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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 14, 1429/ February 21, 2008, #12

Hollywood Film Director Spielberg is out to do serious damage to Islamic Sudan. New Trend has received permission to publish this eye-opening, well researched, article. Please scroll way down.

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Visit with Trinidad Muslim Family whose Home Caught Fire

February 18, 2008: In Bladensburg, Maryland [just outside Washington] Jamaat reps spent the afternoon with Br. Ismail and Sis. Amina [from Trinidad] whose home caught fire [see New Trend]. They have two girls. Fortunately they are all safe. The father had a stroke before the fire and is in poor health. They were well to do but suddenly have nothing: literally nothing. The house was boarded up after the fire. Looters broke in and took whatever had survived the fire.

Jamaat gave them a donation for the children. They still need all the requirements of daily life. [Housing has been provided by insurance.]

Rally Against Rushdie is not a "political" event: Every Muslim's Faith was abused and ridiculed.

Inshallah, a protest rally against Rushdie's visit to the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall will be held:

7.30-8.30 PM

February 26.

The Meyerhoff is at 1212 Cathedral street in downtown Baltimore.

Dear Muslims, for your own self-respect, be there. Rushdie is violating all rules of decency. His book is not a scholarly work which can be answered. He made up a fictitious story to abuse and attack the Prophet, pbuh, Ayesha, r.a., and the Qur'an.

NPR [locally in Baltimore WYPR] is hosting Rushdie. [Announced by NPR on Feb. 21.]The Zionist Jews are united in publicizing, inviting and honoring Rushdie. It is about time that Muslims wake up and speak up. CAIR-ISNA leaders licking the boots of Rabbis and visiting Synagogues has emboldened the enemies of Islam so much that now they openly want to honor Rushdie right in the heart of Baltimore

Behind the War in Northern Pakistan
Pakistani "Elections" Made in U.S.A.: Lowest Voter Turnout in Pak. History

Nawaz-Zardari-Musharraf Comedy did not Fool Pakistanis

New Trend Special Report

The reports New Trend is getting from witnesses in Pakistan and from the Urdu language media are totally at variance with the one-sided reporting done by the U.S. media.

Our reporters say: New Trend's analysis is that America wants Pakistan's military to concentrate on defeating the Pakistani Taliban and to cut off all help going from Pakistanis to the Afghan Taliban. General Kayani, the man who replaced Musharraf, was trained in America's military academies and is more entrenched in his loyalty to America than even Musharraf could be. He is willing to go beyond all levels of national dignity to crush the Islamic resistance to America. What he did in Swat is significant of his determination: more than 70,000 civilians were uprooted from their homes by the military in its attempts to destroy the Islamic forces led by Maulvi Fazlullah. In the Darra Adam Khel area too the army led by Kayani started wreaking havoc on the people. In both cases the mujahideen withdrew in good order, leaving behind a handful of martyrdom operators to keep the U.S.-armed forces of Kayani on the defensive.

(by K Hamza) [Original to New Trend from India]

Muslims are a clear majority in the Republic of Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean, situated to the south-west of Sri Lanka, and the population is of mixed Indian, Sinhalese, Suihalese, and Arabic descent. They were ruled by an elected Sultan until they became a Republic. Quite remarkably, an Islamic tide of upsurge, which is perceptible across the world, has reached the shores of Maldives where Muslims demonstrate a great awareness of reality rather than accepting traditional culture.

The mosques in Maldives are the State-run and traditionally under the domain of Sunni school promoted and protected by President Maumoon Abdul Qayoom. But a section of progressive Muslims reject liturgical practices of the majority Muslims and often offend the regime that they feel illegitimate and heretical. In the recent past, these progressive Muslims youths have launched campaigns against the regime's policy across the islands.

It was on September 29, last year that the Maldives Islamic revivalism came to the international media focus under the banner headlines of "Islamic Terrorism" when a bomb exploded at the Sultan Park in Male, the capital of Maldives, blaming the Ultra-right Jama'at Ahle-Hadis, being the prime culprit of conspiracy hatched by West-Asia based Jihadi networks.

In 2004, Saeed Ahmed, the imam of the Zeenia Manzil Masjid, the leading ideologue's inspirational rhetoric had been instigating street protests against President Gayoom's regime. Because of his endeavor, many students from Maldives have been graduated in Islamic theology at the Jamia Salafiya Islamia, a Fisalbad –based seminary which has produced several key Islamists in the past. Another noteworthy scholar, Abdul Malik was the chief instructor in training thousands of Islamic activists at the Lashkaura's Ummu-el-Qura Camp in Jammu and Kashmir. But Malik was killed in 2003 in an encounter with the Indian troops in Kashmir. Many Maldives nationals had been put through the daura amm (basic combat course) at the Umm-el- Qura Camp.

Since Kerala has close geographical proximity to the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean and regular flights to the capital Male from Trivandrum airport, Maldives citizens used to visit the State. In April 2005, a Maldivian national Asif Ibrahim was arrested allegedly involved in terrorist activities under Male-based Jama'at-ul-Muslimeen. Several other Maldives residents were also arrested recently by Kerala Intelligence Bureau, but they were acquitted due to lack of evidence to substantiate the allegations.

The authorities of both India and Maldives are alert and allergic towards bearded persons wearing Arab-type kurta, who are frequenting mosques and seminaries such as Jamia Salafiya which, according to them, promote neo-conservative Islam in the country. While viewing from an unbiased angle, these Islamic activists are actually fighting against the Western culture which is spreading through the preaching of Christianity. For example, in the late 1999 Maldives regime had been playing a major role in staging the millennium celebrations. So also under the façade of tourism and the New Year celebrations, the Christian Western culture has been promoted whereas the Islamic Sheriat laws have been discarded. Further, the kyouknger age groups are being hooked on Western concepts and life style. What is even more painful is that the believers are being disturbed while offering prayer at the Zikura Masjid, that is situated in a prime locality in the town where loud Hindi film music blasts out of stores. So the Islamic activists had attacked some shops which sold music items, and displayed Santa Claus. They also protested against night clubs serving alcohol. Posters appeared on the walls of schools praising Osama bin Laden. Recently, Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed, a noted Islamic orator and scholar has opened a new mosque in the south Maldives Island of Hi-mandhoo, in defiance of the government's mandate that permission is to be sought and obtained prior to constructing religious institutions in the Islands.

Often, Islamists and the Police fight street battles on the regime's bid to demolish or close newly constructed mosques in many parts of Maldives. In such a fight, Ibraheem Shameen was murdered, and Sheikh Fareed was arrested. Now the Maldives regime is hell-bent to contain the upsurge of Islam with the help of Police and troops and many "illegally" constructed mosques have been pulled down. What is even more significant is that Muslim protests continue much to the discomfiture of the ruling clique in Maldives.

It is worthy to quote from Holy Qurhan as a solace to the believers:" Those who have been driven out from their homes unjustly only because they said, "Our Lord is Allah-" if Allah did not repel some men by means of others, there would surely have been pulled down cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques, wherein the name of Allah is oft commemorated. And Allah will surely help one who helps Him. Allah is indeed Powerful, Mighty". (Chapter 22, V 39).

Misunderstood Hadith: Does the Hadith say that Women will be in Hell?
Does Qur'an Command Only Women to Take Ba'ait (Oath of Honesty & Truth)?

Under the influence of Jewish writers, an anti-Hadith movement was launched. One of the prominent people who did propaganda against Hadith was G.A. Pervaiz. Although the antidote provided by Islamic scholars like Maudoodi healed the poisonous effect of Pervaiz in Urdu writing, we have alienated Pakistani immigrants in the U.S. still attacking Hadith in English.

The anti-Hadith people try to help the Jewish attack by constantly repeating the charge that Hadith is against the rights of women. To support this charge, they keep posting a hadith which they say proves that Hadith is against women. [It's a way of saying that Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was against women.]

An anti-Hadith propagandist posted this Hadith.

1. Majority of the residents of Hell will be women

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 126:

Narrated Imran:
The Prophet said, "I looked at Paradise and saw that the majority of its residents were the poor; and I looked at the (Hell) Fire and saw that the majority of its residents were women."


Use of this Hadith to make the claim that Hadith is against women shows: 1. Inability to read. 2. Lack of understanding of Hadith. 3. Lack of understanding of the role of the Prophet (pbuh)

1. Reading ability:
The heading given here is not Hadith. It is a heading provided either by the transmitter of Bukhari's collection or by Imam Bukhari himself perhaps. In any case, what Imam Bukhari thought is not part of Islam. It is only an opinion. Hanafi scholars have criticized many of the opinions of Bukhari.
[For instance, see Fazl-al-Bari, Sharh Urdu, Sahih al-Bukhari vol.1 by Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, compiled with notes by Qazi Abdur Rahman, It's a 584 page book published in 1973 which I have had in my library for 20 years. It criticizes some of the headings in Imam Bukhari's Sahih, for instance those about Faith growing and receding. The idea that Muslim scholars blindly follow Bukhari has very little factual support.]

The heading uses the future tense: "residents of hell WILL be women." The text of the hadith itself uses the PAST tense: "I looked at Paradise and SAW ..." Thus the Prophet (pbuh) was not predicting what will be but what he saw in a vision. The Prophet (pbuh) is not saying that women WILL BE in Hell.

Thus the basic claim of the anti-Hadith people, that Hadith says that women will be in hell, is incorrect.

2. Look at the text of the Hadith. It is not referring only to women. In fact it begins with reference to the poor, that the Prophet (pbuh) saw them in Paradise. Does the Hadith say that ALL poor people will be in Paradise. It does not. Does it say that ALL women will be in Hell. It does not.

2i. CONTEXT OF THE HADITH. Look at the listing of this Hadith in Bukhari's Sahih. It is listed by Bukhari with two different chains of narration with slightly different content, one from Imran [as quoted ABOVE] and the other by Osama ibn Zayd, r.a. Then the third hadith on that issue, which is between the two mentioned above, gives the CONTEXT: The Prophet saw that vision during prayers which were held when a solar eclipse occurred. He was asked why he saw women are in hell. He explained that it had to do with their thanklessness towards their husbands. If a husband does good all the time and then he does something once which they don't like, such women reject all the good done.:

"They forget the good done for them. Even if all his life the husband does good to them, if he does something hurtful once, they say, we have never seen any good in you."

2ii. Thus the Prophet (pbuh) was ENCOURAGING the poor and the oppressed to strive because they could achieve top marks and go to Paradise, and he was teaching women against one of their major weaknesses: rejection of all the good done by a husband because of one mistake made by him.

It's a teaching method. Compare with a teacher who says to his students: I have done all I could for you but I can see you failing because of your bad study habits. That does NOT mean that the TEACHER WANTS THE STUDENTS TO FAIL or that the STUDENTS WILL FAIL. He wants his students to succeed: Hence he puts the fear of failing into their minds. Of course, with the Prophet, pbuh, the teaching is much more intense because it is based on his spiritual vision of heaven and hell.

That's the context the enemies of hadith leave out. That omission is what INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY is all about.

WHEN WE COLLECT HADITH ABOUT WOMEN, it becomes very evident that the Prophet (pbuh) was teaching that women will be in Paradise if they strive and struggle. Hadith in fact quotes the Prophet (pbuh) referring to a woman AHEAD OF HIM IN PARADISE.[From other hadith we know that she took part in Jihad.]

Unas bin Malik (r.a.) narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said: I entered Paradise (in vision) and heard someone's footsteps (ahead). I was asked who is that. I was told: It is Ghumaisa the daughter of Milhan, the mother of Unus bin Malik..

A similar hadith narrates:
Jabir bin Abdullah (r.a.) narrates: The messenger of Allah, pnuh, said: I was shown Paradise and I saw the wife of Abu Talha there and I heard footsteps ahead of me (in Paradise) and I saw it was Bilal.
[Both Hadith are in Kitabul Fadail, Sahih of Muslim, segment 237.]

So here we have the Prophet, pbuh, teaching, from his visionary ability, that women like Ghumaisa (r.a.) and freed slaves like Bilal (r.a.) can attain the highest felicity, with a place in Paradise above all others.

NONE OF THE WOMEN WHO ARE THE VANGUARD OF THE ISLAMIC STRUGGLE WILL BE IN HELL. They are all going to Paradise, inshallah. The Prophet, pbuh, changed the standard of superiority from Gender to TAQWA or Allah-conscious behavior. The women used to be in the mosque with the Prophet (pbuh) and HE WOULD CUT SHORT THE HOLIEST ISLAMIC ACTIVITY, prayer itself, so that women may not feel bad because of the crying of their infants:

Unus bin Malik (r.a.) narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said. I begin (leading) the prayer and my intention is to prolong the prayer but then I hear a child crying and I shorten the prayer because I know how much the child's crying hurts the mother. [Sahih of Bukhari, kitab al-Adhan.]

[How sensitive was the messenger of Allah (pbuh) that he knew how the mother feels.]

Thus reading a HADITH OUT OF CONTEXT can lead to absurd claims. The PERVAIZIS make a virtue of their ignorance of Hadith. They are like swine who cannot appreciate the pearls of the Prophet's (pbuh) wisdom.

The same ignorance can prevail if one reads the QUR'AN without Hadith. For instance, in sura Mumtahina, chapter 60 of the Qur'an, verse 12, there is an oath which women had to take:

"O Prophet! When believing women come to thee to take the oath of fealty to thee, that they will not associate in worship any thing whatever with Allah, that they will not steal, that they will not commit adultery ....... [till the end of the verse]

Those who do not read Hadith might wonder, why is the Qur'an applying the oath only to women. Is this a double standard? The leaders of the unbelievers tried to say so. Hind, the wife of Abu Sufian asked tauntingly, do women of good families steal!

When we read the Hadith with the Qur'an, we find that the oath applied equally to men and women:

'Ubadah bin as-Samit (r.a.) narrates that the messenger of Allah, pbuh, took the same oath of fealty from us men as he took from women, that we would not associate anyone with Allah, that we would not steal, that we would not commit adultery.... [to the end of the hadith] [Sahih Muslim, kitab al-hudood.]

WAR NEWS: [from Urdu language media]
AFGHANISTAN: Mullah Omar Answers Claim that he is in Pakistan
Taliban Attacks Inflict Heavy Losses on Dog-fighting Karzai Militia

February 10, 2008: Through a spokesman, Mullah Omar rebutted a U.S. official's claim that he is in Pakistan. He said that he and the entire Taliban leadership is in Afghanistan and leading the resistance. [Source: The News International, Karachi.]

In another statement, the Taliban rejected the rumor that he has removed Baitullah Mehsud from the leadership of Pakistani Taliban. He said that Pakistani Taliban have their own leadership and the Afghan Taliban do not interfere in their process.

February 17, 2008: On the outskirts of Kandahar city, a martyrdom operator hit a military unit of militia leader Abdul Hakim Jan while the troops were engrossed in a dog fight. The assailant successfully reached the middle of the group. At least 80 of the militia were killed including Jan himself. Jan was a staunch supporter of the Karzai regime installed in Kabul by the U.S.

The huge explosion destroyed the dozen military jeeps in which the troops had arrived.

The remaining militia men went on a rampage after the explosion and opened machine gun fire on the civilians who had been attracted to the dog fight killing at least 20 people and injuring many others.

Dog fighting is seen as cruelty to animals by Islam and is forbidden by the Taliban. Jan and his militia were known for their banditry and atrocities against the people.

February 18, 2008: Spin Boldak town. A Canadian armored unit was hit by a martyrdom operator after the troops stopped to do business with civilian supporters in the area. The explosion was so big that it was heard across the nearby Pakistan frontier. Three Canadian troops were killed and 15 wounded. At least 35 civilians were also killed and 12 wounded. The entire row of shops doing business with the Canadians went up in flames.

[Taliban did not take responsibility for the first attack, indicating that it might have been a rogue operation carried out by one of the victims of Jan's crimes.]

[In the U.S., the attack was presented as an attack on citizens enjoying dog fighting. The military content of the group which was hit was not revealed.]

Indian Occupation Army Active in Kashmir
Molestation in Lolab triggers protest
10-Feb-2008, 2 Safar 1429

Lolab (Kupwara), Feb 09: Thousands of people took to the roads in this frontier district on Saturday after troopers tried to outrage the chastity of a woman and beat up her husband, and opened fire on her nephews.

At least six persons were injured when troopers beat up the protesters and opened fire to quell them.

According to residents of Drusaanwani Lolab, troopers of 28 Rashtriya Rifles entered Mir Mohalla early this morning and asked Headmaster Jehangir Ahmed Mir to accompany them for carrying out a search in his neighbour's house.

Victim Fareeda (name changed) while narrating the incident told Rising Kashmir, "They (troopers) entered into our house and asked my husband to accompany them. Fearing for his life I also accompanied him to the house of Molvi Jabbar Magray,"

"After searching the first floor, they asked my husband to go up with them to the second floor. However when he told them he couldn't climb in absence of a ladder, troops abused him and was beat him up mercilessly," she said adding that when she protested the troops "tore off her clothes."

"The Major accompanying the troopers told them to take me into a separate room for teaching me a lesson," she said adding, "On hearing this I ran for safety."

She said she raised an alarm and ran for safety and her screams attracted the attention of her two nephews Mudasir Nazir and Javaid Ahmed.

They ran to rescue their uncle but troopers thrashed them "brutally and fired upon them injuring Mudasir Nazar," she said.

Outraged at what they termed the reign of terror unleashed by the troopers residents raising anti-troops and pro-freedom slogans took to the roads and staged a massive protest.

The troopers swooped on the protesters as they tried to march ahead and beat them up with batons injuring three of them critically.

The critically injured Jehangir Ahmed Mir, Mudasir Nazir and Javid Ahmed were later brought to SDH Sogam wherefrom Mudasir and Javaid have been shifted to Srinagar.

According to doctors, Mudasir was unable to speak as bullets had pierced his mouth whereas Javid has suffered multiple fractures.

The protests continued throughout the day in the area and many local politicians joined the people demanding punishment for the troopers.

However, Defence spokesman denied that troopers opened fire or tried to outrage the modesty of a woman. "There was a misfire by troopers. No one was injured through," said army spokesman Lt Col AK Mathur.

[Rising Kashmir]

Chauvinist in Humanitarian Drag
Steven Spielberg, Faux Humanitarian

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg has withdrawn as artistic adviser to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing because China has failed to pressure Sudan to end the war in Darfur.

China is developing oil fields in the embattled region of Sudan and Spielberg wants Beijing to use its clout to end the insurgency in the west of the country.
Arguing that "Sudan's government bears the bulk of the responsibility" for the humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur, Spielberg blames China for failing to do "more to end the continuing human suffering there." (1)

"China's economic, military and diplomatic ties to the government of Sudan continue to provide it with the opportunity and obligation to press for change," Spielberg says. (2)

But while Spielberg wants China to use its influence in Khartoum, he has released no statements, of which I'm aware, to press Washington to use its influence to end the larger humanitarian catastrophes in Somalia and Iraq, both of which are directly attributable to the actions of his own country, and therefore should be well within the grasp of the US government to end.
China's ability to end the Darfur conflict, however, is a far more uncertain matter.

Three of the five rebel groups fighting Sudanese forces in Darfur are unwilling to negotiate a peace, according to the UN's special envoy to Darfur, Jan Eliasson. (3) This makes it difficult for Khartoum, let alone China, to bring an end to the conflict, unless ending the conflict means Khartoum capitulating and handing Darfur and its oil assets to the rebels and their Western backers. This, of course, would suit strategists in the US State Department, to say nothing of the US oil industry.

By comparison, ending the much larger humanitarian catastrophes in Somalia (with 850,000 displaced, Somalia has been called Africa's largest and most ignored catastrophe) and Iraq (four million refugees and hundreds of thousands dead as a result of the US invasion) is directly within the capability of Washington. (4)

The US simply has to order Ethiopia, which it directed to illegally invade Somalia in December 2006, to withdraw. (5) If the Ethiopians balk, cutting off the rich flow of military aid Washington rewards the Meles regime with, will exert needed pressure. (6)
As regards the tragedy of Iraq, there can be no greater ameliorative act than immediate withdrawal of foreign troops. Withdrawal should occasion no fear of touching off a full-scale civil war. The Pentagon's own research shows that Iraqis attribute sectarian tensions to the US military presence and ardently wish to see the Americans leave. (7) If a civil war were to ensue, it could hardly be worse than the suffering the US continues to visit upon Iraq in lost lives, mangled bodies, rampant disease, hunger and homelessness far in excess of the tragedy in Darfur.

If China's ties to the government of Sudan provide it with the opportunity and obligation to press for change, doesn't Spielberg's visibility, and his status as a US citizen, provide him with the opportunity and obligation to press for change where his own government has created far greater human suffering?

In the fall of 2002, Spielberg said he "could not not support" the Bush administration's policies on Iraq (8). Today, he seeks to embarrass China over Sudan, another oil-rich country Washington seeks regime change in. And as far a Spielberg is concerned, the US-authored humanitarian catastrophes in Somalia and Iraq are best ignored. Are these the actions of a humanitarian, or of a chauvinist whose concern for the suffering of others stops at the door of, and indeed caters to, US ruling class interests?

Stephen Gowans is a writer and political activist who lives in Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at:


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(5) US General John Abizaid visited the Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi, in November, 2006. Ethiopia invaded Somalia the next month. "The US provided key intelligence from spy satellitesCIA agents traveled with the Ethiopian troops, helping direct operationsUS forces have carried out at least four attacks inside the country in the past 12 months." The Independent (UK), February 9, 2008.

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