Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(The tragedy behind the War News)
800,000 African Muslims Face Death by Starvation

The terrible war between two of America's allies, the stubborn regimes in Eritrea and Ethiopia, has overshadowed the immense tragedy which has overtaken millions of people in southern Ethiopia.

While war rages in north, famine has brought an entire population to the brink of death in the south. Millions face malnutrition and disease while an estimated 800,000 might actually die.

ALIEN FORCES AT WORK IN TROUBLED LAND: On May 24, channel 24 in Baltimore had a half-an-hour advertisement to help the starving people of Ethiopia. Try to calculate how much half-an-hour costs on Discovery channel. This was a major (European by descent) group coming out of Oklahoma! They were flashing credit card signs on the left of the screen, urging viewers to donate.

The Oklahoma people had already been to the famine area. They showed extensive footage of the people arriving from the famine-stricken regions at the relief centers only to find that there was no relief.

The footage showed long lines of women and children moving through the arid land. The women were identifiable right away as Muslims from their Islamic headgear (like dopattas in Pakistan but worn very carefully over the head).

ONE IMAGE of human dignity caught my attention. A mother walking by her near- teen daughter was gesturing to her daughter that her head cover had fallen off. Immediately the daughter pulled it right back.

To the Oklahoma man, this little gesture meant nothing. To me, it showed the dignity of our people even when faced with death. I remembered the 7 million Afghans trekking down from their villages to refuge in Islamic Pakistan, the Palestinians crowded in their camps, the Bangladeshis in their slums - all alive with faith even against impossible odds.

Why are we so crassly silent about our African family? The Europeans are rushing in, hoping to establish another enclave of slaves.

Whay's the problem with us?
THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE REFUGE TO THE PEOPLE OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (peace be on him) when the first community, Muslims of Makka, were surrounded by oppression.

Let's follow the Sunnah: Start fasting on Mondays and Thursdays and donate lunch money to the children of Ethiopia.

(When I told my students about the man from Oklahoma, they laughed because they know that this MAN does not care even for the people in Brooklyn, Detroit, Watts and South Chicago. They 'knew' right away why he was rushing off to Ethiopia.)
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