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by Buut Shikan (Idol Breaker)

Big Hole in Anti-Saddam Demonization Propaganda

"O ye who believe! If a corrupt person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done." [The Qur'an 49:6]

It's been staring us in the face. It was so obvious. Let me explain.

Did you notice that there is a "given", a premise in just about every speech about Iraq: That Saddam Hussain is some kind of a monster and has committed serious crimes against humanity. Even anti-war protestors start their speeches with : "I know Saddam Hussain is a terrible dictator ...." or "I have not the slightest compunction for Saddam who has committed crimes against humanity" or "please don't think that I am trying to defend Saddam." That's the staple of speeches on Iraq even from opponents of the U.S.

Question: When the U.S. decided that it needed an excuse to attack Iraq, why did Bush-Rumsefeld-Wolfowitz-Perle select "weapons of mass destruction" or WMD's and not an INVESTIGATION OF SADDAM's HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD?

Now we know that Iraq has absolutely no weapons of mass destruction. The inspectors have visited more than 200 sites and have come up with nothing except a few rusty old EMPTY shell cases in an old storage depot.

The U.S. and Blair already know this. They have been controlling the "no fly zones" and photographing every inch of Iraq for the last 12 years. It is said without exaggeration that the U.S. can read the number plates of cars in Baghdad.

Then there is the network of CIA agents. Thousands of educated Iraqis have left Iraq owing to the embargo. These are a rich source of information on Iraq's capabilities.

SO WHY THE INSPECTORS and the SEARCH FOR WMDs? This was merely a cover to give the U.S. time to build up its forces to a strength overwhelming enough to crush Iraq. Now the U.S. has 150,000 troops in place and is working around the clock to build it up to 250,000. Also, the work of the inspectors, accompanied by the press corp, probably helped the sophisticated U.S. intelligence agencies gain a better idea of how DEFENSELESS Iraq is against the U.S. armada. Remember these heroes of America only go into situations like Panama and Grenada where there is no chance for the other side. In AFGHANISTAN, these heroes use B-52s against barefooted Taliban armed with Kalashnikovs.

The U.S. is preparing to fire 800 cruise missiles into Baghdad in the first 48 hours to make Iraqi defenses crumble. After that the heroes of America will go in and a great victory will be declared.

QUESTION: COULD'NT THE U.S. HAVE WON MUCH MORE SUPPORT for the war IF it had called for an INVESTIGATION of SADDAM's ALLEGED CRIMES? It could have used such a ploy for a demand that Saddam must be removed on grounds of common decency. Look at the stories the Zionist Jews are putting out, alleging every imaginable atrocity which Saddam is said to have committed, from rape to mass murder to the gassing his own people.

People like CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, unusual bedfellow of Bush, have been bandying about figures like "one million Kurds killed" by Saddam. The Iranians too have their stories about Saddam, with their "Islamic revolutionaries" working under the table with the U.S.

Here is my understanding of this situation, with a scenario of what will follow if the U.S. attacks without an investigation of Iraq's human rights situation:
1. SADDAM HUSSAIN has evidently NOT COMMITTED any atrocities against his people since 1990 when he turned against the U.S. and put the words "Allahu Akbar" on the flag of Iraq. The entire Zionist propaganda machine has NOT BEEN ABLE TO COME UP WITH EVEN ONE verifiable ATROCITY carried out by Saddam in the last 12 years. [Check it out: This is a challenge.]
2. Whatever alleged atrocities he is said to have committed were committed at the time when he was WORKING WITH THE U.S.
2a. IF AN INVESTIGATION WERE CARRIED OUT, the hand of the U.S. would show through clearly. Hence the U.S. is NOT in favor of any human rights investigation of Iraq.
3. Zionist propagandists claim that Saddam "gassed his own people." This phrase is repeated ad nauseum by U.S. government officials too. Here again, NO IMPARTIAL INQUIRY HAS EVER BEEN CARRIED OUT TO PROVE THE POINT.
4. The only "document" on the Halabja gassing story is a video tape issued by the Iranian propaganda ministry which shows civilians, a couple of dozen, lying dead in the streets of Halabja. (I have the tape.) There is nothing in the tape which shows that the Iraqis did it.
4a. Reports have surfaced which indicate that the Iranian and Iraqi forces exchanged gas attacks and the people of Halabja were caught in the middle. Again, there is no investigative study.
5. Following the Gulf War (which was not really a war but the slaughter of Iraqi troops withdrawing peacefully from Kuwait), two Kurdish groups and a Shia group were instigated to rise up in armed revolt against Saddam. These uprisings were ruthlessly put down by Saddam. Suppression of armed uprisings cannot be called a crime.
5a. Quite possibly, Saddam's troops committed atrocities against the rebels. WHY IS THE U.S. unwilling to have the uprisings investigated by the World Court? Evidently any investigation would bring out the U.S. role in instigating the uprisings.
6. Saddam has committed some other "atrocities" too, such as the slaughter of CIA agents and their support base. The most astounding of these acts was the killing of his own sons-in-law who had been "turned" by the CIA and were helping the U.S. to get information which would justify the continuation of the sanctions on Iraq. The two sons-in-law had done their job and escaped. Saddam lured them back and then killed them.
[7. There are reports that Saddam has committed some other "atrocities" too of which Iraqis are quite proud. For instance, a gang of traffickers in women were taking Iraqi women to Dubai on the pretense of getting them good jobs. The intense poverty generated in Iraq by the U.N's sanctions, with two million deaths, make such offers doubly attractive. Once in Dubai's freewheeling American-type culture, the Iraqi women were used as prostitutes. Somehow Saddam heard of the suffering of these women. His intelligence agents captured the traffickers and they were stripped, whipped and hanged till dead.]
Indications from Zionist propaganda and the diatribes of people like Christopher Hitchins indicate the following:
THE HUMAN RIGHTS "INVESTIGATION" AGAINST SADDAM will begin AFTER he is overthrown, if the U.S. attack succeeds. There will be NO SADDAM to answer the propaganda barrage which will be let loose.

His officials, if captured, will put all the blame on him. The graves of people killed in the uprisings and even in the Iraq-Iran war will be dug up and stories of "atrocities" will be on the front pages of Zionist media for a long time.

Finally, the downfall of Saddam will mean that U.S. crimes against humanity, such as the slow death of TWO MILLION IRAQIS by way of sanctions and embargo and bombing will no longer be open to investigation. The puppet Iraqi "leaders" have already appeared on TV and shown that they could teach Karzai how to be dutiful servants of America. The fall of Saddam will conceal 12 years of America's inhumanity to Iraq which resulted in the destruction of an entire generation of young Iraqis. As Medeleine Albright said, in her Jewish wisdom, "it was worth it."
We would like to remind you of this upcoming event.]

Hawaa Barayev, The Sword of the Hijab.

Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 Time: 12:00AM CET (GMT+01:00)


Muslim Woman Stabs the Heart of Russian Special Forces
Leadership - Kaukab Siddique
To all Muslims!.

To all those who failed to fulfill their duties to their brothers and sisters in Chechnya!...

To all those who waste their time with worldly exploits while Muslims are slaughtered in Chechnya and other parts of the world.

Take heed of the message issued by a young Muslim woman who wore the Hijab and was not even 20 years old, ...whose final words were: I know what I am doing; Paradise has a price and I hope this will be the price for Paradise.

Moments later, sister Hawaa Barayev drove a car laden with explosives through the streets of Alkhan Kala and into a building that was used by the leadership of Russian Special Forces in Chechnya.

Russian troops unleashed a hail of fire in an attempt to stop sister Hawaa, but Allah had chosen to give victory to her and to her message. She drove the car through the gates and into the centre of the building. The explosives detonated ripping through the structure and causing heavy damage.

After the dust settled, 27 Russian soldiers, many of them senior Special Forces officers, lay dead. The building used by the Russian Special Forces was severely damaged, and a Russian army of 270,000 Russians watched helplessly as a female warrior of Allah drove a knife through the heart of the leadership of Russias elite forces.

The massive damage to the building and the hundreds of panicky Russian soldiers who surrounded the structure after the attack belied official statements that only few soldiers were killed or wounded in the attack.

Sister Hawaa's sacrifice for the sake of Allah and the Muslims is a warning to the unbelievers not only in Chechnya, but across the world, that the people of Allah will no longer accept the tyranny of infidels.

It is a warning to all those who think they can commit crimes against Muslim women and children without being accountable for such crimes.
Buddhist Viewpoint on War: Courtesy Ms. Hoorie from Virginia
[Urge France, etc to veto resolution for war.]

Dear Friends: From a deep sense of mindfulness and compassion, I ask that you consider contacting members of the United Nations Security Council, who will be considering a resolution to wage war on Iraq in the coming days. If the UN stands firm in its opposition, massive bloodshed and the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians might still be avoided. France's UN office is practically begging Americans to flood their office with email and phone calls making clear their opposition to the Bush administration's rush to war. This would strengthen their hand as they do their best to prevent war. The other members of the Security Council would probably appreciate hearing opposition from the U.S. populace as well. Below you will find the phone numbers and emails to all the Security Council's ambassadors. I urge you to contact them today. To make things easier, I included the email links in the message. That means, with most browsers, you just need to click on the email address and an email message box will pop up. You just quickly type in two or three sentences and send it off (suggestion: save the text from the first email and just paste it into the other emails). If you wish to call instead, the number is listed. If you feel you only have time to contact a few ambassadors, I suggest concentrating on those who have veto power on the Security Council. That would be:
FRANCE: S.E. Ambassador M. Jean-Marc de la Sabliere, tel: 212-308-5700 fax: 212-355-2763
RUSSIA: H.E. Ambassador Mr. Sergey Lavrov, tel: 212-861-4900 or 4901 or 4902 fax: 212-628-0252
CHINA: H.E. Ambassador Wang Yingfan, tel: 212-655-6100 fax: 212-634-7626
BRITAIN: H.E. Ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock, tel: 212-745-9250 fax: 212-745-9316 Here are the email addresses and phone number of the remaining members of the Security Council (note: the telephone numbers for the above nations have been confirmed, but not those below):
BULGARIA: H.E. Ambassador Mr. Stefan Tafrov, 212-472-9865
CAMEROON: S.E. Ambassador Martin Belinga Eboutou, 212-249-0533
GUINEA: H.E. Ambassador M. Francois Lonseny Fall, 212-687-8248
MEXICO: S.E. Embajador Adolfo Aguilar Zanser, 212-688-8862
SYRIA: H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mikhaa Til Wahbi, 212-983-4439
ANGOLA: S.E. Ambassador Dr. Ismael Gaspar Martins, 212-861-9295
CHILE: S.E. Embajador Juan Gabriel Valdaos, 212-832-0236
GERMANY: H.E. Ambassador Dr. Gunter Pleuger, 212-940-0402
SPAIN: H.E. Embajador Inocencio F. Arias, 212-682-4460
PAKISTAN: H.E. Embassador Munir Akram, 212-744-7348 Thanks so much for taking a few moments out of your day to help prevent a lot of needless suffering. Joseph Byrne
"I have two enemies in all the world, / Two twins, inseparably pooled: / The hunger of the hungry and the fullness of the full." -- Marina Tsvetaeva
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NEW YORK LETTER: The Scene before the historic rally of Feb.15
[Also, notes on Jewish shenanigans ] [Talk to Imam Taalib in NY. He's good.]
from our New York City rep., Sis. Aisha

I have enclosed as an attached file (word pad) a letter I will have already mailed to Congressman Rangel. I am fed up with all of the code orange alerts and bag searches.

There are going to be a ton of marches against the war, today. Twenty-five local labor unions have been barred from having their march in front of the U.N. but, they will be allowed to congregate a few blocks away. It's been stated than many of these marches are being held without a permit and so are considered illegal.

I am glad that John Conyers, some U.S. soldiers and others are suing Bush to be sure that he does not declare the war without congressional consent.

Maybe there aren't that many Muslims at these anti-war rallies but, there aren't that many Muslims in the U.S. alone. Right after 9/11, thousands of Muslims hit the streets in NYC to protest the Arab/Muslim round ups. We started all of this! We are not as docile as the Imams in some of our mosques.

I am not going to be indebted to A.N.S.W.E.R. or any other organization, necessarily. I feel that everyone is protesting because everyone stands to lose from the U.S.'s imperialism. I think it's great that everyone Muslim/non-Muslim is working together with this struggle. Africa and the "Middle East" are proving that the myth of Tarzan is just that: a myth. Long gone are the days when a lone white man can swing on a vine and scare away a group of hundreds of natives equipped with all sorts of weapons!

I say all of the above because I think that it is important that we Muslims maintain a certain amount of control over our struggle for our Muslim brothers/sisters overseas. We should not let non-Muslims believe that they are speaking for us and are doing us a favor. One thing ex-hippees have tried to do is claim some amount of glory over having helped African-Americans in "winning" our civil rights. Nothing can be further from the truth and the Eyes On The Prize Series disputes that lie. However, the anti-war rallies are not just a Muslim issue.

I am just tired of all of this and I do feel powerless. When that stupid code orange went into effect, the first place they sent those S.W.A.T. teams was to that 5th avenue synagogue. They were just standing there with their aka's pulled out. I thought that scene was ridiculous! Then, I hear this California politician by the name of Harman (probably a Jew), state on CNN that she tells her children not to even bother taking the subway because she fears for their safety. Supposedly, this frightened many of us NYers. All of these Jews are trying to frighten us into believing that this will be another Occupied-Palestine!

However, when I pray and read the Qur'an, I develop a new found strength and energy. Al-humdullilah! I think it's important that we keep up our boycott.

I will be distributing the literature at my neighborhood mosque. I will meet with Imam Taalib about the current events. The Internet is an important escape for Muslims who are dealing with weak, bootlicking Imams. I will report to you about more New York events.

May Allah reward you for everything you are doing to enlighten the Muslim community world wide! Thank you for the encouragement.

2003-02-18 Tue 19:36ct