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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 4,1429/ May 10, 2008, #28

"O people! Be aware of your Guardian Lord who created you from a single being, and created from it, its mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds), countless men and women - Revere Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and revere the WOMBS that gave you birth: For Allah ever watches over you." [The Qur'an 4:1]

New Trend greets mothers. Every day is Mother's Day. Islam puts the mother above other humans. Paradise is at the feet of the mother, said the Prophet, pbuh. Every one of us had/has a mother. So hail the mothers. Look at all the great mothers in Islamic texts: Hagira, r.a., mother of Ismail, r.a., Maryam, pbuh, mother of Jesus, pbuh, Amna, r.a., mother of Muhammad, pbuh, Khadija, r.a., mother of Fatima, r.a., Fatima, r.a., mother of Hasan and Hussain, r.a. for both, Umm Ruman, r.a., mother of Ayesha, r.a., Asma, r.a., mother of Abdullah ibn Zubair, r.a. for both, and countless other great mothers.
In our own times, we have the mothers of Palestinians urging their children to stand against Israel, the mothers of Somalis keeping their children alive and urging resistance, the mothers of Kashmiris urging their young ones to fight the Indian juggernaut, the mothers of Taliban urging their husbands and children to defeat NATO, the mothers of Iraqis keeping the resistance alive, and victorious, after 5 years facing a superpower, and lest we forget, the mothers of Chechens keeping the flame of resistance alive from generation to generation.

Gulen of Turkey: Astonishing letter. We were right about the fabrication of "moderate Islam." Scroll down.

Another huge rally of women in Pakistan, this time in Lahore, to oppose western blasphemy. Scroll way down.

A devout, hijabi, Muslimah is traumatized by police n Washington, DC + plus what you can do about it. Scroll way down.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Warns
Hidden Hands Presenting Hizbullah-Israel Confrontation in Lebanon as Shia-Sunni Conflict: Siniora/Hariri are Sunnis in name but in fact are U.S.-men

May 10, 2008: Imam Badi Ali [Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen] rejected U.S. media claims that the conflict in Lebanon is sectarian. All U.S. TV media, without exception, are presenting the latest fighting in Beirut as Shi'a-Sunni conflict. Imam Ali said there is not a shred of truth in such reports. The fighting began when the Siniora government tried to shut down the communication system of Hizbullah which the Islamic movement uses to monitor the movement of CIA and Mossad agents into Lebanon, in particular through Beirut international airport.

Imam Badi Ali said, the real conflict in Lebanon is between Hizbullah, which stands for Islamic resistance, and Israel which is backed by crusader elements in the U.S. The front for the Israelis is the openly pro-U.S. Siniora regime. [During the Israeli assault on Lebanon, this regime did nothing but cry and beg.] The U.S. media are presenting Siniora and Saad Hariri as Sunnis fighting the Shi'ite Hizbullah. These groups in the Lebanese regime are not practicing Muslims. It is a shame and a lie to call them Sunnis or followers of the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. Their regime is allowing the setting up of night clubs and liquor bars and are totally against the implementation of Shar'ia.

Sa'ad Hariri has been spending large sums of money to to help sectarian Sunni scholars get books published against Shi'ism. I don't object to debates and dialogue with Shi'as but these books, under Hariri's auspices, have gone beyond all limits of decency and are presenting Shi'as as worse than Jews. Here we can see the hand of Zionism working from behind the screen of religion. The rulers of Arab countries are interfering with the work of Muslim scholars and are trying to use them to discredit Hizbullah.

Shaikh Nasrallah and Hizbullah fought very well against Israeli invasion. That is the real issue for the U.S., Israel and the Zionist media. They want to isolate Hizbullah from the Muslim world and then to attack them from within and outside.

Muslims should be aware that American imperialism and Zionism have big plans in the Middle East. They want to destroy Hizbullah and then create new "countries" in the Middle East in fulfillment of the historic betrayal known as the Sykes-Picot agreement. They want Sunnis to kill Shias and Shias to kill Sunnis. They are even planning to divide Saudi Arabia by inflaming the Shia-Sunni differences there.

The victory of Hizbullah, led by Shaikh Nasrallah, against Israel is a matter of pride for all Muslims, Shi'a and Sunni. The Israelis know this and will try everything to break Muslim support for the Hizb.

Thinking outside the Racial Box: by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
The Election Campaign and Opportunism Among U.S. Muslims: Siraj Wahhaj and Abdul Malik Mujahid as Examples

U.S. Muslims often take on and are influenced by the thinking of racial groups in America. Racism is the foundational reality here and only a systematic adherence to Islam can save us from it. Just because we are Muslims does not mean that we will be immune to the sickness in the roots of America coming from 400 years of slavery and the holocaust of Native Americans. Muslims who do not read the Qur'an on an ongoing basis and do not study the life of the Prophet, pbuh, every week, if not every day, can easily be affected by America's mindset.

African-Americans have often complained, justifiably in most cases, that immigrant Muslims take on the race related values of the majority "White" culture . Serious African-American scholars also apply the same rules to African-Americans who join the Republican [often code for right wing, tinged with racism] side. We have the Justice of the Supreme Court who is African American, the woman, highly educated, working for Bush, and of course the "hero" of the First Gulf War who helped Bush "prove" the WMD story as the prelude to the second war and occupation of Iraq. All three are condemned by African-American scholars as lackeys of oppressors.

Thus even non-Muslims realize that one who joins a power structure becomes its servant and should not be seen as "our" brother or sister "in there" of whom we can be proud.
Unfortunately upper class U.S. Muslims have a group of opportunists among them who for decades have been prostrating in front of the power of the White House-Pentagon-FBI. They try to convince U.S. Muslims that if a person with a Muslim name joins the power structure, then that's our man "in there." We saw this game being played by ISNA's CAIR when they tried to glorify Keith Ellison. They did not tell the Muslim community that Ellison was such an Uncle Tom that the Jews dumped a Jew in the same race in favor of Ellison. He started his campaign from a Synagogue. After he got elected, his most important trips have been to Israel [for holidaying in August 2007] and more recently to Karzai in Kabul to encourage the U.S. on the fight against the forces of Islam.
But, Ellison was at least a Muslim in name!
Now we have Obama, a non-Muslim, blatant supporter of Israel, who has dumped his own pastor and denounced Min. Farrakhan who influenced the pastor. What excuse can there be for supporting Obama. Long time opportunist and ISNA man, Siraj Wahhaj, has come out openly in support of Obama. Siraj has worked for DECADES as central committee leader of ISNA, in particular to generate funds for ISNA through his impressive rhetorical speeches. He helped Zionist-Jewish Judge Mukasey [now Attorney General] put the great Islamic leader and scholar of the Qur'an, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman in prison through false witnessing about which he boasted later to the Wall Street Journal.

In his latest move, Siraj Wahhaj has committed blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. He claims, on his web site [and in his email] that it is okay for U.S. Muslims to take part in elections [and support Obama] because the Prophet, pbuh, undertook the treaty of Hudaibiya with the kuffar! This claim by Siraj is outright distortion of Islam and blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

Note that the treaty of Hudaibiya was a cease fire agreement which aimed at peaceful co-existence instead of war. There was ABSOLUTELY no question of the Prophet, pbuh, COOPERATING with the oppressors. [Has Siraj been fighting, using weapons, that now he wants to invoke Hudaibiya?] The very thought of cooperation with them is unthinkable in Islam. It would be a clear violation of the Qur'an. Allah Almighty has forbidden even a slight, mental, inclination towards the oppressors, let alone actual PHYSICAL COOPERATION with them. No Muslim can even think of the Prophet, pbuh, cooperating with Abu Jahal or Abu Lahab or even Abu Sufian and Hind.

The Qur'an leaves no doubt about the matter:

"And incline not to those who oppress, or the Fire will touch you, and you have no protectors other than Allah, nor shall ye be helped." [11:113]

What excuse can Siraj have for supporting Obama who is an agent of Israel? None, as far as Islam is concerned.

I have nothing personal against Siraj but his activities over DECADES [as part of ISNA's central committee] have helped the pro-government ISNA group to no end. Look up ISNA's publications to see how highly they value him. This clique has unabashedly brought the FBI right into Muslim communities, creating the impression that there might be "terrorists" within Muslim communities. Just when Muslim unity is needed more than ever, Siraj announced, with the full blessing of ISNA, that he is setting up a Muslim organization for African-Americans.

Dear reader, the Prophet, pbuh, rejected his own relatives who were unbelievers, and loved freed slaves like Bilal, r.a., Zayd, r.a., Salman, r.a., Suhaib, r.a., and many others who were not related to him or his race. There is no place for race-related activity in Islam to link up with oppressors and unbelievers.

It's not that Siraj is the only opportunist in Muslim ranks. Immigrants are doing it too, quite unabashedly. In Chicago, there is Abdul Malik Mujahid, from Pakistan, who has joined the Democratic National Committee [DNC]. The Zionists love him so much, they elected him unanimously [according to his own paper]. Is it a surprise that Abdul Malik Mujahid is telling U.S. Muslims NOT TO PROTEST against insulting cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, coming out of Denmark and Holland. He advises U.S. Muslims to be silent. A DNC member telling Muslims not to protest! How long will these "leaders" mislead our communities? Does the Qur'an say we should be silent when we see wrong being done?

I have nothing against Mujahid [what a name for an opportunist!] but I invite him to tell New Trend readers how he started his business. Where did the money come from?

As before, our pages are open to a response from Siraj Wahhaj and "Mujahid" up to 300 words.

For Complete Text of Siraj Wahhaj's message and Dr. Siddique's comment on Siraj's misuse of the Qur'an, please scroll all the way down.

Our America
Zionists Supporting Obama. Seeming fraud in the Gary, Indiana, vote ignored.
Why Hillary's rant against Iran?

by a New Trend observer

May 8, 2007. The liberal left wing of the Zionist establishment has been working feverishly in support of Barack Obama. CNN's Anderson and Larry King, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthew, with their well funded and well heeled teams of pseudo journalists have been blasting away at Hillary Clinton. At times they forget that they are supposed to be reporters, not organizers, and openly call on Hillary to get out of the race!

After Rev. Wright's words exposed the pro-establishment slant of Obama, the Zionist media went to work to disconnect Obama from Wright, to "clean up" Obama and to shut down the Wright story altogether. All this was done well in time for the North Carolina and Indiana primaries. Even Fox TV seems to have received a signal to stop attacking Obama. Amazing but true, Fox let go off the juicy Wright story, although O'Reilly tried to compensate by interviewing Hillary.

SOMETHING FISHY happened during the Indiana primary. There were no results from the city of Gary for 4 and a half hours after polls closed. About 15 minutes after midnight, suddenly all 27,000 votes from Gary supporting Obama were suddenly released, cutting Hillary's lead by half. It appeared that ALL of Gary's voters, African Americans, had voted for Obama. Or, it seems, the votes were bundled and released. Fake votes are no longer traceable because there is no paper trail in the latest voting mode. The MAJOR MEDIA reporting this incredibly late result from Gary hardly questioned it. CNN asked the mayor of Gary, a staunch Obama supporter, and received a very improbable reply that the delay was owing to th early voting. This sounds improbable because the early voting was only 11,000 votes. Looks like the Zionists supporting Obama got away with something which smells of fraud.

Hillary Clinton has been signaling that she is losing Jewish-Israeli support. The crazy comments she made about "obliterating Iran" were meant to reassure Israel and American Jews that they should not give up on her. The Iran comments were empty of content. She said, "if Iran gets nuclear weapons...." Even Bush's experts agree that Iran is 10 to 15 years away from developing nuclear weapons. Next she said: "If Iran uses these weapons to attack Israel...." Has Iran ever even suggested that it would attack Israel? The answer is: NEVER. Has Iran ever fired even ONE SHOT against Israel. NEVER! Is there ANY Iranian in Gtmo or any Israeli prison for involvement in any fighting? NO.

Can Iran be "obliterated" with a nuclear bomb or even ten nuclear bombs? Of course tens of thousands can be killed in any nuclear attack, especially if it targets cities. However, Iran is a vast country and for Hillary to think that it can be "obliterated" by a nuclear attack indicates that her sense of geography is very poor.

What Hillary said about Iran was nothing more than empty rhetoric. The U.S. has not been able to "obliterate" Iraq, a much smaller country, although the U.S. has been dropping impressive bomb loads on Iraq for FIVE YEARS. Instead, the vast American military armada is stuck in Iraq and may be difficult to extricate.

The real meaning of Hillary's threat is that she knows the Israelis are dumping her and supporting Obama. She was desperate!

The Secret Problem Hillary Clinton has with Israelis: A Woman Scorned............

One of New Trend's readers is too ashamed to give his/her name but makes an interesting point about why the Zionists have turned against Hillary. Our reader says that the Zionists are afraid that if elected, Hillary would take revenge for the Monica Lewinsky affair. She knows that Lewinsky was sent by the Israelis to trap, demean, disgrace and impeach Bill Clinton. Lewinsky was a Jewish woman and knew of Bill's weakness. Bill fell into the trap and his enemies dragged out his shameful story for months.

[By contrast Bush has not been impeached for the cataclysmic 9.11 attacks when 19 Arab men broke through America's elaborate security and intelligence web/network and delivered blows which changed the course of history. Bush was such a favorite of the Jews that even a trillion dollar blow in ONE DAY did not open him up to impeachment and he is intent on passing on his Zionist legacy to whoever is going to be his successor.]

Hillary kept very quiet about the disgrace her husband was subjected to. She suffered terribly but said nothing. Can a woman with such a powerful mind forgive such outrages and not take revenge if she attains to power? Our reader thinks that the Jews cannot take the risk of her gaining the candidacy and going on to win, which she could easily do against McCain who is no match for her.

A woman with a mind of her own neither forgives nor forgets, says our reader. The Clintons, mother, father and daughter, are a formidable team. Something will come of their efforts.

Jewish elites always try to preempt. They would be foolish not to think of Hillary seeking revenge.

The Auschwitz 'Gas Chamber' Illusion
Nicholas Kollerstrom - CODOH

As surprising as it may sound, the only intentional mass extermination program in the concentration camps of WW2 was targeted at Germans. From April, 1945 five million Germans were rounded up after surrendering, and deliberately starved until well over one million had died, in French and American-run concentration camps -- an event soon erased from the history books. There was, in contrast, never a centrally coordinated Nazi program of exterminating Jews in Germany. Lethal gas chambers did not function in German labour-camp. Stories of "gassing" are illusions.

Letter: From Ibrahim, Durham, North Carolina
New Trend was right about Gulen: "Interfaith Dialogue" is a big Lie when Iraq, Afghanistan are Occupied by Crusaders

Assalamun aleykum brother,

NY Times May 4, 2007 published an article about GULEN schools in Pakistan.

I read your article about "Turkish Study Group Looks Critically at Gulen and Ingrid Mattson" NewTernd Mag. #1214 . It was nice criticism.

As you know Gulen movement is offshoot group from Nursi movement. Turkish Nursi Movement members do not accept Gulen and his ideas. They rejected him because They said he is allied to ABD,Israil and UK etc (Western). Regular Turkish muslims do not trust them; they thought Gulen and his leadership sell out peoples.

Gulen's ideas look like those of Mirza Ghulam [Qadiani]. He is promoted by Vatican and other western leaders.

He started interfaith dialogue with Jews and Christians in Turkey. Later on Muslims woke up. Right now Turkish Muslims do not believe in interfaith dialogue after Irak and Afghanistan occupation. They said Gulen is friends of missionaries and western powers like Mirza Gulam [Qadiani] was.

Washington, DC: One ordinary day in Zionist-controlled America
Racism and Police Victimization of Muslim Woman: First Person Account from her Husband.
Not allowed to feed her infant.

The below scenario is from my (Mark Abdul Wali ibn-Timberlake) perspective on the incident that happen on Friday, May 02, 2008 at around 12:45am. Between my wife (Octavia Washington) and numerous Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Officers part of the 6th District in Ward 7.

At around the time stated above my wife was pulled over by a MPD officer in front of our place of residence. Upon seeing the flashing lights I went to my window and notice it was her being confronted by the police. I admittedly went outside to see why she was being stop. The officer after a period of hesitation stated that she was being pulled over for the tinted glass on the front windows on the van. I told the officer that the car passed inspection with the windows like that; he said that that was false. My wife explained the same and he seemed to be agitated and ask for her licenses, registration, and vehicle insurance. After some time of locating these items the officer emerged from his vehicle with the light meter to test the tint; he asked did we know the laws regarding tint in DC? I explained to him I did. He test the windows and said that the tint was illegal; he gave me the citation for the windows and said that we need to take the car through inspections in 8 days or be fined $1,000.00. After a brief conversation about that a second female officer was walking towards my wife in the car. The officer citing us asked did we know her license was suspended; we both said no and explained to him that we never received anything in the mail.

At this point he began to ask my wife if she had any drugs, shoe strings, and anything that could possible hurt them in her position; she stated no. upon hearing this and understanding what was about to happen I asked the officer if anything other then her being locked up could happen because our baby in the house is exclusively breast fed. He said no, I even ask if I could go in her place he again seem agitated and even annoyed at this point and ask me was I driving, I said no however our child needed to be fed. My wife asked could she feed him before she left he again replied no.

As the lady officer frisked my wife they began to motion for her head scarf (Hijab) and my wife explained to them that she wasn't taking it off in front of him, the male officer seemed to be more angered and the female officer permitted her to keep her Hijab on (Hijab Defined: Often used to describe the head scarf or modest dress worn by women, who are required to cover everything except face and hands in the sight of anyone other than the immediate family.)

From here my wife told me about her trip to the 6th District she said that the officer was driving at high rates of speed running stop signs all without his emergency lights on. Due to the recent accidents involving emergency responders without their sirens on my wife was scared.

She said that they arrived to 6th District and the arresting officer dropped her off and left. During this time my son is now home crying because he was hungry I didn't want to awake our other two children because our oldest daughter had school the next morning. I called my wife's mother and asked her to come over to watch the children so that I could go to 6D to see when my wife could be released.

When I arrived to 6D a Male Officer was at the front desk and I explained to him what just happened and the fact that our baby was crying due to hunger. He said it wasn't nothing that could be done she was the last to come in therefore she would be the last to be processed. By this he said she probably wouldn't be released until late morning. I then ask since this is the case can my son come in here to breast feed he stated no because they had no space for that. I then asked can she go in the community room to feed him then he again replied no because they were understaffed and they would need two officers in the room with her. I then asked can I bring her breast pump to her, he said no. Now I'm kind of frustrated and I went on to say young women who have babies in prison don't immediately have their baby taken they give that child time to wean off of its mother. He then said he knows but this isn't prison he then said that he would go talk with his Sergeant. After awhile he returned and gave me the following option he said, she can be moved to the top of the processing list if I could pay a $500.00 bond tonight he asked how long it would take me to come up with that type of money. I told him that I had that on me now he said okay and went to the back again.

While he was in the back I could see that he was processing a few people I motioned for another officer to come to the front desk to assist me a female officer came to the desk and I explained to her what was going on and I also told her about all the work that I do in the community along with MPD and other organizations. At this point I could see in the back and I noticed my wife, I was hurt at the fact that she had no hijab on I ask why doesn't she have her head scarf on? The female officer notice my anger and my wife screamed, "They took it from me". The female officer asked her fellow colleagues why did they take her scarf? They said after a brief moment that it was a suicide concern when I heard this I said that she's not going to commit suicide. They said that it's for her safety as well as the other prisoners, the female officer told me that it was too long for her to keep I then ask what was the proper length and could they provide her with the proper head covering? The female officer couldn't answer the question about the length and also said that they didn't have anything she could cover with she then asked me if I had something I told her all that I had was the shirt on my back.

At this point I noticed another female officer pick up a phone and then she yelled out that Mrs. Washington (My wife) didn't need the $500.00 and that she could be processed out. At this point instead of them giving her the head scarf while she was still in the back they brought her out front with her hair and her cleavage showing. Then at this point they returned her property. My wife was clearly hurt by this whole ordeal and she broke down crying once she got in the car with me.

All that we ask is that if anything can come out of this by the Grace of Allah it will be blessing even more so that the next sister faced in a similar predicament will not have to be degraded, disrespected and even traumatized by those who say that they are here to protect and serve. And given the chance to protect a mother and child they took the mother left the child hungry and exposed her (the mother) to treatment outside of her religious principles. I ask if she were a Catholic Nun would she still be treated the same? Not only that she said they questioned her asking was she born here and how long has she been in the county? My wife is American her family as well they came over on the same slave ships as many of our fore parents. Lastly, no one, not the arresting officer or the officer's at the district could tell us why her license was suspended.

What you can do to Ensure that our Sisters are not Mistreated in the future.

I'm sending this email to you all because on May 14th the PSA (Police Service Area) 607 will be having their monthly meeting. We are asking that we all attend this meeting in full representation of the Muslim Community. We have to show the powers that be that we have a voice and situations like this will not be tolerated. In the SE part of Washington DC you not only have more Hispanics and Caucasians but you are now seeing more Muslims and our Police Department needs to be more culturally sensitive and aware that we are all not the same and therefore shouldn't be treated as such. Especially when they have special police units that cater to the Gay and Asian, Pacific Islander Communities,A,3,Q,525689.asp

The Prophet SALLALLAHOU ALAYHI WASALLAM advised us to change any situation with our hands, then with our voice, and then at least abhor it in our hearts. With this being said let's begin to make a change in the system so that the next sister, be it you or someone else will not have to go through this same ordeal. Let them see us and let them hear how we feel about this situation.

In comparison Sister Octavia can be viewed as our modern day Rosa Parks the only difference is that this movement want be televised.

InShaAllah please attend this meeting and if you can't forward this request to a brother and/or sister that can. Lastly, but not least make Du'a for us and if you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Meeting Details:

PSA 607 Monthly meeting
When: May 14th, 2008 @ 7:00pm
Where: Sixth District Substation

2701 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20019
Phone: (202) 698-2088

Thank you for taking the time out to read and respond to this email again contact me if you need to and please send a reply back if you plan on attending...Jazakallah Khairun,

Mark Abdul Wali ibn-Timberlake
(202) 680-9071 mobile

A Muslim Woman's Poem in Praise of Allah on her graduation from Howard University, Washington, DC. May 9, 2008.


by Maryam Sharron Muhammad [Washington, DC]
Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim,
O Allah, I thank you for teaching me to cover my body
Not that it is unclean, or a temptation;
But because You taught me that no woman needs
To invite another woman to look down her dress
You have taught me to sew imaginatively
To wrap myself in the beautiful colors which You
Created in the Created world-
Silks from insects; blues from flowers; pinks from flowers
Lavenders; soft yellows; light golds from the earth; 
Sometimes the strongest of reds 
And shaped to lease the heart
You have taught me that no one who was raped
Proves anything by licking, styling or 
Pulling down her clothes
Without Your constant protection, terrorists
will make me a whore
O Allah, You are rahman and rahim
The Mother of Mothers, You have
Taught me - strengthened me with tenderness
And patience
O Allah, I thank you for teaching me that the best
Human strives for humility before You,
It is You Who unifies hearts
It is You Who heard Elijah's call in the wilderness
You heard Yahya when he baptized the Hopeful
In anticipation of the Messiah
It was You who strengthened Maryam
When the servants of the shaitan stripped off
Her son's clothes
I know that somehow You protected Hajjah Betty
And Malik's daughters and grandchildren
Though the shaitan directed unbelievers to put them
Under extreme pressure
I pray that in the fire, You were purifying Hajjah Betty's soul
O Allah, You are Malik al-Mulk
The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,
Asherah of Asherahs, Shahan Shah is only You
Negus Negusti, Tarkan, Mani of Manis, Rabbi of Rabbis,
In the whole universe only Allah rules
Kentake of Kentakes, Oba of Obas, Nzinga of Nzingas
O Allah, You Alone hold all of the Titles
Amunet/Amen has no face but Yours 
You, O Allah, are the Blackest of Black,
The Reddest of Red, the Yellowest of Yellow, 
the Whitest of White, the Brownest of Brown
No hue exists save by Your will
It is You, Father of Fathers who instructs the nations,
It is You who releases the slaves, 
And casts down the flags
O Allah, Friend of Friends, 
I thank you for the friends in my life
You inspire Black men to submission
To lordship, to rulership
You inspire all men to kindness, to humility,
To strength, to support
To stand tall and defend Islam
O Allah,
It is solely due to You
And I Praise you Praised One
Hearer of slander, Helper of helpers
Ansar of Ansar, Director of Nasr
Hearer of Hearers, Knower of Knowers,
Lover of Lovers, Protector of Protectors
O Allah,
The only Beloved, 
Quench not 
The love in my eyes,
The thirst in my heart
Steel my spine, Straighten my step
Teach me again and again that 
Shaitan's fall is not mine 
I am impatient for You at every moment
I am in darkness without Your comfort 
My soul is enraged when she hears not Your call
Submit me not to nations
Save me from the destruction of souls
I thank you, ar-rahman
For another day 
In which I praise You

Re: Blasphemy Coming out of Denmark, Holland, Germany, U.S.
Huge Gathering of Islamic Women in Lahore Vows to Defend the Honor of Muhammad, pbuh. Hafiz Saeed Blasts Western Attempts to Undermine Islamic World from Within

The Women's Wing of Jama't-ud-Da'wah held a Women's Hurmat-e-Rasool Conference at Markaz al-Qadsia on Friday, May 02, 2008. The conference was attended by thousands of women, including hundreds of women students from Lahore and adjoining areas, who said they will not be left behind, and vowed to sacrifice their lives for the sake of upholding the honor and sanctity of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

Strict security arrangements were observed during the conference, while special separate enclosures had been set up for the women. The women also demanded that a country-wide campaign be launched against vulgarity and immorality, especially in educational institutions. They said the enemies of Islam want the women of Pakistan to become immoral, wanton, and shameless like those of the West, and said we must unite to render such conspiracies unsuccessful. They urged women to implement the teachings of the Quraan and the Sunnah in their homes; cover themselves; not to admit their children in Christian missionary educational institutions, and raise their children in an Islamic environment, so that the evil schemes of the enemies of Islam and Muslims can be countered.

Addressing the women's conference in particular in his sermon during Friday Prayers, Ameer, Jama't-ud-Da'wah Pakistan, Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, said the enemies of Islam cannot stand Muslim women following Islamic teachings, at any cost. They believe, he said, that the Muslim woman is fighting a war against them from behind her veil. Whenever there is a clash of civilizations, he said, women certainly play an important role in such a war, as they have a fundamental role in the protection and continuity of a family's lineage and pedigree. Foreign powers, he said, would like Pakistani women to turn into a commodity to be looked at publicly, like Western women, so that the strong Muslim family system can be destroyed. Ever since the West forced its women to leave their homes and compete with men in the workplace, he said, they have been exploited as sex objects, and as a result, moral crimes have reached record levels in Western societies. That is why they want Muslim women to become a destroyer of the family, and a destructor of Muslim society, he said. Praising Muslim women, Hafiz Saeed said Muslim women have always played an unforgettable role in the wars with the enemies of Islam and Muslims. Even in these times, he said, there is no dearth of Muslim women who are sacrificing the blood of their sons against the enemies of Islam. It is because of such sacrifices, he said, that the situation is changing rapidly, and Allah, subhana Hu wa ta'alah, is conferring victories upon Muslims.

Continuing his sermon to the general congregation, Hafiz Saeed said, the West is terrified that Muslims are awakening and becoming stronger in this clash of civilizations. They know very well, he said, that they will not be able to stand up against Muslims in the battlefields; therefore, on the advice of their intellectuals and think-tanks, they are trying to promote vulgarity, immorality, and licentiousness in Muslim societies, so that Muslim youth will not be able to fight against them. These wars, imposed by the enemies of Islam, are being fought in every household, city, town and village, he said, and every Muslim must search their soul, as to what role they are to play in this war. Yet, unfortunately, Muslims have still not realized their responsibilities, he lamented. The only danger, felt by foreign powers, he said, is from Islam and jihad, as they believe that they can manipulate every civilization in the world, except Islamic civilization, and for this purpose they want to maintain their systems and laws in Muslim countries and societies.

Hafiz Saeed said when oppressive powers reach a peak of defiance, mischief mongering, and tyranny, in order to subjugate other human beings, then Allah, subhana Hu wa ta'alah, brings forth His servants into the field in order to destroy their power, to end their systems, and to punish them. He said jihad is not terrorism, but, in fact, it is the best path to peace in the world, and oppression and strife cannot be eradicated from the world without it. Nations which abandon jihad can never be successful, he said.

Note to Kaukab Siddique's comment on Muslim Opportunists such as Siraj Wahhaj:

[Siraj Wahhaj's message distorts Islam and twists the mission of Muhammad, pbuh. Siraj cuts out a few words from a verse of the Qur'an which has nothing to do with acceptance of a kafir sytem. It is about Hajj and was revealed after the Islamic system had been established. It is saying the opposite of what Siraj is writing. Obviously Siraj is simply using Islam for his own nefarious purposes. Here is the verse:

"O you who believe! Violate not the sanctity of the rites of Allah, nor of the sacred month, nor of the animals brought for sacrifice, nor the garlands that mark out such animals, nor the people resorting to the Sacred House, seeking of the bounty and good pleasure of their Lord. But when you are clear of the Sacred Precincts and of the state of pilgrimage, ye may hunt. And let not the hatred of some people in (once) shutting you out of the Sacred Mosque lead you to transgression (and hostility on your part). Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and transgression. Fear Allah: For Allah is strict in punishment." [5:2]

Thus Allah is teaching Muslims how to behave AFTER the Islamic victory. Keep it sacred, be generous to those who once were fighting you, cooperate in good, but not in bad EVEN with Muslims. Siraj is telling Muslims that they can cooperate with the Democratic Party, from Ellison to Obama, in America. What jahils have become leaders.] Here is Siraj's COMPLETE MESSAGE uncut.

Celebrating Political Landmarks
As Salamu Alaikum, Dear Brothers and Sisters!

With the election of two Muslims to Congress: first Keith Ellison and most recently Andre Carson from Indianapolis, Muslims in the U.S. have reached political landmarks that are worthy of celebration. Both brothers are overt about their Islam; both are advocates of social justice and economic equality; both are supporters of the Muslim community, and both are up for re-election this year. As the presidential race moves forward, we, and all citizens of this nation, are poised for another political landmark-a viable African American presidential candidate.

MANA cannot endorse candidates, but as an organization we can get involved in promoting voter registration. My masjid, Masjid al-Taqwa, will do its part by conducting a voter registration drive. Individually, we can and should get involved in supporting the candidates of our choice. For the first time in my life, I have donated to political candidates, and for the first time in a long time, I have voted.

Allah said, "Cooperate with one another in righteousness and taqwa" (5:2). The Prophet (saws) said at Hudaibiyyah that he would cooperate with anyone in the promotion of the rites of Hajj. Many scholars have taken this to mean that Muslims should cooperate with anyone if it promotes good and the interests of Muslims. It's time to get involved. We should all strive to do our part.

Your brother in Islam,

Imam Siraj Wahhaj

2008-05-11 Sun 10:08:31 cdt