monitor under house arrest for three months.

On November 16th, 2001, Judge Ellis dismissed the kidnapping charges against me and I was put in a pre-trial diversion program for one year. On December 27th, 2001, Jude Ellis signed the dismissal papers and I went straight back to the Fairfax court to re-gain custody of my children. Because of the September 11th events changing the perception and outlook of my status as a Pakistani, Muslim mother, I was ordered supervised visitation for three hours once a week and denied complete rights as a mother to this date.

On August 29th, 2002, after the three day custody trial, Judge Hudson labeled me "high risk" and therefore, allowed only for continued supervised visitation, despite calling me a fit and better parent. Both the Federal and Fairfax courts dismissed the kidnapping charges against me, yet, denied me rights of custody unless "I behave myself" for the next six months until the custody re-trial.

Grant Morrill's latest allegations in the court against me are that I used marital funds "to support al Qaeda or similar types of Muslim organizations. Naheed Morrill is a Pakistani National and a Muslim. Over the last few years, Naheed Morrill has increasingly expressed hatred for the U.S. and American values."

On March 5th, 2003, the Commissioner on Divorce Hearings granted me divorce on the grounds of cruelty and desertion by C. Grant Morrill. On March 26th, 2003, we will go to court for equitable distribution with Judge Bellows. On April 2nd, 2003, the Commonwealth attorney in the Juvenile Domestic Court will prosecute C. Grant Morrill on criminal charges of "stalking and threats to kill".

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