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BY: Ather Masood May 4, 2003.
100 Muslims Secretly Arrested

The Ravenswood Neighbors for peace organization put Rep. Rahm Emanuel in a precarious position. Speaking to a packed church full of mostly community members, Mr. Emanuel attempted to defend his pro-war, pro-occupation stand. In many ways Mr. Emanuel, of the 5th district in Chicago, defended his positive domestic legislation. He openly stated to be against the Patriot act, defended all people, and asked people to defend his domestic program. Asked about Operation Iraqi freedom, he stated that it may cost from 60-100 billion dollars for Iraqi reconstruction. The representative also mentioned that the "head start program" made famous in American public schools, will be re-created for Iraqi schools. The level of "reconstruction" funds for Iraq clearly dismayed the participants. Mr. Emanuel was polite and respectful but could not defend many of his positions on foreign policy. When asked about why Israel routinely violates international law, Mr. Emanuel stated the nation has been routinely attacked by terrorists and therefore, such violations are to be seen differently. When a spectator stated Ashcroft is a terrorist, the congressman chose to disagree. When asked about five hate crimes towards Muslims, Asians, or Arab-Americans taking place in his district, the Congressman looked perplexed. It was made known that his office did not return calls from victims suffering from similar prejudiced attacks. Despite the events the Congressman apologized and promised to look into these matters further. It was very clear that EVEN in the heart of Chicago's famous fifth district, very few people agree with the war on terrorism. Most participants clearly showed their frustrations towards the Congressman.

A source working with the INS watch group told this writer of mass arrests last friday. The source, A Falasteni brother, stated that a number of Muslims were detained by INS on April 25, 2003. The source also told this writer that several community organizations tried to educate others before they went into the INS offices. These very people were later arrested by INS officials. Even though these arrests were not on a mass scale like in Los Angeles. However, the significant thing is that the media, mainstream Muslim groups, and community organizations did not know anything about such events. The more we become aware of these actions we will inshallah report them.

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