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from our Palestine Monitor

In the last week, Israel has launched 11 rocket attacks aimed at killing Islamic resistance leaders. As more and more leaders are killed by Israel using F-16s and Apache helicopters, President Bush is silent. His orders to "dismantle the terrorists" are being fulfilled.

With most nations, such high-tech murders would be a success. With the Palestinians, such actions are counterproductive. Observers say that thousands of Palestinians are willing to carry out martyrdom operations against Israel. In fact, the more activists Israel kills, the more the Palestinians are determined to fight on.

For peace, the people of the world must unite and DISMANTLE the criminal entity known as Israel. Many Israelis are already living in the U.S. Why not call the rest here too? U.S. Congressmen should look into this. More Jewish voters would help in the election of more racists to the Congress.

2003-09-07 Sun 15:08ct