Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

Every Muslim Must Do Something Against Zionists
Here is a Proposal for U.S. Muslims (7 million)

Hail the 8 martyrs and 500 injured of Palestine

The cause of the new Zionist atrocities in al-Quds does not need debate. Ariel Sharon decided to pay a visit to the third holiest mosque of Islam. The people to whom the land belongs and who worship at the mosque protested. The result was the Zionist crackdown and further resistance by unarmed people and a few palestinian policemen.

(Who is Sharon? terrorist and murderer of Palestinians. His 'visit' to the mosque was like the KKK visiting Harlem, or worse like the Jewish woman who threw a pig head at the mosque coming out openly.)

Eight Martyrs, 500 injured. The Palestinians are defending the holy mosque with their bodies, young people who are defenseless yet defiant. (Note the youth of the demostrators. Obviously the future belongs to Islam.)

WHAT WE CAN DO INTERNATIONALLY: Each Muslim nation must call on its "government" to cut off all relations with Israel and condemn the so-called peace process. The armies of Islam must be used against Israel and not against the people.

WITHIN AMERICA: Boycott all Jewish businesses which support Israel. (Caution: There are some Jews who do not support Israel. We have nothing against them.) Almost every Jewish business supports Israel. When we buy groceries we might be helping to kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Check out the Jewish businesses and brand names which support Israel.
Here are a few very well known:
1. Disney (supports every Zionist organization in America).
2. Giant Foods (has published a list of 19 Rabbis who inspect its foods).
3. Haagen Daz Ice Cream
4. Arm and Hammer Products.

This is the least you can do. Don't give your money to the Zionists.
PUBLIC APOLOGIES ARE DUE: Muslim organizations which had Iftar with Medeleine Albright last Ramadan and Eid celebration with Clinton should apologize to the Muslims of America. If our self-appointed "leaders" kow-tow to America's most pronounced pro-Zionist leaders, why would Americans take us seriously.
SAY GOODBYE TO ARAFAT and the "peace process". The day and the future belongs to Islam.
Dear Palestinian friends in America, look at the prisoners of conscience in America's prisons. Call for the release of Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman (even in solitary confinement he has not compromised on Palestine), Imam Jamil al-Amin (he was investigated by the anti-terrorist task force), Ahmad Ajaj (a Palestinian who was in immigration prison when the WTC bombing took place and yet he was convicted of it) and Victor Alvarez (a Puerto Rican who was duped by an Egyptian intelligence officer).
UNITY of the OPPRESSED in America can lead to a united front against the occupation of Palestine.
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