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CHECHEN ATTACK: A spectacular jihad blow has killed 50 Russian troops and injured 100 when a martyr exploded a bomb in a major military center. The attack took place in Mozdok, North Ossetia on August 1. According to the Washington Post, Mozdok is "a major military center." It was a strategic blow which, the Post reports, "took place in a vast military base that serves as HEADQUARTERS for Russian forces in the region."

The attacker hit a military hospital where Russian soldiers injured in Chechnya were being treated. The attack also blew away military forces temporarily arrived and living in tents in front of the hospital.

Only hours earlier, in a battle in the Argun area of Chechnia, 20 Russian troops and officers and nine Chechen mujahideen were killed, the Post reports.

PRESIDENT BUSH HAS CONDEMNED the CHECHEN ATTACK saying that no cause permits such brutality.

NOTE: CHECHNIA is a Muslim country occupied by Russia. Massive Russian armies have committed genocide in Chechnia, destroying the capital city of Grozny and numerous towns and villages.

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