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The following letter has been sent to the Governor of Virginia. We urge readers to send this letter with their signature (or similar letters) urging the Governor to stop the execution of Aimal Kasi.
Governor Mark R. Warner
State Capitol, 3rd Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Subject: Clemency Plea for Aimal Kasi

Dear Governor Warner

I have learned that Aimal Kasi (also known as Kansi) is facing execution on November 14.
As an opponent of the death penalty, I wish to join Kasi's family in urging you to extend clemency to Kasi and to stop his execution.

The death penalty is not a viable solution to any crime however serious or deadly. The penalty simply means that the state will kill an individual in cold blood. There is no chance that it will remove the harm which was done to Kasi's victims during his attack on the CIA headquaters.

The execution of Kasi could do more harm than good.
Kasi, as you know, is a Pakistani. If he is executed, this will be the first execution of a Pakistani in the United States. In that context let me bring these concerns to your attention:

The United States is facing serious opposition in Pakistan. It is a time of war and crisis. The political climate is volatile. The news of Kasi's execution will undoubtedly fuel the fire of opposition to the U.S. On the other hand, clemency extended to Kasi would be seen as a gesture of shared humanity.

Kasi's family is quite influential in Pakistan. Although his relatives support the Musharef government which is helping the U.S., Kasi's execution will have adverse impact. A relative of Kasi was appointed to a ministerial position by the Musharef government. [The Pakistani Health Minister Dr. Abdul Malik Kasi's wife is a step-sister of Aimal Kasi.]

Let me also point out that Kasi's attack on the CIA headquarters is difficult to pin down to a mere act of personal vengeance or cold blooded murder. His attack seems to have been more of a political vendetta against an organization which he saw as oppressive in its relations with Muslims overseas. In that sense, Kasi probably saw himself as a participant in a war against the CIA. In that context, Kasi can be seen as a prisoner of war and his execution would be seen as the execution of a prisoner of war, which, as you know, is not permitted under international law.

I would suggest, that no good cause will be served by the execution of Kasi. I join his family in urging you to use your power of clemency to cancel the execution of Aimal Kasi.


Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Copy to Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore
[Reporting by our representative Sis. Aisha Shaheed.]
[We are not representatives of Min. Farrakhan. Any questions about his beliefs and ideology should be sent to him, not to us. Also, we do not endorse Qaddafi.]

I got a chance to hear Minister Farakhan speak last night (Oct. 16) at the Salem United Methodist Church! It was an electrifying speech that served as a warning about the impending dangers ahead. The speech was titled: "The Consequences of War and the Fruits of Peace". The best thing is that this speech was live via satellite all over the world!

Twenty minutes before Minister Farakhan was to speak a donation drive was held. They raised $10,000 plus in 15 minutes! There were so many celebrities there including, Al "Granpa" Lewis, a Jewish member of the Green Party, donated $50 when it was time to collect that denomination. Other celebrities were: Judge Mathis, rap moguls Russell Simmons ($5,000 donation) and Sean "Puffy" Combs. The list just went on. A delegation from Pakistan came and donated $2,000 to help Minister Farakhan's cause. The buzz in the crowd was that everyone was happy that they showed up. The crowd was mostly Muslim.

Then, the Minister was introduced at 8pm to a hail of "Allahu Akbars."

Minister Farakhan stated that if America was to change it would have to be from within. The powers from the outside are not as potent.

He also revealed a vision he had 17 years ago that was similar to Ezekiel's Wheel. In his vision, Elijah Muhammad told Farakhan that the president had just had a meeting with his Joint Chiefs of Staff and that they were about to enter a war. He realized, while in Libya, that it was Col. Ghadaffi the U.S. was after. He made it a point to stress that the reason Elijah Muhammad never identified the president because it didn't matter. Every president up to now has conducted foreign affairs the same way with the Muslim World.

Nixon said that the biggest threat to democracy is not communism but fundamentalist Islam. He called G. W. Bush's last speech on Iraq very deceitful however, when analyzed it was full of assumptions. He likened Bush to the Beast and spoke of the Day of Judgment. Farakhan says the Bible mentions that when Jerusalem is surrounded by armies, that's when it is the sign of the end of the system as it stands.

Minister Farakhan stated that, in 1990, he met with the Saudi Family. He told them that it is not a good idea to have U.S. Army base there. The Prince told Minister Farakhan that they have a signed agreement with the U.S. that states that at King Fahd's request the U.S. will pull out immediately. Minister Farakhan reminded the family that the U.S. established those same kinds of agreements with the Native Americans and look where it got them. He said that unless the Saudis can physically enforce the agreement, the U.S. will not honor it. Minister Farakhan said that he and the Saudis had a falling out over that flap, but he told them that he is still their brother.

Minister Farakhan said that had the U.S. not sent 80 billion dollars to Iraq, via Rumsfeld and that secret envoy, then Iran would have controlled all of the oil being used in Western world. He showed the audience a document someone sent him from the Internet. It was an Associated Press article detailing biological gas experiments the U.S. conducted on 3000 soldiers in four states: Alaska, Hawaii, Maryland, and I forgot the other. But, in the 1960s, the U.S. gassed its own soldiers without their knowledge and only half of them have been notified. There are efforts to find the other 1500 soldiers. He said America has a lot of nerve accusing Iraq of gassing his own people and using that as fodder for the demonetization of Saddam Hussein.

Minister Farakhan said that if Colin Powell were a real man he'd resign. That would be the best thing for him to do if he really does not agree with this administration's foreign policies. He said it would be dangerous for Colin Powell to do so, however, and said he would leave it at that. He said that Congress is going to bring the wrath of Allah on America and that we must speak up to avoid His wrath. Only 3 members of the National Black Caucus voted for the Iraqi Resolution for Bush to sign.

Minister Farakhan had a message for Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and other evangelists who attack Islam, but, especially for Falwell. He said that Fallwell calls the God of Christianity the God of love and he claims to Falwell the God of Christianity. However, it was the white Christians enslaving Africans and terrorizing us under white sheets in that god's name! It wasn't Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) nor Muslims doing that. He asked these evangelists why was there a need for a second Baptist church? Because white Christians didn't want us in the first Baptist church. Why was there an African Methodist Church? How many blacks do you have in your congregation? He said, "How dare you say that you represent the God of Christianity" when they have no love in their hearts. He called these evangelists false Christians and warned the audience not to let them bring hostility within our family.

Minister Farakhan said that the attack on Islam increased after the Million Man March. Two men, one (Ken Bridges) who was murdered by the D.C. Sniper, took a poll and found that 85% of the attendees were Christian and only 12% were Muslim. The white clergymen vowed that never will a Muslim exert that much influence on Christians anywhere. That is when black evangelists began joining in the spread of lies against Islam. I remember writing you about the BET network's efforts, at that time. Recently, they had an infomercial about zionist Jews on late at night.

Minister Farakhan warned that the U.S. and Europe will next focus on Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa. Since Zimbabwe is taking land back from the descendants of white oppressors, other African nations are showing signs of doing the same thing. Questions are already being asked by native South Africans already. He predicted that if whites are sent back to Europe and America, they will bring with them hatred and resentment toward blacks that will ignite a race war. Minister Farakhan also said that the same thing will happen to Muslims when thousands of soldiers start coming back in body bags from Iraq. He made a special plea to the Muslims in the audience to unite against what would be a more venomous attack on Islam in America. He predicted that the U.S. will be at war with Iraq within 3 months.

During the presidential 2000 campaign, it was argued which candidate would do what with the trillions in surplus. Now, since 9/11/01, the country is 6 trillion dollars in debt and it's being said that there's no way for us to climb out. The people who have profited from 9/11 has been, what Dwight D. Eisenhower feared most, the Military industry. Hard times are coming.

Minister Farakhan said that the U.S. wants to make an example of Iraq because it is the central point of the Middle East. It holds a very important position. However, he reminded us that "Allah is the Best of Planners" and that our (U.S. government) planners are blinded by their arrogance. By being so arrogant and blind they don't see the little things and it's those very little things that they will stumble over.

Toward the end of his speech, Minister Farakhan stated that the Elijah Muhammad told him that he had one more thing to do and that is to go through the fire and face the threat of death and win. He has said in the past and repeated last night, that homeland Security is coming to get him. Many members in the audience affirmed their support for him. Minister Farakhan also said that after what he's been through, he fears no one but, Allah. He even invited Bush and his dogs to come and get him because Allah is on his side!

Minister Farakhan said that Allah is testing us. You never know how strong or weak you are until you are tested. Allah wants the ummah to get stronger.

He called for us all to wake up and take America back.

There was a tender moment at the end of the event. It was when 83 year old African History Scholar, Dr. Yosef Ben Joachanan, dedicated his library of 35,000 books to the Nation of Islam. He praised Minister Farakhan for his years of dedication to truth and for being the only black man to come out and challenge the system.

Well, as you can see, Minister Farakhan had a lot to say about today's events. I am thinking about writing to or speaking to the Imam at the 96th street Islamic Cultural Center. Last week, he spoke about Falwell's remarks about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at Jummah. He spoke about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) being a peaceful man and his peaceful conduct during jihad but, not the revolutionary aspect of his personality. Then, the khutba led into the importance of going to Jummah. Boring! The Imam also stated that it's the duty of Muslims to educate nonMuslims about Islam and make an effort to form relationships with nonMuslims. I disagree to an extent. The Muslim ummah does not speak out because of shame and a lack of basic Islamic knowledge. We must educate each other, first. The black community became stronger in dealing with white racists because we developed a sense of self, thanks in part to the Nation of Islam.

2002-10-23 Wed 04:39ct