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Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman's Attorney, Translator, Para-legal Arrested
Blatant Civil Rights Violations to Please Dictator Mubarak on Powell Visit
Israeli Forces Suffer Setback in Jenin: Heavy Losses in Ambush

First the bad news: One of America's top Islamists, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, paralegal advisor to Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, was arrested in New York on April 9. Our reporter talked to his wife and found that she was not being permitted to meet her husband and was told to get security clearance first because Br. Ahmed is being considered a dangerous person (!).

Also arrested were Shaikh Abdel Rahman's attorney Lynne Stewart and his translator Mr. Usry. These two were later released on bail.
As Ms. Stewart is now under indictment, she can no longer defend Br. Ahmed and he had to accept a public attorney. The attorney was not able to put together a bail package and thus Br. Ahmed is in prison, awaiting a bail hearing on Friday at 11.

Attorney Lynne Stewart's arrest is a new low in the decline of civil liberties in the U.S. Such things were only supposed to happen under the regime of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak where an attorney defending an opponent of the regime is arrested! It appears that Ms. Stewart complained about the mistreatment of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman after she visited him in prison and made public the need for proper medical facilities for the Shaikh. This was held against her.

Br. Ahmed Abdel Sattar is being accused of coordinating some kind of plot based on Ms. Stewart's and Mr. Usry's visit to the Shaikh in 2000. The absurdity of these charges comes from the well-known fact that Br. Ahmed's phone has been tapped all that time and the government listens to his conversations. For two years, the government couldn't find anything wrong. Immediately after 9/11, the police invaded his apartment in Staten Island on the pretext of looking for weapons (!) but found nothing.

Br. Ahmed is a citizen of the United States and has a perfect record of citizenship. He has not broken any laws and has not committed any illegality. The U.S. is taking revenge on him for taking care of Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman, for speaking out against oppression of Muslims and for being active in the movement against secret evidence. He has not prostrated in front of the White House as most U.S. Muslims have done, especially since 9/11.

NEW TREND'S READING is that this latest act of harrassment is meant to please Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak during Powell's current visit to Egypt. In fact Mubarak might have asked for this favor from Bush's slinky agent.

Br. Ahmed Abdel Sattar and a part of the Egyptian community in New York is a problem for the criminal regime of Mubarak which holds 60,000 political prisoners and uses torture to silent dissent. These Egyptians in NY constantly protest.

TODAY WAS INDEED A DAY OF SHAME IN STATEN ISLAND as the police had cordoned off streets leading to Br. Ahmed's apartment as if he is a dangerous terrorist.

We urge human rights activists around the world to keep an eye on the case of Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Usry and Lynne Stewart. Don't let U.S. attorney general Ashcroft vilify innocent and outstanding citizens.
For Muslim readers, it might be worth noting that Br. Ahmed Abdel Sattar is one of the outstanding scholars of the Qur'an and the Hadith in U.S.A. although he does not make grand and flowery speeches.
ISRAEL FINALLY MEETS a few MUJAHIDEEN: Entire Jewish unit wiped out

"...Slay them wherever ye catch them, and drive them out from where they turned you out, for oppression is worse than slaughter." (2:191)

JENIN, April 9. Sated with the blood of innocent men, women and children, Israeli troops finally met a few Islamic fighters and were slaughtered. The reports the Israelis have given out show their panic and confusion. Looks like the thuggish Jews, drunk with the power of their weaponry, were lured into a trap where they were confronted with a martyr who had turned himself into a bomb. When the Jews ran for their lives, they were gunned down by Islamists who appeared on nearby roofs.

THE ENTIRE ISRAELI UNIT WAS WIPED OUT. Till now the Jews have admitted 13 soldiers killed 9 wounded in this ambush but the real numbers are probably much higher.

Palestine is awash with the blood of unarmed civilians slaughtered by the Jewish army, helicopter gunships and tanks. Observers say, Israel will learn that this is not 1967 or 1973 that the Muslims will be cowed down and surrender. This is the era of Osama Bin Laden. Israeli atrocities are waking up the Muslim world. Even the Jordanian King, puppet though he is, could not openly condemn Palestinian resistance when he appeared on NBC.

Unfortunately Israel's main backers, Bush and his Jews, want to make sure the Palestinians are crushed and humiliated before "peace talks" resume.

2002-04-14 Sun 12:49ct