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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 18,1427/June 14, 2006 #37

More than 100,000 Jews have been resettled in Germany

By contrast, return of Palestinians to their homes under Jewish occupation is not permitted. If only Muslims studied the Second World War, they would understand what is happening in Germany. Every German city was destroyed in World War II owing to the policy of mass murder initiated by Churchill. His closest adviser in this holocaust of German populations was a Jew, Lord Cherwell, known lovingly to Churchill as 'the Prof.'
[David Irving, now in Jewish-supervised-inspired imprisonment in Austria, has documented the mass murder policies of Churchill with meticulous care from hitherto unpublished archives.]

If Iran's leader is really interested in opposing Jewish myths, he should demand that for every Jew returned to Germany, a Palestinian should be returned to his home.

On June 10, the U.S. media quickly passed over the "anti-terrorism" fiasco Britain's ruler Tony Blair faced. Seven days earlier 250 British police, wearing gas masks, had swooped down on British Muslims, 'captured' two and shot one in the process. Tony Blair made the claim that the Muslims were planning a chemical attack. The British media went on the rampage [like the Canadians]. A week later, the truth came out. The whole drama was based on false intelligence. The Muslims have been released and are in the process of suing the government.
Muslims should learn that these powerful governments are usually quite stupid. Stop thinking of them [and of the Jews] as capable of doing everything and always right. They are quite inept. Muslims are much better than them but are not united.

CAIRless: See a joke about CAIR, a bootlicker organization. It is sad but true and funny how these bootlickers try to please their masters. The joke is by Shaikh Nabeel, a scholar from Egypt whom we respect.
Scroll way down.

PERSONAL:[From Dr. Kaukab Siddique.] We have some good news and some bad news.
The good news is that Alauddin Shabazz my erudite friend from Chicago, Ph.D in Comparative Religion, is recovering from his injuries following a serious road accident which we reported earlier. He has come out of coma and is able to talk to his family. He's still in a hospital in Peoria but is out of intensive care. Inshallah he'll be coming home soon. Let's know if you want to write to him or to call his learned wife Dr. Constance Shabazz who is taking care of him. Please pray for his complete recovery.
The bad news is that Br. Ibrahim Amaah Agoe, an African Islamist, passed away, after a prolonged illness, on June 11 in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. He studied in Sudan and took care of my step son at that time. He returned to Ghana a few years back. He spent his life in serving the cause of Islam, constantly studying and doing da'wa. Inna Lillahe wa inna alaihe rajeun.
[We come from Allah and unto Allah we return.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Any Justice for Muslims in Canada? Judge Orders end to Press Coverage After Barrage of Dirty Propaganda

Immediately after the arrest of 17 Muslims in Canada, the Canadian media started an all- out blitz against the accused. The propaganda became dirtier and dirtier till the media were saying that the Muslims were planning to bomb Canadian landmarks and to behead the Canadian prime minister!

It seemed to be a deliberate attempt to stir up hatred against the Muslims of Canada. Even Canada's top newspapers Globe and Mail and Toronto Star spewed blatant libels and outright hate against citizens of Canada simply because they are visible Muslims, the men with beards and their female relatives with burqas.

After doing the dirty work, the Toronto Star coyly admitted "An alleged plot to take MPs hostage on Parliament Hill was abandoned at an early stage because the suspects ...knew little about Ottawa..."

The baseless claim about beheading the prime minister was presented thus by Toronto Star: "The public was shocked to hear a group arrested on terrorism-related charges had supposedly planned to storm Parliament, seize politicians and behead the prime minister."

It was utterly shameless rumor mongering meant to create hatred.

It took days for defense lawyers to meet the accused. Finally a defense lawyer asked the judge to stop the press attacks and the judge ordered so on June 12.

This is How the bootlickers of the White man in Ottawa, CAIR-CAN and Tarek Fatah, responded to Canadian arrests:
[CAIR-CAN is Gamal Badawi and other lackeys of ISNA.]

The subject lines of the messages these two sent out say it all:

"CAIR-NET: Canadian Muslims Relieved Terror Attacks Averted."

Tarek Fatah's subject line was: "Muslim Canadian Congress expresses relief at arrest of alleged terror cell in Toronto."

Note the hypocrisy of the word "alleged." If it is alleged and not true, then why express relief? It's like being "a little pregnant."

New Black Panther Unity Healing Again And Support Rally
Stop The War on Black Youth
Free All Political Prisoners
Revolutionary Conference to Promote Historic Unity and Healing Between The Original Black Panther Party The New Black Panther Party, The Bloods Street Organization

Keynote Speakers Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz & Members of The Original Black Panther Party Moderators
James Mtume, of Open Line WRKS Kiss Radio
Jitu Weusi of NBUF &
James McIntosh of CEMOTAP

Also Zulu Nation, Latin Kings Organization, 5% Nation African Nationalist Pioneer Organization, Nuwabian Nation, Malcolm X Grassroots Organization New Yorks Hottest Revolutionary Rappers

June 17,th 4 to 9 PM
Metropolitan AME Church
58 West 135th Street
609 615 3453

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Invites Muslims to Organize Against Injustice

Dear Muslims: asalamu alaikum

Stand up for your rights. We have the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. We work within the law of the land by peaceful means for just causes. Use your rights otherwise you'll lose them.

Do not be disheartened by the fact that many Muslim leaders in America have sold out. You did not lose your leaders. You never had these leaders. They have been working consistently with and for the enemies of Islam.

They do not follow the Qur'an and the Hadith. Like Qadianis ["Ahmedis," Mirzais] they admire and "worship" America's power. They have money and they hold big gatherings but NOT ONE of them stands up for Islam if there is the slightest risk.

Let us work together on the basis of Islam. Make a humble beginning. One true Muslim is better than crowds of ignorant worshippers. Let's prove that Iman comes first: Million dollar mosques mean nothing if they do not reject false gods.

Support Imam Warith Deen Umar: A Fearless Imam Facing America's Power

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslims across America to rally in support of Imam Umar who lives in Albany, New York. The government has tried to break him but he has stood firm. His apartment was trashed by the stormtroopers of Zionist America. His home was invaded by police with dogs. He is being pressured under the charge that he bought guns TWENTY THREE YEARS back. He refuses to plea bargain. He has never committed a crime and has a brilliant record of helping Muslims in the prison system get their rights.

There are not many Imams in America like Imam Umar. Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin is in prison. Let's not let the oppressors put Imam Umar in prison too. His record is clean. His Aqeedah. is based clearly on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. He stands against slavery of all kinds and has never sullied himself by identifying with the four-letter organizations.

Can you write, speak, email, call, protest? Can you fund-raise? Write to Jamaat al-Muslimeen or email Imam Umar directly at:

Pakistani Ali Asad Chandia faces 75 years: Masaud Khan's Mother writes to New Trend. Summary of Appeal.
Another trial has ended (that of our brother Ali Asad Chandia of Gaithersburg, Maryland), with sentencing to be held August 18th. What can be more disheartening than to see your friend's son given a sentence amounting to a lifetime? 45 years! SubhanAllah! He will be released at 75 years of age, unless Allah the Almighty decrees otherwise, and the perpetrator, the British man responsible for this "conspiracy" has been tried in England and sentenced to 9 years. Why is Virgini's justice system so harsh? Did our Founding Fathers set these draconian laws? What was their purpose and why doesn't the Virginia legislature attempt to amend them?

And the plea bargainers, the guilty ones, are free, or have been rewarded with short sentences because they have testified, and continue to testify against their brothers.

Three innocents languish in prison. The appeal process begins 15 days following sentencing and the respective attorneys research the trial transcripts for material that will be written in the appeal briefs. The three justices sitting at the Richmond Court of Appeals present the calendar for filings and set the hearing date. Masoud Khan's hearing took place at 9:30 am on May 25th. The defense was allotted 30 minutes to speak, which meant 10 minutes for each of the 3 attorneys. The prosecution was allotted 30 minutes, and then each side had 2 minutes of final words. The courtroom is small with only two pews on each side for seating. The public is not expected to attend appeal hearings; however, my son and I felt compelled to attend.

The defense attorneys requested a new trial by jury. Masaud's attorney stressed that Masaud was acquitted of violating the Neutrality Act; that he had no connection to Al Qaida; that he did not intend to fight (wage war) against Americans; that the 3 weapons fired (one bullet each) were at a target, no shots were fired at human beings, and that he did not travel to Pakistan for purposes of warfare, but to appear in court on his family's estate matters.

We are now awaiting the Judge's decision, which could take several months. Please pray for Allah's Mercy, even though Allah has already decreed such events to happen.


Ongoing War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
New Trend Special

June 13: Another Israeli air strike killed 9 Palestinians including TWO CHILDREN and wounded 20. Previously an Israeli artillery strike killed 7 Palestinians including two children on the Gaza beach. The Bush administration considers this slaughter "Israel's right to defend itself."

First 12 days of June 2006
1. Los Angeles Times [June 11] reported and other sources confirmed that heavily armed U.S. troops have encircled the city of Ramadi in an attempt to crush Iraqi resistance. Hundreds of people left the city but most of the people are trapped inside. WATER, ELECTRICITY and HEALTH FACILITIES are no longer available to the population. Ramadi has a larger population than Fallujah did. Three previous U.S. attacks failed to crush the Islamic forces.
1a. More than 40,000 Shi'ite troops supported by U.S. forces are ready to carry out a major crackdown in Baghdad against the Islamic opposition. [June 13]

2. U.S. Government claim: On June 11, 2006, three Islamic prisoners, 2 Saudi Arabians and a Yemeni, imprisoned in the cages of Gantanamo Bay were reported to have committed suicide. However U.S. critics point out that the prisoners are closely monitored and cannot make any move without being observed by guards. Hence suicide is ruled out. Most observers agree that the prisoners were probably murdered. The three included a youth who was underage when he was captured. An attorney for the Yemeni said on the Diane Rayme Show [American University, DC Radio] that cloth had been stuffed into the mouths of the three murdered men.
[New Trend was the first in the entire world to condemn the Guantanamo detention center.]

In its bizarre response to the prisoner "suicides," the Bush administration claimed that this was "asymmetrical warfare" by the detainees[!]. Karen Hughes, the good friend of ISNA-CAIR, claimed that this was "good P.R." by the detainees.
[Source: MSNBC TV June 13.]

3. June 1. European Council Condemned U.S. in a report written by Swiss Cousellor. Report says U.S. Sent Islamic Prisoners to be tortured to 14 countries [including 6 in Europe]. Euphemistically called "rendition," this transportation of abducted Muslims across international frontiers is a gross violation of law as well as a violation of Anti-Torture statutes signed by the U.S. Romania and Poland have issued vague denials. Bush administration calls it "speculative." Why would a Swiss judge make up a story which defends the rights of Islamic prisoners?

4. SOUTH AFRICAN RULERS SECRETLY WORKING WITH THE U.S. to Abduct Muslims: Owing to the efforts of an African Muslim attorney, the abduction of a PAKISTANI MUSLIM, Khalid Rashid from South Africa to Pakistan [allegedly to be handed over to the U.S. or Britain] was revealed. Attorney Omar threatened to take the South African government to the World Court and hence the government revealed that it had actually "deported" the Pakistani, Khalid Rashid, to Pakistan in effect because Pakistan wanted him for Taliban connections. It is feared that he has been handed over to the U.S. or Britain. The ruling ANC has betrayed the ideals of the Anti-Apartheid movement and has hidden relationships with the fascist Bush regime.
Latest on Khalid Rashid:
[With thanks to M.S. Saeed in South Africa.]

Rashid disappeared at the end of last year from Estcourt where he was picked up in a night raid on his home for being an illegal immigrant.

Home Affairs officials said Rashid was deported to Pakistan within days after his arrest. There were, however, fears in the Muslim community that Rashid may have been taken to an international detention centre.

Yesterday Omar sent a letter to the International Criminal Court asking it to investigate Rashid's "enforced disappearance", which he says is a crime against humanity.

In the letter to the ICC Omar claims that British Intelligence requested Khalid's 'rendition.'

5. For five days, the U.S. has been displaying the naked body of Abu Musa'ab al-Zarqawi. Such displays of the bodies of enemy leaders violate the norms of civilized behavior in warfare. Such displays are seen as primitive acts of terrorism which were only practised by barbaric regimes like those of the Roman Empire when they put down slave rebellions and wanted to terrorize the subject populations.

COUNTRY REPORTS [Brief but Important]
IRAN and the U.S. Worked Together to Kill al-Zarqawi?: [New Trend ahead of the curve again.]

June 11, 2006. Hamid Raza Asafi, an official of the Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed the happiness of the Iranian government over the assassination of Islamic leader Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi by the U.S. However he denied reports that Iran cooperated with the U.S. in the tracking and killing of al-Zarqawi.

U.S. and Iran are cooperating on a big scale in Iraq with a $3 billion aid package from Iran.

IRAQ: Heavy Fighting in Iraq after Zarqawi

Islamic forces and U.S. forces have clashed after the assassination of al-Zarqawi. According to Pentagon figures 32 Iraqis were killed by U.S. forces and 22 captured. The dead include two Iraqi children. The Pentagon gives the number of U.S. troops killed in the fighting between June 8 and 13 as 17 killed, bringing the U.S. total of fatalities to 2498. [Source for 2498: CNBC June 13.]

Al-Zarqawi was Alive after Bombing Raid:

U.S. military sources and witnesses on the ground concur that al-Zarqawi was alive after the bombing on June 7, for 52 minutes. The U.S. forces say he died of internal iinjuries and blood poured out of his mouth. However, eyewitnesses say that he was beaten to death by U.S. troops after a Shi'ite named "Karbalai" pointed him out to the Americans.

U.S. media report that Islamic web sites have announced the new leader of Al-Qaidah in Iraq. His name is Abu Hamza al-Muhajer. [June 12.]

HEAVY FIGHTING CONTINUES: Taliban Emerging in Large Numbers: 750 Sorties by U.S. Air Force

In its attempts to shore up the tottering Karzai regime, on May 28, the World Bank, led by the notorious Jew and warmonger Wolfowitz, donated $60 Million to Karzai.

During May 2006, the U.S. air force put in a big effort to destroy Taliban formations from the air. America's most sophisticated aircraft were used in 750 air attacks on the Taliban. [Source for number of sorties: FOX TV News, June 7, 2006].

However fighting continued unabated from June 1 to June 12, 2006. The U.S. announced that it had killed 44 Taliban in three successful air-supported attacks. The Taliban however continued their guerrilla attacks.

On June 4, The Taliban tried to kill the Governor of Kandahar [installed by the U.S.]. The martyrdom operator who tried it was side-stepped by Canadian forces and ended up killing 4 policemen.

On June 5, another martyrdom operator hit a U.S. military convoy in Khost province. The U.S. said four of its troops were wounded. In a second Taliban attack in Nangarhar province the same day, two U.S. troops were killed and 4 wounded.

On June 8, the Kabul regime admitted that 3 of its troops were killed in a Taliban attack in Paktika province.

On June 10, Taliban tried to kill the Karzai Intelligence Chief in Kabul, missed and killed 3 of his policemen. A worrisome development for the U.S. was a Taliban attack in Faryab province [northwest Afghanistan] for the first time.

KABUL has not recovered from the riots of May 29 which started when a U.S. military vehicle hit rush hour traffic killing 5 people. In the angry demonstrations which followed, U.S. troops fired a 50 caliber machine gun into the crowd killing 20 people and injuring 109.

PBS [quite a surprise to New Trend] explained the anger of the demonstrators. It appears that U.S. troops are protecting centers of PROSTITUTION and LIQUOR which have been set up in Kabul by Europeans. Thus the simmering anger of the people was set off by the killing of 5 people in the accident.

May 28, Mullah Dadallah, the legendary field commander of the Taliban, declared dead and/or captured by the U.S. earlier, talked to the BBC from Helmand province and made these points:

1. Taliban control most of southern Afghanistan.
2. Hikmatyar is helping the Jihad and is considered "our elder brother."
3. People are with the Taliban.
4. Large numbers of youths are waiting to carry out martyrdom operations against occupation troops.

On June 9, 2006 Mullah Omar spoke from Afghanistan to Pakistani media to hail al-Zarqawi as a great martyr and to say that his return to Allah will not weaken the resolve of the Islamic resistance.

Smile and Enjoy
Reader says CAIR is A Fake, non-Islamic Organization: CAIR Opposed Criticism of Jewish Holocaust Story and Publicized Tunisian Propaganda Without Comment
by Nabeel
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FROM CAIR daily
The Media Line, 5/17/06

The Tunisian Ministry for Internal Affairs has announced a plan to provide a magnetic card to each worshiper, reports online news portal Elaph, quoting Tunisian daily 'Sawt Al-Haqq Wal-Huriyya.

The project is part of the country's national-reforms package and aims at "improving the system of worshiping," said Minister of Internal Affairs Al-Hadi Muhanni in a press conference.

Each worshiper will receive a magnetic card, with his photo, address and the name of the mosque in which he prays.

The Imam in each mosque is expected to ensure all worshipers carry their personal cards.

If a worshiper's card specifies a different mosque the imam will ask him to leave, according to the proposed system."

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Did you see what I said...CAIR just wrote the Tunis issue
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>as a news item with NO comment...most likely they publish
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>it because I sent it to them

If you recall when a Tehran (IRAN) daily newspaper announced a contest to draw cartoon depicting the Holocaust....CAIR ISSUED A LETTER "ALERT" criticizing that newspaper and calling on "US Muslims" to protest such action ! ! ! What a FAKE organization.....

I swear to Allah that every time there is a critical issue, their action CEMENTs & CONFIRMs my suspicions about this CAIR.

Shaikh Nabeel is a distinguished Muslim and scholar of Islam

2006-06-14 Wed 19:50:50 cdt