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  1. Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges Muslim intelligentsia in America to join BOYCOTT of BUSINESSES WHICH SUPPORT ISRAEL. Speak to those who listen to you not to drink Coca Cola, or eat at McDonald's, or go to Starbucks. Do not buy Nestle's products such as Oreos, Minutemaid and various water bottles.
  2. KOSHER is NOT same as HALAL. Jamaat al-Muslimeen has learned that W.D. Muhammad's officials who are hired by the prison system prescribe Kosher diets for Muslim inmates. Under prison rules, every religious community has the right to its own diet. A Jew would not take Islamic Halal diet instead of Kosher. Why should Muslims be forced to take Kosher diets? It's a violation of their rights. Remember that Kosher is a source of indirect help for Israel. Halal is available. INSIST ON HALAL.
  3. BB & T bank in Virginia closed the account of Dr. Abdelhalim Ashqar, a Palestinian leader living in the U.S. The bank claims that it does not discriminate on the basis if religion or nationality but refuses to divulge the cause for closing. This is a new kind of VIOLATION of CIVIL RIGHTS. Please call BB & T at these two phone numbers: 703-531-2876 [ask for Cindy Fisher, V.P President BB & T] and/or Ms. McGraw, Public Relations Officer at: 336-733-1006. Leave a polite but firm message that Dr. Ashqar's account must be restored otherwise we'll boycott BB & T.
  4. Imam Jamil al-Amin's INTERVIEW from inside Prison is available on CD. It's an excellent tool for understanding, da'wah and movement. We need good sales to provide some funds to the support group working for the Imam's cause. Send $20 to: New Trend, P.O. Box 356, Kingsville, MD 21087

Sharon at Auschwitz: The Ultimate Symbol of Evil & Hypocrisy: Israeli flags Waved at Anniversary

[From New Trend's Accuracy in Jewish Studies.]

On May 5, 2005 the linkup between Israel and the Jewish Holocaust legend became very clear. Sharon, top global terrorist, was at the Auschwitz ceremony marked by marchers carrying Israeli flags.

Thus the connection between Zionism and the Jewish Holocaust story became very clear. This is Israel's milk cow, bringing funds and sympathy from around the world. Consider this: NOW LOOK AT AUSCHWITZ ITSELF: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Analysis by New Trend's Media Monitor

Big Holes in the Story about Capture of Abu Faraj al-Leebi. If he is 3rd Man in Al-Qaida, Osama & Ayman should now be caught.
Musharraf and Bush Helping Libyan Dictator?

Seldom have President Bush and General Musharraf expressed so much satisfaction about the "war on terror." Every major U.S. newspaper and TV channel has been chortling: THIRD MAN FROM TOP IN LIST OF TERRORISTS CAUGHT with "Pakistan's" help.

New Trend's study of the information which has come out indicates that this might be a phoney "victory." Time will tell but:

Who Could Abu Faraj al-Leebi really be and how Important is he?


Black Female Leader in Cuba Target of U.S. Bounty Hunters. $1,000,000 Put on her head.
Assata Shakur Facing International Kidnaping.

Published in the Home News Tribune 05/3/05
The Associated Press
State Police Supt. Col. Joseph R. "Rick" Fuentes announces the increase of a federal bounty for the capture of Joanne Chesimard during a news conference at the division's headquarters in West Trenton yesterday. The reward is now $1 million - up from $150,000.

WOODBRIDGE - Louis Faccone is ready to go. The promise of $1 million for the capture of Joanne Chesimard has drawn the interest of the 39-year-old bounty hunter from Woodbridge.

Faccone says he is scheduled to meet with two of his operatives in the next few days to discuss having them pluck the fugitive convicted killer of a New Jersey state trooper out of Cuba, where she fled years ago.

To learn more, Faccone traveled to Ewing yesterday to attend a press conference held by the New Jersey State Police and others about the reward for the 57-year-old fugitive.

The federal government is offering a $1 million reward for the capture of Chesimard, who killed state trooper Werner Foerster of Old Bridge in 1973, escaped from the state prison for women in Clinton, and now lives in Cuba on a stipend from Fidel Castro, state police said yesterday.

Law-enforcement officials said they don't care how Chesimard, now known as Assata Shakur, is caught - whether it's through information supplied by her neighbors in Cuba or whether a bounty hunter brings her into international waters.

They just want Chesimard, a member of the Black Liberation Army in the 1970s, safely delivered to the United States so she can finish her life sentence, plus 26 to 33 years, in New Jersey.

"This is a debt that she owes the residents of the state of New Jersey," said Col. Joseph R. "Rick" Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

Deputy U.S. Attorney Lee Solomon said he was not aware of any federal statute that would prohibit a bounty hunter from assisting in the apprehension of Chesimard.

"Whatever issues are raised upon her apprehension will be dealt with by the court, and I am confident can be overcome by the government," Solomon said.

"There's somebody who would take $50,000 to $60,000," said Faccone, the owner of Northeast Fugitive Recovery Inc. "You either fly in or go in by boat from the (Florida) Keys, but you have to take a boat out. Once you're in international waters, you call the U.S. Coast Guard."

Asked how he would extract a dangerous fugitive such as Chesimard, Faccone said, "There's ways to get her out without her kicking and screaming," such as knock-out pills.

Acting Lt. Kevin Tormey, the trooper who has worked the case for the past 18 years, carries a picture of Foerster in his hat.

Foerster, a husband and father, was killed execution-style on the New Jersey Turnpike just south of Interchange 9 near Route 18 in East Brunswick. During a road stop, Chesimard, who was in a car with two others, initiated a fierce gun battle that wounded two troopers, including Foerster.

"It was later determined that Werner Foerster's service weapon was ripped from his holster as he lay wounded on the pavement, and he was executed with two shots to the head from that service weapon," said Fuentes.

After her conviction for murder, Chesimard, with the assistance of a coalition of domestic terrorist groups, escaped from state prison in 1979.

She lived first in East Orange and Pittsburgh, and then surfaced in the mid-1980s in Cuba, where New Jersey law-enforcement officials said Castro has provided her with a safe haven.

She has been spotted several times this year in Cuba, Tormey said.

"The Cuban government provides her an apartment, a car, a clothing allowance, a food allowance," he said. "They view her as a revolutionary."

Tormey said Chesimard also receives visits from people from the United States who bring her money and information.

"She lives better than any other U.S. fugitive in Cuba," he said. "And she lives better than the average Cuban citizen."

Chesimard has a daughter and two grandchildren in Chicago.

New Jersey officials requested an increase in the reward for Chesimard from $150,000 a year ago. The approval came after Michael Chertoff, a former federal judge and a New Jersey resident, was named secretary of the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Chesimard must be brought back alive under the conditions of the reward.

Al Della Fave, state police spokesman, said any steps Faccone takes to get Chesimard will be done on his own.

"He's not sanctioned by the state police. We're not supporting his efforts," Della Fave said. "But it is what it is: a million dollars. Whoever brings her back gets it."


by Edward Miller, San Rafael, California

"The Likud* is closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties." * ( Sharon's party)

Albert Einstein, 1948

The military expansionism of Zionist Israel has occupied the media for well over half a century. As Israel has come under more scrutiny in a world increasingly tethered by the Internet and satellite communication, Sharon's campaign of both covert and violent colonization is condemned around the globe. In 2003 some 7000 Europeans were asked to pick, from a list of 15 countries, those which represented the greatest threat to world peace. Chosen for first place by the vast majority interviewed was Israel, with the United States a close second.

American media, dominated by five huge consortiums, continues to both censor and distort the situation in the Mideast in favor of Israel. On American university campuses, however open and intelligent discussion had always been available, even in Universities sponsoring Mideast studies. Beginning sometime in late 2001, however, on some campuses, Zionist organizations have attempted to stifle criticism of Israel and its fascist behavior, just as Senator Joseph R. McCarthy in his anti-communist campaign during the Nixon Administration tried to stifle criticism and control public discussion, employing character assassination, innuendo with threats of political, economic and even judicial retaliation.

In March 2002 a network of Jewish organizations formed the Israel On Campus Coalition (ICC) in partnership with Hillel and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation which donated $1,050,000 to the Coalition. McCarthyism then made its appearance on the Web as "Campus Watch." Organized by Zionist, right-wing columnist, and sometime professor, Daniel Pipes, student members of Hillel, the popular on-campus Jewish fraternity, were indoctrinated as "thought police" to report back to Pipe's headquarters in Washington any professors who made disparaging remarks about either Israel, the Zionist movement, or appeared to intimidate Jewish students in discussions relating to Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Jewish organizations pressured their representatives from districts where targeted departments were located, to warn university administrators that support from federal funding might be removed unless the accused professor was either chastised, or dismissed.

In New York, Rabbi Charles Sheer, director of the Columbia/Barnard chapter of Hillel, in December 2003, complained that the: " battleground regarding the Mideast at Columbia University had shifted to the classroom". He hinted that as a counter-strike a student group was working on a video that records how advocacy teaching intimidated Jewish students. Producers of this so-called "David Project " are presently supported by AIPAC, AFDL and the American Jewish Committee. The group's frequently re-edited film has never had commercial showing. (Scott Sherman THE NATION 4 April 2005). .

On Nov 21 2002, New York City's Daily News under the heading: " Poison Ivy: Climate of hate hits Columbia University," stated "Dozens of academics are said to be promoting an I-hate Israel agenda, ..teaching that Zionism is the root of all evil in the Mideast." The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, and Fox News echoed similar sentiments .

Under Zionist pressure our House of Representatives passed HR 3077 mandating that "Studies programs funded under Title VI of the Higher Education Act must " foster debate on American foreign policy from diverse perspectives.....thus sending a chill through academia. (The Nation , ibid).

This bru ha ha has continued. Targeted professors receive hate mail and phone threats. Rightist Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz speaking to Columbia's student activist groups " warned against anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on campus", while UC Berkeley's professor of Islamic Law, Hatem Bazian warned: " We have here a call for maintaining Middle East studies through the Israeli lens." (Robert Gaines WRMEA April 2005)

The administration at Columbia responded, naming a five-member academic panel to investigate student charges. After some weeks and many interviews the panel decided there was neither evidence of student intimidation nor racial bigotry at the University.

I called Professor George Saliba, one of three Columbia professors targeted by Daniel Pipes. Saliba told me he was much encouraged by the support he and fellow professors were receiving from the student body, and that the academic atmosphere was "improvng". Meanwhile, at Oregon University, Professor Douglas Card, who refused to be intimidated when targeted by Pipe's group, recently settled out of court a lawsuit for "defamation of character" he had launched against Pipes .

Here in Marin, a January 29 headline in the Marin Independent Journal read: SESSION WITH TERRORIST STIRS OUTRAGE . A group of 9 students from San Francisco Theological Seminary students, on an educational tour of Mideast countries lead by Seminary chaplain Dr.Charles Marks, while visiting a deserted Israeli detention center in southern Lebanon at El Khiam, on June 1, 2004, watched a 20-minute documentary on the liberation of prisoners in 2000 after which a former detainee described the methods of torture visited upon them by the Israelis. The Seminar group was also addressed by Sheik Nabil Qaouk, Hezbullah's commander in Southern Lebanon. A bru ha ha erupted after Syria's newspaper The Daily Star, reported the meeting and quoted Chaplain Marks as saying: " I am certain that my positive image of Hezbullah is different from that pictured in the West. I am happy to meet Hezbullah officials and listen to what they have to say/" (Daily Star June 2, 2004)

San Francisco's Jewish Community Relations Council got wind of the student meeting and Yitzhak Santis, Director of Middle East Affairs for the Council met with Seminary President Phillip Butin. Santis ( who refused to talk with me) was "troubled" by the group's "failure to condemn Hezbullah," but also troubled because the Presbyterian Church, in sympathy with the Palestinians, is calling on its members to divest themselves of stock held by companies profiting from Israel's Occupation of Palestine.

The Seminary's Chaplain Marks was right on target. Hezbullah is largely a social service organization and political party with 12 seats in Lebanon's parliament. Its military wing in 2000 kicked the Israeli army out of Lebanon after 22 years occupation and over 900 Israeli soldiers killed and is therefore designated as "Terrorist" by a Washington that still supports the terrorism of Israel.

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