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Nigeria's Islamic Victory: The Hidden Facts Censored by U.S. Media
from our Nigeria observer (edited)

One aspect of the Nigerian struggle for Islamic identity and independence is so obvious that most observers missed it: The Islamic viewpoint of the Nigerian people was not reported by ANY of the U.S. media. If New Trend had not been outspoken on the issue, there would have been no commentary at all from the Islamic viewpoint.

Falwell-type Christian evangelists in the U.S., including toms brought in from Nigeria and dressed like Europeans, are busy whipping up anti-Nigerian hysteria. One group supporting the beauty pageant has been urging supporters to demonstrate at the Nigerian embassy in Washington, DC. It would seem that the Zionist-backed Christians think that the defeat of the beauty contest was somehow a setback for "civilization."

Here are a few facts about Nigeria which the Zionist media are hiding:
1. SHARIA or Islamic Law is the demand of the masses of Nigerians in the solidly Islamic northern states. It is not being imposed by anyone: it is coming from the grassroots.
2. SHARIA is the authentic voice of Islam (based on the Qur'an and the Hadith). It has not been invented by some sect or by the "wahhabies."
3. SHARIA is for Muslims only. It is not imposed on Christians or animists.
4. Nigeria is not interfering in America's business. One does not hear of Nigerians coming to the U.S. to monitor the suffering of women here (FOUR MILLION WOMEN ARE BATTERED IN THE U.S. EVERY YEAR.) On what basis are American "human rights" people objecting to Sharia punishments meted out to one or two people in Nigeria?
5. Nigeria is a Muslim majority country but the tricky rulers in cahoots with western powers have imposed a secular constitution on the country.
6. Churches are being built by Falwell-type Zionist Christians in solidly Islamic areas as acts of provocation and infiltration. [In America, even mosques packed with worshipers have had to fight for permission to construct in Christian communities and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on law suits. In Nigeria, churches are being built without the peoples' permission.]
7. In parts of Northern Nigeria, brainwashed Christian colonists have been brought in and planted in settlements within Muslim communities, not unlike the Jewish settlements in Palestine. The methodology is the same. Military protection is provided to these colonists.
8. Falwell-type evangelists are brought in every year to create provocations by attacking the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him). Before the Europeans started these attacks, Muslims lived peacefully with Christians.
9. The attack on Sharia is being coordinated from America. Among other Zionists, Oprah Winfrey, the richest woman in America, with a coast-to-coast audience, began a campaign against Nigeria behind the facade of sympathy for a Nigerian woman sentenced under Sharia. Oprah has never shown sympathy for any Islamic woman. Her bleeding heart for one woman raises the question of her motivation.
10. After drumming up a lot of demonization of Sharia, the cultural imperialists tried to move in big time with a beauty pageant which is the exact opposite of all the modesty and decency Islam stands for. It was a direct attack on the roots of the cherished values of the Nigerian people.
11. The cultural imperialists became so confident that one of them tried to connect the blessed name of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with the petty spectacle of the beauty pageant.
12. The Muslim masses came out to protest and were faced by the military forces of the secularist regime. Their sacrifices forced the beauty pageant to retreat and put the fear of God in the writer who had denigrated the Prophet (pbuh).

Readers in America who care for Africa should realize that Africa is under the imperialist onslaught funded by Zionists and evangelists. WHY IS AFRICA UNDER ATTACK? Because it is an Islamic continent and as the Islamic resurgence takes place, the wealth of Africa will belong to the African people. WHY IS SHARIA UNDER ATTACK? Because it is the only force powerful enough to defeat the onslaught of AIDS which has ravaged the non-Muslim majority countries like South Africa and Uganda.
SHARIA is against adultery and fornication but makes marriage strong and well-grounded. SHARIA MAKES THE FAMILY STRONG and discourages divorce. As long as the family is strong and divorce is rare, multinational corporations cannot find markets for the garbage they want to sell.

As the example of South Africa has shown, AIDS cannot be stopped by Black nationalism. The deterrent is SHARIA [the Qur'an interpreted by the Hadith].
AIDS is not to be taken lightly. It has already decimated millions in Africa. Very strict laws to stop adultery and fornication are the way to deal with AIDS. Thus the Nigerian masses are leading the way to counter cultural imperialism. Hail to Sharia! Hail to the Nigerian people!

2002-12-14 Sat 15:59ct