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Secret talks on Palestine and Kashmir have no Islamic Validity:

"O ye who believe! Take not My enemies and yours as friends and protectors ,-offering them love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you, and have driven out the Messenger and yourselves (from your homes), because ye believe in Allah your Lord. If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure, take them not as friends , holding secret converse of love and friendship with them: for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path." [The Qur'an 60:1]

On May 31, 2003 President Bush visited Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland. According to Jewish claims, 1.5 million prisoners were exterminated here by the Nazis, mostly in "ovens" and a "gas chamber." Bush wrote in the guest book "Never forget" and said : "These sites are sobering reminders of the power of evil and the need for people to resist evil." [ The Baltimore Sun , June 1, 2003]

Observers wonder why Bush would visit the alleged death camps at a time when the war has been over for 58 years. Jews today are the most powerful, the wealthiest and the most oppressive people in the world. They have dispossessed several million Palestinians and established a military colony in Palestine called "Israel" which has the most expensive military juggernaut in the middle east.

America's Jews control the American media, big business, Wall Street, Hollywood, Madison Avenue and the Pentagon. They have a stranglehold on America's leading universities and the medical system. President Bush himself is handled by an impressive group of Jews and their neo-conservative allies.

Thus Bush's visit to Auschwitz can only be seen as a special gesture of support for the Jewish lobby.

WORLD WAR II saw incredible savagery between European powers (as well as between Japan and China). Millions were killed. Jews were scapegoated and victimized by Hitler, but their suffering was no greater than that of anyone else, including German civilians who were incinerated in very large numbers in U.S.-British bombing attack. [One hundred thousand German civilians were killed IN ONE NIGHT in a deliberately genocidal British-U.S. attack on the open city of Dresden.]

WHAT HAPPENED AT AUSCHWITZ has been studied and analyzed in great detail by scholars who have shown that the Jewish version of the story is not true. These scholars are NOT Nazis or racists or illiterate red necks. The Jewish version of AUSCHWITZ is certainly doubtful for anyone who has read scholarly criticism of the victors' version.

Most AMERICANS do not know that AUSCHWITZ was not located in Germany but in Poland and the Jews were brought there not to be killed but to be used as labor in war-related industry. Several thousand Jews were killed by the Nazis at Auschwitz and such atrocities are indefensible and beyond the pale (as is war itself). However the claim that 1.5 million were exterminated, and that too by gassing, is an absurdity which can only be accepted by those who have not done their reading.

Auschwitz remained under Soviet control for decades after the war till the Afghan jihad brought the Soviets down.

In the face of scholarly criticism, the very existence of any gas chambers at Auschwitz is very doubtful. In a powerful book, titled AUSCHWITZ: A JUDGE LOOKS AT THE EVIDENCE, Wilhelm Staeglich looked at all the materials produced by the victors. His analysis is devastating and systematically destroys the entire myth of Auschwitz. No wonder the book, published in 1986 and re-issued in 1990 (377 pages), has been carefully ignored by the major media.

Smaller books have also a driven a wedge into the mass of propaganda produced by the Jewish side. We now know that in September 1944, a Commission of the Red Cross visited these so-called "death camps" and wrote a 156-page report. It did not find anything significantly wrong going on at Auschwitz and gave the camp only a few paragraphs in its report. This fact was included in a small but shattering, myth-busting book called THE AUSCHWITZ LIE. Published by Thies Christophersen in 1973, it was translated into English in 1974. More than 100,000 copies were distributed in five languages but again it did not make it to the major media in spite of being an eyewitness account.

More recently DAVID IRVING, the famous historian, took an American Jewish professor, Lipstadt, to court in U.K. for defaming him for his criticism of the Jewish version of the war. During the trial, Lipstadt brought the entire power of the Jewish lobby to bear on Irving. Spielberg is said to have pumped $600,000 into the case. Irving faced some of the most expensive attorneys in the world and lost the defamation case. However, during the trial he challenged the GASSING AT AUSCHWITZ THEORY and Lipstad's attorneys failed to prove that there were any vents at the Auschwitz camp through which deadly gas could have been induced into the chambers below allegedly holding Jewish prisoners.

AUSCHWITZ has netted billions of dollars for ISRAEL owing to the pity it creates for the Jews who run that terrorist entity. In fairness to Americans, it is time that the major media permit a presentation of both sides of the issue. At this time it is evident that the SCHOLARSHIP WHICH DEBUNKS THE AUSCHWITZ MYTH IS SO POWERFUL THAT THE MAJOR MEDIA DO NOT DARE PERMIT IT TO APPEAR except by way of abuse and denigration.

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