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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 25,1429/ October 25, 2008, #55

Scroll down to letter written to W.D. Muhammad to show concern for his attempts to divide Muslims and to cut off immigrants from contact with indigenous Muslims. He did not respond although the letter was from within his community. Please scroll down

Unprecedented Islamic gathering in Lahore, Pakistan. New hope for an Islamic Pakistan. Scroll down to end for photos and most important speech in recent years.

New Trend warned Muslims that Obama is the choice of the Zionist lobby and voting for him or anyone in an oppressive power structure is not permitted in Islam. Many Muslims listened to us, alhamdulillah, but some known opportunists have been urging Muslims to vote for Obama. Will these people never learn! Can Muslims be that naive or are these agents themselves? Please scroll way down and do istaghfar. EVERY important aspect of Obama's campaign is CONTROLLED, SHAPED and FUNDED by Zionist Jews. This is from the horse's mouth. We are publishing the names and roles of these people. Don't say that no one told you. Scroll way down

Social transformation can be brought about in many Islamic ways, like the Prophet, pbuh, did, through da'wah, tanzeem and tehreek. There is no need to become part of the taghooti system.

Book Notice: The Lion and the Eagle which we noticed once before can now be ordered directly from the author at this address:
Sayyad A.H. Abdul-Rashid, P.O. Box 22192, Cadman Plaza Station, Brooklyn, NY 11201

His second book is now out. It is titled: The Legend of the Black Samurais and can be ordered from: Xlibris Corporation, International Plaza II, suite 410, Philadelphia, PA 19113

AFRICA: It's the richest continent in the world but many of it's people have been reduced to unequalled misery. Readers are invited to send us factual notes on Africa, brief and to the point, to create awareness of the huge tragedy. Here is the first: "War, AIDS, famine have brought to Africa an entirely new concept: Children with NO family members, no blood relatives, no extended family members. No elders to care for them, they are lost and bereft in a cruel world, and no one seems to care." {cozay: Through their eyes.}

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Final Notice: The National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet on November 8, 2008, inshallah. to plan strategies and tactics for the post-Bush era. How to make Muslims of America a force for good worldwide and how to stop infiltration by agent groups?
A sophisticated and ambitious program is forthcoming, inshallah. Delegates have confirmed from a number of states.

Sis. Nabila Bey Hosts Informative Radio Program on Imam Jamil al-Amin

October 25, 2008. Under the heading "everyday Oppression," Sis. Nabila Bey hosted an hour long program about Imam Jamil al-Amin on Philadelphia's 900amWURD radio. Her guest, Sis. Karima al-Amin, Imam Jamil's wife, took half an hour to present the salient features of the Imam's struggle in prison. It appears that the Imam now has attorneys appealing for the Imam to be brought back to Georgia from far away Colorado.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique was invited by Sis. Nabila Bey to call in and he commented on Sis. Karima's presentation and asked a series of questions. He mentioned Jamaat al-Muslimeen's support for Imam Jamil at the Jericho march and the need for a MASS MOVEMENT in support of the Imam whom he calls the Imam of America.

The following information was provided on the program for those who want to support the Imam:

Jamil Abdullah al-Amin #99974-555, USP, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226 [money orders can help him to buy basics for himself from prison commissary.]

The Justice Fund, P.O. Box 115362, Atlanta, GA 30310 for various kinds of legal fees and expenses.

[Our thanks go to Sis. Nabila for such a timely program.]

What you can do if unduly mistreated or unduly delayed at U.S.-Mexican border

From Jamaat Shoora member Br. Solano in Texas: Muslims are being mistreated by U.S. border authorities; even being handcuffed for no reason. If you are bothered at the border, you should complain online to: . This system has been set up to help travelers and is known as DHS-TRIP. You can also write by regular mail to : DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (TRIP), 601 South 12th street, TSA-901 Arlington, VA 22202-4220

Some pictures of the historic Jericho rally in New York on October 10 when Black, Hispanic, Native American, Puerto Rican, white liberal left and Islamic activists joined hands to call for the release of all political prisoners. For photos of Move, Puerto Rican and other activists go to: and click on the word "photos" at the top.
1/3 historic Jericho rally in New York on October 10 2/3 historic Jericho rally in New York on October 10 3/3 historic Jericho rally in New York on October 10 Special thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora member Br. Abu Talib who was at the rally right at the start.

Sisters Speak in Atlanta Georgia, organized by sis. Hadayai Majeed.
by Sis. Nadia Auxila [Baltimore, Maryland]

The October 11 event's focus was on spreading awareness about domestic violence and domestic violence advocacy, HIV/AIDS/MENTAL HEALTH, LIVING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Being Muslim does not mean being poor. It means victory over defeat.

The setting was very informal which made it personal and the atmosphere loving and comfortable.

Sr. Hadayai Majeed spoke of how she began her organization in 1997 by establishing a shelter with 3 other sisters. They met for iftaar and brainstormed on how they will help other Muslims in need. She spoke of their struggle and how she had to stand with a box to collect funds for the shelter's expenses.

She spoke of how grateful one sister was even though the home was not suitable for living and how the sister made the home livable for her and grateful for having a roof and alive to be there.

The 10/11/08 Sister speaks educational forum was held to address the difficult issues that the community and Masajids don't talk about SUCH AS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND HIV/AIDS IN THE COMMUNITY.

Sr. Nafisa has an organization called SISTER2SISTER that REACHES OUT TO ABUSED WOMEN and ALSO HAVE A NATIONAL HOT LINE. She stressed that they are in need of volunteers to answer the hotline. She began her organization SISTA2SISTA INC IN 2000.

Sr. Maria 16 years old Speaks about peer pressure and how to battle it. she is a member of More for youth organization 13 -18 years old members. she spoke of how to stay out of trouble is to stay busy at all times doing some type of community activities and involve in some type of sport or recreational atmosphere. and family support is important, believing in Allah and Praying together with your family and reading the Holy Qu'ran and discussing how you feel about the verse you have read.
AlhamdulliAllah she is a very remarkable young sister.

Sr. Alethia spoke about HEALTHY LIVING: The way to healthy living is by eating right and by getting rid of toxins from your body. you do that by detoxing how do you detox? you should eat foods that are high in ALKALINE such as fruits, beans, nuts and leafy vegetables. Developed a program that teaches you how to eat , how to become healthy and stay healthy.

Sr. Jeanette: Muslim dost not mean poor from poverty to financial success. she began her business by making business cards and natural soap, lotion, oils , grafic designs while working for a company that does graphic designs. She was so successful and persistant that now she owns and operate A GRAPHIC DESIGN & PRINTING COMPANY CALLED ZAKIA & ASSOC.
She also mentioned that she has been blessed and now she can assist others to begin their own business. she also mention your way to success is that you have to have a passion in what you are doing. She says services is wealth also be open to barter. /

Sr. HedayaiMajeed spoke on HIV/AIDS AWARENESS

. There are at least 8 to 15 strands of HIV Virus. Go to google search CDC to find out more about the different strands of HIV. She mentioned that HIV is in our community and that people are getting married thinking they do not need to get tested.

For instance a child may be born from a mother with the virus. However the child is a carrier and everything is fine and does not tell his intended that he was born of a HIV Virus mother and the myth that he is okay. They come to find out after they marry that the wife got the virus from him.

Sr. Hedayai stressed that we need to be tested before we get married. She also stressed what every Imam we are comfortable with to let them know that this issue is very important and it should be addressed in our community. and not to ignore it because it is destroying innocent lives. The problem is Lack of education and thinking that we as Muslims are protected from contracting HIV. Visit her website

My visit to Atlanta was very informative. It was a pleasure to have met everyone and they also place more motivation in my heart and soul to continue assisting those who are in need in our community at large. It was inspiring watching Sis. Hidayia at work and how she transformed everything without a hitch even though some things did not turn out how she expected them to be. Masha'Allah I am pleased to have met her. Just being around her I learned a whole lot and I pray that we continue networking with each other insha'Allah.

Sis. Nadia heads a shelter for homeless Muslim women in Baltimore. Here is how to help the sisters in the shelter:
You can go online and place your donations or you can mail it to:
Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc.
Attn: Aizat Oladapo (treasurer)
P.O.Box 1462
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

This letter was published in April 2007 but W.D. Muhammad refused to answer.

Appeal to Imam W. D. Muhammad: Stop Dividing the Muslims of America: A Long Time Supporter Cries Out Against W.D.'s Moves to Keep out Immigrant Muslims

Dear Imam Mohammed,

First, allow me to tell you a bit about myself., I was a follower of your father, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and upon the transition you lead in 1975, accepted the true teachings of Al-Islam and have been a supporter of yours ever since.

However, there have been some disturbing developments in recent years which I have begun noticing, and felt it necessary to write to you. In recent years, it seems that the community has become more and more focused upon your image and personality. There seem to be contradictory visions and paths for the community's future.

Take 'Savior Day' for example. What purpose is served by outright banning Non-Blacks from it? At last year's program, I witnessed many people, mostly Muslim, actually escorted off the property and rudely treated by the security [i am speaking of Detroit, Cobo Hall].

We expected an apology or an explanation from your office. However, your office did no such thing. This is quite disturbing! Are Non-Arab Muslims banned from performing Hajj because of their nationality or color? How is such treatment Islamic, or representative of The Qur'an and the Sunnah?

I can no longer see the depth of Islamic wisdom and application in your lectures. It now seems to be only about your personality. I cannot be in a Cult, but as you have been instrumental in my own development in Al-Islam, I appeal to you to speak out against the deification taking place, and to issue a public statement explaining the reasoning behind these New Racial Bans at your address.

Br. Muhammad [California]

Toben's Arrest: A New Assault Against Free Speech
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review

... "Denial" laws criminalize even factual or truthful statements that "play down" the wartime treatment of Europe's Jews, thereby violating ancient and universal standards of justice. Justice applied selectively is not justice. It is a form of injustice ... Germany's effort to impose its peculiar limits on free speech outside its borders has potentially harmful consequences for Internet freedom of expression everywhere. Because the Toben case has such far-reaching implications, people in many countries will be closely watching how British authorities decide to handle Germany's extradition request.

Colin Powell and Obama: A disaster in the making

YEAH, BUT ........A man with the blood of millions on his hands
by Jeff Archer [San Diego, California] [Exclusive to New Trend]

For some reason, many of Barack Obama's supporters live in a state of denial. To those of the "left" who support him, many do not agree with much of his political stance, but they ignore the facts. When I talk to them and point out the variances between Obama's views and theirs, most say, "Yeah, but ... " Then they talk of him changing once he inhabits the White House.
The facts differ. In a couple of years. Obama has gone back on many of his views; he has not hinted that he would be the be-all-and-end-all president of those whose politics lean toward the left.
Obama came on the scene as the most genuine anti-war candidate. In the past year, however, he said he would keep U.S. troops in Iraq if there was a threat of Al-Qaida. Then, he said he would enhance the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and possibly invade Pakistan. To make matters worse, the once vocal opponent of "the surge" in Iraq recently stated that the surge "worked beyond our wildest expectations."
Add to the list the pro-Homeland Security Act enhancement that Obama voted for, yet for months prior to the vote he said he opposed it. How about drilling for oil off the U.S. coastline? The once ardent opponent of such actions is now a supporter of offshore oil drilling.
Foreign policy is definitely not one of Obama's strengths. He realizes this so he put all his eggs in Israel's basket. For the Palestinian cause, he said that the Palestinians have no right of return to Israel. Then he added that Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel, despite many Israelis accepting the current designation as an international city. Then, he stole the words of a U.S. segregationist governor as he proclaimed, "Israel today, Israel tomorrow, Israel forever." I find it quite disingenuous for Congressman Lewis of Georgia to accuse the Republican presidential campaign for using the tactics of George Wallace when his own candidate, an African American, plagiarized the former Alabama governor.
Despite all these illogical assessments, Obama saved his worst decision for last: he has put an invitation forth to have Colin Powell become a part of his administration, if elected. That's right, Colin Powell, the architect of two wars against Iraq. A man with the blood of millions of innocent Iraqis on his hands. A man who qualifies as a war criminal of the highest level.
A few days ago, Powell publicly endorsed Obama. Within hours of the announcement, Obama gave Powell the invitation. According to the October 20, 2008 article, "Obama: Powell Will Have a Role in Administration," by Laurie Kellman of the Associated Press:

With or without a formal title, Colin Powell will have Barack Obama's ear if the Democratic presidential candidate wins the White House in the Nov. 4 election, the candidate said Monday.
"He will have a role as one of my advisers," Barack Obama said on NBC's "Today" in an interview aired Monday, a day after Powell, a four-star general and President Bush's former secretary of state, endorsed him.
"Whether he wants to take a formal role, whether that's a good fit for him, is something we'd have to discuss," Obama said.

It is curious why Obama has rejected the endorsements of various individuals, such as Louis Farrakhan, yet he quickly invited a lying war criminal, who is a registered Republican, to join his administration.
Powell is the person who, on August 3, 1990, told George Bush I: "If you finally decide to commit military forces, Mr. President, it must be done as massively and decisively as possible."
Powell is the person, who, when asked about the number of dead Iraqi soldiers and civilians who were massacred in the ground phase of Desert Storm (after the administration publicly said that retreating Iraqis would not be attacked): "I don't have a clue and I don't plan to undertake any real effort to find out."
Powell is the person, who, several months after the 1991 Gulf War, stated that his goal was to "make the world scared to death of the United States."
Despite all his bravado and war-mongering, Powell outdid himself on February 5, 2003 when he gave the most outlandish, lie-filled presentation ever put forth at the United Nations. He had all kinds of charts and illustrations to prove his point that Iraq was in possession of myriad chemical and biological weapons. The only problem was that they all depicted lies.
Once it was proven that Powell had deceived the world, he called it "the lowest point in my life." Powell has publicly stated that he was conned and he is upset that his legacy will be tarnished. However, he has never uttered one word of sorrow for the million-and-a-half Iraqis who have died since March 2003 because of his lies. They aren't worth as much as his legacy. (See "Part Three: Occupation and Resistance," in The Mother of All Battles for a comprehensive account of Powell's performance at the UN on February 5, 2003.)
The losers from the Obama/Powell tag-team will be Arabs. Obama, other than telling the Palestinians that their gripes against Israel are bogus, has not mentioned anything about the Arab world. Powell has masterminded the deaths of three million Arabs. The reasons for the left to say, "Yeah, but," are quickly running out.

by K. Hamza [India]
India claims to be the largest democratic country in the world. Even after 61 years of Independence, the inhuman practice of "untouchability" is still prevalent in the country. The upper caste Hindus, the Brahmins, pretend and propagate as they are the only divinely chosen people on earth by birth so that all other castes are to be under their domain. In the temples, only upper caste Hindus are allowed to conduct prayers. So also, lower castes are not allowed to worship in the temples which belong to the Brahmins and their entry to these temples is a taboo. Dalits, the untouchables, have separate temples and burial grounds. Dalits are being persecuted and humiliated community in India. It is awfully humiliating that hey continue to be served food in eateries at separate place in different set of tumblers. They are forced to live in desperate poverty in slushy, refuse-strewn townships and gritty rural backwaters.

A section of the 600-metre long wall, erected across Uthapuram village in Tamil Nadu,(former Madras province) in south India, dividing two communities-the Upper caste Hindus and the oppressed lower caste called "Dalits", was pulled down on 6 May,2008 by the government authorities under pressure from agitators against the caste discrimination and oppression. The wall was erected 18 years ago, denying access to Dalits' to other side where the upper caste Hindus were living. The wall was also electrified to deter night-time "intrusion" of Dalits.

India's Brahmins, the upper caste, are a micro-minority of 2 per cent, and they are descendant of Aryans who invaded India in pre-historic time. They first invaded north India and later entered to the south where they had been resisted by the indigenous inhabitants, called Dravidians, who constitute 85 per cent of the country's population. The lower caste Hindus are also divided into innumerable castes and sub-castes based on the structure of caste system, in which Brahmins occupied atop being supreme and others on a descending order of contempt. The Hindu scriptures have classified them to the lowest in the hierarchical ladder by virtue of birth .the word "Dalit"means the "oppressed" or broken in the Hindi language. The Hindu scriptures state that birth in a low caste is considered on a predestined fate.

Most of the Dalits are assigned to do scavengers' duties such as carrying human excreta to the dumping place and clean dry latrines in the rural localities.
Dalits are blatantly victimized by members of higher caste on the assumption that they are chosen by God as supreme and pure. On many occasions, National Human Rights Commission had sent notice to the State governments concerned, but no action had been forthcoming from the authorities. Even if they lodge complaints with the local police, but the law and order Department would not show enough verve and nerve to wipe out this social evil. Members of Dalit community have to flee the villages to escape inhuman treatment and oppression by the upper caste feudal landlords under whom they are living as bonded labourers.

True, India is a Republic and Democratic nation where all citizens, regardless of caste ,religion, region and language, are equal. The Tamil Nadu Untouchability Eradication Front, a progressive organization, has been fighting against this social evil. The media have applauded the event on May 6, as the "Wall of Shame", which divided people on caste basis for more than 18 years, and which symbolized caste oppression and discrimination, was pulled down, providing access to Dalits to public through fare. Even today, caste discrimination is taking hold in India's most benighted places. The demolition of the wall had infuriated the Brahmins, bukt the Dalits refused to yield. Since the government is encouraging Dalits and other backward classes to have education by incentives like fee concession and other aids, most of them are now educated and they reject the hierarchical ethic of caste system and Hindu vedic virtue of fatalism as a reason to tolerate their deprived condition.
A few years ago, Dalits at an entire village in Tami Nadu embraced Islam in protest against the untouchability policy held by the upper castes, as the Dalits had convinced that Islam is the only religion that treats all humans as brothers in faith.

Obama's Jews: They Shape, run and Control his Campaign from Start to Finish

[From the Israeli paper Ha'aretz. Published for educational purpose only. Not for profit.] [McCain too has Js attached to his campaign, just in case, but New Trend is excerpting only the Obama J's because these are impressive and are running his entire show.]

David Axelrod: Chief strategist and media advisor for the Obama campaign, he has harnessed grassroots support through "viral" media, new technology and emphasis on the theme of change.

Steven Bob and Sam Gordon: The two Reform rabbis from the Chicago area founded Rabbis for Obama, which has persuaded hundreds of rabbinical colleagues to go on record by name supporting the candidate. The group's influence on the Jewish electorate has been difficult to gauge.

Laurie David: The global-warming activist and producer of "An Inconvenient Truth," starring Al Gore, she is ex-wife of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator Larry David and one of Jewish Hollywood's most prodigious fundraisers.

Ira Forman: The executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, he is Matt Brooks' counterpart.

Barney Frank: The Massachusetts Democratic congressman is one of the most visible, outspoken liberals in the House. He is openly gay and a frequent target of pro-McCain commentators, particularly on Fox News, where, because of his role as chair of the House Financial Services Committee, he has been said to bear crucial responsibility for the sub-prime lending crisis. He played a key role in negotiating the Wall Street bailout package.

Ed Koch: The former New York City mayor is still a gold standard for Jews of a certain age. He backed Bush in 2004 and Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Now he's for Obama.

Sherry Lansing: The first woman to head a major Hollywood studio (Paramount), she is a major Democratic donor and fundraiser.

[The brackets below this have been added by New Trend.]
[Wall Street is Jewish . Hence Obama's efforts to bail it out.] Henry Lehman: A Bavarian immigrant who settled in Alabama in 1844 at age 23, and founded H. Lehman, a general store that, by accepting raw cotton in lieu of cash, would later lead to commodity trading in cotton. In 1850, he and his brothers Emanuel and Mayer formed Lehman Brothers, which became one of the first and most powerful investment houses on Wall Street. Lehman Brothers' spectacular collapse in mid-September, the largest bankruptcy in American history, triggered a worldwide financial panic that, more than any single factor, may determine the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.

Mik Moore and Ari Wallach: Launched, utilizing high-tech methods to counteract Web-borne attacks on Obama. The group also sponsors The Great Schlep - a campaign to get grandchildren to visit grandparents in Florida, to persuade them to vote for Obama.

Eli Pariser: He heads, a liberal on-line advocacy group that has raised large sums for Democratic candidates.

Martin Peretz: The editor of The New Republic, he wrote an influential article entitled "Can friends of Israel - and Jews - trust Obama? In a word, Yes."

Penny Pritzker: She is the national finance chair of the Obama campaign. A billionaire executive, pioneer Obama supporter and scion of a well-known Jewish mega-donor family, she has taken flak over the degree of her involvement in a the failure of a bank driven by sub-prime mortgages.

Ed Rendell: The governor of the key swing state of Pennsylvania, he is former head of the Democratic National Committee and a top Democratic campaign spokesman.

Denise Rich: The socialite and ex-wife of disgraced billionaire Marc Rich is a Democratic megafundraiser.

Dennis Ross and Dan Kurtzer: They are the center-right and center-left anchors of Obama's Middle East advisory staff.

Robert Rubin: The top Obama economics advisor has unsurpassed knowledge of the workings of Wall Street and was treasury secretary in the Clinton administration.

Dan Shapiro: A former Clinton administration National Security Council official, he is a senior Mideast policy advisor and Jewish outreach coordinator for the Obama campaign. He is said to have co-written Obama's speech before AIPAC (the pro-Israel lobby), in which the candidate declared "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided" - a statement Obama later partially recanted.

Sarah Silverman: A "shock comedian," she served as video spokeswoman for The Great Schlep (see Mik Moore, above). Her monologue spawned a counter-clip from veteran comic Jackie Mason.

Alan Solow: The Chicago lawyer is active in the Jewish community and in the Conference of Presidents. He has been an Obama supporter for a dozen years.

Jon Stewart: As host of the satirical TV news program "The Daily Show," he has become perhaps the most listened-to liberal voice in the nation. The New York Times called Stewart's program "a genuine cultural and political force."

Barbra Streisand: The superstar singer is a Jewish-liberal icon and mega-fundraiser. She endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primary race and has backed Obama since the Democratic convention. She also headlined a Hollywood fundraiser in September, which included a $25,800-a-plate dinner.

Robert Wexler: A key Obama surrogate, the Florida congressman has campaigned extensively in the effort to shift the electoral vote-rich Sunshine State from the McCain column to the Democrats.

Women in Pakistan: Energized by the Islamic Struggle
Pre-teens and teens demonstrating in Rawalpindi for their rights.[Left.] Jamaat-e-Islami, men in background, women in foreground, some with face veils, arriving in Lahore [Oct.24] to join the hundreds of thousands gathered at the Pakistan memorial.[Photos: Courtesy Jasarat]
Pakistan rising up to fight for Islam: Jamaate Islami's top leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed addressing a gathering of more than 200,000 people on the outskirts of Lahore at the site which commemorates the idea of Pakistan as an Islamic state for the Muslims of South Asia. [Photo courtesy Daily Khabrain, Lahore.]

Islamic Leader Calls for Reversal of pro-U.S. Policies: Try Musharraf for Jamia Hafsa girls' slaughter, for thousands handed over to USA & Genocide in Afghanistan.
Palestine and Kashmir are Central to the World of Islam: U.S. and Pak attacks in Tribal areas are Root of Current Unrest. Invest in Pakistan.

LAHORE, Oct 24: Jamaat-e-Islami ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad has stressed that unless Muslims are treated with justice the whole world will continue to suffer from unrest. Justice is the key to establish world peace and there is no alternative to that, he said while addressing the inaugural session of the JI congregation comprising a huge gathering of charged and slogan chanting party workers and supporters gathered at Minar-e-Pakistan from all parts of Pakistan and different countries Friday evening.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad reminded the world that Islam is the religion of peace and it was spread all over the world not through violence and suppression but through love, tolerance and justice. He praised the enthusiastic and courageous JI workers for making it possible for hundreds of thousands of people from across the country and world to gather at this place to renew their energies for spreading message of Islam and supporting each other in the face of enemy conspiracies. He said by holding a peaceful congregation under uncertain circumstances, JI has proved to the world that it is a peace loving party and its workers are not frustrated but ready to sacrifice everything for establishing justice and peace.

Qazi said the rulers who call themselves democratic and elected representatives of the people, must respect the resolution of joint parliamentary session calling for halting military operation against tribal people and holding negotiations for a lasting settlement. He said rulers must respect the people's mandate to reverse Gen Musharraf's policies and get out of the US coalition, formulate independent policies according to the masses' aspirations and restore independent judiciary led by chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry.

Qazi sahib said PPP government and president Zardari should realize that Musharraf government has now gone and people want reversal of his pro-American policies. They should take a similar U-turn from Musharraf's anti people policies like he took one against Taliban to join hands with Americans.

Qazi sahib said government should realize that if fighting against America is difficult then fighting against their own people is more difficult. He asked government to hold Musharraf accountable for his crimes including killing of thousands of Jamia Hafsa girls, handing over of hundreds of innocent Pakistanis to America, and killing of millions of Afghans by supporting American army in invading Afghanistan. Qazi Hussain Ahmad demanded of the rulers to support Kashmiris' freedom struggle and their right to self determination guaranteed by UN resolutions by clearly declaring solidarity with Kashmiri freedom fighters. He asked president Zardari to take back his reported statement calling Kashmiri mujahedin as terrorists.

He said Islamabad should reassure Palestinians that Pakistan supports their freedom struggle wholeheartedly and at their back, and they will find us at the forefront of any move for establishing supremacy of justice and peace in the world. Qazi said rulers must establish the image of Pakistan as the torch bearer of justice and peace.

Qazi said Muslims are the most victimized and oppressed nation in the world since they are being killed, displaced and deprived of their homeland, and yet they are being termed as terrorists and extremists. Qazi sahib asked the crowd which is the biggest terrorist in the world and came a roaring reply, "America, America." He said rulers should take it as public opinion that America is the biggest terrorist in the world and allying with terroritst for so-called war on terror is the biggest folly. He said America is attacking and killing tribal people from one side while Pakistani army is killing them from the other. He said Pakistan's support to America is the root cause of major unrest in the world since it enabled Washington to attack Afghanistan and Iraq defying the world opnion and trampling all laws of justice and norms of democracy and decency.

Qazi said unless rulers present themselves before justice, justice will never established in the country. He expressed regrets that people of the country are suffering from serious economic, power, food and energy crises because of corruption and dishonesty of rulers. He said Pakistani people are the most hardworking and courageous in the world and rebuilding the country is no difficult for them provided they have honest and able leadership to guide them through crises. He asked Pakistani elite, specially the president, prime minister, cabinet members and big landlords and industrialists to bring back their capital from abroad and invest it in their own country to overcome the present economic crisis. He said capital is flying fast out of the country and it is the foremost duty of the leaders to bring back their own capital into the country before asking others to invest in Pakistan.

He reminded that unless the independent judiciary comprising conscientious judges led by chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudrhy was not restored, neither justice could be established in the country nor the financial crisis could be overcome. He said Gen Musharraf illegally sacked all the judges and then forced them to renounce their cause of establishing supremacy of justice. Qazi sahib paid glowing tributes to the lawyers community for waging a remarkable and unprecedented struggle for establishing independent judiciary in the country.

Qazi sahib encouraged party workers and supporters that time of trial and trouble is about to be over and a new dawn of justice and peace is ready to emerge. He asked the workers to take heart, hold fast to the discipline, and spread the message of Islam and the party to every household and every countrymen after returning from here.

2008-10-29 Wed 20:36:34 cst