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Imam Badi Ali writes: Well-known mujahideen leader and important Pashtun leader, Hikmatyar, has decided to join hands with the Taliban. It seems that inspite of differences with Taliban, his sense of honor could no longer bear the daily assault on Afghanistan.

There are reports that THREE NORTHERN ALLIANCE COMMANDERS with 600 troops have decided to JOIN the Taliban to defend Afghanistan against the kuffar.

NORTHERN ALLIANCE is expendable for the U.S., for the American policy seems to be to help N.A. only to the extent that they can be used to sacrifice themselves against Taliban but in such a way that they become weakened too.

A prominent Saudi Islamic scholar has written an extensive letter to President Bush which brings into question Bush's entire global perspective and policy. (We plan to publish it as a booklet.)

INDO-PAKISTANI Artillery exchanges: In one perspective, this could be a way of calming down Pakistani people's protests against Musharraf's pro-U.S. policy.(India will attack if we do not help USA, runs Musharraf's line.) It could also mean that India is taking energetic steps against mujahideen groups entering Kashmir to help the oppressed people whom India is holding under its boot.

The U.S. appears to have entered an agreement with India which would mean U.S. support against Kashmiri freedom fighters plus pressure on Pakistan to stop Pakistanis volunteering to fight in Kashmir.

NEW TREND AHEAD OF THE CURVE: (From a reader who loves us):
On the third day of the bombing of Afghanistan, N.T. headline was "bombing failed" in its two objectives: To hit Mullah Omar and Osama. Today after 11 days of bombing, it is very clear that the U.S. has failed in its initial objectives.

Now it seems that the U.S. has decided to keep on bombing, to save its troops, and try to create an Iraq-type situation where the Afghans would be so weakened from the air that the Northern Alliance could walk in.

This gives the Muslim world time to build up support for Afghanistan.

As N.T. pointed out, Osama has won the media battle. The word of jihad is now worldwide. It's too late for USA to win this one against people who believe in martyrdom. If the U.S. succeeds in hitting them, they will be victorious by being martyred, and the longer the U.S. cannot hit them, every day is a victory.


The Taliban could have behaved like Musharraf and sold Usama. The U.S. would not mind giving them a COUPLE OF BILLION dollars to get Osama. Even the price on his head is now $30 million. THE TALIBAN COULD HAVE EXCHANGED their guests for a promise for THE REBUILDING OF AFGHANISTAN and handed over all of Al-Qaida.{Why didn't they do it?}

Instead they refuse to hand over the elite Islamic cadres led by Osama, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Atef. They get bombed night and day, but they defy the biggest planes and bombs America can throw. Mullah Omar's house has been bombed and his ten year old step son killed.

The women whom America wanted to "save" are dying in American "strikes".
(From our atrocity monitor): YES, we did hit red cross supply depot. (Our mistake, says the U.S.)

Yes, we wiped out a village near Jalalabad (160 bodies taken out). U.S. says, that didn't happen or it must be as a result of exploding storage of weapons which "we" hit.

Yes, we have hit a bus, killing 11 civilians. (No U.S. comment)
Yes, we have hit a hospital killing 6. (No U.S. comment)
As far as 300 others killed over the country, the U.S. is not counting. As in Iraq, the Muslim dead don't matter.
(From our conspiracy monitor): A MAJOR CONSPIRACY THEORY (about the 4000 who didn't turn up for work on Sept.11) was started by Al-Manar TV quoting unknown "Arab diplomats". (Who told the diplomats? Of course no one knows.)

GUESS WHO IS MANAR TV? It is an Iranian TV service. These people successfully confused Muslims all over the world. Result: The Muslims did not prepare for the assault on Afghanistan. Instead the Muslim world spent its time pleading its innocence while U.S. prepared to bomb. For 26 days, there was no Muslim preparation. Only when the bombing started and Osama gave his message on Al-Jazeerah did the Muslims realize (26 days late) that the only choices for them are: FIGHT BACK or Accept Slavery. (Iran played its part in the war on "terrorism.")
FROM AN AFGHAN BROTHER: A lesson of Jihad in Afghanistan: Even if someone takes ALL the cities, as the Soviets did, that does not mean that the Muslims have been defeated.

ONE READER SAYS: This is a new world. For the first time, the Muslims have learned that they can successfully hit back if they are hurt. TAKE PALESTINE: After assassination of 59 Palestinians, suddenly the Israelis find that one of their TOP RACISTS has been assassinated. Things are changing.

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