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1. Blair's Troops Raid Mosque at 2 A.M., arrest 7, seize papers: Imam Hamza Masri unbowed
2. In spite of Rev. Martin Luther King, Racism, Drug Culture, Police Brutality Prevail
3. Susan McDougal: Unusual Witness to America's Oppression of Women
4. Sis. Haila Gabr, who killed her rapist, faces new Oppression after her Plea Bargain
HAIL TO AMERICA'S PEOPLE! JANUARY 18 WAS A DAY OF VICTORY FOR THEM. REPORTS ARE COMING IN FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY that the PEOPLE ARE SAYING "NO" to BUSH'S WAR PLANS. Remember, it's not just Bush's war, it is Israel's war, LIEBERMAN's WAR. The American people have nothing to gain from it -Editor
1. "Allah gives respite to the oppressor but when He finally seizes him, He will not let him escape." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, reported by Abu Musa in Bukhari's sahih.)

Blair's British stormtroopers finally came out openly to attack a mosque at Finsbury Park in London. With helicopters flying overhead, hundreds of British police, equipped with battering rams, charged into the masjid, ransacking offices and seizing literature, papers, records. It was 2 A.M. in the morning when most people were asleep.

The mosque was defenseless and the British arrested SEVEN Algerian Muslims without resistance.

Blair's dogs are violating British law as well as international law. There is absolutely no excuse for raiding a place of worship. The proper procedure is to call suspects to a court of law, charge them appropriately and provide evidence in court.

If the 7 were fast asleep in a mosque, it's ridiculous to think of them as "terrorists." As Shaikh Hamza al-Masri, the outspoken leader of the community, pointed out, the masjid has been under constant security surveillance. Terrorists would certainly not be foolish enough to stay in such a place.

The Muslim world should note the crime Blair's men have committed here. It's amazing how the British who raped and pillaged the world for centuries and created the tragedies of Palestine and Kashmir still think they are a world power and are actually sending troops to attack Iraq.

The American-Zionist media are "o so happy" with the raid on the mosque. Because Richard Reid and Massoui allegedly once prayed at or visited the mosque, that is being shown as a justification for the raid.
2. On REV. MARTIN LUTHER KING's ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY, President Bush spoke against Affirmative Action. On his official anniversary, he tried to come off as the friend of the African-American community. Earlier, in December, he had defended Trent Lott even after Lott's KKK mask slipped.

Dr. King's anniversary, so well played up in the major media, is ironic when one realizes that even the murder of Dr. King has not been satisfactorily investigated. The man convicted for his murder stated on his death bed that he was not responsible. King's family took the convicted murderer's statement seriously but nothing came of it.

The civil rights victories and the emergence of the Black middle class obscures the fact that most African-Americans have been destroyed as a nation and as a community.

DRUGS have been successfully introduced into just about EVERY Black city population. U.S. surveillance can read auto number plates in Baghdad but cannot stop the flow of drugs into the Black communities.

With the drugs come CRIME and murder, with hundreds of young Black males gunned down in every city every year.

The Black family has been largely destroyed by the introduction of drugs, crime and mass scale spread of alcohol and exploitation of women. Look at the videos on BET, linked to the Zionist media establishment, which present women as animals and the men as macho gangsters. All this degradation is being promoted by the people in power.

The FINAL COLONIAL TOUCH is the induction of police terrorism into the African-American communities. The police do not (or cannot) stop the drugs or the crimes (or are hooked into the drug profits) but they do keep the masses of people terrorized. Police shootings, beatings and brutalities are a daily occurrence in these cities where the poor and the disenfranchised live.
3. SUSAN McDOUGAL spoke about her book The Woman who Wouldn't Speak. C-Span (January 19, 2003).

"Be gentle with women." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith)

The book should be must reading for those who want to understand the Bush power structure. According to the book, Ms. McDougal was "invited" by Ken Starr's men who were investigating Clinton, to lie under oath and to build up a whole pack of lies starting with the allegation that Clinton wanted to sleep with her.

She spent 21 months in prison for refusing to talk to the "investigators." Even when her mother visited her in prison, she was strip searched before going out to meet her mother and then coming back.

The "investigators" claimed that they had collected a stack of "evidence" against McDougal and if she did not cooperate with them against the Clintons, SHE WOULD BE TRIED.

McDougal was able to survive prison owing to her determination and her connections. MOST WOMEN SHE SAW IN PRISON ARE NOT SO LUCKY.

1. Women are treated worse than men in U.S. prisons, she said.

2. The prison conditions are a shame and a disgrace for women.

3. Most women have no idea how to deal with their suffering in prison.

4. The number of women landing in prison is burgeoning.
4. For several years we have been following the case of HAILA GABR, the Yemeni teenager who killed her rapist. (Go to, click on java frames, click on NEWS and go to HAILA.)

After being held for more than THREE years without trial, she broke and plea bargained. Now, as our correspondent Sis. Eileen, writes from Atlantic City, New Jersey, Haila is facing new suffering:

"Salaam alaikum I finally heard from Haila after calling the social worker and asking about her.

It seems that a Christian inmate next to Haila was constantly harassing and verbally abusing her for being Muslim, calling her devil worshipper etc.

Haila complained to the authorities several times without any remediation. Finally she got angry and hit the woman. Haila of course was the one punished and she was moved to a different prison in Trenton.

Everytime this stuff happens, she is the one who looks bad on paper and loses privileges. it will also go bad for her when parole time comes. I don't have her new address but this situation seems to be prevalent. I know the African American Muslims form gangs and many join Islam to belong. There is a force there for protection but Hail is not one of them and seems to stand alone."

Sis. Eileen wants to know who will take up Haila's cause. We need Jamaat al-Muslimeen supporters to visit her.

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