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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 8,1429/ April 14, 2008, #23

OUR AMERICA: New Trend Media Monitor
Tibet and China: The Real Target is Sudan

The timing was perfect. China is going to host the Olympics. The anti-Sudan lobby had given fair warning that it would pressure China to stop its support for the production of oil in Sudan.

When the time came, Spielberg withdrew from the Chinese effort to host the Olympics. In rapid fire moves, Mia Farrow, Samantha Power and the whole army of Zionists came forth to show China as oppressor of Tibet.

The Tibetans fell for it. They have been treated shabbily by the Chinese but in recent years China has improved its record. However, the Zionist stars were determined to sacrifice the Tibetans to pressure the Chinese to stop helping Sudan.

The Tibetans were emboldened and took to the streets in Lhasa. The Chinese easily crushed them but in a much less violent way than the U.S. in Iraq where 500 pound bombs are routinely dropped on homes suspected of harboring Islamic resistance.

The anti-China movement is basically a Zionist ploy. Pressure is being put on Hillary and Obama to endorse the Darfur movement agains Sudan and they have complied. During the discussion of faith and compassion on April 13, [Messiah College, Pennsylvania], a Rabbi specifically pointed out his concern that China is helping Sudan which is committing "genocide" in Darfur. Hillary made the usual submissive noises about Darfur [as does Obama].

Tibet is being sacrificed as at one time Iraqi Shi'as and Kurds were urged to rise against Saddam and then left alone to be crushed. Minorities are often used by imperial powers to justify military intervention.

The anti-China movement not only helps to defame Sudan [as if "genocide" is a fact, like the "holocaust"] but it also helps deflect attention from the real genocide being carried out in Palestine, Somaia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

China has treated the Muslims of Sinkiang much worse than it has the Tibetans. Voices do not rise for the Muslims; obviously the pro-Tibet activity, trying to snuff out the Olympic flame, is a pressure tool aimed at Muslim Africa, not an outburst of moral outrage.

Zionists Determined to Bring Up Obama: Remember the teachings of Imam Jamil as the Hype Grows.
Can you identify these 4-letter Muslim groups [The new Qadianis.]

by Kaukab Siddique

The condition of America's Muslims is pitiable. In Atlanta, Muslim students are being encouraged to join the election process. In Philadelphia a small but well funded group wants Muslims to support Obama. The lack of leadership is so obvious. These people refuse to open the Qur'an and seek guidance from Allah. A real Muslim can never want to join the power structure of KUFR, let alone be active in it. The separation is made very clear by the Qur'an: Say: To me my way, to you, yours.

Can't Muslims see that the Zionists are determined to bring up Obama. They know he will be totally in their hands. He has denounced Min. Farrakhan. He has rejected his own pastor of 20 years. There is little chance of any independent thinking in his decisions.

The Zionists want him so much that the Democratic party is unwilling to hold elections in Florida and Michigan because Hillary is obviously the winner there. After that historic rejection of Bush owing to the Florida vote years back, now Florida is being completely left out. Can't Muslims see the game. This is all coming from the Israeli-Zionist roots of the Democratic party.

Remember that Bill Clinton, though he listened to most of what the Zionists wanted, was not entirely in their hands. Hence Monica Lewinsky, a Jewish woman, was sent to trap him. He was made to look like a fool, but the Jewish infiltration of the White House was never investigated. Hillary tries very hard to please this lobby [hence the blind support for Darfur] but it is not enough for them because the Clintons built a support base for themselves and can be, just a little, independent.

Imam Jamil al-Amin is one of the very few Muslims who have looked analytically and Islamically at the American power structure. He says, that when the people in power have ripped off the nation beyond all limits, they bring in a diversion. Bush has ruined this country, so a strong diversion is needed. Notice that ISRAEL is NEVER looked at critically in the ENTIRE election campaign. Is that possible if the campaign were a genuine political development.

Imam Jamil said that Muslims must move beyond race. On the Day of Judgement, he said, Allah Almigthy will not judge you on the basis of your race but on the basis of your faith and deeds. [So don't be fooled if the Whites in power give you a Black man as leader.] Muslims in America are plagued by self-styled leaders who refuse to seek guidance from the Qur'an and the Hadith. Hence we have these anti-Islam phenomenon brought forth by people not only claiming to be Muslims but in fact dressing and praying like Muslims:
  1. The 4-letter Muslim organizations recognize Israel and refuse to join boycotts of Israeli and pro-Israeli businesses. They not only recognize Israel but visit Synagogues and honor and cooperate with Rabbis who support Israel. Not a word of explanation has come from them about their rationale for recognition of Israel.
  2. They condemn the 9.11 attacks but are silent about the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan.Such imbalance is a clear violation of Islamic texts and is a form of KUFR.
  3. They characterize all Islamic forces fighting America as terrorist without explanation or rationale from the Qur'an and Hadith.
  4. One of the most obnoxous Muslim leaders recently set up an organization for African-American Muslims. It looks like a deliberate attempt to divide Muslims. Why he could not join the existing race-based nationalist groups is not clear. When the global Ummah is resounding with calls of ONE UMMAH, American Muslims see a leader with a beard and prayerful behavior indulging in the most backward of steps, buying into the American race bigotry. This same leader was helpful to the zionists in putting the Blind Shaikh into prison for life. He later bragged of his exploit to the Wall Street Journal.
  5. Another Imam with a beard and a turban has been hobnobbing with the FBI. Along with others of his ilk in a 4 letter organization, he brings the agencies surveilling and persecuting Muslims into the mosques and Muslim communities. What took the Soviet Union decades to do against people of faith, this man and his group has done to help the oppressors in a couple of years.
  6. Another self-styled leader, full of Muslim rhetoric and hot air, condemned the worldwide Muslim demonstrations against the blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, published in Denmark , Norway and Germany. He also claimed that he is well pleased with the execution of President Saddam Hussain on the day of Eid al-Adha. Not even a decent non-Muslim would support such an act, yet this 4-letter groupie claims to be a Muslim!
  7. You won't want to believe this one: the 4-letter organization I am referring to made little Muslim girls wear hijab and then took them to visit the Pentagon so that the little ones could enjoy the glories of American military power. [The 4-letter people proudly published the Pentagon-visit photo in their own paper and followed it up with a full page advertisement urging Muslims to join special agencies of the FBI.]
  8. U.S. Muslims are being sent out by the State Department, expenses paid, to Muslim countries to create the impression that America is the friend of Muslims. These Native Deals have been documented.
Dear Muslims, we have the Qur'an and the Hadith. Our mission is not to join kafir organizations or mobilize votes for them. Our mission is to be "WITNESSES BEFORE MANKIND." Let us use all peaceful means available to us to mobilize the masses against the power structure. Islam has its own agenda and it is certainly not related to compromise with or cooperation with the oppressors.

If you don't know and can't identify the "Islamic leaders" in the numbered rogues' gallery listed above, write to New Trend and we'll send you specific examples from the words of these violators themselves. If you know their names but want to know more, go to , click on webmaster, enter the name in the search engine and click on SEARCH,

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Sis. Nadia Victorious: So-Called Makkah learning Center [MLC] Silenced

Sis. Nadia, through her organization,Mumtahinah, named after a chapter in the Qu'ran, helps Muslim women in Baltimore. What could be a more blessed task.

It is indeed a shame that Makkah Learning center, which had the gall to insult and slander the sister on the Internet, stands exposed and dares not accept its shameful responsibility . These sold out Muslims have taken the initiative to slander a hijabi, niqabi sister. How low can you get!

The Mumtahinah home for women is situated at 321 S. Pulaski street, Baltimore, MD 21223.
To visit, call 443-798-1323
She has a tax ID number. Proper receipt will be issued for donations.
Readers are urged to send non-perishable food items and Islamic books.

Turkish Study Group Looks Critically at Gulen and Ingrid Mattson

Turkey, once the sword arm of Islam, is slowly but surely re-emerging as a decisive power in the Middle East. In the study of Islam, Shaykh Badiuzzaman Nursi's work laid the foundations of resurgent Islam. His numerous books and countless articles have nourished the roots of Islam although he lived in times of great stress.

The Shaykh was a man of great spiritual power and inward purity and moral courage. Today millions in Turkey have made his writings an essential part of their return to Islam.

Unfortunately, individuals influenced by the western powers have tried to divert and distract the Muslims of Turkey from the Straight Path. The strategy being employed is to detach Shaykh Nursi's spirituality from the totality of his vision. The emphasis on the spiritual gives the impression that Islam should be a religion like Christianity, devoted to worship in its limited sense and preaching peace at any price. That is the line of Fethullah Gulen who has all out support from America.

The professor who spoke at Marquette University, Rev. Mitchell, with high praise for Gulen, is attached to the retinue of the Pope of Rome. In addition, he was a student of Dr. Fazlur Rahman in Chicago. Your readers may know that Dr. Fazlur Rahman was ostracized in Pakistan for his heterodox views when he tried to help the Pakistani government by attacking Hadith in a very clever and calculated way. Fazlur Rahman, being rejected by the people of Pakistan, was quickly employed by the University of Chicago.

Once Hadith is removed, the Qur'an can be "personally" interpreted. Gulen supports the Pope but hates Osama bin Laden and all Muslims doing Jihad against western powers. One can disagree with Osama but when the disagreement has a hidden purpose, which is to line up with the Pope against the Muslims, then we must look at the hidden purpose.

The appointed President of ISNA [Islamic Society of North America], Dr. Ingrid Mattson worked [works?] for a Christian missionary organization known as the Hartford Seminary. She was on the editorial committee of the missionary organization's journal when a special number of the journal was published eulogizing Gulen.

Now Mattson too has the Gulen style of intellectual dishonesty. Instead of saying: I disagree with Osama bin Laden, or that living in America we should not support him, she says something which every Muslim scholar would know is dishonest. Here is what she told CNN [October 2001]:

"Osama bin Laden and his group are not considered scholars or legitimate interpreters of religion by the vast majority of Muslims in the world. "

Readers should remember that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed's followers, known as Qadianis in Pakistan [they call themselves "ahmeddis"] pray like Hanafis, have beards, and their women wear outer coverings. You would think they are Muslims. They are rejected because they tried to create a new "Islam" under the protection of England. Not very differently, Gulen and ISNA, under U.S. protection, are developing a new Islam. They teach that getting up for Fajr is Jihad. Those who fight against the enemies of Islam are "fanatics" or "terrorists" they claim, in clear violation of Qur'an and Hadith.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians have been killed by the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan, but these ISNA-Gulen type of people keep preaching that "terrorists" [meaning Muslims] kill civilians.

You are already aware of ISNA and you have stopped the spread of ISNA but keep an eye on Gulen. He may be much more dangerous, stabbing from within.

Enhanced Outreach in Philadelphia: Jamaat Literature Given to 215 Muslims
Br. Aquil, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, P.O. Box 5396, Philadelphia, PA 19142. Telephone: (267) 349-6065

On April 11, 2008 after Juma' salat at a masjid near University of Pennsylvania, issue-oriented literature was given to 215 people from African, Arab and South Asian countries as well as African-Americans. For the first time a young Arab brother joined the effort.

The literature included latest information about Imam Jamil and Prof. Sami al-Arian, reports on the new regime in Pakistan and Indian government's alliance with Israel. Also given out was Dr. Kaukab Siddique's letter to Fox TV exposing the propaganda against U.S. Muslims, as well as a report urging Muslims to protest against Canada's mistreatment of Muslims, particularly Momin Khawaja's shameful detention without trial for 4 years.

NEW TREND is gaining support in Philadelphia. Requests for recent issues of the paper are received at our address [above] and quickly we print them out from the Internet and mail them out.

Efforts related to Islamic da'wa in prison are also underway.

Reaching out to Shi'a Muslims in New York
From Br. Abu Talib

In Brooklyn, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was given out to Muslims at the Islamic Foundation, a Shi'a masjid across from al-Farooq.
Jamaat reached 25 people here, helping them to understand that Islam is about movement and standing up for the oppressed.
The situation among Shi'a Muslims is not very different from that of other Muslims owing to lack of political understanding.

Sis. Maryam Uloho's Struggle in a Louisiana Prison: She Refuses to Give up Islam

Here is the most recent letter from Sis. Maryam:

"I enrolled in Advanced Criminal Law program. I figured this would be agood time to learn more about criminal law. The knowledge won't hurt, only assist me in my own case. Now, Peep this! Lt. Colonel Zedlick said I can enroll in the program, but cannot receive the books. Nor can I now receive any books nor purchase she say....Her actions reminds me of the slavery times, when slaves were not allowed to learn how to read or write. It seems that they have some great fear of my selection of reading materials. Since it hurts my arm so bad to write, reading has become my #1 pass time. Then Sgt. Scott came to do a shake of my room. She confiscated all my books including my Creative Writing school book and the Bible. She said,"if I read the Bible I could not read the Quran or if I read the Quran I could not read the Bible. She even took my headscarves. She ordered me to remove the one I was wearing and a state cap. She harrased me the entire weekend."

Sister Maryam was doing 90 days in solitary for telling the chaplain that she forgot about a memo that was sent to him requesting time to speak with the visiting Imam. She was accused of lying. She was given an additional 90 days because her room mate would not admit to smoking. Maryam was scheduled to be released into population in April, but now she will not be out until July. This harrassment has gone on for five years, with little interruption. Sister Maryam has a certificate as a Legal Assistant and was a Real Estate Investor before being incarcerated on an obstruction of justice charge. She was double-billed-25 years-for a crime that usually carries a 0 to 5 year sentence. She was sentenced right after 9/11 and wore a khimar to sentencing. She was told to take it off. She would not, and the rest is history. She is in the process of filing a 1983 Claim. If there is someone in the reading audience that could help with the process it would be deeply appreciated.
Please contact Dr. Mulazimuddin S. Rasool at 413 256-1498

U.S. Admits NATO is in a No-Win Situation in Afghanistan: Needs 12,000 More troops but Can't Get Them.
[Ed. note: "Increasing power of the Taliban..." "The Taliban is growing bolder..." These are the words of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff for a force which the U.S. at one time despised. NATO is much better armed and has a powerful air force against which the Afghans have no defense. At a certain point, NATO will have to withdraw unilaterally. This is the official report. We apologize for the anti-Afghan propaganda which is the usual ingredient of such reports. However, it will help readers to understand that it is only a matter of time before Kabul will come under Islamic rule, inshallah."]

Afghanistan needs more troops: US official

NEW YORK (PAN): A top US military official said Thursday that Afghanistan as of now requires 10,000 to 12,000 additional troops to fight out the increasing power of the Taliban, which the Secretary of Defense acknowledged is difficult under present circumstances. "We have additional force requirements, specifically for Afghanistan, up three additional brigades," said Admiral Mike Mullen, Joint Chief of Staff, during a hearing in the US Congress, convened by the House Armed Services Committee. This is on top of the some 3,200 Marines being sent by the US now, he said, adding they are there and already making a difference, but they're not enough. "We have got a requirement for a training brigade and for up to two additional combat brigades in Afghanistan down the road," Mullen said referring to the current ground realities in the country. Essentially, he said it would translate between 10,000 and 12,000 troops. Given the current troop situation, Mullen said: "We're not going to be able to fill that until we've got forces that are released from other obligations, principally in Iraq at the brigade size." With the bulk of the US ground forces deployed to Iraq, Mullen said the US army as a result is unable to prepare for or deploy for other contingencies in other places. "We are not training to full spectrum capabilities. We are not engaging sufficiently with partner militaries. We cannot now meet extra force requirements in places like Afghanistan," he said. Mullen said he is deeply concerned about the current situation in Afghanistan. "The Taliban is growing bolder, suicide attacks are on the rise, and so is the trade in illegal narcotics. In this economy of force operation, we do what we can. But doing what we can in Afghanistan is not doing all that we should," he said. Testifying along with Mullen, the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, conceded this is difficult to fill. "The desire of the commander, it's not a formal requirement at this point, in Afghanistan to have three additional brigades, in my view, is a requirement that NATO will not meet," he said. "I think we will get additional forces from a number of different countries and I think they will have real capabilities, but I think they will not add up to another 10,000 to 12,000 troops that would be represented by three brigades," he said. Acknowledging that getting more troops from other NATO allies, specially in Europe depended a lot on their domestic politics, Gates said, he however has been successful in getting NATO approve a strategic vision statement on Afghanistan. The strategic vision statement, which spells out NATO goals in Afghanistan in next couple of years, Gates argued, could be used by the European governments in their domestic politics to try and educate their people about why the commitment in Afghanistan is important.

From Inside Jordan

King Abdullah II: corrupt, human rights abuser, election rigger

[The Jordanian ruler is one of the most frequent visitors to the White House. Who is he? What is the basis of his regime and why is he so welcome to Bush and the Corporate Zionist Media?]

Helpful points:

1- Each time there is an Arab summit going to take place, King Abdullah flies to Washington DC like that on March 4 to have the order from his boss Bush to destroy any attempt to unify Arabs. Notice that this visit precedes the Arabs summit which took place in Syria, an Arabic country Bush called terrorists. Most importantly, each time Israel plans to attack Palestinians, King Abdullah meets Olmert, Israeli Prime Minister, to give him his highest support!!

2- It has been said in international newspapers that the Jordan Intelligence Department, which has been coached by CIA, has played a major role in spying on other Arab countries in favor of Mosad, Israeli Intelligence Department. They torture prisoners, and they have had a hand of torturing some people in Jordan before sending them to Gwantanamo Bay. Imad Magniah, a former army leader of HizboAllah, was killed after Jordan Intelligence succeeded in identifying his place and the car he was usually driving.

3- The judicial system in Jordan is dependent, and a tool in the hands of royal family and their unelected governments.

4- King Abdullah has a double face policy. When talking to his people, and other international leaders, he pretends he's a human right defender, and Jordan has become a leading country in this field. However, he's ordering his security forces, behind the scenes, to terrorize local journalists, human rights, and political activists. Leading critics of King Abdullah and his government have spent time in prison because simply they have called for greater freedom. Such cases:

A- Dr. Al-Abbadi who is still in jail because he called for freedom of speech and full eradication of corruption in the kingdom, as well as stop human right abuses

B- Former Member of Parliament, Twajan Faisal, was prevented from running for 2008 elections by King Abdullah II. He wants the government to pass laws in the parliament without any objections.

C- Dr. Ali-Alottom, former Member of Parliament, was abducted on August, 2007. While he was going to Fajer prayer, a gang had punched, kicked, and beaten him, and shaved part of his beard, before throwing him out in a remote area in Irbid. Dr. Ali holds a PhD in Arabic. He's a political and human rights activist. Till now, the police have failed to identify the abductors, though Dr. Ali directly accused the department of Intelligence. They want to plant fear and panic amongst people in general and political and human rights activists in specific. This is the democracy King Abdullah II talking about

5- Although King Abdullah says that he's planning a better life to all Jordanians, the number of poor people has increased in incredible numbers. Almost All Jordanians are under poverty line except those corrupt who are friends of him, and his wife. Two people were deadly shot by police officers three weeks ago, when they were caught in the Amman Garbage looking for some plastic stuff to use and food to eat!! King Abdullah II has made of Amman, especially the west where he lives, a dirty place for fornication. Many newly born kids were found in the streets and garbage in the last three months. This is what King Abdullah meant by 'Personal Freedom.'

6- According to Jordanian Ministry of Finance, the internal and foreign debt rose at the rate of 15.1% reaching a record high of 10.34$billion. This raises the question: where is the external funding gone!! Don't Know! I tell you: King Abdullah II is a big gambler! Vegas knows him!

7- Most of the members of government and senate are spouses, siblings, close relatives of other high level decision makers in the government and royal family.

8- Historical Note: Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bell and T. E. Lawrence (Both were commanders of the order of the British Empire in 1920s are recognized as almost wholly responsible for creating the Hashemite dynasty in Jordan and the modern state of Iraq. They gave them to what is so called now Royal Family. This family has a long history cooperation with the English Empire who gave Palestine to Jews at that time!!! Most Jordanians don't know this fact. No history book written by Jordanian Educators talked about this! If they talked, they would have been tortured by the royal family!

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