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Remember Muslim political prisoners in the U.S.:
Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, the Lackawanna Six, Jose Padilla, Victor Alvarez, the Portland Four, Ujamaa ....
Strange! Our selection from Iqbal's poetry for today points directly at the Palestinian martyr who entered Tel Aviv today (April 29). Iqbal, Poet of the East, Pakistani visionary, wrote:
"Shahadat hay matlub-o-maqsood-e-momin
na mal-e-ghanimat, na kishwar kushai
khyaban main hay muntazar lala kub say
qaba chahiay us ko khun-e- arab say!"
Martyrdom is the desire and the objective of the true believer not the spoils of war, nor the conquest of lands.
In the wilderness, the tulip has long awaited it wants its garment from the blood of the Arab!
The Only Hand-Written Qur'an Transcribed by Hazrat Ali' Burned in Basra Under British Occupation

It was rumored before but now it has been confirmed by the spokeswoman of the Syrian foreign ministry, Ms. Bouthena Shaaban. After the fall of Basra, the library there was burned and the only surviving copy of the Qur'an written by the Caliph Ali himself, Allah be pleased with him, went up in flames. Ali ibn abi Talib, cousin of the Prophet (pbuh) was known for his piety and closeness to the Prophet (pbuh).

A copy of the Qur'an, from the earliest days of Islam, written in the Caliph's own hand, was a priceless treasure which cannot be replaced in any way.

Observers say that the "coalition" occupation of Iraq has been no different from that of Halaku Khan. These are barbarians who have devastated all that is holy and invaluable for the Muslim world.
Fallujah, Iraq: 88 Iraqis shot by U.S. troops: 15 Fatally. (3 children under 11)
Villagers Wave Shoes at Withdrawing 82nd Airborne Forces

April 29 can be written down as the date on which the American claims of "Liberation, not occupation" ended. Troops from America's finest, 82nd airborne, fired into a crowd of 200 Iraqis protesting against the troops occupation of their school. It was a massacre in which the Americans shot 88 Iraqis, of whom 13, including THREE CHILDREN UNDER 11, died of their wounds. The statistics were provided by Dr. Ahmed Ghanim Al-Ali, director of Fallujah General Hospital. The doctor added that "his medical crews were shot at when they went to retrieve the injured." [Source Associated Press.]

The essential hospital report was confirmed by the International Committee of the Red Cross by the evening of April 29 though it raised the number of dead Iraqis to 15.

The 82nd Airborne's account of the incident is that its troops were fired on and fired back. The Americans refused to confirm any deaths and claimed that only seven Iraqis were hit.

The American story has become absurd for Arab viewers of Al-Jazeerah which showed thousands of distraught people attending the funerals of the victims.

Observers say that the Americans are facing opposition from the defenseless people of Iraq. They know they are not welcome and they are definitely not seen as liberators. Hence, now they are terrorizing the population. My Lai is an old American tradition, these observers say.

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