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I would appreciate if you would remove my name from your mailing list. I am disheartened that you should pin your hopes of an Iraqi resistance on men like Saddam Hussein, the architect of a murderous regime, who has brought untold suffering, setbacks and ignonominy on the Iraqis and Arabs. I did not, and would not, support the American invasion; but I would not mourn his likes, now that he is gone. We Muslims must come with better hopes, better leaders, and better historical understanding than you offer in your newsletter.
Prof. M. S. Alam [Boston, MA]

The US is so determined to wage continuous war that it would even go up against compatriot Iran in my humble opinion. The American people are so brainwashed that they would not realize that Khatami is the man who the CIA supports now, and they won't listen to you or me so they learn the truth.

I am struggling so hard to gather together as many of the world's people so my boycott will end war because we can't allow war to occur any longer. The American people can't afford to fund war anymore (never could but that is water under the bridge now) so we have to prevent any more of them.

With regard to Imam Jamil Al-Amin, is his wife aware of my demand to free him? She's not in my Address Book, so I can't tell her.


Arlene Johnson
[New Brunswick, Canada.]

Brother, I hope you are well. Can you cite this hadith on rape and show me where to find it. Interesting that one hears all kinds of sexist hadiths but never this one.
Atlantic City, New Jersey

[See LIBERATION OF WOMEN THRU ISLAM by Kaukab Siddique for text.]
ISNA's DIRECTOR SAYEED and the FBI Working together in Indiana

Just an update regarding ISNA . Are you aware of the astounding amount of arrests and deportations that have been occurring there from the Muslim community in the past few months? I noticed that it got NO press at all. Mr ( I don't dare say brother) Sayeed, actually asked several times in his khutba for the attendees at the masjid to turn each other in. In other khutbas he praised the US troops and also said that every Muslim should be grateful to the Christians, because it is ONLY due to them, that we are being 'uplifted'. This is pure kufr - not to mention shirk.
I know you are aware of the type of person he is - however, I was not sure if you were aware of just how blatant about it he has become. He even grabbed [....] aside one day and tried to gather information about me from him and to convince him that he should spy on me and report the information to him. Can you believe that!!!!!!!! At almost every protest [in Indiana] we heard over and over people talking negatively about ISNA (non-Muslims) saying that they are a bunch of apologists without legs to stand on and that they were wondering why they [non-Muslims] were demonstrating standing up for Muslim rights when ISNA was not even showing up and was kissing up to the ruling regime. Due to this, you could not believe the amount of people who came up to my family during these protests and wholeheartedly thanked us for being there and said that we were probably the only true Muslims in Indiana who were not afraid to stand up for the truth. Pretty sad, isn't it?
[Name Withheld on request after verification.]
[ISNA is the so-called Islamic Society of North America -Ed.]
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