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[We have received a superb "BOYCOTT COCA COLA" ad from Pakistan in Urdu language. It is in full color and we need donations to print it in color and distribute it. This is a good way of helping the struggle against Israel. The Jews have killed more Palestinian children in some gruesome incidents reported by IAP August 19-20.]

Mass Rally for Reparations for 400 years of Slavery: August 17, 2002
[Imam Jamil al-Amin's Cause Brought up by Br. Bilal Sunni Ali]
Islamic Battle Strikes in Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan (August 15-19)
CNN's Osama Tapes and Newsweeks' POW massacre story: Weak Deceptions

August 17, 2002 saw thousands of African-Americans (more correctly New Africans) rally at the Capitol in Washington, DC to demand reparations for 400 plus years of slavery in America. There were numerous inspiring speeches during the all-day rally in intensely hot late summer weather. The most impressive were Minister Louis Farrakhan of the NOI and Br. Malik "Zulu" Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP). The poetry of Louis Rivera and the organizing abilities of Ms. Viola made the occasion memorable.

Mr. Farrakhan wondered why America wants to invade Iraq when Iraq has done America no harm. As he pointed out, Iraq has not harmed America's Black community: our struggle is right here. There is no reason why we should be going thousands of miles away to fight Iraqis.

Malik Shabazz challenged the idea that 9/11 is the worst terrorism which has ever happened in America. He held up images of the slave ships which brought millions of slaves from Africa. Several million of the slaves died during the journey and were dumped into the sea by the slave traders.

Br. Shabazz wanted to know why there is a Jewish Holocaust museum in Washington when no Jewish holocaust has taken place here and why there is no Black Holocaust museum?

Several speakers pointed out that the slave holders not only took free labor from the Africans to build America, they also raped just about all African women slaves and continued to mutilate and lynch descendants of slaves into the 20th century c.e.
[In a famous book titled The Jewish Onslaught, Prof. Tony Martin has shown that the main slave traders and owners of slave ships were Jews. He almost lost his job for his words.]

Larry Holmes from the International Action Center (started by the famous Ramsey Clark) connected the mobilization for reparations with the peace movement aimed at stopping the onslaught of Bush and Sharon in the Middle East.

Br. Bilal Sunni Ali brought the cause of Imam Jamil al-Amin to the mass rally on behalf of the International Committee for the rights of the famous imam now in 24-hour lock down in a U.S. prison.

[It is noticeable that Jewish forces tried hard to negate the message of the Reparations rally. Before the rally, a group of Uncle Tom type African Americans was brought together on TV to criticize and oppose the reparations movement. Among them was Gregory Kane who started the "Slavery in Sudan" story with the help of Jewish media like the Baltimore Sun and WJHU radio. After the rally CNN CLAIMED THAT ONLY A COUPLE OF HUNDRED PEOPLE HAD ATTENDED THE RALLY.]
THREE BATTLE ITEMS HAVE APPEARED in the American news media but were passed over with the thinnest information probably they indicated that the Islamic mujahideen have scored heavily.
1. In Chechnya, the mujahideen have shot down a Russian troop transport helicopter killing 99 Russian troops and injuring 35. Good shooting! The Russians have committed genocide in Chechnya but have been recruited into the U.S. "war against terrorism." In a recent report, CNN's Christiane Amanpour tried to humanize the Russian troops involved in the genocide. [Go to our web site and read CHECHNYA.] Some of these Chechen fighters who took refuge in Pakistan were hunted down by the treacherous regime of General Musharref.
2. In Kashmir, the mujahideen have struck a superb blow at an Indian army convoy and disappeared without loss after wiping out an entire Indian platoon. India is admitting that 20 of its soldiers were killed and that the assailants disappeared without trace. [There is also trouble in Tripura and Assam, northeastern India where a peasant uprising is taking place.]
3. The WEIRDEST REPORTS ARE COMNG OUT OF AFGHANISTAN. Two British soldiers were shot and killed at Kabul airport. The British claimed that they were NOT killed by enemy fire. Question: How were they killed? No sensible answer from the British. As one writer quipped, perhaps the British have started shooting each other! The other report is even stranger, coming out of Oruzgan province where Mullah Omar is said to be hiding. The Americans say that ONLY TWO of their soldiers were shot when they came under enemy small arms fire. The weird thing about this report is that an enemy using small arms carefully shot the Americans in the LEGS and then escaped! As is well known, American troops have air power available to them at five minutes notice. Also, the Americans are protected by Afghan mercenary troops. How could men with small arms have penetrated the American forces, shot two of them and escaped. Obviously something much bigger has happened here and as before the real losses are being concealed.
AS EXPECTED CNN AND NEWSWEEK HAVE STARTED THEIR PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN. CNN has been repeatedly showing the death of this poor dog in a poison gas test. CNN claims that it is an al-Qaidah chemical attack video. The dog has been dying, twiching and tormented, on TV screens all day Monday (Aug.19) again and again. No one has yet objected that there is NOTHING in the dog video which indicates that it was prepared by Al-Qaida. We hope that CNN (or the CIA) has not concocted the dog video, otherwise we are going to report this instance of serious cruelty to animals to the SPCA. Our readers should look at what advanced digital cameras can do to create such doggy scenarios. Have you seen the duck which says AFLACK on the insurance advertisement shown countrywide? So if a duck can talk and do insurance commercials, why can't a dog be shown dying a painful death? In video game kiosks across the country, all kinds of scenes and scenarios are enacted.
CNN claims that the tapes it is showing were HIDDEN IN THE SAND for a whole year. Probably CNN did not realize its mistake that ONE YEAR would mean al-Qaida hid the tapes IN THE SAND before 9/11 when there was no sign that the Americans would attack and take over Afghanistan. Most probably what's happening is that the CIA special forces captured some Osama tapes during November and December and passed them on to CNN after doctoring them and adding tapes on chemical warfare and explosives, etc. Their dramatic "appearance" coincides with the 9/11 anniversary. Good timing CNN!

ON A PARALLEL TRACK, Newsweek and NPR have been working to minimize the impact of the war crimes committed against Taliban POWs. The whole world now knows that several thousand Taliban prisoners were killed by General Dostum's men with the full connivance of U.S. forces. The mass murder was carried out without firing a shot when the starving and weakened youths were stuffed like sardines into containers. National Public Radio (NPR) admitted today (August 20) that American forces were present in the Shebergen area when the atrocities took place but NPR would not concede that Dostum was working under U.S. supervision. NPR "forgot" that at the time of the U.S. offensive, NPR itself was presenting Dostum as a quaint folk hero closely associated with the U.S.

Now both Newsweek and NPR are trying to say that it was Dostum's fault. The Europeans are certainly not buying this because they have seen the documentary titled MASSACRE IN MAZAR

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