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Tiny Afghanistan Faces Joint Threat from USA/Russia

As the month of Ramadan got under way, the Zionist-controlled regimes in Washington and Moscow gave a 'gift' to the Muslim world. They are threatening joint action against the tiny Islamic nation of Afghanistan.

The issue being brought up is that Arabian dissident Osama Bin Laden has been given refuge in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Response: The Afghans say they want evidence against Osama bin Laden. The US says it has provided 'evidence.' The Afghans say the information provided in no way is sufficient for mujahid Osama to be arrested or expelled from Afghanistan.


The Monica Lewinsky Attack: Readers might remember that Clinton launched missile attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan at a time when Zionist interests and Clinton's need to distract attention from his oval office amusement coincided. Attention was largely focused on Sudan but the attack on Afghanistan was ignored because U.S. missiles hit a mosque killing Muslims worshipping in the mosque. Such an atrocity against a synogogue or church would have evoked worldwide condemnation.

Such an attack, across international frontiers, without warning, is a violation of internatonal laws which the USA is signatory to.

SANCTIONS were imposed on Afghanistan to force it to expel Mujahid Osama. Thus we see the real face of Zionism which can impose starvation, disease and death on an entire nation because this great nation has given refuge to a struggler and a fighter against the biggest imperial power of our times. This barbaric practise of sanctions amounts to COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT which is a violation of international law which the USA claims to support.


The USA is trying to get Osama killed for $5 million. In Afghanistan, that is a huge sum of money. Such hits are against international law. If an individual were to announce any such hit, he would be arrested. The Zionist regime in Washington is making an international pariah out of itself by issuing such orders.


Tremendous pressure is being brought to bear on Pakistan to implement the sanctions against Afghanistan. On November 11, Pakistan sealed its border with Afghanistan on the excuse of stopping refugees from coming in from the fighting in northern Afghanistan. USA is now insisting that it will surveil the implementation of the sanctions on the Pakistan-Afghan border.
RUSSIAN-IRANIAN entente: The new united Russian-American threat to Afghanistan is all the more ominous because the Russians have Iranian help available to them to stir up trouble in Afghanistan. The Iranians hate the Taliban regime because it foiled their plans to take power in Kabul even with the tiny sect which they control in central Afghanistan.
ARE TALIBAN THE PROBLEM? The zionist regime in Washington is bringing up the same excuses to hit Afghanistan as the ones it used against Iraq. The same old story: We have Iraq under sanctions because President Saddam is bad. Now, the Taliban are bad, so we will hit Afghanistan. THE U.S. EXCUSE IS BOGUS because we remember that when the Rabbani government was in power in Kabul, the U.S. refused to recognize it. The U.S. can never be happy with any stable Islamic government in Kabul for the simple reason that such a government would be a source of strength for Muslims worldwide.
AN IMPORTANT CONCLUSION: The issue of Osama bin Laden is an actual cause as well as an excuse. The Zionists want to show that there is no refuge for jihadist Muslims anywhere. Of course Osama is a problem for them, but he is also the excuse for not letting Afghanistan stabilize itself.
THE RUSSIAN-U.S. moves might backfire because no Afghan worth his name will kow-tow before superior power. The only Afghan answer can be Jihad: In Urdu: al-yahood ka aik jawab/ al-jihaad, al-jihaad. The Taliban is the name of an Islamic phenomenon of grassroots power. Even if the Taliban leaders are assassinated, other mujahideen will take their place.
ISLAMIC RESPONSE IS DEVELOPING: Observers say that Pakistan is the key to the situation. Watch carefully for Pakistan government moves against JIHADIST MOVEMENTS INSIDE PAKISTAN.
The most important which Washington detests are:
Lashkare Taiba Harakat al-Mujahideen (targeted in the missile attack).
If such moves occur, it would signal the Pakistani acceptance of U.S. pressures. The Pakistanis are under severe pressure. On December 1, the Pakistan government is reported to have "accepted a cease fire" in Kashmir which India had proposed "for Ramadan." Observers say this "cease fire" is a U.S. directed ploy to end the resistance in Kashmir, comparable to the "peace process" in Palestine.

Observers say, any genuine Pakistani patriotic government will resist putting an actual stop to movement across the Afghan-Pakistan border.

Owing to the Iranian involvement, Iraq might help Afghanistan. Iraq is reported to have offered to give refuge to Mujahid Osama if Afghanistan is forced to expel him.
WORLDWIDE MUSLIM DUTY to HELP AFGHANISTAN: The Qur'an teaches that the believers are none other than ONE brotherhood/sisterhood. The Prophet's (pbuh) hadith make it clear that if one part of the Muslim bodypolitic is hurt, the entire body must respond to help and save.
DEAL WITH THE PROPAGANDA: The Zionist media orchestrated a worldwide propaganda campaign against the Taliban especially concerning their restrictions on women. Communist Afghan women under the fabricated group name RAWA were taken on tours across the USA and publicized heavily to create the impression that the Taliban were doing something monstrous to women. As we have shown before in these columns, the RAWA stories were fabrications. The Taliban's severe restrictions on westernized women were limited to Kabul and were imposed because Kabul was considered a conquered city which had helped the Communists fight the Muslims. Certainly the Taliban's treatment of Kabul was not comparable to the Russian-US-British treatment of civilians when the allies "liberated" Germany in 1945. Also, the Taliban behaved much better than the Americans in Vietnam.

Independent western journalists have reported that most of Afghanistan is at peace under the Taliban government. Even Pamela Constable of the Washington Post conceded that Afghan refugees were RETURNING TO AFGHANSTAN from Pakistan/Iran during the last one year.
Women are living and working peacefully all over Afghanistan with the exception of westernized women in Kabul.
IF THIS MESSAGE REACHES THE TALIBAN, we urge them to make peace with the northern alliance and thus make Afghanistan a united nation. The fighting in the north is fratricidal and no well-wisher of Afghanistan would want it to continue.
Afghanistan is the crucible of Jihad. Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman and all authentic Islamic scholars supported the struggle of the Afghan people. O believers! We urge you not to abandon the Afghan people in this new hour of GREAT PERIL. We must teach the Zionist governments in Washington and Moscow that the MUSLIMS ARE ONE UMMAH from Morocco to the Philippines, from Nigeria to Chechnya. The enemy must not be allowed to gobble us up one at a time.
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