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U.S. Troops Shoot Tiger in Baghdad Zoo!

as-Salam 'alaykum!

Apparently the American troops in Iraq are not satisfied with raiding people's houses; they must also invade the Baghdad Zoo to molest the animals. At least one American apparently paid a price.


[Translated from Arabic.] Al-Quds al-Arabi, London, Saturday, 20 September 2003.

Uday's tiger bites off the hand of American soldier.

Baghdad: QNA: A tiger that previously belonged to Uday Saddam Hussein, the son of the deposed Iraqi President, bit off the hand of an American soldier an act that cost the tiger his life when ten American soldiers opened fire on his cage.

The American soldier was teasing the tiger, then in the Baghdad Zoo, when suddenly the tiger attacked the soldier and took off his hand.

The director of the Zoo affirmed that the American soldiers do not have the right to kill the animals, in particular since this one was of a rare breed. He said that he would be forming a committee to investigate the incident, which occurred last night.

2003-09-21 Sun 15:38ct