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The CICADAS will return after 17 years. What will the world be like then? An extended slave market, with a few very rich and the rest working day and night to remain barely alive?
Or will it be an Islamic world, with self-determination for all nations, Israel no more than a bitter memory of military racism, and international relations based on the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith of Muhammad (peace be on him)?

New Trend readers are urged to be careful about news reporting in the BBC and the Zionist media about the situation in Dharfur, Western Sudan.
There is vast poverty, lack of resources and starvation in Dharfur. The anti-Islam media are trying to present the suffering as if it is connected to the Sudanese government's attempts to put down a rebellion.
Note that ALL SUDANESE are Black and African. One does not become non-African by speaking Arabic. The rebellion is meant to destabilize Sudan. The way to bring peace is to end the rebellion, not use it as a means of intervention in this great African nation.
According to the Pakistani daily DAWN, Taliban fighters blew up two tankers full of aviation fuel for U.S. forces in Afghanistan which had stopped en route at Chaman, near Quetta in Pakistan. The two tankers and the hotel they were parked at were engulfed in flames following a loud explosion at 1.30 AM [July 18]


July 19. Jamaate Islami leader Qazi Husain Ahmed tried to enter the Bajaur area of Pakistan's frontier with Afghanistan in an attempt to stop fighting between Pakistani military forces and Pakistani tribesmen sheltering Islamic refugees from Uzbekistan and Chechnia. More than 1000 Pakistanis rallied to support Qazi Ahmed at a remote entry point into the mountainous region. Pakistani military forces supporting the U.S. stopped entry into Bajaur with heavy weaponry trained on the peace marchers.
Thus, elected representatives of the Pakistani people cannot enter Pakistani territory where the Pakistani army is using miitary force against Islamists opposed to the U.S.

HEAVY FIGHTING in Northern Pakistan

July 20. Meanwhile Pakistani forces continued their offensive in South Waziristan, using F-7 jets and helicopter gunships against Islamic resistance forces. The Pakistani army then tried to advance to under cover of heavy artillery but were met with stiff resistance.
There have been protests in Pakistan's parliament against the army's stoppage of trucks carrying fruits and vegetables coming out of South Waziristan. The resisting tribes and the entire population of the area is being subjected to collective economic punishment by the Pakistani government.

July 16. New Zealand suspended relations with Israel after two Israelis after it convicted two Israelis, suspected of being MOSSAD AGENTS, of trying to obtain a New Zealand passport illegally. New Zealand suspended relations after Israel refused would neither explain nor apologize.
The Judge in the case, Judith Potter, sentenced the two men, Uriel Kelman and Eli Cara, to six months in prison and $32,800 [US dollars] in fines (to be paid to the Cerebral Palsy Society as the victim suffered from CP].
The New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark announced that she was stopping a visit by Israeli President Moshe Katsav and Israelis on official vists would require visas. Ms. Clark said that Israel had breached New Zealand's sovereignty. She said that this was not the first time Israel had violated international law. She pointed out: "Israeli agents caught in an unsuccessful assanination attempt in Jordan in 1997 were found to be carrying fraudulent Canadian passports." [Source: AFP]
July 17. PARIS: A 23-year-old French woman who claimed that she was brutally attacked by an anti-semitic gang on a suburban train, MADE A TELEVISED APOLOGY begging forgiveness for a hoax that rallied the nation to her side.
"I am deeply sorry for all that happened. It was my fault," said the woman, named publicly only as Marie, whose identity remained secret as she was filmed from the back reading a brief statement.

"I APOLOGIZE TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC, to all the people who showed me support after my lie," she said. [Source AFP]
Book Review

The Islam-Negating Power at the Heart of Pakistan
Wife-Beating, Feudalism and Exploitation of Religion

My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani, Corgi Books, 1995, pp.382, 6.99 British pounds

Review by Buut Shikan ['Idol Breaker']

When Tehmina Durrani's book first appeared in 1994, I dismissed it as yet another propaganda piece coming out of the anti-Islam hate machine which had produced The Price of Honor and other garbage. The impression was strengthened by the producers of the book, William and Marilyn Hoffer, who placed these words on the cover: "A Devastating Indictment of Women's Role in Muslim Society." The back cover claimed that : "Tehmina Durrani's story provides extraordinary insights into the vulnerable position of women caught I the complex web of Muslim society." Thus the book was sold as an anti-Muslim tract and was oohed and aahed over by many an Islam hater who thought that it depicted Islam in action.

MY FEUDAL LORD should be read by all Pakistanis, and Muslims in general who want to understand WHY Islam is not a reality in Pakistan in spite of the steady spate of Islam-talk which is spewed out at all levels of public discourse in this bleeding nation.

Tehmina Durrani's story is a stark expose of the sickness which is at the heart of Pakistan's existence. It depicts in detail what kind of oppression and exploitation is DEEPLY ENTRENCHED in Pakistan. The book can be read at several levels. Here are a few helpful hints.
  1. Most Pakistanis, the "masses" love Islam and take it seriously in their lives [whatever version or interpretation might have reached them].
  2. However, socio-economic power base of the country is owned/controlled by westernized elites. They despise the masses but know that the best way to use the masses is to show convenient and opportune, but self-serving, allegiance to Islam. Thus we have a NATION OF BELIEVERS ruled by hypocrites [munafiqueen in the language of the Qur'an] who are often in competition with each other [military, bureaucrats, landowners, feudal lords, big business].
  3. Tehmina was a westernized woman, a "doll" in the image of the Queen of Iran under the Pahlawi despot. For her romance and adultery [under the rubric of 'falling in love'] was part of the way life should be if one is to be 'modern' and 'progressive.'
  4. Unfortunately for her, she fell under the spell of Mustafa Khar, handsome, rich, determined and ruthless as the Prince of Darkness himself. It's doubtful if most feudal lords would be comparable to Khar in their self-centeredness; however, by looking at him one can realize the sort of life Pakistani feudal lords live or want to live.
  5. Most of the book is about WIFE BATTERING. Khar [literally 'donkey'] used to beat Tehmina Durrani almost every day. She has a vivid recollection of most of the beatings she received.. In fact by page 170, one gets tired of reading about the beatings she absorbed. Some of these were so ferocious that one is sickened even in reading them. One description should be enough to help us realize the brutality and inhumanity which is the basis on which anti-Islam power is built in Pakistan. It is the logic of the complete power over the oppressor versus the complete helplessness of the oppressed:

    "Suddenly he threw me down on to the bed and jumped on me. Sitting astride my belly, he slapped me in the face repeatedly with his open palm, forehand and backhand. The sounds of his blows seemed too loud to remain confined to the four walls of the room. I fought to stifle my screams as he pulled at my hair, thrusting my head from side to side. Like lightning, he leaped off me. One hand clutched my long, braided hair and jerked me off the bed and on to the floor. I felt a wetness run down my legs, but had no time to realize that my bladder lacked the strength to face this kind of fear. He threw me against a wall, picked me up and threw me against another one - again, and again, and again. I no longer knew what was happening. Something burst in my ears. I felt an agonizing pain in my eyes. Something split. Something swelled. Then the pain merged into one deep, enthralling sense of agony." [pp.102-103]

    The occasion for this particular beating was that Khar was jealous that Tehmina might have responded sexually to her first husband. Overall, it was part of Khar's overall strategy to turn his wife into a slave both mentally and physically. He had to control whatever went on in the innermost recesses of her mind.
  6. Why do women go back to the man who beats and humiliates them. The answer must be placed in the worldwide context of oppression of the weak by the strong. After each beating Khar would apologize to Tehmina, assure her of his undying love, and then wait for the next infraction of his rules when he would beat her again. The victim keeps accepting the victimizer's promises of a better tomorrow. As time went on, Tehmina bore Khar's CHILDREN and they became a tool in his hands to make her feel helpless in his clutches.
  7. While Khar was carrying out ruthless oppression of his wife, he presented himself to the people of Punjab [Pakistan's most populous province] as their savior who wanted to reform society and give the poor and the deprived their rights. This again is true, perhaps to a lesser extent, about almost all of Pakistan's military, feudal, bureaucratic, business leadership. The live lives which negate Islam, in full or in part, but they promise justice and rule of law to the people. The condition of the people is so borderline, that they clutch at every straw of hope and promised change, thus permitting the elites to carry on the process of exploitation.
  8. Tehmina Durrani's book indicates that Khar did not hesitate to break ANY law of Islam if his sexual drive so urged him. In addition to adultery, he also carried out borderline incest [sex with his wife's sister, which is forbidden in the Qur'an.] At the general level of the masses, Pakistan is a puritanical society, where a man has to be careful to flirt with a woman. In many areas of Pakistan, such flirtation could have fatal results. But Khar, as a representative of the elites, could violate Islam with impunity.
  9. WHAT THEN DOES ISLAM MEAN TO THE PAKISTANI RULING ELITES? Tehmina Durrani herself, even after she finally managed to get Khar out of her life, does not understand that she suffered BECAUSE SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MUSLIM. For both Khar and Tehmina Islam was a FALL BACK last resource. Tehmina gives many examples which show that her entire class of society thinks it can USE ALLAH and Islam when the going gets really rough.
  10. The ISLAM OF THE RULERS, as depicted in Tehmina's life, is that of du'a or supplication when all other tricks have failed. She does NOT pray the Five Obligatory prayers [the bare essential for one to be a Muslim] but she makes du'a repeatedly Allah should change Khar's heart. Almost every Pakistani ruler has had recourse to this religion of du'a , supplication, not only to Allah and His Prophet, (pbuh) but also to sundry saints, and "people near to God." Most of the religious ceremonies in Pakistan connected to upper class activity have to do with this business of du'a. They seem to believe that the works and deeds of a person don't matter. If one prays hard enough, Allah will forgive everything and will change even Khar into a God-fearing Muslim [which of course did not happen in Tehmina's story].
  11. Every now and then in Tehmina's book one meets Pakistan's masses, the terrible neglect and deprivation they are subjected to, as opposed to the endless wealth, luxuries, wastefulness and constant-griping-about-slight-discomforts of Tehmina's segment of society. Tehmina, in her narration, does develop a social conscience and wants to help the people BUT SHE WANTS TO DO THIS WITHOUT CHANGING HERSELF and her own life style. Thus, the "social; revolutrion" Pakistani elites often talk about would be one in which their own wealth and life style would remain unchanged and unchallenged. It's an attitude of "charity" and caring which cannot transform a society which is, at its very heart, sickened by the parasitical hold the power elites have on Pakistan.
With the growing activism of the Islamic movement, led by Jamaate Islami, and the emergence of the Jihad movement, in which a woman wrapped in her mantle has the ability to shoot her tormentor, Pakistan could change. The way is difficult, because the religion of du'a (supplication), saints, intercessors, the Prophet (pbuh) who can get all sins forgiven, or Ahlul Bait who can come down from the heavens and help the needy, ARE Islam for many Pakistanis, and this "Islam" is strongly supported by the ruling elites.

A ruling class which humiliates women and which forces educated women to look to anti-Islam forces for help [to the UNO for instance] is the basic reason why oppression is to be found in the "modernized" Pakistani family and from there into every segment of Pakistani society.

A FINAL THOUGHT: What could Tehmina have done to save herself from Khar? She should have embraced the Islam of the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. She should have submitted herself to the Will of Allah. Then she would not have had to submit to the will of Khar. She should have KNOWN HER RIGHTS AS A MUSLIM WOMAN. For instance, the Qur'an says, DO NOT BE HARSH WITH THEM (women) (sura Baqarah) even in divorce. She should have left Khar AFTER THE VERY FIRST BEATING because he was violating a central example of Muhammad (pbuh):

"The Prophet (pbuh) NEVER raised his hand against a woman." [Sahih Hadith narrated by the best of women, 'Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a.]
Book Review 2

If Hitler Was Evil, How Does One Explain Hess and his Self-Sacrifice for Peace?

Hess: The Missing Years 1941-1945 by David Irving, Grafton Books, pp.603, 1987.

Review by Buut Shikan [Idol Breaker]

Was the Second World War, a war between angels and devils, good versus evil? Most of the history of the war is written is written by the victors. The Jewish claim to a Holocaust in which six million Jews were allegedly incinerated by Hitler has cast the hero of Germany during the years 1933-1945 into the role of EVIL INCARNATE, thus effectively squelching any rational investigation of the war. Ron Rosenbaum, for instance published a book titled Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil. Such books begin with the premise that Hitler was EVIL; hence all that follows is merely an effort to build on the premise.

Owing to the monumental research carried out by David Irving, one can no longer see the World War in such simplistic terms of a medieval morality play. The Jewish thesis most people are used to reading begins to crumble as soon as the acid test of documented reality is applied to it by Mr. Irving. Take for instance the fact that one of the most evil men in all of human history, Stalin, was a staunch ally of Churchill and Roosevelt. It took time to prove that Hitler's propaganda minister, Dr. Goebbels, was right about the fate of the entire officers' corp of the Polish army who were executed en masse by the Soviets and buried in shallow graves in Katyn forest.

In his CHURCHILL'S WAR, Vol. I and II, Mr. Irving has come up with impeccable documentation of the fact that HITLER DID NOT PLAN TO INVADE BRITAIN and that CHURCHILL KNEW this, having broken German codes, and yet kept up his provocative hate speeches and demonization of Germany. [We'll come back in another issue of New Trend about Irving's research on Churchill.]

One of the most bizarre anecdotes of the War is the self-sacrifice of Rudolf Hess for the sake of peace. Hess was none other than the Deputy Fuhrer of Germany, second only to Hitler. He knew of Hitler's desire for peace with Britain. Also, he knew that Churchill would never opt for peace. Hence he carried out the most daring effort made in the the entire history of the war. He flew an advanced model German plane to Britain, without Hitler's permission, and parachuted into enemy territory. He demanded that he be allowed to British leaders who may be interested in peace.

The tragedy of Hess gives one a glimpse of the possibilities for peace even in the most tragic human conflicts. Unfortunately, Churchill not only made sure that Hess' peace effort would not work, he silenced and isolated Hess for the rest of the Deputy Fuhrer's life. As usual, Irving is meticulous is putting together whatever documentation is available about the struggle of Hess in British custody, all the way from 1941 to 1987. [The subtitle of the book is misleading: It should have been: The Missing Years 1941-1987.]

Imagine a man surrounded by his enemies who thinks that at any moment he might be poisoned or murdered in some other way. Hess fought for his survival every step of the way and yet never betrayed Germany, nor did he forget his peace mission.

The treatment of Hess by the British is a blot on the notorious history of "Great" Britain. Hitler had behaved much better when he allowed peace negotiators from the allied side to come to Germany and return with honor. [P.104]

The warmongers did not want Hess to succeed.. When the news of Hess' peace initiative hit the front pages of world newspapers, Irving writes, "Wall Street shivered. US industrialists were tooling up factories to produce the munitions of war - but by the time the production lines were complete Hess, they feared, might singlehandedly have brought about peace in Europe. Telegrams warning of these "staggering implications' reached the Foreign Office from British officials in New York." [P.143]

Hess wanted peace, but did Hitler want peace with Britain? This might come as a shock to readers used to Jewish reporting on the War but there can be little doubt that Hess was expressing Hitler's mind when he said to a British officer: " A few days before my flight, I went to him (Hitler) and asked him whether he still wanted to make it up with England, and the Fuhrer answered that he did." [p.253]

Imagine the loss of values by the victors of the War when they tried Hess as a WAR CRIMINAL! Hess withdrew into his own mind and successfully convinced his captors that he had lost his memory, only to reveal that he had fooled them, right in the middle of the trial. As a human being, Hess fought with his soul, unarmed and alone, against the beast of British imperial power, and went down undefeated.

Try to imagine a man who wanted peace LIVING ISOLATED IN A PRISON FOR 42 years.

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