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Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Urgent Appeal

SERIOUS FLOODS IN BANGLADESH have taken the lives of more than 1300 people. Millions of people are affected. The Bangladeshi people are resilient and their faith helps them to overcome such calamities. However, it is the duty of all people of conscience to help those who have lost everything. Jamaat al-Muslimeen is able to take help directly to the people in Bangladesh.
Donations should be sent to:
Jamaat al-Muslimeen
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"We kicked the Koran Only Once." [U.S. Official]
Naked Prisoners Beaten, Faced with Dogs, Qur'an kicked, Qur'an Thrown into Toilet.

Three British Muslims recently released from Guantanamo Bay have given graphic accounts of torture by U.S. forces in the cages of Guantanamo Bay. The Muslims were forced to be naked, were repeatedly beaten, were confronted with attack dogs and humiliated. The Qur'an, the greatest Book of all humanity, was repeatedly kicked by U.S. thugs and then thrown into the toilet with human excreta.

After more than two years, the British Muslims were handed over to British authorities. They were released by the British, who, though prejudiced against Islam, could find NO EVIDENCE OF ANY SORT against the three innocents.
Source: ABC News, August 3, 2004
The Republican Noise Machine by David Brock, Crown Publishers, New York, 2004, 418 pages.

Read carefully, this book can help the discerning reader understand how racists like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and a whole bunch of "Christians" have sold Zionism, Israel and war to the American mainstream.
Warning: American readers with heart problems, high blood pressure and related health issues should not read the following

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Pakistani Jihad Leader Hafiz Saeed says: Jihad Opens the way to the Uprising and Victory of the Oppressed. The blow Delivered on 9.11 Showed the Muslims of the World that the U.S-Zionist Stranglehold Would be Broken

Report from our Pakistan Observer

Most Pakistanis are strongly opposed to U.S. attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. At the leadership level, Islamic Pakistanis such as Dr. Israr Ahmed and many others have found an interesting way of dealing with the 9.11 attacks. They allege that perhaps the Israelis, being the most powerful people in the world, either manufactured the 9.11 attacks or at least knew about them. It's a skillful way of avoiding the issue of war between the U.S.A. and the world of Islam, as conspiracy theories help to put off the issue of Jihad [known to Americans as terrorism.]

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, leader of Jamaat ad-Da'wa, avoids image of Muslims as victims and instead focuses on Jihad as the way to defeat those warring against Islam. In his most recent Khutba [Friday prayer sermon] he claimed that 9.11 was part of the Jihad to defeat the United States and Zionism.

Hafiz [literally: one who has memorized the Qur'an] Saeed spoke at a large mosque complex in Chauburgi, one of the most heavily populated areas of Lahore, Pakistan. The mosque was packed to capacity and overflowing with worshipers, including thousands of young people aged anywhere from 16 to 25. Each person entering the complex was put through a professionally conducted security check. The facility is guarded by young men armed with automatic rifles who handle their weapons with the assurance of familiarity.

From a different entrance, large numbers of women, covered head to toe even in the intense summer day, pour into the mosque after being checked by armed Muslim women, and later, during Q & A after prayers, send in most of the questions to Hafiz Saeed.

In his Khutba, Hafiz Saeed taught that Jihad is central to Islam. Jihad, he said, gives hope to the oppressed people that victory is possible and that Allah has promised those who do Jihad that the oppressors will be defeated.

Hafiz Saeed pointed out that when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was in Makka, very few people joined his movement. Hafiz Saeed then described the Prophet's mission in Madina when Allah commanded him to pick up weapons and to fight back. Even in the very first battle, Badr, the Prophet had more supporters than in his entire stay in Makka. Hafiz Saeed then gave the statistics for each ensuing Jihad: Uhud, Khandaq, the Conquest of Makka, Hunayn, Tabook: as the Jihad continued, more and more people joined the army of Islam.

The process continued into the Rashideen Caliphate, Hafiz Saeed said, which broke the back of the Persian and Roman empires.

Hafiz Saeed then moved to our own times. He pointed out that 9.11 was a cataclysmic blow struck at the Zionists and the power of America. Owing to 9.11, the people of the world know that the oppressors will be brought down.

After the Khutba, Hafiz Saeed held a Question and Answer session [probably the only leader in Pakistani mosques who does so after Friday prayers]. One shocked questioner wanted to know how he could include 9.11 as part of Jihad. Hafiz Saeed explained that the 9.11 attacks did exactly what Jihad is supposed to do: It struck, he said, at the vital power base of the American-Zionist economic and military structure. These attacks, he explained, were not random attacks aimed at causing casualties among ordinary people and spreading terror: They were meant to topple the towers of Jewish power and to hit the economy of anti-Islam forces in a way which would let the world see that the enemies of Islam will be hit and brought down. He urged the questioner to study the attacks and understand the great victory it was from the point of view of those who are under the boot of American might.

In a calm tone, Hafiz Saeed said that the 9.11 attacks have done more to spread the message of Islam than any amount of preaching could have done. The Americans, he said, for the first time can see that if they continue their aggression, they will be hit back. Those who want to break the chains of America, he concluded, too can see that Jihad is the answer.
Your account of this [New Trend #76] was most instructive. However, you referred to "westernized elites", as though the man was depicting "western" behaviour. There might be more in the book, but in the examples you gave, all that was apparent was what happens in eastern culture.


London, England

Boycotting Coca Cola in Norway

Yesterday, when I was purchasing two items at a local market, a woman, here in Norway, was purchasing two bottles of Coca-Cola, one small and one larger.

As often as I can, with yesterday being no exception, I told her that Coca-Cola supports the Zionist government. She replied, "I don't care."

I said, "You ought to care because the same thing is going to happen to us." But she purchased the two bottles anyway.

When I told an Afghani gentleman who I met recently the same information here in Norway, he took note of what I said. I doubt that he will purchase Coca-Cola again.

If you want to save your life, DON'T buy Coca-Cola. Not only is it supporting the Zionist government, it is harmful to your stomach, a fact that I didn't mention to either of these people who bought it.

My point here, everyone, is to boycott en masse Coca-Cola and every other multi-national corporation which supports the Zionist government because if you don't, you can't expect anyone else to do so.

Then, the Palestinian's problems will become your problems. If we as a community who is either a Moslem or person who cares about the Moslem community don't rally together, we can all forget about life.

After World War I ended, the Jews, en masse, boycotted Germany, which crippled that country even more than the Treaty of Versailes did. Hitler came to power, a man who founded Israel according to the book by Karpel entitled "Hitler, Founder of Israel" that I read some time back.

The Islamic community needs to do the same thing, only this time it would be to save lives, not destroy them.

Please Islamic community realize what power you have. There are more of you than there are of Jews. Use your vast numbers to stop the true Holocaust.

Log on to my Web site and go to the fourth edition and look for the Boycotts We Support in the Table of Contents. See all the names of multinationals who support death to the Palestinian people. Then, we won't need that ignorant Norwegian woman to stop buying coke.


Arlene Johnson
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[Sent by Br. Rafe in California.]

Rebels acting as Janjaweed are acccused of abuse in Darfur

http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/6164FB0C-36F5-4D17-91F5-484F926D5CDD .htm

Wednesday 04 August 2004, 2:19 Makka Time, 23:19 GMT

Rebels masquerading as the Janjaweed have killed 28 local tribesmen in attacks in western Sudan over the last week, a Sudanese official and tribal leader from the area said. Governor of Sudan's Nile River State, Abd Allah Massar, said on Tuesday that rebels from the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) had since 29 July launched daily raids against the Rizeiqat tribe in southern Darfur.

Rebels claimed the tribe is of Arab origin thus making it a target. "They attacked previously, over the past few weeks, but now they are attacking daily," Massar said. The rebels, in an attempt to be camouflaged as Janjaweed, were riding camels and horses, dressed similarly and copying the style of a Janjaweed.

"They want people to think they are Janjaweed," thus putting more pressure on Khartoum, said Massar, who is governor of the Nile River State north of Khartoum.

Rebel involvement

"They want people to think they are Janjaweed" Abd Allah Massar, Governor of Nile River State. Massar said locals had reported the attacks around the town of al-Dian to African Union monitors observing the ceasefire. The observers visited the area on Monday. Senior SLM official Adam Ali Shogar denied the allegations but said Khartoum had been arresting Janjaweed in the area for several weeks now. However, he said the Janjaweed were being used by Khartoum to crush the rebellion.

After signing a truce agreement with Khartoum in April, the rebels walked out on talks with Khartoum, insistent on having their demands met as a precondition for talks, according to UN officials. The officials tried on numerous occasions to mend the situation and restart the talks. Their attempts were referred to as "confidence-building measures" by a UN representative. Rebel groups have been escorting human rights organisations and UN officials acting as translators in the region, and have been using their positions to further their political interests.

UN acknowlegement

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan on Tuesday dismissed Sudan's negative reaction to the UN resolution on the Darfur humanitarian crisis, saying Khartoum's "moving in the right direction" in implementing it. The resolution calls on Khartoum to implement commitments to resolve the crisis in Darfur, where the Janjaweed are accused of humanitarian abuses in fighting rebels, or face sanctions. Annan said the reaction from Khartoum showed that Sudanese officials understood the resolution, which he said was "loud and clear".

12,000 deployed?

In an interview with Aljazeera, Sudan's Information Minister said the government was prepared to deploy 12,000 troops to the Darfur region over a four-month period.

The Sudanese government said it will deploy 12,000 troops to Darfur

Analysts in the region said the rebels exploited a land issue between two tribes and turned it into an Arab versus African issue, while media agencies are not doing their homework correctly, said a Sudanese analyst on condition of anonymity. The region, its people and the government have been demonised due to political gain by the rebels of the south. Now the people of Darfur and Sudan are bearing the brunt of it, he added.

In Khartoum on Monday, army spokesman General Muhammad Bashir Sulaiman said in the Al Anbaa newspaper that "the Security Council resolution about the Darfur issue is a declaration of war on Sudan and its people".

"The Sudanese army is now prepared to confront the enemies of Sudan on land, sea and air," he said. He also said, "The UN resolution is a decision to go to war and has no moral or humanitarian value. We maintain our right to respond in case of foreign military intervention, and we will not welcome invaders with flowers and flags."

Thousands of Sudanese protest U.N. deadline concerning Darfur

Angry sudanese women shout in a crowd of over 100,0000 Sudanese protesters in Khartoum Wednesday, Aug 4, 2004 as they march to the office of the United Nations in Khartoum to protest a UN security council resolution that gives Sudan only one month to stop the violence in western Sudan's Darfur region or face possible sanctions. (AP Photo/Abd Raouf)

Over 100,0000 Sudanese protesters in Khartoum Wednesday, Aug 4, 2004 march to the office of the United Nations in Khartoum to protest a UN security council resolution that gives Sudan 30 days to stop the violence of Arab militia in Darfur province. (AP Photo/Abd Raouf)

Thousands of Sudanese protest U.N. deadline concerning Darfur

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) -- More than 100,000 people staged a state-organized protest Wednesday against a U.N. Security Council resolution giving Sudan 30 days to stop Arab militia violence in the western region of Darfur or face economic and diplomatic penalties.

Protesters also warned that Sudan could become a battlefield like Afghanistan or Iraq if foreign military forces enter this African country to try to end the 17-month Darfur conflict, which has killed 30,000 people, forced a million from their homes and left an estimated 2.2 million in urgent need of food, medicine and other basics.

"Targeting Sudan means you will fall into a third swamp, after Afghanistan and Iraq," said a senior member of the ruling party, Mohammed Ali Abdullah, in comments directed at President Bush and British leader Tony Blair.

"There are lions here in Sudan who would like to confront the Americans."

On Friday, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution giving Sudan 30 days to disarm pro-government Arab militias blamed for the violence in Darfur or face penalties.

Annan has said he expects Sudan to cooperate with the resolution, but warned of consequences if Khartoum does not.

In a July 29 statement, Annan accused Sudanese "government security personnel" of threatening displaced people and expressed grave concern about "reports of continuing intimidation, threats and attacks against refugees."

Wednesday's protesters, many chanting "No to America and its followers," delivered a memorandum to the U.N. envoy's office in Khartoum demanding Annan retract his "misleading" remarks about the Darfur situation or resign.

"You, as the secretary general of the United Nations, hold all the responsibility for escalating the crisis in Darfur as your remarks formed the basis of the misleading, antagonistic Western propaganda against Sudan," the memorandum said in Arabic.

The memorandum also accused Annan of collaborating with the United States and Israel in "expressing enmity to Sudan."

The ruling National Congress party's secretary-general, Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, led the demonstrators from the U.N. offices to the presidential palace in Khartoum's Martyrs' Square, where he accused foreign nations of threatening Sudan in a bid to gain access to the country's natural resources.

"They will return empty handed ... (because) we used to be Mujahedeen and we are still Mujahedeen," Omar told the protesters, who included people holding banners threatening holy war and students wearing military uniforms.

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