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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 18,1427/February 17, 2006 #13

Letter from Imam Warith Deen Umar
[This is how America treats an Islamic leader who has broken no law- editor]
[The writer begins by praising New Trend's reporting on his case.]

This is all correct except for point number 13. I am subject to unannounced "at random" home visits from the federal agents. I have to appear in person on Thursdays at 1:30 pm at the local Federal Pre-Trial probation office and call by phone every Monday at 1:30pm. Additionally these conditions will be in effect until the case is over at trial. Either I am incarcerated, released on probation, fined, or case dismissed after being found not guilty. My lawyers inform me that in the unlikely case that I would be incarcerated on these "bull s--t charges" (his words) I would be facing no more than two years in a federal prison. He doesn't think the government would go so far. He believes the government has made its point. "If they can't frighten the TARGET, this surely will frighten the other MUSLIMS."

As Salaamu Alaikum
Resist Oppression Always.

New Trend Ahead of the Curve:

During 2003, 2004 New Trend's core readers used to wonder why we were spending time on debunking the attacks on Hadith of the Prophet [pbuh] appearing on the Internet. In September 2005, a Turkish brother sent us the complete text of a report published by the National Security Research Division of the Rand Corporation published in 2003 titled Civil Democratic Islam by Cheryl Bernard. This think tank is an important engine behind the Zionist offensive against Islam. This report teaches HOW to divide and defeat the forces of Islam. One of its main targets is? Guess? Hadith!

It recommends Mabrouk Ismail and G.A. Perwez as resources against Hadith. We can pat ourselves on the back that we tore apart the writings of these two. [see HADITH on]

The study also tries to define and categorize Muslims to divide and defeat them. [This kind of "definition' is a form of racism which denies the self-definition of the target people.]
[More in our next issue.]


Nearly 750,000 Americans have signed up for the impeachment of President Bush. Go to:

[Impeach_Bush has an underscore between the two words.]

Recently at a seminar in DC [January 30, 2006], the leader of the anti-war movement, Ramsey Clark, stated the following: Bush is the greatest threat to peace. He is the biggest obstacle in the way of the Rule of Law. He is a blatant violator of Human Rights and is involved in the destruction of the environment.

Cindy Sheehan supported him and went to the extent of saying: They killed 3,000 of us [9.11]. Now Bush says we have killed 30,000 of them. Isn't it time to stop? She pointed out that 30,000 is Bush's unsupported figure, otherwise Lancet Magazine says 100,000 Iraqis have been killed by the U.S. air force

When the U.N. Does Not Matter: The U.S. regime has rejected a report from the United Nations which calls for the closing of the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp. The report says that the treatment of prisoners at Gtmo amounts to torture. It adds that the prisoners should either be tried or released.

When the U.N. does matter [and can be used]: The U.S. is preparing military interference in the Darfur region of Sudan on the basis of a UN report being openly touted by Kofi Annan. The Jewish lobby is urging the U.S. to move in. The poisonous propaganda against Sudan came right out of the Jewish "holocaust" museum in Washington, DC.

African writer Says: Worst Insults against the Prophet [pbuh] came out of America

Thank you so much for highlighting the politics behind Muhammad [pbuh] cartoons.

Since 9/11, our Prophet has been vilified in print by several public figures. It seems Muslims do not read newpapers in their own midst. Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham and spiritual advisor to President George W. Bush, publicly called Islam "an evil and wicked religion". Rev. Jerry Vines, past president of Southern Baptist Convention called Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] "a demon-possessed pedophile" during a key address. Muslims did not evoke the tide of public protests over these offensive cartoons.

At the heart of message, according to my simple understanding, there is a message. One cartoon depicts our Prophet wearing a turban which turns out to be a bomb with a lit fuse. Another cartoon has him tell a queue of ragged suicide bombers: "Stop, stop, we have run out of virgins".

The cartoon controversy conveys the message starkly and without qualification: this is a terrorist and sexist religion. May Allah annihilate those who depicted our Prophet as a terrorist and sexist. May Allah also destroy those who offended the Muslims around the world. Muslims, don't forget that America and Britainn's core is a war on Islam and Muslims wherever they are.

Mahmoud Sserunjogi
Kampala, Uganda


[Provided by Ashahed Muhammad, the interviewer.]

-Publisher Dr. Kaukab Siddique: 'Palestine could become rallying point of oppressed people'

The Final Call introduces him as follows:

Dr. Kaukab Siddique is an Associate Professor of English at Lincoln University and the publisher and editor-in-chief of New Trend Magazine, an Islamic publication dealing with current events and issues relevant to the worldwide Muslim community. He is the author of several books and head of Jamaat-al Muslimeen, based in Baltimore, Md.

Surprisingly, the interview includes a photo of Dr. Siddique wearing a green Islamic cap.

Final Call is the most widely circulated African American publication in America and is under the leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Sacred vs Secular: 3 days of Rage Huge Pakistani Crowds Attack Symbols of Europe/America: Police Kill 8 wound 128 but Fail to stop crowds.
No Insult Against Prophet Muhammad (p) will be Tolerated: MMA Surprised by extent of Mass Anger.
From New Trend's Pakistan Observer

The Islamic coalition of political parties, MMA, wanted to organize large but peaceful processions to protest the publication of cartoons of the leader of Islam, Muhammad, peace and blessings be on him, in European newspapers. However, the raw anger of the Muslim masses at the violation of Islamic sanctities in Europe went beyond anything the MMA had called for or expected.

Tahaffuz-e-Namoose-Risalat [Defense of the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh], a non-political grouping of Islamic scholars, called on the people to come out and show their love for the Messenger of Allah, the last of messengers and prophets. The result was a general strike in cities and towns across the country. Protests and demonstrations went on for three days, February 13, 14 and 15. Clashes between police and people occurred repeatedly.

In Lahore and Peshawar, the crowds were too big for the police to stop. In addition to the peaceful MMA processions, thousands of young men went on the rampage and attacked ALL symbols of European and American multinational corporations. In Lahore, waves of young men went on to attack government buildings, including the {parliament] Assembly Hall which was set on fire.

Violence BEGAN in Lahore on February 14 when protestors pulling down a portrait of General MUSHARRAF were attacked by police. The crowd counter-attacked the police who fled as they saw themselves being surrounded by thousands of youths.

The Lahore crowds burned 200 cars and more than 300 motor bikes parked in front of government offices. On the biggest thoroughfare, Shahrahe Quaide Azam , Eggerton road and in the Chauburgi area, the crowds set afire American symbols like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Citibank and Holiday Inn. Various branches of a Norwegian company which provides cell phones all over the country were stoned but its headquarters were saved by a force of Rangers sent in by General Musharraf.

[At various places in Lahore, police forces joined the protestors with the plea that they too love the Prophet, pbuh. Others simply fled before the advancng sea of people.] [On news of the flight of his police forces, Musharraf sent in paramilitary forces, Rangers, to secure various parts of Lahore.

However, the violence continued on February 15, this time between students and police at Punjab university. The police opened fire, repeatedly, on the students, killing one person and wounding 18. The students wouldn't stop. Islamic leaders intevened to stop the clashes from continuing.]

In PESHAWAR, the situation was much worse than in Lahore. The Pashtun people say that they would rather die than remain silent over European insults to the Prophet, pbuh. The MMA runs the government here but could not control the masses. Huge crowds rampaged through the streets burning Danish and American flags on February 14. The Federal government, on Musharraf's orders, sent in very large numbers of police to stop the crowds. The police tried throwing stones at the crowd. The people responded with a barrage of stones, forcing the police to flee. New police units came in and opened fire; people within the crowd, said to be Afghans, returned fire.

On February 15, Peshawar saw the biggest demonstration in its history. Even the secularist Frontier Post newspaper reported 70,000 people were in the streets. The police repeatedly opened fire, killing an 8-year old boy and injuring 60 people. Another 364 were arrested. The crowd then became violent and set a police truck on fire. The angry protestors started burning businesses connected to, or reportedly connected, to multinational corporations as well as banks, petrol stations, buses [The entire fleet of fancy Daewoo buses was set on fire after an attack by 5000 people.] Missionary schools run from overseas were stoned.

As law and order broke down, at places, looters used the opportunity to break into expensive stores.

The Islamic parties want Musharraf to EXPEL European ambassadors, particularly from Denmark, Norway, France and Italy. The crowds are using the protests to condemn America as well.

New Trend note: The Musharraf government, totally isolated from the people, lives in a world of its own. While Pakistan is in turmoil over the insulting cartoons, General Musharraf was hosting Karzai [under heavy security], the puppet ruler of Kabul, in Islamabad. Only miles away, the people were demonstrating in their thousands. Both the agents of America pretended that nothing was happening.

KARACHI has been peaceful in spite of unending demonstrations, for three straight days, against the insults aimed at the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, by the Europeans. Security forces are guarding westernized sections of Karachi in anticipation of huge new rallies coming up on February 19.

He wants to Leave Siraj Wahhaj's Mosque [taqwa] in Brooklyn


allah akbar
ash-hadu al la llaha iilallah

ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mustapha Amin [Brooklyn, New York]

[Muslim communities in both USA and UK are heavily infiltrated by people who have Muslim names and faces but who are working very closely with the enemies of Islam. Like our CAIR, Siraj, Bray, etc, UK had Zaki Badawi. Imagine a Muslim whom Tony Blair admires (or a Siraj Wahhaj who was guest of Medeleine Albright!). Famous "Saudi" Arabian dissident Dr. Muhammad al-Massari compiled the comments made on Badawi's death and only provided the very revealing headline.] {"Tawaagheet" is plural of "taghoot," a key term used in the Qur'an for false gods and forces other than Allah who are seen as sources of power and government by the unbelievers. - Editor.]

The slave of the Tawaagheet died today

Influential Muslim cleric mourned

Zaki Badawi: Key figure in British Islam

Prince Charles and Tony Blair are among leading figures to have paid tribute to one of the UK's most influential Muslim clerics, Zaki Badawi, who has died.
He was principal of the Muslim College in Britain and called for Muslims to engage fully with life in the country.

Mr Blair described him as "a wonderful mix of spirituality and practicality", while the Prince said his death was "a blow personally and for the country".

Dr Badawi, 83, collapsed and died after delivering a speech in London.


Dr Badawi was a former imam of Regent's Park Mosque, in London, and forged close ties with Jewish and Christian leaders.

Following his election in 1984, he had served as the chairman of the Council of Mosques and Imams of the United Kingdom.

The Muslim College in Britain was a seminary he founded to train imams and Muslim leaders in the West.

In the aftermath of the 7 July London bombings, Dr Badawi was consulted by the government on how best to tackle extremism.

Prince Charles said in a statement: "His brand of wisdom, scholarship, far-sightedness and above all humour has ensured that Zaki played an extraordinarily important role in the life of this country and amongst the Muslim community.

"His hard-won legacy will, I hope, provide a fitting tribute to a truly remarkable and warm-hearted man."

Dr Badawi's death came on the day of a major gathering of Christians and Muslims at London's Lambeth Palace to mark the launch of the Christian Muslim Forum.

Dr Badawi had agreed to serve as an adviser to the forum and had been due to attend the event on Tuesday evening.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Blair paid tribute to the cleric's "excellent work" which he had carried out during "a lifetime of service".

He said Dr Badawi had been "a special person" and it was poignant he had died on the same day the forum had been launched.

'Man of conscience'

Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks, who worked on inter-faith initiatives with Dr Badawi, said he was the "face and voice of Islamic dignity and tolerance".

"He was a man of conscience and courage and I cherished his friendship," Sir Jonathan added.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, described Dr Badawi as a "uniquely effective interpreter of Islam" and paid tribute to Dr Badawi's contribution to Christian-Muslim dialogue.

A statement from the Muslim Council of Britain said it was "shocked and saddened" by Dr Badawi's death.

"Dr Badawi's passing constitutes a major loss for British Muslims," said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, secretary-general of the MCB. The editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed Versi, said Dr Badawi's death was a "loss to all communities". "Dr Badawi was a great scholar of Islam and has made a huge contribution to the Muslim community. His devotion to inter-faith dialogue was unparalleled," Mr Versi said.

Struggling for Rule of Law

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Massari
Secretary General
PIR (Party for Islamic Renewal)
London, WC1N 3XX
United Kingdom
tel: 02089084881
fax: 02089082093
mobile: 07799555552

German Reader thinks New Trend Underestimated Winston Churchill

Chemical Churchill killed half million in Dresden
Assalamu alaikum,

Winston Churchill is now insulted by us with the word of "Chemical" Churchill because of his use of chemical gas in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1922 and 1923.

We refer to your truth telling New Trend magazine of Feb 13, 2006, in which you said that Chemical Churchill killed 100,000 people in Dresden in Germany which is an understatement. Chemical Churchill killed more than half a million people in Dresden. For further information, you can log on to these sites :

Chemical Churchill & his Churchill terrorism in Dresden

Chemical Churchill & his terror in germany

Chemical Churchill & his Churchill terror in Iraq & Dresden

Chemical Churchill & his Churchill terror in Iraq

Chemical Churchill & his Churchill crimes in Iraq 1922

Chemical Churchill & his terrorism

In total, Chemical Churchill killed over 12 million people. So he is bigger terrorist than Hitler the Good man.
Finally, a new organization by the name of Swedish friends of Dresden has recently been formed whose details can be seen at this website :

Tariq bin Ziad

2006-02-19 Sun 04:49:21 cst