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EGYPT: June 6. Human rights organizations have announced that FIFTEEN political prisoners died UNDER TORTURE during the last one year in Hosni Mubarak's prisons. [This could explain why there was no major upheaval in Egypt during the U.S. occupation of Iraq.]

BANGLADESH: On June 4, thousands of people demonstrated in Dhaka to protest the arrival of American war leader Donald Rumsefeld.

"Saudi" Arabia: Following the attack in Khobar, there have been a series of shootings in broad daylight in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, resulting in the death of an American and an Irish journalist and several injuries. The gunmen escaped.

PAKISTAN: June 10. The Pakistani military came under bomb attack about 400 yards from the American embassy in Karachi. The Corp commander for Karachi seems to have been the target. He survived but six Pakistani troops, two policemen and a civilian were killed.

IRAQ: The U.S. military commander announced that by June 6, nearly 1,000 fighters in Moqtada al-Sadr had been killed by U.S. troops. These huge losses have only brought more support to Sadr. Slowly but steadily, this very young leader seems to be overtaking Ayatollah Sistani who continues to give qualified support to the U.S.
Iraqis say that a U.S. missile attack blew up a mosque in Kufa. The Americans say that the Muslims blew up the mosque themselves by storing ammunition in it.
There has been a spate of attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq by Sunni fighters. In the latest attack, June 10, a mortar fired by the assailants blew up an arms dump killing 6 troops from Poland, Slovakia and Latvia. A week earlier, the Iraqis struck a huge American ammo dump in Kirkuk which kept exploding for hours as it developed from primary to secondary to tertiary explosions.

USA: June 7. A sign of widespread oppression of women in this country, a mother and a grandmother were found beheaded in New Jersey.
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June 10, 2004. A jury found Sami Hussayen innocent of the charges of using web sites to support "terrorism." HE WAS KEPT IN PRISON FOR MORE THAN A YEAR BEFORE BEING FOUND INNOCENT. He is still being held on two lesser charges because the jury got into a conflict.

ABDUR RAHMAN AL-AMOUDI mixed up in attempt to blame Qaddafi for putative attack on Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah

June 10. In a bizarre turn of events, Libya's Qaddafi is being blamed for preparing an assassination of Crown Prince Abdullah of "Saudi" Arabia. The allegation is coming, according to ABC, CBS and other U.S. media, from Abdur Rahman Al-Amoudi who is in a U.S. prison. The U.S. alleges that a prisoner in a Saudi prison is saying the same thing as Al-Amoudi.

The Al-Amoudi claim is apparently based on a plea bargain Al-Amoudi seems to have made with the government to enable him to get out of prison. The STORY, reported by all U.S. major media, smells very fishy. The chances are high that al-Amoudi is being used to CREATE BAD BLOOD BETWEEN TWO ARAB REGIMES. Such mutual hatred is important for the U.S. to be able to manipulate both of them.

Al-Amoudi was a constant presence in pro-government Muslim organizations in America, called ISNA and ICNA. He was arrested after having travelled from Libya with large sums of cash in his hand bag.

New Trend has noted before that according to himself, Al-Amoudi is an operative of the State Department. He organized a group called AMC which was instrumental in the retention of a Jewish judge in the trial of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman. New Trend also noted that after the Shaikh was sentenced, Al-Amoudi was the guest of President Mubarak at a conference in Egypt personally presided over by the Egyptian tyrant.


Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters in Islam

As many of you may know, the trial of Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, Lynne Stewart and Mohamed Yousry will be starting on June 21, 2003. This day will be the day that the members of the jury will be selected from the hat. The following day, June 22, 2003 will be the opening arguments. First will be Christopher Morvillo for the government, next will be Michael Tiger for Lynne Stewart, Mr. Rumkee for Mohamed Yousry and finally Keneth Paul for Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar.

Your support is needed now more than ever. Please come to the courthouse on the day of opening arguments, both brothers and sisters, and show your support for your Muslim Brother. This trial is expected to last for up to six months. So what this means is if you find yourself in NYC at any time in the next six months come to the trial even if it is only for a half an hour, show your Muslim Brother that you and he are a part of the same body that Allah has created and when one part is harmed we all feel the pain and that all we have to fear is ALLAH!

"Our Lord! make us not a trial for those who practice oppression; and deliver us by Thy Mercy from those who reject (Thee)." (9:85-86)

United States District Court
Southern District of New York
40 Foley Square, New York, NY Rm. 110
(the old federal courthouse)
Hon. John G. Koeltl presiding
Monday, June 21 - Seating of Jury
Tuesday, June 22 - Opening Statements - 9 a.m.

Closest Subways:
4,5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge
or the A, C or E to Chambers
1 or 2 to Franklin
N or R to City Hall
MEDIA BLITZ [From New Trend's Media Monitor]

Understanding Leader-Orientation REAGAN: WHY IS HE SO BELOVED of the AMERICAN POWER STRUCTURE? Comparison with Imam Khomeini & Adolf Hitler

America is on a week long media blitz on President Reagan's personality. The death of the 93 year old President seems to have brought forth an outpouring of sentiment which helps observers to understand America.

Some of the mourning for Reagan does touch the common man and woman in America. Two important factors create this touch: At a deeper level, America mourns Reagan for reasons of NOSTALGIA, harking back to an era when the Soviet Union crumbled and the Berlin wall came down. America was advancing, victorious and admired across the globe.

By comparison today, America is hated everywhere and has a problem trying to crush tiny countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. For the first time in history, assailants broke through America's defenses and caused more than a trillion dollars worth of damage on the U.S. mainland in one day. Americans today have a sense of insecurity, especially when they travel by air.

Under Reagan much was done that was morally indefensible. However, nations forgive all weaknesses and mistakes, however great, when they see themselves reflected in ONE MAN. Compared to Bush, Reagan was eloquent and often could speak without a script.

Also, Reagan's America had enemies who were not basically different from Americans. Remember Kruschev wanted to visit Disney? The Communists wore suits and ties, and like Capitalists, they believed that economics is the key to every issue. Today America faces Islam which is more interested in the Hereafter than in Disney. The Jihad movements are not frightened when they face B-52s, Apache helicopters and Abrams tanks with kalashnikovs.

Under Reagan, the rich were not only getting richer, they were quite satisfied with the way the world was going. Today, it is anybody's guess who will win: America or Islam.

Most of America's forces are already committed to the battle. Most of the world of Islam has not yet even begun to fight and has only reached the stage of outrage and moral indignation.


The leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran was probably the greatest leader the Muslim world witnessed before the Jihad movement. Softspoken and deeply spiritual, he transformed Iran from a slave country, known as the show case of American Imperialism, with a playboy King and Queen, into a bastion of Islam.

The Imam had moments of extraordinary greatness in which he transcended sects and nationalities and called for the Unity of the Ummah. His FATWA on Rushdie united the Muslim world in defense of the sanctity of the family of the Prophet's household (peace be on them).

Khomeini lived like the Sahaba, r.a., [Companions of the Prophet] and no one could buy him out or pressure him. When he died, the Iranian people cried like children. It was JUNE and in the intense heat, masses of Iranians paid endless homage to the Imam as he lay in his bier.


The greatest European leader of the 20th century was Adolf Hitler. The German people fought the world powers to the bitter end under his command. The Germans could not bury Hitler. A Russian army had entered Berlin and house to house fighting was going on as German children fought invading columns of Soviet tanks.
Some idea of what Hitler meant to the Germans can be seen in a video titled the TRIUMPH of the WILL, which was originally a movie produced by Leni Riefenstahl. It shows the powerful rapport between the German people and Hitler. It appears that for the Germans, Hitler was not just a great leader but a political messiah for whom they were willing to do anything. The video is an honest report on the 1934 rallies in Nuremburg which showed that Hitler had emerged as the beloved leader of the German people. It's a shocking video for viewers today because we are taught that Hitler was a monster who imposed himself on Germany. The American version of the video, with English subtitles, claims that it is :"One of the most terrifying horror movies of all times." Strangely enough, there is not one word against the Jews in the 122 minute video which features Hitler's speeches to the rallies.


The "Nation" magazine dated May 10, 2004 reads as follows:

"The Descent Into Barbarism" by Abraham Brumberg - Book Review on "The Coming of the Third Reich: A History" by Richard J. Evans. Penguin Press

"Few of those who followed the David Irving libel trial in London three years ago could avoid being struck by the calm but towering presence of the British historian Richard Evans. One of the chief witnesses for the defense, Evans succeeded, more than anyone else, in exposing David Irving as a foul, mendacious apologist for and admirer of Adolf Hitler. And a prolific one to boot. Over the course of several decades, Irving produced one volume of history after another, honing what Evans has called his "Denier's credo"-that gas chambers either did not exist or were insignificant instruments in Hitler's policies; that the number of murdered Jews has been vastly exaggerated; and that in fact the Holocaust as such is nothing but a myth created by the wartime Allies and by "Jewish Zionists."

----Abraham Brumberg has written extensively on Eastern European and Jewish affairs. He is now completing his autobiography to be called Journeys Through Vanishing Worlds.
The Nation received a rebuttal from Mr. Irving and said it would be published but then didn't publish it.

New Trend can see the following flaws in Brumberg's comments:
  1. Brumberg has definitely not read Irving, otherwise he would know that Irving is no apologist for Hitler. His criticism of Hitler, analytical and scathing, is easily available in his impressive book HITLER'S WAR.
  2. In his histories of the World War, Irving does not discuss gas chambers and Auschwitz. It's not his field of study. He only deals with matters for which evidence is available.
  3. It's ridiculous to describe the pro-Zionist historian Evans as a "towering presence" at the libel trial. Evans could not come up with evidence for gas chambers at Auschwitz and was certainly no match for Irving's meticulous and painstaking scholarship.
  4. If the Jewish Holocaust is such a clear reality, surely the Nation and mainstream media in general should be willing to discuss it. Where is the evidence? Mr. Irving is not permitted on to any TV or media outlet because that would signal certain defeat for the Zionist Jewish propaganda machine.
  5. The main point of the libel trial Brumberg concealed from the readers of The Nation is that Irving was fighting to STOP THE CENSORSHIP OF HIS BOOKS by the Jewish behemoth. The Jews do not permit his books to be published and then claim that his books are inaccurate. Isn't it better to let the readers judge for themselves?
One can e-mail "Nation" magazine at the following address: letters@thenation.com


From: Nadrat Siddique siddiqu1@gl.umbc.edu
To: All Things Considered atc@npr.org
Subject: Taleban Admit Murders Story

Dear All Things Considered,

The June 3 ATC piece on the murder of five members of the relief organization Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) in Northwestern Afghanistan, allegedly by the Taleban, raised more questions than it answered. The story was based on a putative Taleban statement of responsibility for the murders. ATC did not ask the key question: In which city or town of Northwestern Afghanistan did the incident take place, and who is in control of that city or town? How was the Taleban statement obtained? Which Taliban representative signed the statement? Why did NPR interview Sarah Chayes (former NPR reporter) in Kandahar, a city in Southern Afghanistan for a story about an incident in Northwestern Afghanistan?

It is interesting to me that these questions are not asked, particularly in view that Northwestern Afghanistan is not known to be a Taleban stronghold; instead, it is in under the control of various autonomous warlords, many of whom collaberate with the U.S. military, and whose hallmark are such atrocities, such as the rape of a U.N. relief worker by members of Dostum militia, allied with the U.S.
Editor's Note: Latest reports are that 11 Chinese workers were killed in the Kunduz area, again a region with no Taliban in it. Apparently Afghanistan under the U.S.-oriented warlords is reverting to chaos and banditry.

A MONTH OF CLASHES BETWEEN 20,000 U.S. TROOPS and small Units of Elusive Taliban Fighters

[Our Afghanistan report.]

From May 6 to June 10, a mobile force of 20,000 U.S. troops, their flanks guarded by Afghan mercenaries, have been hunting the Taliban in eastern and south eastern Afghanistan.

The hunters have gradually become the hunted. The Taliban, in small units of 5 to 10 mujahideen, have been attacking American troops. Quite fearless, they disappear before American jet fighters manage to bomb the area. The Americans claim one successful air attack with 23 Taliban killed but this claim has not been substantiated and not more than one or two Taliban were probably killed.

U.S. media very briefly noted the following Taliban attacks during this month. There have been NO Taliban losses in these attacks, comparable to the tactics used by Geronimo and his Apaches against U.S. cavalry:
  1. Six Afghan troops serving the U.S. killed.
  2. Fifteen Afghan troops serving the U.S. killed.
  3. Four U.S. troops killed.
  4. One U.S. troop killed 2 wounded.
  5. Two U.S. troops killed two wounded.
  6. One U.S. troop killed 3 wounded.
  7. Five U.S. troops wounded along with 3 Afghan mercenaries. Three Taliban wounded.
It's a rule of guerrilla warfare: If the stronger, conventional force fails to deliver a crushing blow, it has lost.
If the weaker, outgunned, but popular force, though unable to win militarily, survives, it has won.
No one doubts that without the presence of American military might, the Karzai regime would collapse and the Taliban would move on Kabul like a hot knife going through butter.

2004-06-13 Sun 05:21ct