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[New Trend has interviewed three Islamic leaders to help our readers understand the situation within Pakistan and Kashmir. The three are:
Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaate Islami Pakistan, Syed Salahuddin, leader of Hizbul Mujahideen and Head of Kashmir's Jihad Council and Hafiz Abdur Rauf, Lahore region leader of Markaz Dawa, previously known as Lashkare Taiba. We hope to translate and present this information in a day or two.]

[The LATEST NEWS: May 30, 2002. A handwritten statement from Gulbuddin Hikmatyar is being distributed in southern Afghanistan, calling on the people to prepare for Jihad against U.S. and British troops. Hikmatyar was a leader of the Jihad against the Soviet Union. U.S. media report that the U.S. has fired a missile at a home where Hikmatyar was reported to be staying but missed. Like the Israelis, the U.S. seems involved in attempting assassination of Islamic jihad leaders:
Observers say this could backfire and could lead to an attempt on Karzai's life.
After five months of no news, the family of Abdus Salam Zaeef has received a letter from him, delivered by the Red Cross. Zaeef was the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan kidnapped by the Musharref government and handed over to the Americans. It appears that he is being held at the American base outside Kandahar. The handing over of an Islamic ambassador to the forces of the unbelievers has never happened in Islamic history. This dastardly act was a "first" among many other acts of treachery committed by the Musharref regime.]

[After six days of cross-border exchanges of fire in Kashmir, India seems to be weighing its opportunity to attack and grab a strategic wedge on the border. India seems to sense that Musharref has successfully divided the Pakistani people. Bush is sending Rumsfeld to meet Musharref whose Arafat-style role is now clear. BUSH HAS COME OUT CLEARLY URGING MUSHARREF TO STOP CROSS-BORDER "terrorism" in Indian-occupied Kashmir. As we predicted, step-by-step, the U.S. and India will try to stop ANY help going from Pakistan to the beleagured people of Kashmir.]

[A Christian speaks the truths fudged by Muslims like Hamza Yusuf and Dr. Hamid Algar.]

[We disagree with most of Pat Buchanan's ideas, especially his racially tinged diatribes against immigration. However, Buchanan has the moral courage to challenge the accepted "wisdom" on the 9/11 attacks. Read it carefully:]

"Consider: While no Western nation has endured an act of terror on the scale of 9-11, all have known terror. Brits were ambushed by the Irish in the war of independence from 1919 to 1921. British civilians were blown up by Zionists in the King David Hotel in 1946. Settlers were murdered by Mau Mau in Kenya. French were massacred in movie theaters and cafes by the Algerian FLN until 1962. U.S. Marines were blown up in Beirut in 1983. From Netanya to Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, Israelis today die in terror attacks and suicide bombings.

In all these atrocities, terror was a weapon of the weak and stateless against Western powers they could not defeat with arms. In each case, terror was used to expel an imperial power or drive out foreign troops. In each case but one, terror ended when the Western power went home.

The dynamiting of the King David Hotel convinced the British to accelerate their departure from Palestine. Zionist terror ended. Mau Mau terror ended when the Brits left Kenya. When De Gaulle cut Algeria loose, FLN terror ended. When Reagan withdrew his Marines from Beirut, anti-American terror ended in Lebanon.

Lesson? The price of empire is terror. The price of occupation is terror. The price of interventionism is terror. As Barry Goldwater used to say, it is as simple as that. When Israel departed Lebanon, Hezbollah's attacks fell off almost to nothing. But as long as Israelis occupy the West Bank, which Prime Minister Barak conceded belongs at least 95 percent to the Palestinians, Israel will be hit by terror attacks.

Either Israel gets out, or it pays the price of staying in:

But this column is not about Israel -- it is about us. It is about why we are being told by our leaders, in tones of resignation and fatalism, that it is not a question of whether, but of when, the next act of cataclysmic terror occurs here, and why we must accept the possibility that a nuclear weapon will be exploded here.

But when Americans ask, "Why do they hate us?" and "Why do these Islamic radicals on the other side of the earth want to come over here and commit hara-kiri killing us?" we get responses that ought not to satisfy a second-grader. They hate us, we are told, because we are democratic and free and good, and we have low tax rates.

Well that is no longer enough. Before, not after, the next terror attack on this country, America's leaders should start telling the truth:
Evil though they may be, Islamic killers are over here because we are over there. They are not trying to kill us because they dislike our domestic politics, but because they detest our foreign policy.

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. They did not fly into those twin towers to protest universal suffrage or to advance self-determination for the Palestinian people. As Osama bin Laden said, they want us to stop propping up the Saudi regime they hate, and to get off the sacred Saudi soil on which sit the holiest shrines of Islam. They want our troops out of Saudi Arabia - and if we don't get out, they are coming over here to kill us any way they can."

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