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DISNEY GOING DOWN: Feb. 20. Disney has placed a freeze on all hiring for the future. The boycott is biting! Dear Muslims keep up the boycott. Remember, Disney under Eisner funds Zionist Jewish groups throughout the U.S. and in Israel and has set up a Disney in Israel.
Saudi Arabia has now come out openly that it will let the U.S. use Sultan Air Base against Iraq. Just about all of Arabia's peoples oppose the U.S. moves.
TURKEY's rulers consider its people despicable slaves. Turkey's rulers have agreed to let the U.S. use Turkey as America's military base but are negotiating for $26 billion loans with $4 billion up front to enrich the Turkish ruling class. The Turkish oppression of its people is clear: 90% of the people oppose the U.S. war but the rulers are ignoring the people. AMERICA WANTS DEMOCRACY? That is nothing but a BIG LIE. Who cares what the 90% Turkish majority thinks!
[MSNBC is welcome to clarify the issue if this reading of Donahue's removal is incorrect. On Feb. 26, CNN made a comment which is self-contradictory. CNN claimed that Donahue was removed because of low ratings. Then CNN went on to say that MSNBC is doing re-runs of Donahue's show! Obviously if the ratings were low, there is no point in doing re-runs in the same time slot.-Ed]
by our media monitor

Veteran talk show host Donahue who appeared regularly on MSNBC during week days was suddenly terminated on February 24, 2003. What did Donahue do which was wrong by the standards of the Jewish censorship machine? Nothing sensational. His fault was that he had gradually edged forward to the position that there was a valid anti-Bush and anti-Israel viewpoint. He had even had the dirty dog "Christian" evangelist Falwell on his show and shot him down as the moronic tub of lard he is.

Donahue was rankling the Jewish monitors of media by letting both sides have their say. Such basic, normal journalism was outrageous by the vicious "standards" being maintained by most other shows. For the Jewish lobby, OREILLY of Fox News is the desirable talk show host because he can insult a poet laureate like Amiri Baraka and label him "anti-semitic" and abuse a professor like Sami Al-Arian and pin the label of "terrorist" on him.

For the Jewish lobby, even basic REPORTING of news from occupied Palestine is unacceptable. The Jews have been complaining even to the New York Times that it is unfair to Israel (because it reports about 5% of the murders of Palestinians carried out by Israel).

Goodbye Donahue. Thank you for trying. Poor Chris Matthews of Hardball seems to have learned from your fate and has turned hard right to please the Bush lobby.

Every now and then we receive hate mail which is commonplace on the Internet. Much of this comes from Hindus and Jews who use four letter words for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and abuse his blessed family in words which make Salman Rushdie sound like an angel. Some of these messages preach outright violence and death against Muslims. One well-known message shows a huge bomber jet plowing into the Ka'aba in Makka as millions of Muslims gather around it.

Dear Reader: Have you ever heard of a Jew or a Hindu being arrested for threatening death and destruction to Muslims or for hate urging the defilement and destruction of the holy places of Islam? We haven't.

However, in the bastion of "democracy", "Great" Britain, where Blair defies the 77% majority against the war, an Islamic scholar has been convicted of terrorism for words he spoke to an obscure gathering of Muslims EIGHT YEARS BACK!

Shaikh Abdullah Al-Faisal is known for his forthright but academic discussion of Sharia. A few years back he rebutted the Saudi agents ("salafis") who were attacking Dr. Omar ĎAbdel Rahman. He does not have weapons nor does he have an armed organization. He has never broken the law and has lived for decades in England without ever having broken the law.

After 9.11 the Blair government has been trying to appease the Bush administration by oppressing outspoken opponents of Zionism. A entire military operation, complete with helicopters and swat teams, was carried out to shut down Finsbury Mosque. A number of Algerian Muslims were arrested for alleged connection to attempts to produce Ricin. [The Algerians remain in prison but no Ricin has been found!]

Shaikh Abdullah Al-Faisal was the earliest victim of Blair's anti-Islam frenzy. It was a problem to convict the Shaikh because he has never DONE anything violent. The British seized his audio tapes and spent months listening to them. Finally (they claim) they found what they wanted: A tape calling on Muslims to kill Jews and another tape allegedly saying that (in the context of Hindu massacres of Muslims), Muslims had the right to kill Hindus. We don't know what was actually on those tapes: the words were enough to convict the Shaikh and to please the Zionists. Another coup for Blair.

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