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Sis. 'Aisha Shaheed
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Salaam Alaikuum (Peace Be Unto You) New Trend readers and Jamaat al-Muslimeen supporters:

My name is Aisha Shaheed and I am the new Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen USA. I am honored to have been offered such a post by this organization and I pray for Allah's guidance in fulfilling my role as best I can. I wanted to focus on two key points in this message:

1.) Jamaat al-Muslimeen's goals and

2.) Networking

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Goals

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's goal is to unite the Muslim ummah under the umbrella of true Islam as it was revealed to and practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Therefore, Jamaat members should not allow ourselves to be divided along national, tribal, or secular lines. A Muslim is a Muslim, but only Allah knows who the believers are.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen has shouldered the responsibility of the neighborhood mosque by informing the Muslim ummah about issues affecting the Muslims in America and abroad. As a Muslim organization for oppressed peoples, our focus is on oppression of all forms and on all cultures. However, when one sees the news, the oppressors seem to be winning. One question is: How Do We Fight Oppression?


If you compare the mainstream media reports to New Trend's, you will realize that the mainstream media leaves out very important information about domestic and international issues. Their reporting is very partial toward government views regarding foreign and domestic policy. In our struggle against oppression, we must be very selective of our news sources.

The 2000 census indicated that there were only 7 million Jews in America out of 280 million Americans! Out those 7 Million Jews only a small percentage are Zionist. Yet, we can see the influence the Jews have had on the media (they created Hollywood), the banking industry (they created usury), and on education and politics (they believe that the Jewish Holocaust should be of great focus). Why is this?

It is because they have great networking skills. The Jews are goal-oriented. The drawback for us is that the Jews are goal-oriented even at the expense of human life and suffering! They are not concerned with liking someone or someone liking them. Their major concern is working together on a project with people who are of like-mind. When it comes to funding a project, they pool their financial resources to make it a success. They do not have a messiah complex, in which they believe that one person can do it all for them. They are not concerned with photo opportunities. When even just one person speaks out against Israel, the Zionists swarm on that person like pack of hyenas! Zionists are very united and act as one unit, which gives everyone the impression that there are 40 million of them in this country!

I must also state that the 2000 census revealed that there are close to 7 million Muslims in America, but we are nowhere near the level of cohesiveness of the Jewish community. Oppressed peoples must learn to be goal-oriented, as well. We do not have to be a jacks-of- all-trades. Collectively, we can use our efforts to inform and help those in need.

Let's Unite!
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Sis. 'Aisha Shaheed

STEPHEN SCHWARTZ on Siddique in his book The TWO FACES OF ISLAM: "Wahhabism" vs Sufism

[From Sis. Bilqis in North Carolina.]

Schwartz wrote:
"Many of the main mosques in the United States were recently built with Saudi money and saddled with a requirement that they follow Wahhabi imams and Wahhabi dictates. Testimony to this effect comes from (among many others) Kaukab Siddique, the editor of New Trend, an Islamic periodical of extremist but non-conforming views, who charged: "ISNA controls most mosques in America and thus also controls:
  1. Who will speak at EVERY [Friday prayer].
  2. Which literature will be distributed there...
New Trend tried right from 1977 to warn the people about this danger of monopoly created by funds coming in from Saudi Arabia...the Ikhwan mafia, a group of six...were bringing in funds from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. The movement for reform was quashed by the mafia (who are the revered 'elders' of ISNA) who went from city to city."

.........The network has also infiltrated the Muslim Students Association (MSA), which targeted campuses, serving as a predecessor of ISNA. The MSA was created in 1963 in close coordination with the Muslim World League. As noted by Khomeini biographer Hamid Algar, "Particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, no criticism of Saudi Arabia would be tolerated at the annual conventions of the MSA." Within its ranks, Algar writes, "official approval of Wahhabism remained strong," and in 1980 it produced an English translation of Ibn Abd al-Wahhab's own writings. New Trend's Siddique emphasized, "These well-funded groups will not allow any Islamic material other than their own to be distributed."
Comment by Kaukab Siddique: From whatever I have read of Mr. Schwartz's book, he has misunderstood the phenomenon he calls "Wahhabism." He has also misunderstood the intent, purpose and context of my writing. I find it misleading to use the term "Wahhabism" for the ISNA-CAIR controlled mosques. I don't know whether I should try to enlighten Mr. Schwartz.
By the way, owing to the efforts of brothers and sisters who support New Trend, we were able to break the stranglehold of ISNA on many mosques as far as censorship of New Trend is concerned. ISNA is no longer able to stop us.

Then with the popularity of the Internet, New Trend became capable of competing with ISNA-related groups although they have a huge financial base as compared to the meagre resources of New Trend.

The one group which has really kept us out is W.D. MUHAMMAD's followers. I doubt if Mr. Schwartz would pay attention to our criticism of W.D. because that would go against the Schwartz agenda.

Mr. Schwartz's book is part of the post 9.11 "conspiracy of Islam" industry . Numerous books have come out with all kinds of claims using "Wahhabism" as a bogeyman. The blindness of these people can be understood if one realizes that they cannot distinguish between Osama bin Laden and the Bin Laden family. I have been told that Michael Moore too is making a killing out of this confusion.

Much of Sufism is a soothing cult which is incapable of facing up to the power of American militarism; hence sufism has become the safe haven for those who see Islam as a form of Buddhism. Allama Iqbal condemned Sufism. In our own times, Sufi stuff has become the opium of the elites.

Karachi: U.S. Hand Behind Shia-Sunni Violence?

by New Trend's Pakistan Observer

In an perceptive article titled "Troubled Karachi Held to Ransom" written by Syed Saleem Shahzad in the latest issue of Asia Times, a troubling aspect of American foreign policy emerges. The writer cogently argues that the USA is behind the recent explosion of Shia-Sunni violence in Karachi. For instance, he notes:

"According to Asia Times Online sources, US assistant secretary of state Christina Rocca, in a recent visit to Islamabad at which the director general of the ISI was present, expressed concern over possible trouble in Karachi if operations in the tribal areas did not go well.

On Sunday, Pakistan warned of imposing some form of economic sanctions on the people of South Waziristan if they did not hand over foreign fighters, and more paramilitary troops were sent to the areas." Thus the USA is telling Pakistan: Clamp down hard on the Islamic dissidents concealed on the Afghan frontier, otherwise we'll do things to your biggest city, Karachi.
Shahzad presents a study of a terrorist group known as MQM which has put its roots down in a few densely populated areas of Karachi. MQM is reported to be an ethnic organization run by Urdu speaking descendants of refugees from India. They behave ruthlessly against other Urdu speakers as well as against linguistic communities which speak Pushtu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Baluchi.
MQM built its support on genuine complaints and perceived injustices suffered by the people of Karachi. It has become a fascist group run from London, England by a former taxi driver named Altaf Hussain. There is a small but well organized MQM group in the U.S. as well. MQM has been allegedly involved in numerous murders of outstanding Pakistanis, such as Hakim Saeed and Syed Salahuddin, both Urdu speaking Islamists.
The impression one gets from Shahzad's report is that MQM is behind the recent murder of an outstanding Sunni leader, Mufti Shamzai, who preached Jihad against the USA and openly supported the Taliban. MQM may well be involved in attacks on Shi'ite places of worship too. The purpose seems to be to tear apart the city of Karachi by opening up the floodgates of sectarian strife.
Shamzai had vast support in the Jihad movement. His murder could have set Karachi on fire and there could have been a massacre of Shi'ites in revenge. The entire Islamic leadership of Pakistan rushed to Karachi for Shamzai's funeral to calm things down. Jamaate Islami, JUI, JUP and other Islamists called for patience and managed to stave off a city wide upheaval. In spite of the restraint, thousands of people demonstrated, set fires, fought the police, and blocked the national highway. In what could have been an MQM attempt to add fuel to the fire, there was another deadly attack on a Shi'ite place of worship.
Both Shias and Sunnis say that they do not see the other as the enemy; hence the theory that the government and outside powers are behind these outrages. Even Musharraf is concerned, because, as Shahzad reports, Shamzai was staunch in his support for the integrity of Pakistan. He restrained the people from outright conflict with Musharraf and the military for the sake of Pakistan.
It appears that by using MQM, the USA is unleashing forces meant to destroy Pakistan. MQM is Pakistan's version of the Northern Alliance which was used to topple the Taliban. MQM is well armed, with an array of thugs, murderers and seditionists. It is the only major grouping supporting Musharraf against the rest of the country.
If the Shahzad report is correct, the USA has made its point: Move against the "terrorists" on the Afghan border, otherwise we'll destroy your premiere city.


[The following statement has been received from supporters of Shaikh Abu Hamzah, who lost both hands in the Jihad against the Soviet Union and has now been dubbed a "terrorist" by the U.S. attorney general.]
Official Statement Regarding

Shaykh Abu Hamza Al-Misri’s Arrest

In The Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

This is an official statement regarding the arrest and detention of Shaykh Abu Hamza Al-Misri, Hafidhahullah (May Allah SWT protect him).

The shameful heavy-handed ‘arrest’ of the renowned Islamic scholar, Khateeb and Mujahid; Shaykh Abu Hamza Al-Masri has proven unequivocally, that any Muslim who speaks out against idolatry, corruption, oppression, Zionism and Christian fanaticism, is subject to arrest. The lie of so-called ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘liberalism’ has been fully exposed. The Shaykh HAS become an unswerving symbol of truth against falsehood, tyranny and oppression.

The 11 charges made against Shaykh Abu Hamza had previously been made 6 years earlier; there was NO evidence to convict the Shaykh then, what has changed now? We are told that £100,000’s of your taxpayers money is spent on overt and covert police and security operations on the Shaykh, yet nothing has been found.

IT IS NOW QUITE APPARENT THAT THESE SO CALLED ‘TRUSTEES’; - KNEW IN ADVANCE OF THE SHAYKH’S ARREST. This is an act of betrayal on behalf of the trustees as they endorsed and called for the arrest of Shaykh Abu Hamza by the enemies of Allah.

The prophet (saw) said

"A Muslim is a brother of a Muslim he doesnot oppress him, he does not betray Him andhe does not hand him over." (Sahih Bukari, Sahih Muslim)

Further more the prophet PBUH also says:

"If you relieve the pain or suffering of a Muslim brother in the dunya, Allah SWT will relieve you of pain on the Day of judgement"

So we have to work our best to relieve the painthat any Muslim in the world is suffering especially the sincere scholars and mujahideen such as our beloved Shaykh Abu Hamza and Allah will reward us for this inshaAllah.

We appeal to all humanity, Muslims and non Muslims alike to attend this march in support of Human rights and global peace. This protest will be against all oppression going on in all parts of this Earth, including the oppression going on in Camp X-Ray, Belmarsh Prison, Palestine and an endless list of many other countries suffering under the oppressors tyranny.

O’ Shaykh Abu Hamza, know that you are following an illustrious path! A trail left by contemporary and past scholars such as: Shaykh Omar Abdur Rahman and the many others who are nameless and are being held captive by the enemies of Allah and His Messenger (S.A.W).

We end by reminding everyone, that those who are imprisoned for saying ‘La illaha illAllah Muhammad-ur-Rasull Allah - (There is no deity but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah) can only remain incarcerated for a certain number of years, whilst those who imprison them will be thrown into the hellfire to abide therein forever and ever - InshaAllah.

We would like to announce that there will be a march on the US embassy in Grosvenor Square W1. on Friday 4th June 2004 @ 3pm. Nearest station Marble Arch InshaAllah. We plead with everyone (Muslim or not) to attend so we can show our support for human rights as this is clearly being diminished in our time.

Iraq War was Waged to Gain the Jewish vote for Bush: Osama's warnings were Ignored

by Dr. Edward Miller, San Rafael, California [New Trend's veteran contributor and peace activist]

"Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better;
the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most that has made it possible for evil to triumph."

Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, 1892-1975

The massive invasion of Washington's political arena by supporters of Israel: outright Zionists Jews as well as our Christian Right, that has produced the very situation which our first president, George Washington, felt so strongly about preventing that he dedicated much of his farewell address to the issue: Every American should read our first President’s speech, from which these two paragraphs are copied:

"The passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils.. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of a common interest where no common interest exists... It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation, of privileges denied others... unnecessarily parting with what ought to be retained... exciting jealousy, ill will, and a disposition to retaliate in the parties from whom equal privileges are withheld." "It gives to ambitious, corrupted or deluded citizens who devote themselves to the favorite nation, facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country, without odium, sometimes even with popularity, gilding with the appearance of a virtuous sense of obligation, the base for foolish compliance's of ambition, corruption or infatuation. How many opportunities they afford to tamper with opinion, to influence or awe the public councils? ...Since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baleful foes of a republican government.... real patriots, who may resist the intrigues of the favorite, are liable to become suspected and odious... The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, in extending our commercial relations, is to have with them as little political connection as possible."
President George Washington, 1796

This last week, a letter from 50 retired US State Department diplomats urged President Bush to revise his Mideast policy The letter also applauded the recent strong rebuke to British Prime Minister Tony Blair from 52 former British diplomats, taking Blair to task for acceding to Bush’s endorsement of Sharon’s destructive Mideast proposal.

The letter to Bush, signed by such former State Department experts as Andrew Kilgore, former Ambassador to Qatar, Richard Curtis, former chair US Information Agency, James Akins, former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Eugene Bird, Embassy Counselor in Saudi Arabia, Richatrd Nolte, Ambassador to Egypt and 45 others, stated:

"We are deeply concerned by your April 14 endorsement of Israeli Prime Minister Sharon’s unilateral plan to reject the rights of 3 million Palestinians, to deny the right of refugees to return to their homeland, and to retain large illegal settlement blocks in the Occupied West Bank.

The plan defies UN Security Council resolutions calling for Israel’s return of occupied territories...ignores international laws declaring Israeli settlements illegal, ...undermines the Road Map for Peace... reverses long-standing American policy in the Middle East."

"Your meeting with Sharon ..left out Palestinians. In fact, you and Prime Minister Sharon consistently have excluded Palestinians from peace negotiations. Former Palestinian Information Minister Yasser Abec Rabbo voiced the overwhelming reaction of people around the world when he said : "I believe President Bush declared the death of the peace process."

"You have placed US diplomats, civilians and military doing their jobs overseas in an untenable and even dangerous position. Your unqualified support of Sharon’s extrajudicial assassinations, Israel’s Berlin Wall barrier, its harsh military measures in the Occupied Territories, and now your endorsement of Sharon’s unilateral plan are costing our country its credibility, prestige and friends..."

Washington’s tendency to favor the State of Israel ever since the formation of this artificial entity by the United Nations in 1947, has inflicted upon the American people most, if not all, of the ills and evils described by our First President. Blowbacks continue to this day.

Throughout the fifty-five years of the State of Israel's existence, our government has treated the original inhabitants of Palestine with disregard, disdain and objective repression. Turning its back on the 750,000 Palestinians violently expelled from their homes and properties by the Israeli military in 1948, the US has been most niggardly in contributing to those United Nations funds which provide life support to those who for half a century are still surviving in refugee camps. The same disdain has been visited upon Palestinians violently dispossessed by Israel in her 1967 war of aggression against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and the West Bank.

When President Reagan supported Sharon's brutal invasion of Lebanon in 1982, by shelling the unprotected population of Beirut offshore from our USS New Jersey, we paid with the loss of over 400 US Marine and Navy lives. When Israel, during the 1967 War planed to seize the Golan Heights from Syria, to hide this invasion from Washington, she bombed, strafed, wounded and killed nearly half the crew of our intelligence ship the USS LIBERTY. . The killing of our Marines in Saudi Arabia in 1993, the loss of our embassies in Kenya and Tansania, the bombing of the USS Cole, and finally, the Twin Towers and Pentagon destruction are all related to Washington's political obeisance to Jewish money and the Zionists in our capital.

Throughout the 55 years of Israel's existence, daily repressions of the Palestinians at checkpoints, land seizures, destruction of olive orchards, stealing of water rights, targeted killings, home demolitions, and savage expropriation of farmland by hundreds of illegal Jewish settlements and their interconnected highways have produced scarcely a mention by Washington.

Whenever, under pressure from other nations, the United Nations voted for Resolutions against Israel's egregious behavior, Washington has rushed to defend the Jewish State, and vetoed over 80 attempts by the international community to support Palestinian rights. Israel has ignored those rules set by the Geneva Convention. In this disgusting campaign to protect our "parasite," Washington has weakened the prestige of the United Nations, and shamed us before the world.

In Afghanistan, in the spring of 1998, Osama Ben Laden, speaking to John Miller of the Associated Press, threw down the gauntlet to the US and Israel, saying his Muslim World of over 1.2 billion peoples would no longer tolerate Washington’s ongoing genocide in Iraq, a killing fostered by a savage embargo, by sewage-contaminated water, a near-starvation diet, lethal radiation from depleted-uranium shells, and by thousands of "cluster-bomblets" left for Iraqi children to explode, Ben Laden added: his Muslim brethren would no longer tolerate our support for Israel's land theft and human rights abuses in the Occupied Territories. Ben Laden's promises of Muslim reprisal were not long in coming. Americans died in Tanzania, in Kenya, aboard the USS Cole, in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

September 11th presented choices:
We could restrain Israel's Sharon, close down Israel's illegal settlements, and remove Israel from our payroll. We could discontinue the deadly embargo of the Iraqis, and allow Saddam's people to rebuild their country. Instead, driven by Bush's Zionist friends, and our Vice President's oil interests, we first sought revenge in Afghanistan, further ravaging its impoverished people.

Next, pressured by Israel's supporters in Washington, plus Cheney and his Halburton Associates, we are again militarily assaulting Saddam's country on the pretext of WMD and Saddam’s supposed threats to US interests.

It has not only in the moral costs, or loss of American lives that feeding this Zionist parasite is damaging this Country, but from an economic point of view, support for Israel continues to be a tragedy. Thomas R. Stauffer's : THE COST TO THE US TAXPAYERS OF THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT (See Washington Report, June 2003 vol XXII no.5) details the total burden born by the US taxpayer since the inception of the State of Israel. Stauffer shows that paying for both the instability and conflicts in the Middle East totals out to be "close to $3 trillion in 2002 dollars." Yearly interest-free "loans" to Israel, annual stipends, military advances, millions in military support are but the tip of American's growing indebtedness iceberg.

On May 18th, while Sharon’s military was bulldozing homes in Gaza’s Rafah refugee camp, killing protesting Palestinians left and right, despite demands by the UN and Amnesty International to cease, our President, desperate to win in November, was kissing the ass of Israel’s lobby, AIPAC at their annual meeting in Washington, saying: "Our nation is stronger and safer because we have a true and dependable ally in Israel."

Seanator Ernest F. Hollings in a column and in a speech on May 8th had said it clearly: "With 750 dead in Iraq and over 3000 maimed for life, home folks continue to argue why we are in Iraq...Bush came to office imbued with one thought- re-election. ..why invade a sovereign country? The answer: President Bush’s policy to secure Israel." ... "to take the Jewish vote from the Democrats."

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