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Shawwal 3, 1426/November 6, 2005 #83
The Synagogue of Satan by Ashahed M. Muhammad with foreword by Malik Zulu Shabazz [two of America's eminent African-Americans leaders].
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A devastating critique of Sharon-Bush control of America with a review of America's pro-Israel stance manipulated by the Neoconservatives.
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At the appeal of the Islamic movement, Pakistanis cut down their Eid festivities [November 4] and donated the moneys saved to earthquake relief. Islamic leaders went to the stricken areas for Eid. The nation is united as never before under the banner of ISLAM.

General Musharraf seems to be disappointed with aid received from his imperialist allies. He told the BBC that he expected Pakistan to be helped on the same scale as victims of Tsunami and Katrina were helped but it didn't happen. The notorious General sounded desperate.

Observers say that nearly three million Pakistanis will need help through the months of winter. Billions of dollars will be needed.

First signs of hope emerged as the Jihad movement known as Jamat ad-Da'wa reached large numbers of people. Combining Islamic determination with technological skill/diversity, the mujahideen have taken a CLEAR LEAD in relief activity. Even government officials notorious for their hostility to Islamic power, like Aftab Ahmad Sherpao and Federal Minister Zubaida Jalal, and most surprisingly Kashmir Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat, praised Jamat ad-Da'wa's work.

Jamat ad-Da'wa workers have used rubber boats to cross waterlogged areas. Their workers in some areas where no vehicle could go have SIMPLY WALKED into the devastation with medicines and food. To reach Patika, 20 km freom muzaffarabad, the mujihideen walked for 15 hours to reach survivors who were all injured.

ad-Da'wa took the lead when it decided to use mules to reach areas which were so rough as to be inaccessible even by army helicopter. Ad-Da'wa arranged for 100 mules to reach Sri Kot, But Mung, Heer Kotli and Muslimabad where helicopters could not go owing to land slides. The relief team from TURKEY was so impressed by ad-Da'wa's use of mules that it donated $5,000 to let the Islamists buy the mules.

Jamaate Islami leaders also were in the stricken area during Eid. They visited the temporary SURGICAL HOSPITAL Jamat ad-Da'wa has set up in Shanwai Nala [dry river bed] outside Muzaffarabad as well as tent communities where hot food is served to the "refugees."

Such is the condition of General Musharraf's neglect of Pakistan's needs that there is ONLY ONE portable X-ray machine in the entire Muzaffarabad area and this is located in ad-da'wa's surgical hospital.

From all over the country Jamaate Islami and numerous smaller Islamic and civic organizations are sending a stream of donations and relief goods to Frontier Province and Pakistani Kashmir.
Meanwhile NEW FIGHTING is reported from Indian occupied Kashmir. Indian troops killed nine more Kashmiris, some of them activists and some innocent bystanders. India tried to install a puppet "government" chief. The ceremony was hit by a martyrdom operator who killed five Indian troops and several mercenary "Muslims" supporting India. [India holds "elections" in Kashmir just as the U.S. did in Iraq and Afghanistan.]
FRANCE's INTIFADA: MuslimYouths of African, Arab, North African descent have risen against the French system. The uprising, largely unarned, which began in the suburbs of Paris has spread to all of France from north to south, east to west. The main targets of the youth are automobiles. Nearly 1300 cars were torched in the worst night to bring the total to 3300..

The French police have arrested more than 850 young people but to no avail as the "riots" contiinued for 11 nights straight from October 27 to November 6. The youths use cell phones to avoid the police. Some have clashed with the police.

The trouble began with a police atrocity which forced two young men into a electric power station where they died of electric shocks. The French Interior Minister made things worse by describing the youths as "scum." The problem the French face is that they can't deport the youths of African descent. The young persons were born in France and grew up there.

New Trend's observers say that the underlying causes of the uprising are as follows: There are FIVE MILLION African/Arab/Berber Muslims in France. If France starts something ugly, like major deportations, it could start a conflagration in Algeria and other countries where France has been supporting the most brutal and repressive regimes hostile to Islam. France is in a NO-WIN situation.
IRAQ: War Crimes: U.S. Destroys Another City

More than 3500 U.S. troops entered the city of Husayba near the Syrian border on November 5. By November 6, it was clear that the U.S. is destroying the city, house by house and mosque by mosque. According to the New York Times, the U.S. is doing another "Fallujah" in Husaybah.

Jean Zigler, a former professor of Sociology in Switzerland, now working for the U.N.'s Food Right program says that the U.S. is committing war crimes against entire cities in Iraq by denying food and water to the population. This method of forcing the people to submit has recently been used, he said, in the U.S. attacks on the city of Tal Afar as it was used earlier in Falluja and Samarra. These are violations of international law and U.S. commanders could one day be tried as war criminals.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 items]
[Peaceful but Uncompromising]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Six Point Program for U.S. Muslims Distributed on Eid

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Six point Program was distributed in a number of U.S. cities to big gatherings after Eid prayers.

First reports indicate that the program flyer was given to 400 Muslims at Masjid Rahmah, on the west side of Baltimore, and to 100 at Masjid Noor on the northeast side.

The program urges Muslims to:
  1. Understand, explain and oppose racism in America.
  2. Oppose U.S. power play in Afghanistan and Iraq and U.S. support for Israel. Bring the troops home.
  3. Analyze and criticize Zionist control of American life and interests at all levels.
  4. Support Islamic political prisoners all the way from Imam Jamil to Jose Padilla. Call for dismantling of Guantanamo Basy concentration camp.
  5. Urge and teach Muslim men and women to work together as equals. Fight all exploitation and abuse of women.
  6. Develop INDEPENDENT Islamic media to fight the steady stream of attacks on Islam in the Zionist-controlled media.

Sis. Lisa Refuses to give up Her Hijab during Prison Visit

[New York City] During a visit to her husband Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, during Ramadan, Sis. Lisa was surprised when the prison official in charge of the visit insisted that she take off her head cover. She refused. The official was adamant. He called it a security risk. In the meantime, her children had gone upstairs to meet their father and were wondering what was holding her up.

Sis. Lisa was then presented with a choice: Give up your Hijab or you won't be able to meet your husband. She said clearly and firmly: ON NO ACCOUNT WILL I REMOVE MY HIJAB.
[Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.]

After a long delay, the prison bureaucracy finally informed the official that there was no rule requiring her to remove her Hijab. Sis. Lisa was tested in her faith and she was successful.

[Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar is an Egyptian-American, He has been in prison for four years and has been convicted of talking on the phone to opponents of the Egyptian tyrant Hosni Mubarak and for passing on the messages of the opponents to the blind Shaikh, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman in prison. He faces LIFE in prison. Such is justice in America.]

[Sis. Lisa is a White sister from Chicago, quite and peaceful but strong in her faith. She seems to be getting stronger in Islam as her husband's stay in prison lengthens.]

Imam Jamil Al-Amin Deprived of Hot Meals During Ramadan

[Reidsville, Georgia.] One of the rights of prisoners in America, whatever crime they may have committed and whichever religion they might follow, is to be permitted to have their needs during their holy days. It appears that an attempt is being made to break down Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin. He has been held in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for 6 years, and now this:

Suddenly during Ramadan, the hot meals which are given to all Muslim prisoners, were stopped for him without explanation. When Imam Jamil protested, he was told: "Want hot meals? Go to Bagdad!"

It appears that the denial of rights was carried out by a Muslim collaborator working for the government. She, it is alleged, told the authorities that hot meals are not required in Ramadan. It's not clear yet whether she belongs to the "flag waver" group of Muslims who are often given prison jobs because they are on the side of the oppressors against people of their own faith.

After protests and appeals from Imam Jamil's support network, the hot meals were finally restored but by then most of Ramadan had passed.

A Question for the MAS Freedom Foundation [ISNA's offshoot]
[The strange activities of Mahdi Bray and Johari Abdul-Malik]

By Nadrat Siddique

Now that the coast is clear, Mahdi Bray and the Muslim American Society (MAS) Freedom Foundation appear at anti-war rallies these days. Most recently, they participated in the Center for Constitutional Rights' (CCR) Fast in Solidarity with the Guantanamo Hunger Strikers. Oddly, MAS's website omitted the fact that CCR had organized the fast.

One would guess from the nomenclature that MAS has a predominantly American base. So, they are not at risk of deportation, or the more blatant forms of clamp down faced by dissenters. They have not, to my knowledge, shown significant support for any of the political prisoners, whose cases are of grave concern to the Muslim community: Jamil El-Amin, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Sami Al-Aryan, Lynne Stewart, or the Virginia innocents (except perhaps in the latter case, where MAS joined existing campaigns in the late stages of court proceedings). What are these Muslim Americans afraid of?

MAS's evolution, as delineated in its website, is from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), and other ultra-conservative and reactionary organizations, which acknowledge receiving megabucks in funding from the Saudi and other dictatorial Arab regimes. The MAS website speaks affectionately of these organizations.

In a recent ANSWER rally, Bray called for the return of U.S. troops. The question I would like to ask him, is: How does he reconcile this (anti-war?) stance with his views on civil liberties for Muslims here in the U.S.?

Bray, along with others from MAS and related groups, participated in a press conference at the National Press Club, in which MAS called for cooperation with Homeland Security. From the MAS podium, they called for turning in Muslim dissenters.

This C-SPAN program was called: "Campaign to Combat Terrorism." It may be obtained directly from the C-SPAN store:


Bray's cohorts, like Johari Abdul Malik (who also appears in the press conference), refuse to entertain any discussion of their stance. Perhaps Bray is different, and not above answering questions, and he will set the record straight.
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Rosa Parks: Symbol of Peaceful Resistance to Segregation & Racism.

Great Islamic Women who refused to go to the "back of the bus" Should be Recognized

An African-American family I know stood for six hours in line for a final view of Rosa Parks before her burial. A simple, peaceful act of non-compliance with an oppressive law made this seemingly ordinary woman famous. My impression is that Anne Moodie and others actually did more and sacrificed more than Rosa Parks but have not been given similar recognition. The symbolism of her gesture [or non-gesture] caught the public imagination.

She was a kindly, soft-spoken woman but she knew what was right and was willing to stand [sit] for it. She refused to give up her seat in the bus to a White man and would not go to the back of the bus where the "law" said she belonged.

Segregation is a thing of the past but institutional racism refuses to go away. In spite of laws to the contrary, most American cities are unoffically segregated, with Black areas and White areas, blurred increasingly by Hispanic and Asiatic areas. Even churches remain Black and {largely} White churches. There are no signs saying "Whites only" but the "class" component of racism persists, and the aftermath of Katrina brought out the reality of institutional racism.

Within this American imbroglio, the power of Islam is emerging, slowly but surely. American women are saying a clear NO to the power of Madison Avenue, Hollywood and even Wall Street. I spoke at a mosque in Philadelphia and tried to explain the misunderstandings which are prevalent in America about Afghanistan. At this a woman got up and said: Bush should stop attacking the Taliban for making Afghan women wear the burqa. We are wearing it right here in Philadelphia.

Sure enough, she was wearing a head to foot covering but it did not stop her from being eloquent.

Eid prayers in Philadelphia and other big cities bring out the power of Islam in America. If Bush and Wolfowitz were to see the serried ranks of Muslim women in full hijab on these occasions, they would probably have nightmares about an end to their efforts to "liberate" women.

The history of Islam is replete with examples of women who stood up to power because they had faith in Allah and loved the messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace be on him. It's not strange that the first person to advise and encourage Muhammad, pbuh, about the authenticity of his mission was his wife Khadija, r.a., who put her entire capital at his disposal. Here are a few salient examples we should recognize and honor: In our own times, Chechen, Palestinian, Iraqi, Sudanese, Nigerian, Somali, Kashmiri, Pakistani, Afghan, African-American women devoted to the message of the Qur'an and the example of the Messenger, pbuh, have made great sacrifices to fight oppression, exploitation and imperialism/zionism/occupation. It's about time we recognized our "Rosa Parks."

Mai Mukhtaran in U.S.A.: Rape Victim Neglected by Musharraf

[report by our Pakistan observer]

A Pakistani woman, Mai Mukhtaran, who was allegedly gang raped in a tribal vendetta, arrived in the U.S. [Nov.1]. The alleged rapists were not duly punished as General Musharraf's government does not accept Islamic law in its original purity.

The result was that groups in the U.S. intent on embarrassing Pakistan put pressure on Musharraf, through the U.S. embassy, to let her leave Pakistan and visit the U.S. She has already been publicized in Glamour Magazine. If the American groups have their way, she will be used as a tool of cultural imperialism.

If she maintains her dignity as a Muslim woman, and does not allow attacks on Islam, she might be able to help Pakistani women. Already she has used the "compensation" money given to her to set up a girls school in Pakistan.

Pakistani nationalists should realize that unless Islam is implemented in Pakistan, cultural imperialists will be able to intervene successfully in the country's social structure.

Pakistan is plagued by the leftovers of religious schools of thought such as Hanafi fiqh which were supported by the British. Pakistanis don't look into the original Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh. According to Hadith [Sunan of Tirmidhi], after proper investigation and evidence, the rapists should have been put to death. Islam does not tolerate dishonor of a woman, let alone rape. The honor of the Muslim is more valuable than the Ka'aba itself, says Islam.
Q & A

Don't be Misled by Propaganda Against Bukhari's Sahih.
Adhan-Content, Prayer Rak'ats, Zakatul Fitr, Eid are in Hadith Only. Same for Rape punishment, Abortion.

Question [from Sis. Rasheedah] Hadith collections like that of Bukhari were put together in the 3rd century of Islam. If the Prophet, p, did not say we should follow Bukhari, why do we blindly follow a 3rd century scholar? Isn't the Qur'an enough for us?

Answer by Kaukab Siddique:
Hadith has always been with the Qur'an. Muslims have always put the Qur'an first followed closely [and essentially] by the Hadith. No Muslim scholar has ever said that we can live by the Qur'an alone. Ponder on the following points before I come to Imam Bukhari: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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