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From Charlotte Kates, Al-Awda News:

Here in New Brunswick, New Jersey, New Jersey Solidarity activists and Rutgers University students will protest STARBUCKS COFFEE at 391 George Street in downtown New Brunswick, NJ from 12 noon-1 pm on Wednesday, November 13! Throughout the US and around the world, Starbucks has been targeted for boycott by those seeking justice in Palestine. In addition to Starbucks' overall shoddy corporate record, Starbucks chairman Harold Schultz is an active Zionist and champion of Israel. He has worked actively as a propagandist for the Israeli foreign ministry (which has praised him for his efforts in presenting the Israeli view on various campuses), and has been awarded "The Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award" by the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah. In addition, Starbucks has numerous stores operating in Israel and is looking toward expanding its Israeli presence.


To get involved further, participate in New Jersey Solidarity's General Interest Meeting, to be held Wednesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM in the S Lounge on the fourth floor of the Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ. Take a stand--be part of the movement for justice in Palestine!
We received reports that several hundred people demonstrated on November 10 in Multan city, Pakistan, against the execution of Aimal Kasi scheduled for Nov. 14 in the U.S.. The demonstrators urged the U.S. not to execute Kasi otherwise there would be consequences. [It seems that a report was published on the protest but somehow we can't find it.
100 MCDONALD'S CLOSED DOWN: Power of Islamic Boycott
[With thanks to Br. M. Sahib, Canada for a long message on this issue.]

One of the supporters of Israel, the McDonald's chain has announced that it is closing down more than 100 of its branches, mostly in the Middle East. Non-State resistance, just like non-State jihad is having its impact as Muslim masses realize that no ruler will fight on their behalf.

The amazing boycott surging in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Gulf states has affected one of the biggest business empires of pro-Zionist America.

Br. Hodari Abdul Ali, from Mt. Rainier, Maryland, is going to organize and formulate the campaign in support of Imam Jamil al-Amin, the Islamic leader of America's Muslims who has been sentenced to life after a farcical trial in Georgia.

New Trend was informed of this new development by Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman of North Carolina who coordinates the International Committee in defense of America's Imam. Br. Hodari Ali is very prominent in the Islamic community and is known for his support of Islamic da'wah. He played an outstanding role in defending Sudan against the fake charges of "slavery" which were orchestrated by the Zionist media.

In a conversation with Br. Hodari Ali, New Trend learned that a Center will be set up in the Washington-Maryland area to epitomize the life long struggle of the Imam against fascism, racism and America's power structure. Probably the Center will house a library related to materials concerning the struggle in America in which the Imam has played an important role.

[For the Muslims of America, Imam Jamil's is a test case. He is the genuine rallying point for Islamic and Black power. In his daily life, the Imam rejects the values and styles of western materialism. The Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) permeates his body and spirit and gives him the Islamic authenticity which other leaders lack. His mission is based on the Qur'an and the Hadith, which he quotes in response to the accusations brought against him.]

In a another development, Br. Saeed, a leading activist in the movement to free Imam Jamil, from the Atlanta area, has provided information to New Trend which shows a good analysis of the government's decades long operation to "get" Imam Jamil. We hope to bring this information to our readers in the near future.
UNITED NATIONS GANGING UP ON IRAQ: UN is America's Joke on the World

All 15 members of the UN Security Council ganged up on Iraq calling for inspectors to go in and find weapons of mass destruction, within a very small time frame. Once more it is clear that the self-determination and independence of nations has become meaningless under the hegemony of the United States.

We live in a world devoid of morality, decency and legitimacy at the international level. A tiny country, defenseless against American attacks, is being bullied into submitting to agents of foreign powers running all over its honor and prestige to find weapons which do not exist. In fact, observers say, IF IRAQ HAD ANY SERIOUS WEAPONRY, no one would have dared to subject it to such humiliation. There is certainly no honor in a world power threatening to hurl an armada of 250,000 troops at a tiny, defenseless country which is hit by U.S. and British planes every second or third day.

WHY IS SADDAM BEING TREATED SO HARSHLY? Our observers say, it is part of the Zionist program to permit only those rulers to survive who accept Israel as the agent of America in the middle east. Saddam is UNDOUBTEDLY AN INDEPENDENT RULER who wants his nation to follow its own policies rather be governed from Washington like Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. More and more Saddam is turning to Islam for sustenance and unity of the Muslim world. Although the weaponry he has cannot bring down America's late model jets, the words ALLAHU AKBAR Saddam added to the Iraqi flag in 1990 are more powerful than any late model jet fighter.

SYRIA's ROLE in the Security Resolution vote is typical of the hypocrisy of Arab rulers. The Syrian dictator knows that the Syrian people do not support U.S. designs on Iraq, but at the same time he wishes to please the U.S., his real controller. If Syria was in a difficult situation in the Security Council vote, it could have abstained. It's vote , for or against, wouldn't make any difference once Russia and France had accepted the U.S. moves (and China is more interested in business than in being a world leader.) But Syria voted FOR THE U.S. resolution to provide the unanimity the U.S. demanded.

Later, to placate its people, the Syrian rulers issued statements claiming that it voted "for" to "save Iraq." The Syrian rulers must think their people are dumb to claim that they voted for a U.S. tailored resolution to "save Iraq."

This kind of hypocrisy also comes out of the mouths of Saudi and Egyptian rulers too who KNOW THAT THEIR MASSES SUPPORT OSAMA and Al-Zawahiri and are at boiling point about Iraq. So the rulers come out with statements claiming the U.S. must not use their airport facilities. (Somewhat like Iran during the bombing of Afghanistan: the U.S. had not asked for Iranian bases: right now the U.S. does not need Saudi bases. It has an armada in the Gulf and bases in Kuwait and Qatar.)

[Syria is ruled by an elite extreme Alawite clan which is blatantly opposed to the will of the Syrian people. DURING THE LAST 25 YEARS SYRIA HAS NOT FIRED A SHOT (not even one) AT ISRAEL. Its vast army establishment holds down the Muslim masses.]

UNITY AT NON-STATE LEVEL. The Muslims of the world who do not want to be slaves must work in a non-centralized way to help Islamic causes. Just as jihad today is possible only at the non-state level, peaceful resistance too will have to be at the non-centralized level. That's the Qur'an's concept of UMMAH - ONE NATION FROM MOROCCO to the PHILIPPINES, FROM CHECHNYA to NIGERIA. ONE BOOK, ONE LEADER (Muhammad, pbuh), ONE NATION.

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