MWPAC-Issues Statement of Warning to Those who Continue to Attempt to Divide and Conquer

The Muslim Women's Political Action Committee warns all who do not take the highest possible road towards unifying Muslims of what Allah says about creating us as tribes and nations so that we can learn more about each other and work together. This is paraphrasing the ayat from the Quran. Many of you know it and can recite it in the Arabia. Why can't we learn to practice it? Why are so many in leadership with power and money so determine to conquer and divide? Why are so many in leadership more concerned about their masaajid (mosque), their community as if they personally own it? You don't!!!! Mosque, masaajid, Islamic Centers are houses of Allah, not our personal social clubs.

This is not Islam! Leaders stop! While you argue vague points of interpretation we are losing young Muslims to drugs, nude dancing clubs, prostitution and gangs. We have more important issues to face. We can help each other become better Muslims. Leaders talk to Minister Farrakkan if you think he is not correct in his message. He has taken shahadatain, so he is our brother, help him and his people the Nation of Islam our brothers and sisters. Be there to help them learn what they need to learn to be better Muslims. We can agree to disagree with Christian Ministers, Jewish Rabbis, and others on certain points why can't we give our brothers the benefit of the doubt?

This must stop! We the Muslim Women's Political Action Committee respect all righteous leadership and pray for any misjudgment or faults to be corrected by Allah. Let Allah do the shaping and molding. We can't we are too unjust and unworthy to try to sit in judgment of anyone! We just need to be just ourselves and practice this deen daily. Stop the SLANDER!!!!!!!!!!
Stop the Insults!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop the Division!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unite Leaders, Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Save yourselves, your families and communities from the Hellfire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Sisters in Islam
The Muslim Women's Political Action Committee

2001-06-11 Mon 18:57ct