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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 7, 1428/ March 27, 2007 #25

LATEST WAR NEWS: From our Media Monitor
March 27, 2007: For the 7th day, NATO aircraft continued to bomb Helmand province which fell to the Taliban a few months back. NATO says it is trying to disrupt the Taliban supply line. Afghans on the ground say that in effect this means NATO is deliberately bombing civilian populations which support the Taliban. The bombing killed 19 more civilians bringing the total to a little above 100 killed and several hundred wounded.
Kandahar province: Taliban hit district headquarters of the Kabul-Karzai police which admitted at least 4 killed. [March 26.]

PAKISTAN: Demonstrations by attorneys went into high gear ACROSS the country on Monday, March 26. The Islamic coalition, MMA, supported the attorneys with rallies of its own. Peoples Party and Muslim League of Nawaz Sharif also joined the protestors in full force. General Musharraf's attempt to destroy the judiciary by "suspending" Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhury precipitated the protests. Observers say that now the opposition to Musharraf has reached the secular groups who had been supporting him. Only MQM, an ethnic group in Karachi, is still supporting Musharraf.
In the Frontier town of TUNK, Musharraf's police clashed with Pakistani Taliban who went into local schools and urged the teenagers to join the jihad against America & NATO. Many students have left with the support of their parents. On March 27, the government closed down all schools in the town to stop the jihad preaching. A senior police officer and three of the local Taliban were killed in the fighting.
In PESHAWAR, for the first time a powerful bomb exploded in front of the elite Green Hotel. The huge explosion was heard a mile away. Numerous officials and officers were wounded but no fatalities reported. [March 27.]

A great new FIRST for New Trend. We have interviewed a top level Islamic woman leader of Pakistan. The interview is being translated from Urdu into English. See next issue, inshallah.

Why this big deal about Iran's capture of 15 British marines? What are the British doing in the Persian Gulf anyway? Quite far from Britain, isn't it? Haven't Muslims suffered already much too long from British bloody mindedness? Note how Radcliffe cut off Kashmir from Pakistan and Balfour "gave" Palestine to the Jews. Blair should get off his "moral" dunghill. He leads a rogue nation which has not paid a heavy price for its crimes. The British are committing serious war crimes in Helmand province of Afghanistan.
There are new reports that the U.S. might launch a swift air assault on Iran at the instigation of Israel. Other reports indicate that the U.S. naval battle groups have moved AWAY from Iran to the Indian Ocean. Our analysts say that the U.S. may be preparing a major air offensive against the Taliban and frontier areas of Pakistan.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen opposes the death penalty. We have tried to highlight the case of Br. Siddique Abdullah Hasan [on death row in Ohio] in previous issues This time we report on a protest against the death penalty in Baltimore, Maryland. Please scroll way down.

Observers say that when Bush's Attorney General Gonzalez came under severe criticism, the regime tried to distract attention by suddenly revealing that Islamic captive Khalid Shaikh Muhammad has confessed to being the mastermind behind 9.11 and just about every attack you can think of [and some which you can't!]. Veteran Arab journalist Ali Baghdadi has sent us a hilarious response to the Khalid "confession" story in which Br. Ali pays tribute to his own mother, a truly great Arab mother. Please scroll down.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach in Silver Spring, Maryland: Support Imam Warith Deen Umar

On March 24, 2007 a large two-sided card highlighting the struggle of Imam Warith Deen Umar [Albany, New York] against the FBI was given to 100 people who were coming out of a Muslim fund raiser. A flyer calling for the boycott of businesses which support Israel was also distributed.
[It was a weird fund raiser. Scroll down to an eyewitness account below.]

Brother Hodari Abdul 'Ali on Radio about his Historic India Trip We now have a CD of Br. Hodari speaking about his trip to India on WPFW Radio [Washington, DC] on March 13. It's a "must listen" CD very educational about India but done in a friendly conversational style. Listeners can begin to learn some amazing facts here: India has one of the largest populations of Muslims in the world, Gandhi is not popular among Black Indians [Dalits], the influence of Malcolm X and much more. Br. Hodari met the great Indian Dalit philosopher-journalist Rajshekhar in Bangalore. In Calicut tremendous Islamic work is underway in the leadership of Prof. Koya and others.

[Jamaat will send the CD free to the first 20 requests.]

National Shoora Reminder: May 19, 2007: Peaceful but Uncompromising

Host : Imam Badi Ali
Secretary General: Sis. Karen English
Ameer: Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Inshallah, the Central Committee of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will meet in Greensboro, North Carolina on May 19 [Saturday] from 9 AM to 6 PM.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen is the only Islamic organization in America which supports the causes of ALL the Islamic political prisoners held by the U.S. as well as non-Muslims unjustly imprisoned

Jamaat condemns the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the occupation of Palestine.

Jamaat is deeply committed to educating Americans about the anti-Sudan "Darfur" propaganda as well as the occupation of Somalia by Ethiopia.

Jamaat stands for the equal rights of Muslim women and men within the dynamic framework of the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Jamaat works with and welcomes the efforts of non-Muslims who are not part of the power structure and do not support Israel.

Masjid to be Set up In South Texas on Mexican Border, Inshallah

Jamaat al-Muslimeen is planning to set up a humble but dynamic Masjid near the border to cater to the needs of steadily growing numbers of Latinos/Latinas who are accepting Islam or are interested in Islam.

Br. Sulaiman Solano, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora member from Texas, is working on the details of this forthcoming masjid.

Guilford College Incident in Perspective
Muslims in America Should not React to every Incident as if Muslims are Always Right. We Must Evaluate According to the Qur'an

Imam Badi Ali, Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader in North Carolina was the closest to the college in Greensboro, North Carolina where a group of tough non-Muslim football players shouted racial slurs at a few Muslim youths and roughed them up. CAIR and MAS made a hue and cry about it and behaved as if an incident of national dimensions had taken place. Both groups are not represented in Greensboro but that did not stop them from issuing statements.
Imam Ali has dealt many times with the people at Guilford. These are Quakers and very friendly with the Muslims and Imam Ali has shared with them the struggle against the war. The Imam refused to condemn the college owing to the actions of a few roughnecks.
CAIR approached Imam Ali and offered to have CNN and NY Times cover him if he spoke out against the perpetrators. He refused and said that we must keep things in proportion. He said: The people of America are not our enemies. We don't want to imitate the Jewish organizations like ADL who are always looking out for something to complain about . He said that we should also look at the quality of the Muslims and see if we should pick this fight. All Muslims are not up to Islamic standards in their behavior.
Imam Badi Ali says: We do much harm to the Muslims of America by seeing the people of this country as a threat. CAIR's entire approach is wrong in this matter, he said. America's Muslims are being oppressed by the Bush Administration and the zionists working through the government, Imam Badi concluded. Let's not divert attention from the real issues, he said.

Innocent Islamic Scholar in Prison: Jamaat Plans to Rally Support for Dr. Ali Timimi

Ali Al-Tamimi is an American biologist and Islamic scholar. He was convicted of inciting terrorism in connection with the Virginia Jihad Network.

Al-Tamimi was born in Washington, DC, and raised in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood. His father, a lawyer, worked at the Iraqi embassy, and his mother was a noted scholar of psychology. When he was 15 his family moved to Saudi Arabia, where he became interested in Islam. On returning to the U.S. two years later, he attended The George Washington University and the University of Maryland, College Park. He received a doctorate in computational biology from George Mason University on the topic of "Chaos and Complexity in Cancer". (Wikipedia)

Eyewitness Account
Muslim Link Fundraiser
"Leaders" Exploit Muslim Masses: Expert BEGGING Used to Drain Resources: What do Yvonne Ridley & Johari Abdul Malik have in Common?
by Kaukab Siddique

"Let there arise out of you a people inviting to all that is good, commanding what is right and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity." [The Qur'an 3:104]

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: A person who begs and he has enough to keep him alive, on the day of Qayamah, he will have that begging scratched and marked on his face like a boil. The Prophet was asked: O messenger of Allah, How much is enough to keep one going? He [the messenger said] fifty dirhams or their equivalent in gold." [Hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, collected in the Sunan of Ibn Maja, Nasai, Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi.]

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: Undoubtedly begging is like self-laceration with which one scratches ones own face. It is up to you to mark your face or to save it, except if one has to ask the ruler or in a condition when there is absolutely no choice except to beg." [Hadith narrated by Samurrah ibn Jandab, r.a., collected in the Sunan of Abu Dawud, Nasai, Tirmidhi and ibn Hibban.]

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: A person keeps asking for help till he will arrive on the Day of Qiyamah that all the meat will have fallen off his face." [Hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Umar, r.a., collected in the Sahih of Bukhari and Muslim and the Sunan of Nasai.]

["Face" is an Islamic metaphor for honor and self-respect.]

Let's try to figure this out. A Muslim community paper titled Muslim Link comes out of Masjid Dar-ru-ssalam in College Park, Maryland. The Masjid, as we noted once before, has abundance of funds. It collected several MILLION dollars for its buildings alone.

The paper Muslim Link, went into a deficit of $112,000+ but kept publishing. Who paid the $112,000? That's not been clarified. Obviously the paper is backed by the rich "leaders" of the Muslim community. Muslim Link stated that it publishes only 9000 copies, most of them dumped at mosque entrances and Halal shops and restaurants. With this meager circulation, it pulled off this heavy loss!

On March 24, 2007 Muslim Link decided to milk the Muslim community for the losses it had suffered. A campaign was launched urging Muslims to save this paper in the name of Islam. At least 500 people turned up for the fundraiser held in Silver Spring, Maryland.

To add to the impression that this is an Islamic cause, Yvonne Ridley was invited from England to talk about her experiences with the Taliban.

She evidently did not know that Muslim Link does not support the Taliban or any of the Jihad movements in Muslim lands. In fact Muslim Link has hardly ever [most probably never] discussed the struggle of the Taliban. Thus the invitation to Yvonne Ridley was an attempt to exploit the Islamic fervor of the Muslim masses.

Guess who was running the show! Johari Abdul Malik, W.D.'s man from Howard University. Johari is infamous for his offer to the Bush administration that he would work with the FBI to arrest "Muslim extremists." He claimed that he had personally thwarted "Muslim extremists." [See his comments on C-Span.]

While the 500 odd guests waited for Yvonne Ridley to speak, Johari delivered an hour long rant-spiel-sermon to give people the impression that they were actually donating for Islam, not for a paper which had overspent its resources.

Johari used all the tactics of the kuffar to raise funds, with a mixture of pressure salesmanship and grandiose claims of reward in the Hereafter. There is nothing like this in the Sunnah of the Prophet, pbuh, to do fundraising on dubious grounds. The non-Muslim method of making people feel ashamed that if they can't donate $1,000, they should donate $100 was used by Johari as if it has Islamic validity.

Every now and then he would call out "Allahu Akbar" when a big donation was made. How low can you get! Allahu Akbar linked to dollar amounts!

Johari is so proud of the White House! During his speech, he suddenly forgot that this was not a W.D. crowd and claimed that the Muslim Link is so good that it's even read in the White House!

During his rant, Johari revealed that funding for Muslim Link is being backed by two masjids known for their pro-White House leanings: ADAMS Center and Dar al-Hijrah. [Remember ADAMS Center with its "Imam" Magid who is hooked into the Jewish-Zionist network of Synagogues?] It appears that ADAMS Center also took care of the food supply for the evening.

The dinner was of poor quality though the invitees had been charged $20 each for it. One estimate is that Muslim Link made $10,000 off the food alone.

Then came Yvonne Ridley. She held the people spell bound with her description of her capture by the Taliban. With an inimitable sense of humor and powerful imagery, she destroyed the myths the Zionist media have built up about the savagery of the Taliban and the propaganda of their evil attitudes towards women.

Is it honest of Muslim Link to lead the Muslim community to connect it or Johari to the Islamic uprising of the Taliban? Can it be called honest at all? Should it not be seen as a rip off?

Muslim Link has also ignored the great causes of the Muslims of America, such as the suffering of Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman and the 60 years given to Ahmed Abdel Sattar. Overseas causes, like the murder of President Saddam Hussein too have been ignored. Muslim Link has done good community work and has touched on the suffering of those political prisoners who were not opposed to the U.S. government [also known as "safe causes."]

The audience were promised that questions and answers would be allowed but none were allowed. The spokesman of the paper announced on the PA system that the paper does not discuss "divisive" issues, which more or less rules out every issue concerning the Muslim ummah.

The ending of the program was bizarre. Suddenly the mike was given to Mauri Saalakhan and he started belting out an appeal to the audience to support his organization for a "massive" demonstration in support of Prof. Sami al-Arian who is on a hunger strike. Saalakhan did not tell people that Prof. Al-Arian's hunger strike has already ended and no one can join a "massive" demonstration after 6 hours in a fund raiser!

Saalakhan is a murky figure who has become a one-man crusader to sell his books and collect funds [authorized?unauthorized?] on behalf of political prisoners. He usually turns up at the end of a program to make some drama for himself. No accounting is made available for the funds he collects. Surely Islamic standards are much stricter than this behavior. How is it that pro-government groups let him get on the mike in just about every conference to make indiscriminate appeals on behalf of his one-man organization?

Ya Allah! Have mercy on this Ummah! The "leaders" here are much too cunning for our compassionate community. By the time Johari ended his campaign, nearly $70,000 had been collected for Muslim Link. It was still $42,000 short, and with this kind of shortfall, will this paper still be published? Who is really paying?

ONE NOTE ON HONEST JOURNALISM. If the leaders of Darussalam, Dar al-Hijrah and ADAMS Center are behind Muslim Link, how can this paper ever be expected to look critically at the mess our Muslim leaders have created? What about all the bootlicking activities of Johari Abdul Malik etc. Will Muslim Link ever dare to say a word out of line after this fund raising?

Letter: Re: Report on March on the Pentagon, NT #23

I beg to differ -- slightly! -- with the reports of the Pentagon march.

There were around 500 Vietnam-era veterans organized by right-wing forces (and funded by the White House). They were not the regular Vietnam vets, not even the regular pro-war vets, but organized motorcycle gangs in heavy get-ups forming a gauntlet if one walked slightly away from the main demo down Constitution Avenue. They cursed anyone walking past, hit people, "accidentally" bumped into us, spit on people.

My point is that the White House is attempting to use these folks to form the American version of Hitler's SS shock troops, and poured tons of money into bringing them there and providing for their needs. Even so, the fact that most vets had the good sense to stay away and that only 500 or so showed up -- as intimidating as they tried to be -- is remarkable!

My one criticism I have of ANSWER at this demo was that we did NOT march to the Pentagon -- which remained 1/2-mile away -- but to one of the Pentagon's parking lots. Previous pre-911 demos, including the ones in 1967 and in the mid 1980s, marched right up the steps and to the doors. I don't know why this did not occur this time, but it was disheartening.

But I thought the demonstration itself was powerful, if freezing. As I commented to one reporter, "The temperatures in the 20s, but it feels like the 60s!"

Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens/Green Party

Mom Would Have Spanked Bush's Butt

By Ali Baghdadi

(, Chicago)

Only fools could make up the amazing confession tale of Khaled Sheik Mohammed. Only fools would also believe this hilarious story. Mohammed, who ranks as number three in al-Qaeda, after Ben Laden and al-Zawahiri as the United States government wants us to believe, not only accepted sole responsibility for planning, plotting and/or executing a long list of terrorist crimes prepared by the Bush administration, but voluntarily reminded the court of other murderous incidents not appearing in his indictment. All the "Muslim" terrorist acts in the last twenty years, the real and imaginary ones, are of his making. The American people can now sleep in peace. The world is now safer. Hurray to President George W. Bush II.

This fairy tale reminds me of something I am revealing for the first time about my own childhood. I must confess, as a little kid, I lied to my mom. Apparently I was not a "good" liar. I often got caught. My mom was "mean". She accepted no nonsense from me or anyone else. She showed zero tolerance for my "bad" behavior. Immediately after each lie, she ordered me to take off my pants, and spanked my butt. Her weapon of mass destruction was our old long broom. She was a good planner. She used to borrow the broom of our neighbor next door, as a precautionary measure, just in case hers breaks during her merciless, disciplinary act. The corner of our room (we had no house, only one tiny room) was my solitary confinement for the rest of the day. At no time were our neighbors able to save me or lower my sentence. They were all scared of my mom's broom. She also kept the room locked to any intruder. As I have just mentioned, she was a "mean" mother, really "mean."

As a child I strongly believed that some jinni, a sort of unseen spirit that accompanied me wherever I went, must have been spying on me. However, as I grew older I started to suspect the existence of those spirits. Even if they indeed existed, as we had been taught in al-Madrasa by our religious scholars who recited the Qura'n from memory and knew best, I doubted that my mom actually had an open channel of communication with them.

After I graduated from high school and entered my adulthood years, and while my mom was in a good mood because of the great accomplishments of her only son, I hesitantly dared to ask her a question that had been bothering me since the day I was born. Of course, first I wished her a high and comfortable place in paradise next to my dad who departed years ago. Then I kissed her two hands to show respect and remorse for all the crimes and bad deeds I had committed or that I may unintentionally commit in the future. How were you able to uncover most of my lies, dear mom? There were no eye witnesses, and I had made sure to leave no evidence to be used in my indictments.

She looked at me with a smile and tears in her eyes and said, It was simple, my beloved son. The lies were too big. They were obvious. One didn't have to be a scientist to discover them.

George W. Bush was unfortunate! Apparently Barbara Pierce Bush, a descendant of President Franklin Pierce, was not a mean mom. This may explain the fact that her son, poor George, turned out the way he is, among other things, a pathetic liar, mass murderer and war criminal

William John Cox, in his book titled A Brief on The Bush Presidency:

How is it that a lying and denying alcoholic, with arrests for theft and disturbing the peace and a conviction for drunk driving; one born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with no empathy for the plight of ordinary people; an inarticulate spoiled brat who just didn't get the lessons of a good education; a chronically failed businessman who's never earned anything on his own; and a high school cheerleader who avoided military service in Vietnam.

Bush's younger brother Neil recalls when he was seven years old and his little brother Marvin six, George Jr., age 16, would give them ten seconds to start running down the hall before he began shooting BB pellets at them.

Bush's boyhood friend Terry Throckmorton remembers how he and Bush would capture frogs that would gather in the water at a low spot behind Bush's house: We'd put firecrackers in the frogs and throw them and blow them up.

Out of respect, in the Arab World, parents are known by the name of their oldest son. My mother was called umm (the mother of) Ali. However, my father was known as abu (the father of) Mustafa, a deceased son from an earlier marriage. The parents' first names are dropped the moment their first son is born. If you asked my mother to give you her name, the only answer you would get would be umm Ali.

I am in debt to my "illiterate" mom, umm Ali. I will honor and love her as long as I live. In my memory she will continue to be the greatest and best mother ever existed. One thing for sure, some may call me uncompromising, hard headed and stubborn when it comes to certain basic principles, but no one ever called me a spoiled brat. I do still believe that the stick she used to reprimand me came from heaven. I also believe, as taught by Prophet Muhammad, Entry to Paradise can only be realized from beneath the feet of mothers.

My mother passed away twenty five years ago. Had she been alive today, the President of the United States and his administration would have benefited a great deal had they hired umm Ali as a top advisor. She would have kept them all in line and out of trouble. Anytime they sat in the Oval Office to plan a lie, as they often do, they should have invited her to listen. I must tell you the truth, if the lie is too big, my mom would have screamed straight in the President's face. "You are a fool. Only fools would believe you. Try again."? Umm Ali was not a sexist, a racist or a bigot. Certainly, she would have treated George, a blue-eyed, a non-Muslim and a non-Arab, as her only child. She would have even asked the most powerful leader in the world, to take off his pants and spanked his rear end. After rejecting all his lies, my mother would have turned to the President and told him, "It is for oil, stupid. Fire all your s.o.b. advisors, including Vice President Cheney. Tell the truth to the American people. Say it as it is, my little boy. Had he listened, peace around the world would have prevailed. People worldwide would have adored George W. Bush. Umm George would have also shared some of the praise with her naughty child. The President of the United States of America would have walked to my mom and kissed her hands.

Remember what I stated earlier, though she didn't go to school, my mom, mercy of Allah be upon her soul, was a no nonsense woman. No one, including the Commander in Chief of the United States military forces, was big in her eyes. She prayed five times a day at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, fasted the month of Ramadan and also Shaa'ban and Zul-Hijjah, gave of the little she had to the poor and made the pilgrimage to Mecca, not once, not twice, but three times. In her return journey home to Jerusalem, she died in al-Medina, not far away from the man she loved the most, Prophet Muhammad. What a fortunate woman! She was buried in al-Baqee, the most sacred and honored cemetery in the entire Muslim World, and joined the Messenger's companions who carried the banner of Islam to almost every corner of the globe. Her grave, which she supervised and helped to dig earlier, next to the ancient wall of the city of Jerusalem, was donated, in accordance with her will, to Said and his brother Ishaq al-Nemr, our two poor neighbors. To make it short and brief, as you have seen, umm Ali feared no one but "Allah"?, the God of the Universe, all men and women, all animals, all plants, all planets and all galaxies.

Umm Ali is now in heaven. She cannot be of any help to President George W. Bush.

Unfortunately, little George has been caught with his two hands, not one, in the cookie jar again and again. His foolish advisors got him in big trouble, not once, not twice, but so many times. He continues to lie. Again, only fools would believe the list of terrorist crimes attributed to Khaled Sheik Mohammad. The lie is too big.

Against the Death Penalty: Protest in Baltimore, Maryland

On March 24, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives participated in a protest organized by the Baltimore Coalition Against the Death Penalty, and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty outside Death Row (Super Maximum Security Prison) in Baltimore. Last year, the facility was the target of protests, after several prisoners reportedly died as a result of maltreatment by authorities prior to trial. The spirited group of about 40, paraded around the blocks-long prison facility, chanting "Death row, hell no!" and "Money for jobs and education, not for racist incarceration!"

At an informal rally following the march, the moderator drew attention to the fact that the death penalty targets predominantly black and poor people, and that almost no wealthy, white men are put to death by the state.

A speaker from Physicians for Social Responsibility drew comparisons between killing of poor and indigent prisoners in the U.S. with the killings of innocent Iraqis and Afghans. Another, from the Baltimore Coalition Against the Death Penalty, said that the policy of scapegoating, prevalent in the U.S., blamed Iraqis for U.S. foreign policy woes, immigrants for unemployment, and prisoners for social ills. He deplored the 70% increase in the prison population in recent years.

Kevin James, of Son of Nun, a socially conscious hip hop group, told protestors, "Poverty exists because the system relies on it," before he launched into a potent, politically conscious rap. For more on Son of Nun:

The mother of Vernon Evans, a well-known death row prisoner, spoke softly but firmly against the death penalty. Evan’s sister was recognized, but did not speak.

Afterwards, Jamaat al-Muslimeen representatives extended support to the organizers and gave them information about the case of Imam Jamil Al-Amin. The death penalty, when administered by an unjust, racist state playing God (astagfirullah) should particularly concern Muslims, said one JAMI rep, since our faith is about justice. Many death row inmates are imprisoned as a result of inadequate legal counsel, and later found to be innocent of the crimes with which they were charged.

For more, visit the Baltimore Coalition Against the Death Penalty webpage:

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