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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 13,1429/ October 13, 2008, #53

Don't miss Mark Weber's incisive critique of "Holocaust Denial" laws below

What W.D. Muhammad's followers thought he was and what he was really up to: Brief documentation. Please scroll down.

Pakistan: The U.S. is using the Pak army and ANP/PPP parties to bring about the worst nightmare of Pakistanis. New Trend's think tank probes the "program." Scroll way down.

Important Announcement: The next meeting of Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Islamic Shoora will be held on November 8, 2008, inshallah. By then America's elections will have taken place. It will be the task of the Shoora to analyze the changing political situation and come up with strategies and tactics for the post-Bush era.

Delegates from across the country have confirmed their attendance.

To know the Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and to inform the Jamaat of your concerns and interests, go to:

Press Release from Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Imam Badi Ali:
New waves of immigrants are part of U.S. Social Engineering to dominate Africa, Iraq & Palestine

America's Muslim populations are facing a new challenge: the arrival of large numbers of disoriented Muslim immigrants from counties the U.S. wants to dominate, control and takeover. A major American push seems to be underway in Africa and large numbers of Sudanese and Moroccans are being brought to the U.S. as immigrants. Waves of Muslim immigrants are also coming in from Iraq and Palestinians. A similar process is taking many Palestinians to Europe and Dubai.

The African immigrants are being "settled" in poor inner city ghettoes, thus putting them in competition for scarce, low paying jobs with African-Americans and Latinos. A ghetto within a ghetto is being created. While they take away jobs from the poor, they in turn are affected (particularly their children) by the prevalence of drugs and crime in the ghetto.

The coming of Iraqis is also connected with the U.S. dominance of Iraq. The purpose is to take away all resourceful people from the occupied country.

The impact on American Muslim communities will soon become clear. The new people are in need of help because they do not have the educational and technical levels needed for survival in America. They will not only swamp the existing social services but will also need ongoing charity from Muslim communities. Thus the funds Muslims send to their countries of origin will be severely depleted. The result will be that overall loss of resources for the Muslim countries under attack.

We must try to help overseas Muslims see the situation they will face if they come here. They will lose their children, their honor, their culture, their language and finally their religion. Are they willing to pay such a heavy price?

Who will fight for Palestine if Palestinians are leaving for Dubai, Europe and America? Why not stand and fight against the Israeli blockade of Gaza?

Q & A
Unusual Question from a Veteran Christian Activist and Writer: How Would Shari'a Affect us in America?

Dr. Siddique;

I would like your advice and knowledge regarding sharia law for the purpose of setting the record straight. As you may have surmised by now - my 'fellow' Americans are - on the whole - I'm ashamed to say -IDIOTS! We were not always like this. Our Zionist controlled educations system ( if one can seriously call it that today) has been Jew controlled now for at least an entire generation. We are a nation of short term memory - instant gratification - materialistic - immature imbeciles.

Our recent leaders are a perfect example and proof of what I say. We have become as corrupt as any of the worst countries i have visited in the past 55 years.
I am constantly editorializing in hopes that the TRUTH will ultimately permeate this suffocating cloud of hate - lies - propaganda and rancid Zionist disinformation.

My next 'project' is the truth about sharia law - and how it may or may not affect us here in America. What I need from you is the type of comprehensive explanation of ALL major aspects of anything the law would affect. The one concerning marriage was EXACTLY the kind of information i need - but on a multiplicity of topics - civil and criminal.

Thank you in advance for your time and knowledge. In my 70 years an varied background experiences - I have watched my country - under Zionist influence - go from greatness and goodness to becoming a garbage dump of Zio-robotic useful idiots - headed for the trash heap of history. I simply want my country back and to see us cast out these Zionist occupiers. We are as occupied by the Jew as Gaza ( I have been there also). The only difference is that the violence has not started here against TRUE Christians ( the horrific hatred and Zionist diatribes coming from Baptist pulpits is NOT REMOTELY 'Christian' teaching).

As sala'amu alaikum
Joe Cortina [Tampa Bay, Florida]

Response by Dr. Kaukab Siddique

Basic Facts about Shari'ia [Islamic Law].

1. Muslims believe that the Qur'an is the Word of Allah, the One God who created the universe and all humans, whatever their race.

2. The Qur'an was revealed in Arabia to Muhammad, peace be on him. His understanding of the purpose and implementation of the Qur'an was compiled by his Companions [sahabah in Arabic] in the form of the Hadith and is the decisive factor in all Islamic rulings.

The Qur'an and the Hadith are the primary sources of Islamic Law [Sha'ria] which encompasses every aspect of haman life from marriage and divorce to economics and finance.

3. Islamic scholars in various countries and during various epochs in Muslim history studied the Qur'an and Hadith and gave rulings about how Shar'ia would solve the problems of their nations. This jurisprudence [or fiqh in Arabic] indicates the understanding various scholars had of the relevance of Shar'a to their times.

Shar'ia is not imposed on non-Muslims unless they want to be included in its ambit. The Qur'an says there is no compulsion in religion.

4. Shar'ia is gradualist. All of it is not implemented at once. The social conditions are ameliorated by Islamic reformers before Shari'a is implemented. The intent of the Shari'a is often enough to help Muslims to see how they should behave. For instance, most Muslims do not take intoxicants even though Shari'a is not being implemented where they live [such as in the USA].

5. During war time and where predatory groups try to destroy a Just Islamic system based on the people's consent, deterrent Islamic punishments are implemented by Islamic authorities. We see some of this in Afghanistan where Mullah Umar, leader of the Taliban, carried out Shari'a punishments to stop bandits from carrying out rape, murder and pillage.

6. Shar'ia is often the target of Zionist fear mongering against Islam because Shar'ia does not tolerate adultery, fornication and homosexuality. As the Zionists are in support of these activities which are fragmenting American society, they see Shar'ia as a threat to the process they are carrying out on a daily basis through the media which they control.

7. Shar'ia should be accepted in America to help the several million Muslims who live here. The rights of Muslim women, the rights to inheritance as enunciated by the Qur'an, the right to take off from work on days of prayer [such as the Eid festivals] and other rights of Muslims would be safeguarded.

8. Would Shar'ia harm America's non-Muslims in any way? Not at all. Islam does not permit Muslims to violate the rights of neighbors or to break the laws of America which Muslims accept under oath when acquiring citizenship.

If you have any specific issues in mind, let me know.

Kaukab Siddique

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [Next 5 items only]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Bogus JFK Case: Support Guyanese and Trinidad Muslims Accused in case Fabricated by the Government
by Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, NY]

There was a brief hearing on Monday the 6th of October at the federal Court building, downtown Brooklyn at 225 Cadman Plaza concerning the the so called Plot to blown up the JFk airport. There were three defendant present at the hearings except for Abdul Kareem Ibraheem who is undergoing medical treatment in Colarado.The three defendant were Abdul kadir, Abdul Nur and Defritas from Guyana.

Four Muslim brothers from the Islamic Guidance Center in Brooklyn, which is the Shia community base, were there to show support for the accused who are Sunnis. Also there was Sis. Ayesha Ibraheem the daughter of Kareem Ibraheem, the fourth accused who is from the Shia community in Trinidad.
The next hearings for the brothers would be on December 11th 2008.
There is great need to write to the brothers at this prison facility:

Metropolitan Detention Center, 80 West 29th street Brooklyn, NY 11232
If you can call the prison to protest, the number there to call is 718-840-4200.
If you can write, the names and numbers of two of the brothers there now are:
Abdul kadir#64656-053 and Abdul kareem Ibraheem#64657-053.
The brothers need your Du'a for their health and to keep them strong inside the wall.

Information on W.D. Muhammad Distributed in Brooklyn Muslim Community

October 3, 4, 5: New Trend's information on the situation of W,D. Muhammad who was helping U.S. government agencies against Muslims for many years is gradually being distributed in Brooklyn. First distribution of New Trend printout on this issue was made at the Guidance Center and at Masjid Khalifa as well as on a person-to-person basis to Muslims on the street. Two brothers from Nation of Islam and one from Black Panthers showed support for the writing.
More to follow.

October 10, 2008: Jericho March
Historic March in New York City Brought Together Activist Groups Supporting Political Prisoners
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Unity of Black, Hispanic, Native American & Islamic Movements Opposing Oppression

The protest rally and march was more successful than the organizers of the Jericho Movement themselves could have imagined. The protestors stood for the poor and the oppressed in America and overseas. The march, from New York's 47th street [1st Avenue], began with an hour long rally and a 90 minute march, winding all the way around to 23rd street [at 5th Avenue], concluding with another hour of speech-making .at Madison Square Park.

Activists in New York often complain that Muslim groups are usually missing from anti-government protests and in fact some of them [the 4 letter ones] support the oppressors. This time there was solidarity as a Jamaat al-Muslimeen contingent joined the rally and the march. A sister from the Jamaat, with a megaphone, gained much support from the marchers as she chanted the slogans which were most popular.

The marchers supported Leonard Peltier [Native American leader], the MOVE group [whose home in Philadelphia was bombed by the government], Mumia Jamal [who is on death row], as well numerous Black Panther and Black Liberation leaders who have been in prison for decades. Mexican and Filipino prisoners were also supported.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen brought in the Islamic element by selecting two of the most prominent Islamic political prisoners: The march was high profile as it swirled through the street with chants of "Whose streets? Our Streets" and "the people united can never be defeated."
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's handy little boycott card was handed out to people watching the march all along the route. The card calls for boycott of businesses which support Zionism and Israel [including Coca Cola, McDonalds, Starbucks and others].

Hundreds of activists committed to freedom attended the rally and march. Among the most prominent was the world famous attorney Lynne Stewart who sacrificed her career to fight for the rights of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the Blind Shaikh] who was the major obstacle in the path of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's endorsement of the Jericho march is being published here to help readers understand why such activity is important. The American power structure oppresses the poor, the Black, the Latinos/Latinas, the Native Americans along with Islamic people and Muslim immigrants.

To New York City Jericho

As-salaam alaikom/greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Our group, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, extends solidarity to the Jericho Movement and endorses the October 10 Jericho March. We are an anti-racist, anti-imperialist, internationalist Muslim group (no relation to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Trinidad), composed of Arabs, Afrikans, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, and others.

We believe that Muslims have a right to govern Muslim countries according to Islamic law if they see fit, and that the current U.S. wars and occupation violate the basic precepts of democracy and self-determination. Jamaat al-Muslimeen seeks to counter corporate media propaganda by educating the U.S. populace on the brutal reality of the "War on Terror."

In keeping with the Islamic call to fight for justice (amr bil mauroof) and against injustice (nahi unal munkari), we recognize and ally ourselves with the Black liberation struggle. We affirm that any genuine Islamic liberation movement must necessarily embrace the Black liberation struggle--as well as that of all oppressed people, and that the struggle for justice in the U.S. must, in recognition of the roots of struggle in this country, include Afrikans in ranks as well as leadership.

In particular, we note that the horrors today endured by Arabs and Muslims were first enacted upon the AmeriKKKan Black population, that every Fallujah was preceded by MOVE and every Abu Ghraib by an Attica/Pelican Bay, and that every Muslim/Arab in Gitmo had his "seat" warmed by a Haitian Gitmo detainee.

In keeping with the Islamic call to "free the captive," we call for the release of all Afrikan political prisoners, along with all Arab and Muslim political prisoners and remind our community, the Muslim community, to organize and mobilize for the freedom of ALL of these prisoners.

Many in Jamaat al-Muslimeen participated in and were inspired by Jericho 1998. We will be honored to be present on October 10, and have been organizing (via Facebook, email, etc) for this pivotal event.

Our websites:

The Arabic words in italics are from the Qur'an, 9.71, and the words "free the captives" are the command of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Hadith book Sahih Bukhari

Writer was herself Homeless Once
neering Effort in Baltimore to Help Homeless Muslim Women

As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc. is a non profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.

Specifically, this organization has been formed to provide relief to the poor, distressed and under priviledged. Our organization has designed and developed one (1) program in furtherance of our purposes.

We are entitled Helping others. We further our purposes under this program by operating a Bi-Weekly Halal emergency food pantry and providing short term , emergency shelter to homeless or abandoned women and their children.

Currently we are assisting three Sisters and two children boys in the home. We are in need of financial assistance.

We are searching for at least ten committed people to donate 100 dollars each month to be able to keep our doors open to those who are in need insha'Allah. Our program does not recieve any type of grants. We operate only by the blessings of Allah subhaana wa ta'Allah and donations, Masha'Allah we have been helping those in need for 2 years and we need your support to continue serving the needy in our community.

We always encourage those who are interested to support our program Insha'Allah to visit the home, You are always welcome the address is:

321 S. Pulaski street, Baltimore, Maryland 21223

Please give the house manager Sr. Amina a call at 443-455-4378 and she will set up an appointment with you insha'Allah.

You can go online and place your donations or you can mail it to:

Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc.
Attn: Aizat Oladapo (treasurer)
P.O.Box 1462
Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Wa salaam wa nur (Peace and Light)

Nadia Auxila McIntosh
Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home Inc.
Owner / President

'Holocaust Denial' Laws are Disgraceful
Mark Weber -- Institute for Historical Review

... In Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and several other European countries, as well as in Israel, it is a crime publicly to dispute the official version of Holocaust history ... "Holocaust denial" laws violate ancient and universal standards of justice. They criminalize even factual or truthful statements that "play down" or "whitewash" the Holocaust. They are selective and one-sided. In countries where they are on the books, the Holocaust is the only chapter of history that cannot be freely discussed. They inhibit historical inquiry and restrict free speech. They are a disgrace, and should be repealed.

Montreal Perspectives
By Jalaluddin S. Hussain
Canadian Paper Misleads about Pakistani Move against Pornography+ Thanksgiving for God-given Prosperity, not for Imperial Conquest

I am flabbergasted at a Montreal daily, The Gazette. In its 11 October 2008 issue it has published a provocative photograph with the title: "The day the music burned" The caption of this photograph read: "Religious orders: Shopkeepers burn compact discs and posters of movies yesterday (Oct. 10, 2008). in Lahore, Pakistan, after getting a warning from hard-line religious leaders to stop selling un-Islamic CDs". By giving the heading,"The day the music burned" and showing the common man on the street, the newspaper gave the wrong impression as if the common people of Pakistan (in this case Lahore), were imbeciles, savage and uncultured. The fact of the matter is that many right-thinking people of Pakistan are against the onslaught of pornographic materials, which are gaining popularity amongst the elite sections of the population everywhere in Pakistan. The common people of Pakistan, however, are against this flood of pornographic material. It is not only the religious people, but Pakistanis in general, who are against the luxurious lives of a selected few who are unmindful of the miserable plight of the poor Pakistanis. These selected few have the temerity and shamelessness of feeding themselves on blatant pornographic material. In a way these insensitive people are making fun of the poor Pakistanis, who cannot even afford to have two square meals daily!

It is a Thanksgiving Weekend (October 12 and 13, 2008) in Canada and incidentally also the last weekend before the General Elections, on October 14, 2008. If Thanksgiving Day is to mark the occasion when we Canadians thank God Almighty for this multicultural and peaceful country, where there is general prosperity, less unemployment and universal medicare, then it is O.K.. but if it is to celebrate the arrival of the "Founding Fathers" - the French and English - and their welcome in this continent of North America, then it is not O.K.!

More than 450 years ago those so-called traders arrived on the shores of the North American continent, with the sole objective of amassing wealth through plunder and extermination of the local population or converting them to Christianity. This surely created conflict and heartburning. Thankfully, with the passing of time and with the migrants coming from many other countries and societies, that exploitative and explosive situation diffused and now, this country of 33 million multicultural people, is much more peaceful compared to many other countries of the world.

In this context, the June 11, 2008 unanimous resolution of the Canadian House of Commons, apologizing for the abuse of the residential school system, in which concerted efforts were also made to "ethnically cleanse" the aboriginal people and make them hate their own cultural and spiritual values, is a positive step. This will not only help towards national reconciliation but also make Canada a truly multicultural country. We, Canadians, are all proud of that "We- Are-Sorry" resolution!

Hopefully, the next government of Canada, will be formed by a coalition of parties, like The Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party, and will try to make Canada a truly multicultural society.

Letter: W.D. Supporter thinks he deserves a place in Paradise

As-Salaamu Alaikum, Dr. Siddique!

Please be advised that regarding Imam W. Deen Mohammed and his community, I'm in agreement with Sister Hadayai.

You've made your views very plain regarding him in the past. It seemed to me that you had a serious grudge and/or resentment towards him--perhaps, even hatred. If that is the case, Dr. Siddique, then you alone must live with that hatred. Imam Mohammed had nothing to do with that, regardless of what you stated he supposedly did or did not say or do. Allah The Most High is The Supreme and Most Wise Judge. It would be best for you to leave it at that.

Imam Mohammed has returned to Allah. May Allah grant him a very high place in Paradise! He deserves it.

Your sister in faith,
Shafeeqah V. Smith [Atlanta, Georgia]

New Trend tries to educate such innocent Muslims. Here is an example of why the Israelis mourned his death:

W.D. Muhammad: A Long Time Friend of Zionist Jews

Many of the people who support W.D. and call him "imam" do not know that their leader has had relations with the blood suckers of the world for MANY years.

Here is an example:

W.D. Muhammad's friendship with major Jewish organizations has been so blatant that on March 26, 1995 he was invited to speak at the North Shore Congregation Israel in Glencoe, Illinois, one of the biggest Jewish Centers. W.D.'s photo, along with that of Rabbi Alexander Schindler, Rabbi Herbert Bronstein and Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, was given an ACROSS-the-PAGE spread in the "imam's" own paper Muslim Journal, on page 1 of the April 14, 1995 issue.

Viewpoint: An Atheist Makes his Point
90,427 rapes, 16,929 murders in the USA in 2007: That was Terrorism: Compare with Dutch film Accusing Islam of "terrorism"

by Jeff Archer [San Diego, California] [Special to New Trend.]

In March of this year, the Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, announced that he was about to release a documentary about the evils of Islam. Before it came out, Wilders portrayed himself as a beacon of freedom of speech and said that the documentary would include many eye-opening items. His pre-publicity was far more striking than the film. Instead of including fresh information with research, he just copied and pasted existing film and came out with some dubious subtitles that were far out of context.
A couple of days ago, the online chat group of the Atheist Coalition of San Diego included a link to the documentary, but with a curious title: Video to Be Banned. I am president of the Atheist Coalition of San Diego and I responded to the allegation that Wilders’ work was soon to be banned.

First of all, "Fitna," the movie, is not about to be banned. It is available through numerous websites. When it was released, there was a hold put on it by various groups, mostly because of legalities. The producer, Geert Wilders, used copyrighted material without permission and he also used a picture of a Dutch rap singer, Salah Edin, and wrongfully identified him as a Muslim terrorist.
Wilders stated that the movie should not be banned because freedom of speech was too important in issue. I agree. However, Wilders went against his own philosophy.
In March, the Dutch Muslim Broadcasting Association (NMO), agreed to air the film under the conditions that no illegal material was included and that Wilders would agree to take part in a debate with proponents and opponents. He declined and said, "No way, NMO."
I was disappointed when I first watched the film. Instead of new and fresh information, all I saw was some old worn-out footage, some from real video and some from made-up in-studio productions. Plus, most of the footage was taken well out of context. For one, several protestors with anti-Western signs that stated provocative messages were shown during a demonstration in London. However, these people represented about a dozen demonstrators out of about 750. Many of the remaining approximate 738 were interviewed by British press representatives and they expressed their disagreement with the dozen or so fanatics, but they were not shown in Wilders' film.
We are shown various Dutch newspaper and magazine headlines depicting Muslims wanting to take over The Netherlands or the world. Some of these publications are similar to U.S. counterparts such as The Enquirer. But, if one does not speak Dutch or does not know the publications, he/she would not be able to make this comparison.
A couple of weeks ago, someone in Seattle killed six innocent people. He told the judge that God ordered him to do it. This is an act of terrorism.
Last year, 16,929 people were murdered in the U.S. It can be reasonably assumed that several thousand of these unfortunate citizens were recipients of death at the hands of someone they did not know. This is classic terrorism: the killing of innocent people. It happens almost daily: in stores, in the work place, on the highways, etc. But, we never hear them called terrorist attacks. One is more likely to get killed in the U.S. by an act of aggression from a U.S. non-Muslim citizen than he/she would be by an Islamic missile or bomb.
In addition, 90,427 rapes were reported in the U.S. in 2007. Again, these are acts of terrorism.
Putting this information together, would one celebrate the publishing of a 17-minute video calling all U.S. citizens terrorists? And, because the vast majority of the murderers would be Christians, also blaming Christianity for the deaths? Of course not.
Wilders' video is an instrument to divide people and make up a bogeyman.
Unfortunately, it seems that the U.S. can only survive with a perceived enemy. Once the Cold War ended, there were no more dirty commies to bash. Now, it's the Muslim's turn. As an atheist, this disturbs me because the same illogic used to demonize all Muslims is the same now used to denigrate atheists in the U.S. In fact, recent polls show that atheists are slightly less welcome than Muslims in the minds of the citizenry of our country. About 42% of U.S. citizens say they would not want their children to marry a Muslim and 46% say they would not want their kids to marry an atheist. The blanketing of any minority in a negative manner is sick and used by the majority to depict a false sense of superiority. History shows us the results.

PAKISTAN: Input from Pakistan, research by New Trend's Think Tank
Serious Setbacks for U.S. Program in Pakistan: Plans to Create "Pakhtunistan" Thwarted [for now] by Taliban Martyrdom Attacks

The U.S. successfully replaced General Musharraf with PPP's Asif Zardari [husband of Benazir Bhutto, known derisively in Pakistan as "Mr. 10%."] The impression was created that a democratic government has replaced Musharraf's corruption ridden dictatorship. Most Pakistanis missed the visit to Washington of a sinister figure, Asfandyar Wali, of the extremist secular-tribal party known as the ANP. His family has for decades enjoyed power in a key area of Frontier province. When Pakistan was coming into being, his family opposed the creation of a state based on Islam. Elections had to be held in Frontier province to include it in Pakistan owing to the stubborn secularism of the Ghaffar Khan cult who would not accept Pakistan [later carried on by Wali Khan and now by Asfandyar Wali].

After the "democratic" government was installed, the army, now led by General Kayani, a dyed in the wool America's soldier, launched a series of massive military sweeps into areas deeply supportive of the Islamic movement known as the Taliban [more correctly Pakistani Taliban but very supportive of the Taliban resistance in Afghanistan].

Kayani's style is different. He saw that Pakistani forces, even the U.S. trained Frontier Corp, were no match for the Taliban on the ground. He decided to drain the pool in which the guerrilla forces "swim." Unprecedented use of heavy artillery and helicopter gunships smashed Islamic villages, Islamic schools and mosques first in Swat, then in Darra Adam Khel and finally in Bajaur. The population was denied all the facilities of daily life and left their homes in large numbers. Kayani has created more than ONE million INTERNAL REFUGEES. Hundreds of people were killed in his offensive, including scores of Taliban fighters but mostly civilians, including women and children.

Where the Taliban would resist or come back, jet fighters were used. General Kayani and his top associates met U.S. officials SIX TIMES during this process to review their progress.

Meanwhile, slowly but steadily both Asfandyar Wali's ANP and Zardari's PPP in Frontier province were nursing the suffering of the people. They wanted to shift focus away from Islam towards the idea of provincial suffering. A non-Pashtun Pakistani army was killing Pashtun [Pathan] tribesmen according to their story. The idea of Pakistan as ONE NATION UNDER ISLAM was going down the drain. The army was out to kill the Islamic leadership of the Taliban. Without Islamic leadership, the secular leaders, like Asfandyar Wali, would fill the gap. The movement towards creating PAKHTUNISTAN, totally alienated from Pakistan, would go forward.

New Trend's research shows that this alienated province would be used as a buffer between Pakistan and Afghanistan which would be filled by India and the U.S. to create a new "Israel."

Unfortunately for the Pak army-PPP-ANP triumvirate, the Taliban leadership not only survived the bombing but seems to have withdrawn into the mountains in good order along with its weaponry. The Taliban seem to be very aware of the secular forces working with America and Israel to create Pakhtunistan. They have countered with a series of martyrdom operations. Much earlier Sherpao, the previous Interior Minister, under Musharraf, a prominent PPP leader involved in the army's the attack on Jamia Hafsa and Red Mosque, was narrowly missed by a martyrdom operator in his own stronghold. He survived but was put out of public activities.

More recently, Asfandyar Wali himself came under Islamic attack. Again, he too survived but was too scared to stay in Frontier province. He fled and took refuge in Islamabad under strict security.

ARMY TRYING to USE SHI'ITES faces Serious Setback: Part of America's program is to use Shi'ites against the Islamic forces. Shi'ites are seen as "expendable" by the U.S. and the Pakistani military. There have been frequent complaints from the Taliban that Shi'ites living in the tribal areas are being used for reconnaissance, spying and torture of Islamic supporters. In the Parachinar [Kurram agency] area bordering Afghanistan, Shia-Sunni conflict simmers on and off usually with heavy exchanges of automatic rifle and machine gun fire. The Shi'as have been winning here and were able to deny the border area to the Taliban for crossing into Afghanistan. However, more recently, the Taliban started helping the Sunnis, leading to Shi'a retreat and finally a cease fire arrangement.

In other areas too, the army has been providing heavy weapons to small Shi'ites tribes and stirring them up against the Taliban. This looked promising to the army but led to the latest disaster for the American-Pak-Army-PPP-ANP plan.

Latest Disaster, October 10, 2008: In recent months Taliban influence has been steadily increasing in the Orakzai agency in Frontier province [adjacent to the key Khyber agency]. Orakzai has always been supportive of the government as it has FIVE Shi'ite tribes in it. The area became "disturbing" for the army when the Taliban became so strong in Orakzai as to set up a stronghold there with widespread support among the majority Sunnis [who were previously disorganized].

To counter the Taliban, the army mobilized the FIVE Shi'ite tribes and held a grand jirga [open war council] of the Shi'ites. More than 500 of them gathered and announced plans to destroy the Taliban stronghold and to kill Taliban leaders.

While the war council was underway, a Taliban teenager, a martyrdom operator with a very light beard, struck the gathering with a huge load of dynamite. The resulting massive explosion was the worst disaster the army's supporters have suffered in a long time. The destruction was so immense, with body parts all over the place, that it took till the end of October 12 to collect them. The final count seems to be 130 killed, 200 plus wounded.

2008-10-14 Tue 18:34:30 cdt