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Al-Nakba: The Horror Of Israel: 55 Years of Jewish Occupation Funded by the U.S.
Israel Was Built on 400 bulldozed Arab Villages and erased Mosques

"Drive them out from where they drove you out..." The Qur'an 2:191

"In early 1948, Ein Hud was a small Palestinian village with 650 inhabitants, on the southern Carmel ridge, about eight miles south of Haifa. Its inhabitants made their lives tending olives, fig trees, vineyards and carob trees. The Palestinians of Ein Hud disappeared from sight and consciousness late in the summer of 1948, like hundreds of thousands of others. Today the village of Ein Hod is a beautiful artists' colony and a symbol of the good life in Israel. Thousands visit it every month in search of art and enjoyment. Parties and shows are held outdoors during the summer, as guests look over the moonlit Mediterranean. This is a community of artists and intellectuals, creative people who delight in beauty and culture. Many of them are reputed to be liberals and even leftists. Founded in the early 1950s, the village now boasts one major museum and countless galleries and ateliers. The current residents still use the old Arab homes, remodeled and modernized. THE OLD VILLAGE MOSQUE IS NOW a POPULAR RESTAURANT. Four hundred Arab villages were destroyed in 1948-50. This one was saved, because artists wanted to preserve the picturesque homes on the hill. The agricultural lands were divided among neighboring Jewish settlements."
[Original Sins. Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, p.99-100]

The facts are simple:
1. Palestine was taken by force from the Palestinian people by Jewish forces.
2. The "legitimacy" for occupation was provided by the United Nations, a body put together by the victors of the Second World War. The UN has no Islamic legitimacy whatsoever.
3. In all of history there has never been an "Israel." One has to go into the fog of biblical pre-history to find any such entity.
4. The British "gifted" Palestine to the Jews in return for Jewish financial and military cooperation before and during World War II.
5. The suffering of the Jews under Hitler was used to create sympathy for the Zionist idea of "Israel," first among all Jews and then among the European and American populations.
6. The Palestinian people were evicted from their homes through well-organized Zionist terrorism.
7. The Arab countries adjoining Palestine made spasmodic efforts to stop the Zionist conquest of Palestine but failed miserably owing to lack of leadership and lack of effective weaponry.
8. The Israelis today have the most powerful military force in the Middle East, funded and armed by the United States.
9. Arab rulers like Gamal Nasser and King Hussain of Jordan permitted Israel to conquer even those Palestinian territories which the United Nations had not given to the Jews. [King Hussain was working with the CIA and let Jerusalem fall to the Israelis with little or no resistance. The only fighting done was by the Ikhwan]


The Palestinian people never accepted Israeli occupation. Their struggle entered a new phase with the Intifada, or peaceful uprising, against Israel.

With Intifada II, the Palestinian struggle entered a phase of intensity it has never known before. The Palestinian people became more and more united and mobilized against Israel, although opportunists, agents and traitors continued to help Israel's terrorist efforts to crush the Intifada.


Hamas and Islamic Jihad started hitting back at Israel. They found a counter to Israeli tanks and helicopters: The Martyrs who spread fear and destruction behind Israeli lines. The Zionist Jews could no longer enjoy their dinners while committing daily atrocities against the Palestinians.

The Islamic martyrdom operations have over the years impacted the entire Palestinian people. No longer do the Palestinians feel that they are helpless and unable to hit back. The influence of the martyrs has entered the ranks of Fatah which was totally secular at one time. Segments of Fatah, known as Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, have emulated Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Israel cannot impose its will on the Palestinian people as long as the martyrs are willing to sacrifice themselves.


For the success of the Zionist entity, the Islamic resistance has to be crushed. The Israelis have found, to their consternation, that even when they cut off and occupy the major Palestinian towns, they cannot destroy the will towards martyrdom. Hence the need to replace Yasir Arafat with Abu Mazen or some other secularist leader who would be willing to STAB PALESTINE FROM WITHIN.

Bush and the Saudis have funded and created a mercenary secularist police force in Palestine which will be used to hunt down the Palestinian resistance. Palestine has to be DISARMED. Disconcertingly for Bush and Sharon, even when devoid of all modern weaponry, the Palestinians have the MARTYR who will go inside "Israel" and spread terror and dislocation. Hence the RULES GIVEN TO ABU MAZEN are: If he wants a puppet Palestinian rump state, disarmed and supervised by the Israelis, he must first crush the Islamic resistance and wipe out the entire community of believers from among whom the martyrs arise.

SHARON THINKS THAT BY MAKING THE LIVES OF THE PALESTINIANS MISERABLE, by stationing tanks in front of Palestinian homes, by destroying all economic resources of the people, he can create a situation in which the oppressed masses would be willing to stand by and watch the martyr-nurturing sections of the community wiped out.

Meanwhile Saudi and U.S. funds for Abu Mazen and his secularist groupies and police thugs keep pouring in. NOTICE HOW WELL DRESSED AND WELL-FED ABU MAZEN etc are compared to the Palestinian people?
FIVE PALESTINIANS SACRIFICED THEMSELVES IN MARTYRDOM ATTACKS ON OCCUPIED PALESTINE, May 17-19. In the latest of these attacks, in Afula, the martyr was a 19-year old woman. Observers say that these are people who EMBRACE martyrdom and rush towards Allah's will. Some of these missions strike terror in "Israel." Others fail. But in each case, observers say, it is the spirit of martyrdom, rather than the number of Zionist Jews killed and injured which is important. According to the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh), the martyrs go straight to Paradise and all their sins are forgiven. THOUSANDS OF PALESTINIANS WANT TO ACHIEVE MARTYRDOM, according to news reports. Observers say that after the Jews are defeated and driven out, these martyrs will be remembered. The Palestinian villages will be rebuilt. The villages, their streets, village squares, mosques will be named after the martyrs. Abu Mazen and others will be remembered as clowns who thought they could sell the land soaked with Palestinian blood for a little rump state of their own to be ruled under U.S. supervision.

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