A READER's RESPONSE TO SLANDERS against Dr. Kaukab Siddique:

"Your intellectual dishonesty again shows up. Learn the difference between criticism and slander. Deliberate misinterpretation of others writings is a sin of commission.
You lie when you say Kaukab follows Bukhari and not the Quran. I have never heard him say that, know of anyone who has heard him say that or read anything written by him that says that.
As far as you are concerened what does it matter to you what is said of Umar (ra) as you have no knowledge of him. Having denied all the sources of Islamic history. How do you know a man such as Umar (ra) ever existed. Pray tell me.

In front of a Muslim judge you would be punished for slander. The Umma of Muhammad (pbuh) believes in the Quran and the authentic Hadith of the Prophet (pbu). It respects the companions and the learned doctors of Islam. You and your fellow travellers are the exception. Please tell me, without help of the Hadith how do you say your prayers.

You are the one who denies the Hadith and abuses and slanders the ahl-bait, the sahaba and the tabain.

Your behaviour suggests that you wanted 'out' of the obligations of Islam and the vicissitudes the Umma is facing in order to be with the 'kalisa nawaz', and this is the way you have chosen. Now you can slide into the slime of the kalis nawaz.

Your abuse of the learned doctors of Islam and your writings in Pakistan Abroad are but pale echoes of the zionist gutter press.
Perhaps they will notice you and get you some publicity. Pakistan Abroad, could not even think of an original name. Iqbal considers such thinking taqlid. These are the laat o manaat of the Farang that you think are novel. They were removed from the Kaaba over 1400 years ago."

2002-07-28 Sun 16:44ct