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Ramadan 1, 1426/October 5, 2005 #75
New Fighting in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. Please scroll way down for reports.

Greetings on the First Day of Ramadan:

New Trend congratulates Muslims on the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan. Alhamdilillah, most Muslims in America began on the correct date, October 5.

In the Middle East, the Saudis claimed they "saw" the crescent on October 3 and their followers started on October 4. There was no crescent to be seen on October 3 in the Middle East but such is the centralized and secularized thinking in that part of the world that no one questions what the authorities say.

In the eastern Muslim countries which follow the Sunnah correctly, Ramadan will begin on October 6.
THINK ABOUT IT: [From our media monitor]

After the attacks on night clubs in Bali, Indonesia, the Bush administration immediately issued a condemnation. Night clubs are a favorite target of the "terrorists" because these are strictly forbidden in Islam and involve exploitation of women. The Indonesian Muslims often object peacefully to the night clubs. Their permission to establish night clubs is not asked.

On the SAME DAY, Indian police opened fire on STUDENTS demonstrating for better educational facilities near SHILLONG, northeastern India. Ten of the unarmed students were killed. All day after that students threw stones at the police and police fired tear gas shells. Another 36 students and 54 policemen were injured.

TEN STUDENTS KILLED! That's not terrorism? Remember Kent State? Decades later, we still talk about it. Is it possible that Indian students don't matter? NOT A WORD from the Bush administration and almost total censorship by the U.S. media!
Anti-Semitism or Fact?
from new Trend's media Monitor

Jewish Alliance Calls on Bush to Intervene in Sudan.
Strategic Move to Destroy Biggest African Country.

Other than in the invasion of Iraq, America's Jews have never carried out such a coordinated and orchestrated move since 1960. On September 20, 2005 the Jews published an impressive "Call to Action" advertisement in the New York Times, the flagship publication of the liberal Jewish establishment.

While Muslims were busy helping the victims of Katrina, the new Jewish challenge went unnoticed. The advertisement is signed by ALL of the Jewish Zionist organizations in America as well as by affiliated Rabbis from coast-to-coast.

The ad issued an "urgent appeal" to Bush to use "all his powers" to end the alleged "genocide" in Darfur.

The signatories include the American Jewish Congress [friends of General Musharraf of Pakistan], American Jewish World Service [AJWS] which now [Oct. 3] has the ad on its web site, the ADL, Hadassah [women's organization leading the charge against Prof. Al-Arian, Palestinian activist in prison], Hillel [Jews on campus who at one time tried to destroy Dr. Tony Martin, West Indian professor], Simon Wiesenthal Center, Augusta Jewish Federation [small town in Georgia], Congregation Beth Shalom of Atlanta [W.D.'s friends], and many others.

The question arises, why are these Jews so interested in the destruction of Sudan in the name of humanitarian concern for Darfur: SOLUTION: A quick end to the rebellion in Darfur would end the conflict and humanitarian relief would easily reach the people of Darfur whose economy is near collapse.
Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain

Recall American army from Iraq/Afghanistan to help in hurricane-devastated areas

I might sound cynical but if the widespread and heart-rending destruction caused by Katrina and Rita makes President Bush and his cabal of politicians and bureaucrats, any softer on the massacre campaign which his army has unleashed on the innocent civilian populations of Iraq and Afghanistan, then there might be an element of "blessing in disguise" in this destruction also The money saved by recalling the 150,00-plus American army from the two countries, can effectively be used to help in the recovery work of the hurricane-ravaged coastal States of America. Let the patriotic and practical Americans impress upon their President and his misguided Administration, to stop "exporting democracy" and "regime change", and instead help the Americans of Louisiana and Texas in their hour of need and time of extreme distress and difficulty!

Sharia implementation : the premier McGuinty solution. But is it?

It was a deliberate and vicious campaign! The movement against Sharia implementation, in the province of Ontario, inspite of the favourable Marion Boyd report, clearly shows how the well-oiled Zionist machinery works in the province of Ontario. Unfortunately our "modern" and "progressive" but some misinformed, Muslim women were also behind this smear-Sharia movement! I am referring here, of course, to the recent announcement by the Ontario province's Premier, Dalton McGuinty. He decided that, contrary to Mario Boyd Report, Sharia-based family arbitration will not be allowed to be implemented in his province. However, to hoodwink the general public and sound fair, he made it clear that the present faith-based Jewish, Catholic and Ismaili-Muslim family arbitrations, will also be disbanded. It is nothing but an anti-Muslim political ploy. This writer sincerely believes that while move for Sharia implementation in Ontario, will be effectively stopped, nothing will be done to legislate against the existing faith-based family arbitration in Ontario, because of widespread political repurcussions, particularly from the Zionist lobby groups!


Daily, The Gazette, Montreal of September 20, 2005, carried an editorial entitled, "Shame on Musharraf". While the rape cases of Dr. Shazia Khalid and Mukhtaran Mai cannot be justified on any ground and while illogical statements made by the President of Pakistan, while talking to the three Washington Post reporters in New york, a few weeks ago, cannot be condoned by any stretch of imagination, the title of daily, The Gazette editoiral, is downright insulting for the whole Pakistani nation and the Pakistani High Commission in Ottawa, Canada, should take serious note of it.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [one item]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Inside Story of Heroism in the Abandoned City.

Protest Calls Attention to Bush Regime's Racism in New Orleans

By Nadrat Siddique

On September 7, a Jamaat al-Muslimeen supporter and I joined protestors at the White House decrying the racism of the authorities in dealing with the New Orleans situation. The protest was called by A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). The small but spirited group was led in chants by Eugene Puryear, a student activist from Howard University. "From Iraq to New Orleans, Fund Peoples' Needs, Not the War Machine," we chanted in the direction of the Rose Garden.

The protest reminded me of the many Jamaat al-Muslimeen protests I'd attended as a teenager. But where were all the other Muslims?

Caneisha Mills, ANSWER'S youth and student coordinator, spoke at a forum following the protest. She had just returned from a fact-finding trip to New Orleans. Tall and slender with beautiful, dark skin and a proud walk, she brought to mind some of the Panther women. With no makeup, her hair simply done, she might have been a Muslim. Most striking was her seriousness.

Caneisha is in her senior year at Howard University, yet she took time off from her classes to go to New Orleans, along with filmmaker Gloria La Riva, and photographer Bill Hackwell. They took as many relief supplies as they could for the people of New Orleans.

Caneisha's anger at the injustice in New Orleans was evident, yet she was able to speak articulately and confidently. Her main points were: 1) the military is in place in New Orleans, but only to protect property, not to help the people evacuate, nor to provide for their needs; 2) supplies and volunteers are available, but they are not being allowed to reach where they are needed; 3) supplies brought in by the government are strictly for government personnel, not for the people who are in need.

She traveled through seven police/military checkpoints before arriving in the district of Algiers, where she, La Riva, and Hackwell were to be hosted at the home of community leader, Malik Rahim.

Malik Rahim is a former member of the Black Panther Party. (See NT's Sept. 5 edition for a detailed report by Malik Rahim). Some activists sugges that if the BPP with its original platform been around today, the suffering in New Orleans might have largely been averted.

Malik is an example of grassroots leadership at its best. Algiers, where he lives, sits on higher ground than the rest of New Orleans. It was not as badly damaged as other areas, and much of it would still be habitable, were it not for the lack of electricity, food and water. Malik suggested using parks, schools, and other parts of Algiers to set up camps for people displaced from other parts of New Orleans, but so far, his efforts in this arena have fallen on deaf ears.

Malik told Caneisha: "Imagine being in a city, poor, without any money and all of a sudden you are told to leave and you don't even have a bicycle. Ninety percent of the people don't even have cars."

Malik, along with three of his friends, go door-to-door three times a day, taking food, water, and ice to the people. When he returns from his "rounds" he is on the phone with community organizations, religious groups, and reporters, amassing more food and supplies to deliver the next day. His street is the only one with telephones still working, and black and white neighbors alike come in periodically to use his phone.

Malik spoke of white vigilantes riding through Algiers in pickup trucks, gunning down any blacks they thought didn't belong there. His friends and neighbors feared for his safety, and many parked their cars in front of his house to fortify its entrance.

Caneisha remarked on the extraordinary hospitality of the Rahim family, despite the long-term difficulties facing them.

She spent considerable time walking around the Superdome and interviewing people. Most stories pointed to the abject disregard of the authorities for the predicament of the people. One black woman she interviewed tearfully recalled the trauma of waiting on her roof for days with her entire family, and thinking they would all die there, as they were repeatedly bypassed by helicopters. The woman and her family remained on their roof until they were finally rescued by relatives. Later on they learned that the helicopters had orders not to take larger families.

Caneisha interviewed a group of five young black men, who had taken it upon themselves to rescue people stranded in the flooded areas. Their leader, a handsome young man with shining eyes, told her "By the grace of Allah, we were able to commandeer a boat."

He and his friends filled the boat with twenty-five people each trip. They would ask for volunteers who had the strength, to cling to the outside of the boat, and leave the seats for the weaker ones. Thus they were able to evacuate as many people as possible each trip. Many of the people had already been stuck their attics or on their rooftops for days with verylittle food or water, so they tried to get to them as quickly as possible. After the young men had been at this a couple days, they finally saw some official rescue boats bringing in people, but never more than five or six people at a time. "We did not bring our own families in till last," he said.

Such stories of the peoples' heroism abounded; one report that particularly inspired this writer was that of prisoners who broke into stores and got food out for the elderly and weak.

Caneisha and the ANSWER delegation returned from New Orleans and immediately set to work on the September 24 anti-war protest in Washington, DC. Few thinking people can miss the connection between the racism evident in the Bush Regime's reaction to Katrina and the racism of the illegal war on Iraq. Appropriately, the original anti-war theme of the march was modified to: "From Iraq to New Orleans, Fund peoples needs, not the war machine."

(Next issue: Jamaat al-Muslimeen members at Major Code Pink Protest at Walter Reed Military Hospital)
WAR NEWS: [From our Media Monitor] [3 items]

Pakistani Troops Attack Islamic Resistance but Fail To capture Osama, Ayman or Omar

General Musharraf's people were excited on September 29. The Americans, it appears, had informed them that significant Islamic leaders had been spotted in North Waziristan near the Afghan border: perhaps even Osama, Ayman and/or the legendary Mullah Omar.

Musharraf ordered an all out assault in the area. Pakistani forces using helicopter gunships and helicopter borne troops went for the kill. After three days of attacking, the Pakistani offensive fizzled out. Musharraf's troops ran into resistance by the Islamic tribes in the area.

Musharraf's military public relations officer says that the Pakistanis killed 40 Islamic opponents and captured 15. He says 15 of those killed are "foreigners" and that one of those captured is Uzbek from the Uzbek Islamic movement. He admits that 7 Pakistani troops were killed and 14 wounded. However non-official Pakistani sources say that 11 more Pakistani troops were also killed.

There is tremendous anti-Pakistani sentiment in the area. The army's frantic weapon use destroyed numerous homes.

Unfortunately for Musharraf, none of the leaders of Taliban and al-Qaidah were captured. However, the troops did capture the nephew of Jalaluddin Haqqani the famous Afghan Jihad leader who joined the Taliban resistance several years back. Haqqani fought the Soviets for 9 years and has stirred up the poorly armed Pashtun villagers to stand up against America. His village has been raided repeatedly by U.S. forces.


American sources [such as Fox News] say that 37 Islamic "terrorists" and 14 Pakistani troops were killed in the fighting.They also indicate that U.S. TROOPS WERE ALSO INVOLVED IN THE FIGHTING and 5 of them were wounded. Thus there is close cooperation between the U.S. and Pakistan to crush the Taliban but to no avail.


On October 4, Musharraf's agents captured Mullah Latifullah Hakimi who has been supplying the Taliban side of the war to the Pakistani media. It looks like he had become so confident that he came to Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan and was using his satellite phone to give interviews to Pakistani TV and news channels. He was probably traced by the FBI which operates freely in Pakistan and was captured by Musharraf's men when he was sending a fax to Mullah Omar. Five other Taliban were captured with him.

LATEST: On October 4, Pakistani Islamic tribesmen blew up a Pakistani military vehicle in the northern tip of North Waziristan . Nine Pakistani troops were wounded.


The day after the so-called "elections" in Afghanistan, Karzai, the American installed "ruler of Kabul," as he is called, urged the U.S. to stop its large scale military operations and aerial bombardments of Taliban controlled areas as these are counterproductive and ineffective.

On October 2, the Taliban attacked a U.S. convoy near Kandahar and left before the U.S. air force arrived. One U.S. soldier and an Afghan mercenary were killed, 2 Afghan mercenaries seriously wounded.

The same day, for the first time, FOUR FRENCH MIRAGE aircraft bombed suspected Taliban positions in southern Afghanistan. No losses were reported.

On October 4, the Taliban blew up a transportation station right on the Afghan side of the Chaman [Pakistan border] killing 6 people including 2 Karzai troops.

New Indian Attempts to Suppress Resistance Fail

On October 1, Indian troops went on the rampage in several civilian areas to terrorize the population. They killed 3 Kashmiri civilians and injured dozens of others. Among those killed were two Kashmiri women and among the wounded were 3 women.

A battle then erupted between Indian troops and mujahideen. Six mujahideen and four Indian troops were killed in the fighting. The martyrs included, reportedly according to India, 4 from Lashkar-e-Taiba.

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