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Zulq'idah 19, 1426/December 21, 2005 #93
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"Plan ahead -- It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark."
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News of the Day:

December 20, 2005: New York's 30,000 transit workers went on strike. More than 7 million people had to find alternative ways to get to work. The strike brings two major forces face to face: The workers, mostly Black [African-American, West Indian], Hispanic and colored, some White, are on one one side, multi billionaire NY Mayor Michael Bloomburg and the Jewish power structure on the other. Bloomburg called the workers "cowardly."
The Jews have become unbelievably rich from the war in Iraq. One Jew, a defense contractor, recently held a $10 million Bar Mitzvah party for his daughter, reported in November 29 New York Daily News. See this blog:
"The growing problem of defense industry profiteering. If you thought it impossible to top the image of Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-CA) driving around a Rolls Royce and living on a yacht thanks to defense industry cash, just stop and take a look Lloyd Grove's story today in the New York Daily News. Yes, you are reading it right – a defense contractor has gotten so rich off taxpayer cash he actually held a $10 million bat mitzvah for his daughter, featuring 50 Cent, Tom Petty and Aerosmith, among others. That's right - a $10 million. On a bat mitzvah."

The U.S. is quietly withdrawing from Afghanistan. Nearly 3,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn this spring. The resurgent Taliban have taken over most of the Pashtun provinces including Zabul, Helmand, Ghazni, Paktika, Nangarhar, Logar and Kunar. Only fortified hubs are in U.S-Afghan mercenary hands. Through Karzai, the U.S. is urging talks with the Taliban. On December 18, 2005 Mullah Dadullah and Mullah Baradar [Mullah Omar's best commanders] rejected the peace commission led by Sibghatullah Mujaddadi with the comment: 'U.S. forces must withdraw for talks to be possible.'

Law and order broke down in northern Pakistan after the earthquake. In the interior of PAKISTAN's North Waziristan area and some of south Waziristan, criminals are running rampant as all the Pakistani forces are on the border "hunting al-Qaidah." There have been 15 murders carried out in a reign of terror by extortionist "mafias." As a result, in response to public outcry, the local Taliban re-emerged and caught the criminals. Two of the mafia leaders were quickly tried for murder and extortion, beheaded and hanged from lamp posts in front of Miran Shah's civil hospital [December 9, 2005.] The Taliban are in control of the area and peace has been restored.

On December 15, 2005 the motorcade of the Iranian President Ahmedinejad was attacked when he was visiting in the Sistan-Baluchistan area of Iran. His driver and bodyguard were killed in the attack and one bodyguard was wounded. Security force has arrested a number of people. The President was not in the car. The significance of the attack is not clear. The U.S. media did not report the attack. Perhaps the Zionists were involved. Ahmedinejad has spoken against Israel and against the "holocaust" story. Observers say, the Iranian comments were meant to curry favor with Islamic populations and have no ground level effect.
[The Iranian envoy to the U.S. has already said that the Europeans took the comments out of context!]

SOUTH AMERICA is slipping out of the hands of the Bush administration. After Venezuela, on December 19, 2005 BOLIVIA elected a strongly anti-Bush leader.

TAKASHI, a Japanese media man, embraced Islam after he saw Pakistanis praying and fasting even in the devastation, desolation and misery of the earthquake area in Pakistani administered Kashmir.
TWO PERSONAL NOTES from Kaukab Siddique's diary: Congratulations to Br. Jubril and Sis. Na'imah who were married following a beautiful occasion at a masjid in Wlimington, Delaware, on December 17, 2005. Both wore gorgeous Islamic dresses which combined modesty with aesthetics . The young couple married for the sake of Islam. Both are former students of mine from Lincoln University. The simple but inspiring ceremony was well attended by both Muslims and non-Muslims [including our Christian pastor who graciously sat on the floor of the mosque with the Muslims].
About a month back, I was invited to a discussion group which meets in a church in Baltimore, Maryland. The moderator is a lay priest. The others present included a White Episcopalian lady, a White Muslim "convert" [revert] to Islam influenced by Morocco, sufistic, who has read my books, a Jewish orthodox man wearing a yarmulke, a 'reformed' Jewish man very informally dressed, an Afro-Bermudian "convert" [revert] to Islam who explained her own education in Catholic schools, a Bahai who is anti-war and a Muslim man from India.

My assignment was to speak om the writings of Karen Armstrong who in her youth became a nun but was devastated by the experience. During the discussion which followed, the White Christian lady described Osama bin Laden as the devil incarnate and wanted to know why Muslims don't condemn him as an unbeliever. I asked her to read Michael Scheur's book Imperial Hubris. The book collects Osama's writings which show his Islamic authenticity. He is different from other Muslims in that he openly calls for armed resistance to the U.S. The Muslim from India stated that Shi'as believe in only half the Qur'an and they have their own "Qur'an." My response was that all the major Shi's groupings, be they in Iran or Iraq, have the same Qur'an as we have. The "ghullat" Shia sub-sects who do not accept this Qur'an are tiny groups who do not represent Shi'ism.

Separately, I had to assure the Muslim from India that the Hadith which says: "Women are the Twins of men" is authentic. I had the text of the Hadith in the Sunan of Abu Dawud with me, in Arabic with Urdu translation.

The orthodox Jew stated that God gave Palestine to the Jews. The other Jew said that if Muslims were to become like Quakers and not fight at all, the whole world would support their rights. My response was that God giving Palestine to the Jews is a myth. It is used as an example in the Qur'an to show how ungrateful people can be to God. It has no relevance to our times except as an example. The Zionist Jews took Palestine by force and one day they will probably be removed by force. As for Quakers, they are wonderful people but if they were under physical attack, they would have to fight back or be enslaved. The Muslims are fighting back for what is rightfully theirs, be it in Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnia, Afghanistan or Iraq.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen [4 news items]
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Baltimore, MD 21234

Latest News of Young Yemeni Woman Who Killed her Rapist

[From Sis. Eileen, Atlantic City, New Jersey.]

I tracked down Haila. I am so concerned because since she has been incarcerated she has been picked on and then defends herself and gets isolation, transfers temporarily to the state prison etc. I think when she gets into the usual squabbles, she gets harsher sanctions than non muslims.

I found out that in August she was punished by being sent to the State Prison for administrative detention. Her stay is not known, may not be long, and then she will return to the other facility where she was before. Her social worker at the temporary state prison is very sweet, said Haila is quiet and good, and urged me to write , visit, and encourage Haila to try again to get the medical attention she needs. Haila was having problems with depression and anger and had been on medication. I will write to her. Others can too for the moment until she returns to Clinton.

Haila Gabr 308625 NJ State Prison PO Box 861 Trenton, NJ 08625

Real Terrorist Imitating Fake Terrorist in Sleeper Cell Show

Have you heard of a show on the Showtime cable network called The Sleeper Cell?
It is about "good Muslim versus Bad Muslim." The bad Muslim is played by Israeli-born actor, Oded Fehr.
Here is my letter to the network thru the SHO.com site:
The Sleeper Cell is a show based on fiction rather than reality. It's based on the American Government's incessant drum beat about the idea of Muslims lying wait for the "right moment" to attack every American. Muslims are the new bogie man.

What I find ironic is that you have a true-to-life terrorist in Israeli-born actor Oded Fehr playing a fictional terrorist on television. For over 50 years, Israelis have terrorized the indigenous Palestinian population by stealing their land and calling it Israel. They have uprooted Palestinian villages and stolen everything else from them except their spirit.

And, Oded Fehr had the temerity to say that he didn't want to play a character as evil as Faris Al-Farik! Israelis do the most evil things in the name of God and claim to be God's chosen people while doing it. There are definite similarities between Oded and the evil behavior he describes in his Farik character!

Aisha Shaheed
Jamaat al-Muslimeen NY Chapter

Congratulations to Young Bangladeshi Sister: 180 Signatures for Br. Ahmed

A very young Bangladeshi sister passed on information to New Trend on her human rights work for political prisoners. She was very modest, and mentioned the activities only in passing, as if it were no big deal. But her actions show that the youth are leading the Islamic movement, while so-called leaders skirt the real issues affecting the community. She is a student at a public school in Manhattan, New York city. She collected and sent 180 signatures from her school urging prison authorities to provide proper living conditions to Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar. She stated that another sister, her friend, is carrying out a similar campaign in her private Catholic school.

Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar was paralegal for the blind Shaikh Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman. Ahmed was convicted of talking on the phone to opponents of the murderous Hosni Mubarak regime in Egypt.

Al-Khui Foundation trying to fuel Shia-Sunni Conflict in America? Mut'ah Degrades and trivializes Women

We have received a DVD which shows the propaganda process by which Imam Warithuddin 'Umar [from Albany, New York] was presented as a "wahhabi" extremist who hated Shi'as. A Shi'a prison inmate is shown in the DVD implying that "wahhabi" influences were taking away the rights of Shias in the prisons. This propaganda was used to attack Imam 'Umar. Following the video, Zionists' flagship paper The Wall Street Journal published an extensive attack on Imam 'Umar, and as a result his career was ruined.

We have received indications that the Al-Khui Foundation helped the U.S. government in this witch hunt for "wahhabis" in the prison system. There are several aspects to this situation. Sources say that Al-Khui's Foundation supported [supports] the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Recently Al-Khui Foundation's supporters started a campaign to legitimize Mut'ah [temporary marriage] which is a form of prostitution strictly forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. Mut'ah is not essential to Shi'ism but is a purely sectarian issue meant to create divisions among Muslims.

We urge Al-Khui Foundation to let us know in 300 words: Was it involved in the "anti-Wahhabi" Zionist campaign, especially as it relates to prisons? Does Al-Khui Foundation support/supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq? Is it going to continue its degradation of women by propagating Mut'ah or is it willing to stop?

Al-Khui: This is your chance to clarify your position, but keep it brief.

Islamic Women in America: Only Right Way is that of Muhammad [pbuh] the Last Messenger of Allah, which means NO Partition in the Masjid and Equal Rights for Women

by Kaukab Siddique

America is a free society especially when it comes to male-female relationships. When women embrace Islam in America, they make a choice to place certain restrictions on themselves in matters of food, dress and social interaction. Good Muslim men do [or should do] the same. However, both men and women interact [and have to interact] with non-Muslim men and women on a daily basis.

Within that context, two extremes have appeared in Muslim worship communities. One tendency is assimilative, where mosques are becoming like churches, with men and women mixing and mingling, gossiping and carrying on. The most extreme form of this assimilative process can be seen in the activities of Dr. Amina Wadud, Asra Nomani and Irshad Manji who have tried "mixed gender" prayers [as they are euphemistically called] and who, like many non-Muslim Americans, think homosexuality is okay and we should make peace with Israel.

The other extreme is the Saudi type of mosque where women and men worship in two different worlds, separated by solid walls and separate entrances, or at least heavy curtains/partitions at a considerable distance from the men, Here men, who talk all day to non-Muslim women at work, school, grocery stores and many other places pretend to Muslim women that they do not talk to women. Women too, who watch TV all day, with all that garbage being piped into the home, many of them with dish antennas/120 channels, who talk to non-Muslim men in shopping malls, will not say "walaikum asalam" if a Muslim man greets them at the masjid door.

This second type of Saudi/immigrant mosque is a great irritant to women who accept Islam as their choice. [Most immigrant mosques are like this.] These "Muslim by choice" women are often the leaders of society in America, be it Muslim or non-Muslim. Behind the solid walls or heavy partitions of these "immigrant mosques," these sincere Islamic women feel suffocated. They suddenly find that they have become second second class citizens and have no voice in the decision- making processes of the mosque. They are merely tolerated in the masjid and are encouraged to either have a women's club within the mosque or to become the "kitchen auxiliary" for the men's social gatherings.

These women chose to be Muslims. Often they are more active in Islamic work than the men in these suffocating mosques, but they are treated as if they don't exist by men who are themselves weak Muslims. [And later on one can see the same men talking to scantily clad non-Muslim women at their jobs or in the mall.]

Neither assimilation nor segregation is Islamic. For genuine Muslims, the correct way is that of the last of messengers and prophets, Muhammad Mustafa, peace be on him. In the Prophet's mosque, which should be the example for all mosques, there were NO partitions or curtains between men and women, but there was no free mixing either. Islam is a very disciplined way of life, but the discipline can only come about through strict adherence to the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh.

There is NO hadith which says that there should be a curtain or partition between men and women. Here are a few authentic Hadith which show the opposite, that men and women were in the same area though separate from each other.

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, saw a rope hanging in the masjid between two pillars. He asked: What is this for? He was told: This is the rope of Zainab, Allah be pleased with her. She keeps praying [extra at night]. When she gets weak or too tired, she holds on to this rope. He, peace be on him, said: Take off the rope! One should pray as long as one wants but should rest when one gets weak or tired." [Hadith in Sahih Muslim, segment on Tahajjud prayers.]

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said: I enter into prayers with the intention of praying for a long time. Then I hear a child crying [from the women's row] and I shorten my prayer because the child's crying would hurt its mother." [Hadith in Sahih Bukhari, segment on prayer and leading prayer in congregation.]

"Asma bint Yazeed [Allah be pleased with her] narrates that one day the messenger of Allah, pbuh, passed through the masjid when a gathering of women was [in progress] there. He gave a greeting to them as he passed by." [Hadith in the Jami' of Tirmidhi.]

There are numerous such Hadith which indicate that in the masjid [mosque] which is the role model for all masjids, there was neither partition nor free mixing.

In these times of stress when American Muslims need to be united and mobilized against the forces of oppression, the coming together, in a disciplined way, of Muslim men and women in prayers is imperative. Here are the words of the Prophet [pbuh] which are recited at such times in the supplication known as qunoote Nazila.

"O Allah! Forgive us all, these truly believing men and women, the men and women who have accepted Islam! Fill the hearts of these men and women with compassion and mutual caring, and purify their lives, and help them against Your enemy and their enemy. O Allah! Curse those rejectors from the People of the Book who obstruct Your path and who deny your messengers and who fight those who are your friends . O Allah! confuse and confute the oppressors' words and make them tremble and fumble in every step they take, and send a punishment on them which is meant for the nation of wrong doers."
[Hadith in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal 3:137.]

Within that context, dedicated Muslim women in America feel that the people who have walls and partitions in their mosques are treating women the way Rosa Parks was treated by the post-slavery culture of America. These Islamic women do not want to go to "the back of the bus."

Here is a poem by one such activist sister.
[Note the difference with the Amina Wadud-Asra Nomani crowd. This sister is with the Muslim ummah, not a flag waver.]
This is dedicated to the legacy of Rosa Parks.


And what will make you know what the NOISE AND CLAMOR IS?
Hurricane Katrina, The Tsunami, Iraq, Countries America bombs or supports bombing--Palestine, Kashmir, Sudan, Afghanistan; Gulf Coast Washout, Mudslides, Tornadoes, Murder in the Cities, Daily Disgraceful Conduct of "human beings"--D R U G S, and on and on and on!

Wake up Everybody!
Now--Rosa rose from the dead
and she refused to get up from
her seat to sit behind another

Screening me from humanness
from higher quests
from equality and dignity
and all the rest

Oh, I have tasted death before
Enough is enough
We ain't going back
to that stuff

Now here come the Immigrants
Muslim they say
but they want
to screen women
out--anyway--too long DEAD

Curtains they bring
or moveable walls
sometimes it's a room
that sounds like a noisy hall!
I tell you I've tasted this before
No more, no more, no more

Now--Rosa rose from the dead
Oh, I have tasted death before
Enough is enough
We ain't going back
to that stuff

Stand up women 
Save the family
As God meant it to be
Fight for your rights--
No more curtains
No more walls
Open space for us all.

It's the way of the Prophet
Heed his call
It's the Way of Allah
He knows what's best for us all

I'm not ashamed to see my brothers in front of me
and I want to see my children in front of me 
(not behind my back somewhere playing around and acting the clown)
I'll keep one eye on them while I pray
Away with the curtains
Away with the walls

And yet some women say
"Give us the curtains, give us the walls."
Do they know better than Allah?
They are the same ones who refused
to get on the bus to freedom! 
I have tasted this before
No more, no more, no more.

It's RESURRECTION DAY--Rosa shall die no more!
Sis. Sabrina

Pakistan Report
Pakistani doctors Earthquake Relief Work Shows they are Second to None

Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad is holding two days Volunteers’ Workshop on First Aid and Basic Life Support on 20 and 21st December 2005. The objective of the workshop was to train highly motivated sincere volunteers to make them better volunteers so they can be of tremendous help in any disaster.

It should be noted that PIMS being a tertiary care premier medical Institute was the hub of all relief and rescue operations carried out under the umbrella of Ministry of Health. Additionally numerous highly dedicated volunteers showed up for help as soon as the devastating earthquake was felt people.

Rather than running away from the area of disaster, many dedicated people from twin cities immediately showed up. The PIMS administration with help of its employees and postgraduate doctors as well as students of college of medical technology took immediate action.

The Pathology Department immediately remarkably enhanced its Blood Transfusion and Donation Services. As a result with arrival of first victims of the earthquake blood was available in ample amount thanks to the volunteers who responded to the call made through media as well as efficient services of the Department of Pathology. Department of Pathology also played key role in registering the volunteers, assigning them proper job at appropriate places and at suitable times. It was felt that the highly motivated and educated young volunteers must be further educated and trained. In this regard a British team of Pakistani doctors and a British nurse carried out the first workshop on request of Prof. Anwar Ul Haque, Chief coordinator for Medical Teams and focal person for Ministry of Health. That workshop was mainly comprised of lectures and demonstrations to how to help rehabilitate patients after amputations.

The Current Workshop is highly useful for the volunteers to save precious lives of the victims. It comprised of several important lectures and four sets of hand on workshop on dummies. In today’s program which started with recitation of Quran-e-Majeed, Prof. Anwar Ul Haque highlighted the value of continuous growth and self purification and growth in the light of Surah Ash Shams of Quran where Allah says that those who purify succeeds and those do not care, perish. Prof. Anwar then emphasized the need to provide air, without which life is not possible for more than a few minutes and the need to have efficient and sufficient circulation to carry the air.

He said that measures should be taken not to damage the brain and spinal cord otherwise more harm can be done than good.

Prof. Muhammad Iqbal Khan highlighted the value of infection prevention and care of wounds.

Dr. Farhat Parveen Malik, Dr. Shoaib and Dr. Arfah gave detailed hand on training as well guidelines for preserving and protecting lives in young, old and pregnant.

The volunteers were divided in small groups so that close interaction was made possible. The volunteers were shown to how to feel pulses, do Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation, open and maintain air ways and stop bleeding. Proper hand washing and other measures of infection prevention were also taught. Dr. Lubna Naseem highlighted the importance of blood transfusions and removed many myths and misunderstandings.

The volunteers enjoyed the workshop and actively participated by asking questions. They highly appreciated the PIMS role in public educations and its national services in many different spheres. At the conclusion of the day, Mrs. Uzma Malik who was visiting from Australia gave certificates. Tomorrow another batch of Volunteers will be given similar training and a CD will be Insha Allah prepared so that the message and training can be extended through media and educational institutions with help of organizations so that large segment of population is properly trained to cope with any kind of disaster.

[Prof. Anwar Ul Haque is Head of the Dept. of Pathology, PIMS, Islamabad , Phone numbers are: 2293707, 2294099, 03335129849]

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