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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 27,1427/March 27, 2006 #21

Important War News at end of this issue. Please scroll all the way down. War is spreading in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Scroll down to 3 important letters:
1. Afghan Christian is a fraud.
2. CAIR integrated into U.S. Intelligence operations.
3. Israeli intelligence's role in Darfur rebellion.

PERSONAL NOTE: Dr. David Horowitz is a Jew who tells flat out lies about Islam and Muslim women.

Speaking at Duke University [Durham, North Carolina] on March 7] Horowitz claimed that Muslim women have not had voting rights for 5,000 years and America was the first to give them this right in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ignorant Horowitz does not know that Pakistan came into being on the basis of voting in Frontier Province and parts of East Bengal in 1947 in which Muslim women participated along with men. Voting rights for women have never been an issue in Pakistan. My mother, Mahmudah Qureshi, stood with the founder of Pakistan, Mohomed ali Jinnah, during the Pakistan struggle. Later a Muslim woman gave her life to raise the Pakistan flag in the Punjab against the "unionist" rulers supported by the British.

Later still , a military dictator, Ayub Khan, supported by the U.S., was opposed by Ms. Fatimah Jinnah, who almost got elected by millions of votes. Voter fraud by the U.S.- supported dictator's people prevented the woman's victory. Later still Ms. Benazir Bhutto was elected, including by millions of men and women voters in the "conservative" Punjab.
[Unfortunately she knew little about Islam and soon lost support.]

In Bangladesh, two women have been elected at various times to lead the country.

In Iran, Imam Khomeini made it a religious duty for men and women to participate in voting.

Islam does not endorse western democracy. What Allah has ordained cannot be changed by votes. However, participation of people in running their affairs was commanded by the Qur'an [see the chapter on Shura]. The Prophet, pbuh, consulted women in matters of state and social policy. The Prophet's constituency in both personal and community matters began with a woman, Khadija, r.a., whom he asked about the revelation he had received, and ended with a woman, 'Ayesha, r.a., in whose lap he passed away. Ayesha, r.a. happens to be the greatest teacher of Hadith, which is the second source of Islam after the Qur'an.

Why don't these Jews leave Islam alone when they are so ignorant even of its basics?

Kaukab Siddique
Editor, New Trend

"Christian" Afghan Story was a scam: New Trend: Are we good or what? This was the only publication which did not take the report at face value. We were proven right on March 26 when the Afghan court dismissed the case against Abdul Rahman. The purpose of the scam was to smear Islam in a global campaign of abuse orchestrated by the Zionist media. Next move is to find an excuse to get Abdul Rahman out of Afghanistan.
[See below a brilliant letter from a sister which completely unmasks the "Afghan Christian" fraud.]

Biggest Ever pro-Immigration Rallies in Los Angeles: March 25 saw more than a million people demonstrating in LA to oppose proposed legislation against immigration and related issues. Another 50,000 people demonstrated in Denver. New Trend supports the right of people from Mexico, Central America and South America to come to the United States and earn their livelihood. They should not be subjected to a modern form of slavery. America is Allah's land. It does not belong to Europeans who conquered it by force and committed horrific atrocities against indigenous peoples.

Serious Clash at Mosque in Sadr City, Baghdad: March 26. Shi'ite militia led by Moqteda al-Sadr are saying that U.S. troops tried to violate a mosque. When resisted by lightly armed Muslims, the U.S. force opened heavy machine gun killing 37 Muslims. Al-Sadr's people say that those killed were unarmed worshippers at the mosque. The U.S. troops entered the mosque and arrested and humiliated many other Muslims. The U.S. forces say that it was not a mosque but a "meeting place." They put the number of people killed at 16 and that these were 'insurgents."
[Pictures of the funeral show that those killed were Sunnis, from the form of the prayer.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 brief items]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Awareness of Imam Jamil al-Amin and Prof. Sami al-Arian

March 24: After Juma prayers large sized picture cards about the struggle of Imam Jamil and Prof Al-Arian were distributed by Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Atlanta and Baltimore.

In Atlanta the cards were given to 93 Muslims at Masjid Farooq on 14th street. Many of them did not know that Prof. Al-Arian is still in prison.

In Baltimore, the cards were given to 134 Muslims at Masjid Rahma [Islamic Society of Baltimore]. Postcards calling for boycott of businesses supporting Israel were given separately to another 74 Muslims. Thus a total of 208 people were reached at Masjid Rahma.

Documentary Evidence of Israel's Genocide Against Bedouins

Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore [administrator: Sis. Ashira] has started a series of programs built around viewing of important video tapes. The first program on March 12 was a documentary prepared by Ron Kelley who managed to get a first hand view of the genocide carried out by the Israelis against a people who were not opposing the occupiers in any way. It is a shocking inside view by a Fulbright scholar who inadvertently stumbled on the Israeli genocidal actions in the Dimona area and other bedouin retreats.

The program was facilitated by Dr. Kaukab Siddique and involved a lively discussion around a hot meal provided by the masjid.

The second program on March 26 was the viewing of a speech by Dr. Khalid al-Mansour in Durban, South Africa. The program moved around issues of racism, physical and spiritual health and the coming victory of Islam. The facilitator was Imam Abdul-Alim and again a sumptuous meal was served around open and lively discussion.

Distinguished Sudan Peacemaker to Speak in Baltimore

Br. Hodari Abdul 'Ali, a distinguished community leader in the Washington, DC area, provider of book services, and peace activist who has visited Sudan, will speak, inshallah, to a select gathering at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore on April 30.

More information on the program can be obtained by leaving your name and number at: 410-435-5000.

Islam in America: What Chances for Healing and Unity?
The Case of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad: ISNA-ICNA Cover up of a Major Issue
by Kaukab Siddique

Once again New Trend was timely and correct. We wrote about the struggle of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad after she complained in 2003 that she had been humiliated and fired by officials of the Islamic Society of Orange County [ISOC] in an arbitrary and illegal manner. We pointed out the following:

1. With a Ph.D. from Columbia University and extensive experience in Islamic education, there are few, if any, Muslims who can compare with her.
2. She is African-American and accepted Islam as her choice. That in itself should be enough for us to honor her. She should never be treated as an employee but as a learned sister.
3. If she is fired by a bunch of filthy-rich Pakistanis etc in an unprofessional manner in clear violation of her rights, it is bound to create a great rift between the immigrant and African-American Muslim communities.
4. The gender issue also comes out of this case as Pakistani men untrained in the field of Education reportedly bullied a woman who has the highest credentials in Islamic education.

She was so hurt by the way she was treated, she sued ISOC. She was willing to settle with ISOC but ISOC decided to fight this case. ISOC seemed to have been so full of its own own financial power that it decided to fight a case in which it evidently had no case.

In September 2005, Dr. Zakiyyah easily won her case and was awarded $788,000 which included $130,000 punitive damages imposed on the officials of ISOC.

In its persistence, ISOC lost again in February 2006 when a Superior Court judge ordered it to pay $1.7 million to Dr. Zakiyyah's attorneys.

However, ISOC has still not learned from the case and is appealing the verdict. The appeal process will continue for the next year or two, thus further depriving Dr. Zakiyyah of her rights.

Earlier in October and November 2005, the Muslim Journal finally published a three-part interview with Dr. Zakiyyah which very clearly brings out the outrageous treatment she has been subjected to and the ramifications of her issue.

The problem the Muslim community faces is that the major publications controlled by immigrant Muslims, ISNA's Islamic Horizons and ICNA's The Message, completely censored the story and have behaved as if the case of Dr. Zakiyyah Muhammad does not exist. It's not that ISNA and ICNA do not know of the case. New Trend directly appealed to Dr. Muzzammil Siddiqui, former head of ISNA, and imam of ISOC, to come out openly for justice in support of Dr. Zakiyyah. As for ICNA, I personally met Dr. Talat Sultan, a head honcho of ICNA for many years, and urged him to speak out on Dr. Zakiyyah's case.

Hence, the denial of basic reporting of Dr. Zakiyyah's case in the pages of ISNA and ICNA publications indicates an important aspect of the public policy of these funded organizations. They both have a track record of "LYING by OMISSION" where anyone who disagrees with them or whom they find unfavorable becomes a NON-PERSON and is never heard from again. Year after year, ISNA and ICNA do not publish letters critical of specific omissions in their reporting.

In the meantime, ISNA has been touting conferences on Islamic education, thus adding to the irony. It ignores the violation of rights of a top educator but claims that it is interested in Islamic education.

My suggestion is that both ISNA and ICNA should apologize to Dr. Zakiyyah and publish a full account.
My impression is that ISNA and ICNA are not Islamic organizations. They are not upholding the principles of Islam. Use of the word "Islamic" in their titles is highly misleading when they are not amenable to any issue related to Islam, be it justice, or political prisoners, or the bombing of Muslim populations by the U.S. in Aghanistan and Iraq. As far as I know, they recognize Israel but refuse to tell their communities that they recognize Israel. They are welcome to correct me if I am wrong.

Afghan "Christian" Story was a Political Ploy: Here's the Proof

Brother Kaukab:
Asalamu Aleykum:
The story concerning the "conversion" of the Afghan Abdul Rahman became incredible when I noticed that the Bible he was holding is written in Arabic. The book literally says Holy Bible in the Arabic language. While many Afghans are familiar with the Arabic script and can pronounce the words, very few are literate enough in the Arabic language to read a book as complicated as the Bible. Since Abdul Rahman is a nurse or nurses' assistant, probably with little more than the 6 months or a year education in his field, we can safely assume that he does not have the education to read a Bible written in the Arabic language. And, he has retained his name, Abdul Rahman, and not adopted a name which would be acceptable to Christians as Yahya or Zacharia. Such a name would be common to both Christians and Muslims so he would not endanger himself by changing his name. Yet, the change would satisfy the requirements for being a Christian.

I think Abdul Rahman wants to head West. This appeal for asylum based on becoming a Christian in a Muslim country is common. GMRF has, in the past, received such appeals for help from Christian "converts" and the Immigration and Naturalization Service must be inundated with similar requests. Its a ploy to get a family member a visa to a country where he can work and send money back home.

That is why you did not hear George Bush offer Abdul Rahman assylum in the USA. He already has been advised of this ploy by the INS. The INS knows that such a ploy would be an avenue for allowing "terrorists" into the USA under the guise of religious persecution, so they have already decided that the USA will not offer asylum. The media knows this too.And that is why the media is not pushing for asylum in the USA. They are using this as a pure propaganda tool to sully the name of Islam.

Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma

Close Coordination : CAIR-ISNA and U.S. Government: "Muslim" tools of U.S. Oppression

Now I understand where the CAIR Fatwa [on "Christian" Afghan] came from.

Read and wonder.


[New Jersey]



(WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/21/06) - Members of the United States Institute of Peace U.S.-Muslim World Advisory Committee met yesterday in Washington, D.C., with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes and top officials of the National Security Council, including Senior Director Michael Doran.

The meetings focused on issues such as the American Muslim community's role in outreach efforts to the Islamic world, how to address growing levels of Islamophobia in the West, Muslim condemnations of terrorism and religious extremism, and proposals for joint initiatives.

Muslim participants included representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID), and the Islamic Center of America in Michigan.

"We thank the United States Institute of Peace for bringing together American Muslim leaders and senior government officials," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, who took part in yesterday's meetings. "It is our hope that such dialogues will continue in the future with other elected and administration officials."

Letter: In Support of New Trend's Analysis that Israel is Behind the Darfur Crisis, an African Reader has sent the following News Report

SLM Senior Commanders Meet Israelis and Eritrean Intelligence Officers

Friday 17 March 2006

Last Wednesday diplomats from Israel and Eritrea met two (SLM) senior members at Israeli embassy premises in Asmara. The Darfurian rebel's delegation was headed by Commander Issa Bahr Al Dein and membership of Musa Hassan Tirab and Idris Hamid sardob. The SLM delegation also met officials from both Mussed and Eritrean intelligence. Eritrean diplomat Imani Gabrab said the meeting was conducted in the context of diplomatic relation between ministry of foreign affairs and foreign diplomatic missions in Asmara.

The diplomat however has denied any intention of targeting Sudan as consequence of the respective meeting.

WAR NEWS [From our Media Monitors]

PAKISTAN: March 19. In Dera Ismail Khan, a Pakistan security unit was hit by a remote controlled bomb. Three policemen and 4 men of the Frontier Constabulary were killed. Another 5 were wounded. This is the first successful Islamic attack on Pakistani security forces outside the tribal areas. Two further bomb explosions on March 20 caused no casualties.

Meanwhile an attack on a Pakistani check post in Miran Shah, Nothern Waziristan, killed two Pakistani troops.

A low intensity tribal insurrection is continuing in parts of Baluchistan but till now the casualty figures are minor. Recently the Sui gas line out of the province was cut.

March 26. A huge caravan of protestors condemning the caricatures of the Prophet, pbuh, in European papers travelled 80 kilometers from Mirpurkhas to Hyderabad and was addressed by numerous Islamic leaders from the interior of Sindh. The main speaker, Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami, condemned General Musharraf's insensitivity to the issue. He declared that General Musharraf is an agent of the U.S. and is working at the orders of the U.S. He condemned in the strongest terms the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

AFGHANISTAN: March 25. Taliban mujahideen tried to trap an American military unit in southern Afghanistan. One U.S. trooper was killed and another wounded before the U.S. called in air support which directed 11 guided bombs at the Taliban. None of them were killed but they retreated rapidly.
[Sources include CNN Headline News.]

March 19: Near Spin Boldak, Kandahar province, a martyrdom operator attacked a French military convoy, killing two French troops, but was unable to reach the German ammunition trucks in the convoy. Taliban have taken credit for the attack. In the Maiwand area of Kandahar province, Taliban attacked a Karzai police post, killed 6 policemen, set fire to the post and fled. In Zabul province, 6 Karzai troops and 2 Taliban were klled in heavy exchanges of machine gun fire.


March 26. In a bold attack on an Indian army convoy on the Srinagar-Jammu highway, 8 Indian troops were killed by Islamic fighters and several injured. Lashkare Taiba has taken credit for the attack in a statement issued from within occupied Kashmir. There are reports of home demolitions, murders and torture of Kashmiris by Indian forces coming on a weekly basis.

The situation seems to be out of control of U.S. forces . On March 27, a martyrdom operator successfully infiltrated a recruiting center set up by the U.S. for Iraqi mercenaries at Kisik, near Mosul. Initial reports say 40 recruits were killed and 30 wounded in the attack. The numbers are expected to go up.

U.S. fatalities have gone down in the fighting [total 2321 on March 25] but the number of wounded U.S. troops has increased considerably.

Saddam's most prominent and Islamically devout official, Ibrahim al-Doury, is not only alive but has sent out a taped message in which he says that the Sunni resistance is the only legitimate representative of the Iraqi people.

Shia death squads are busy and are trying to physically eliminate the Sunni presence from parts of Baghdad. Dozens of bodies are found every morning in the target areas.

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