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Most Muslims see Islam as a spiritual force which changes people by way of mental "inner" transformation. It's politics too is that of Allah's authority and guidance which is definitely not on the side of any party.

In a power structure which is basically oppressive and exploitative, Islam cannot be a partner or a supporter.

However, on the basis of their financial resources and the strong urge they feel to integrate into the American system, a rich Muslim group (which comes under a variety of labels but is basically one) decided to enter partisan politics and to support Bush for president.

Islamic observers say, this rich persons' decision was a strategic blunder which can do serious damage to the advance of Islam in this country if the rich group is allowed to continue in its use of Islam as a facade.

The most important source of the forward movement of Islam in this country is the African-American or Black community. This community sees BUSH AS A RACIST. The Black community's response to Bush is based on hard facts:

1. Following one of the most heinous racist murders of a Black man in Texas, Bush was seen as a man who did not show warm sympathy and support for the victim's family. It was a murder rare in its atrociousness even by American standards. The victim was tied behind a truck and then dragged to his death. His body broke into pieces during the atrocity.

If Bush could remain unmoved by such horror, there is very little which can be expected of him by way of humanity and decency. As the governor of Texas, much was expected of him.

2. Texas executes more people than most states in the USA. The majority of those executed are reported to be Black. Months back a person was executed in spite of worldwide appeals and protests. Again, he was Black and some say had accepted Islam. Our information is that Minister Farrakhan was very distressed by the execution and expected that the rich group which claims to speak for America's Muslims would speak out. The rich group remained silent.

3. Once the context of America's partisan politics has been accepted, then we must face the fact that the Black community votes against the Republican party and votes Democratic almost by way of protest. The BLACK COMMUNITY is the root of Islam and Islamic movement in this country. Thus strategically the RICH GROUP HAS PLACED MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS IN OPPOSITION TO THE MAINSPRING AND SOURCE OF ISLAMIC GROWTH IN AMERICA.

Try to think of what Malcolm X would have said of an "Islam" which supports Bush!

The most that can be said in favor of the Muslim vote for Bush is that Bush has fewer Jews supporting him than Gore. The fact however is that Bush is almost as staunch a supporter of Israel as Gore.

Think back about Nixon. The Jews hated him so much that they actually managed to force him to resign (aided by his own weaknesses and arrogance), but when it came to Israel, Nixon was second to none. HE SET UP AN AIR BRIDGE TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE WEAPONRY WHICH ISRAEL HAD LOST IN THE FIRST VICTORIOUS EGYPTIAN THRUST UNDER GENERAL SHAZLY several times over.

The fact is that USA is an imperialist power which uses Israel as its forward aircraft carrier base. In turn the Jews have cleverly implanted themselves into the US body politic.

Thus the idea of Bush as a "lesser" evil is fake. He is not going to stop helping Israel. Militarily, he will be no less willing to bomb Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan than Clinton. After all it was his father who devastated Iraq in the first place. There is no shred of evidence that Bush Jr. does not agree with Bush Sr.

In any case, Islam teaches support for good, not for evil (lesser or greater). We are obligated to COMMAND THE GOOD and REJECT EVIL. (Not command the lesser evil!).

Thus the rich group has brought the Muslims of America face to face with political disaster. The rich group has reduced Islam to the level of a "nationalistic" ideology with Muslims seen as a nation rather than an Ummah led by the messenger of Allah!

The motivation of the rich group needs to be explored. The obvious cause of their action seems to be their deep desire expressed variously over the last 20 years to INTEGRATE into the American system. It has nothing to do with Islam or a program which has goals or objectives related to the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith.
O Allah! Accept out Baraa' from this group of exploiters of religion. Forgive our Ummah, O Allah. We are not of those who support racism. We are not of those who praise the rich and the powerful. We are not of those who do the tawaf of the White House and Congress.
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